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February 2009

Saturday, February 28:

Vi Ransel: The Idol of Authority (or Submission Is Like SO-O-O Much Easier Than Thinking for Yourself) (2 comments)

Dr Michael Salla: Can Obama deal with giant hole in Earth's magnetosphere by 2012?

Jill Jackson: A classless society? (8 comments)

Jeffrey Dach: Why ACOG is Wrong About Biodentical Hormones

Odyseus_97: Do We All Worship the Same God? (19 comments)

Laudyms: Food Democracy Now! Meets with Secretary Vilsack

Debbie Scally: Sickness, Inc. (9 comments)

Ben Dench: *Tools for Countering Fanaticism and Promoting Enlightened Reasoning (3 comments)

Jack Hickey: Mike the Mad Biologist : Jindal Is Smart? Really?

Andreas Paris: Virtual Prisons (6 comments)

Friday, February 27:

Amanda Lang: Sunspot Cycle 24 and a Weakened Magnetic Field

Jeffrey Dach: Vitamin D Prevents Common Cold and Flu (4 comments)

The Candid Blogger: Obama Blunts Raids on Cannabis Club (1 comments)

Thursday, February 26:

Food & Water Watch: Cash-Strapped Communities Suffer as Corporations Target Water Systems (2 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Hitch-Hiking from Marin County to Grants Pass, in 1975 (6 comments)

Vi Ransel: Long Island Lull-a-bye (1 comments)

robert braunstein: winners and losers

Jason Paz: Electronic Intifada's Review of "Waltz with Bashir"

Wednesday, February 25:

Theresa "Darklady" Reed: Vivid Offers "Octomom" Cool Million for Single Porn Feature (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: The Cornaro Method: Live to Be 100

Joan Brunwasser: Nancy Tobi, On her way to PowerShift 2009 (3 comments)

The Candid Blogger: FDA Will Not Allow Obama a Cancer Cure (5 comments)

Bobby Ramakant: Finally, anti-HIV microbicides research gives hope

Dr Michael Salla: Hillary Clinton hopes that her diplomacy with Indonesia will promote greater unity with the Muslim world after the disas

Suzana Megles: Colleen Shaddox Shares Her Lenten Ideas

Margaret Bassett: On the Road, for Reasons Practical and Spiritual

Margaret Bassett: The Obama Code per George Lakoff

Tuesday, February 24:

Jason Paz: The Free Choice Act Marks the Way to Economic Recovery (2 comments)

Vi Ransel: Afternoon of a Fawn

Jason Paz: Hamas Claims Right to Weapons Import (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Cleveland Native Rev. Otis Moss III Celebrates Black History Month

Monday, February 23:

Daniel Geery: UFOs Found To Be IFOs (1 comments)

Steve Beckow: The 2012 Scenario (1 comments)

Eliot Gould: Reversal of Position or Compromise of Office?

Chris Lugo: *Four Days With the Marines (9 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Equal Rights for All Americans Championed at Oscars (4 comments)

The Candid Blogger: FDA Declares Form of Vitamin B6 a Drug

sometimes blinded: Catching Black Rats by Hand - Once in 48 years

Eileen Fleming: A Review of: A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation, by Rev. Naim Ateek (4 comments)

Sunday, February 22:

Eliot Gould: Changes in the Credit cards---records will be lost

A Bonifield: Non-profit Arts Stimulate National & Local Economies (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Neural Circuitry Of Near-misses May Explain The Allure Of Gambling

Vi Ransel: IMPEDIMENTA (or Buried Alive) (1 comments)

Bill Hare: The Post, O'Reilly and Non-Apology Apologies (2 comments)

Allan Wayne: Mideast Peace Hard Nut to Crack

Jason Paz: Living in a Subsidized Concentration Camp (40 comments)

Jeffrey Dach: Why BioIdentical Hormones?

Jason Paz: Libya: Bootleg Movie Review

Meryl Ann Butler: A Brighter Coming Day: The Extraordinary Life of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (4 comments)

Saturday, February 21:

Laudyms: Big Pharma Quietly Hikes Drug Prices 100 Percent or More (2 comments)

Cathy Lynn Pagano: Pisces New Moon 2009 (2 comments)

Vi Ransel: Your Bass (for Walter Booker) (1 comments)

Linda Schreiber: The Do-Nothing Party Wake

Grant Lawrence: Change Your Focus and Change Your World

Laudyms: Cumulative Impacts: Death Knell for Cost-Benefit Analysis

Rob Kall: Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa? (4 comments)

Friday, February 20:

Jason Paz: The One Minute Case for Capitalism (2 comments)

Vi Ransel: The Peony's Portent (for Janis Joplin) (1 comments)

robert braunstein: Cold Shoulder, Stiff Upper Lip

Jeffrey Dach: Bioidentical Hormones on Oprah, Are They Safe?

Dan Stafford: Masters Of Reality...

Meryl Ann Butler: Amid the grieving, a rare act of sportsmanship

Donald de Fano: A Moment of Decision (6 comments)

Jason Paz: Recession's Hidden Virtues

Jason Paz: Kenya: Much Ado About an Atlas

Jeffrey Dach: A Review of Stop the Thyroid Madness, a New Book

Barbara Williamson: Court Orders 127 NC Pitbulls Killed by Injection, including 60 puppies (4 comments)

Thursday, February 19:

Matthew Tae: The Vegan ethical & ecological solution without sacrificing vegan ideals (4 comments)

Shane Shirley-Smith: *US Government Fails to Protect Its Citizens from Artificial Sweetener Aspartame (8 comments)

Jason Paz: Palestine: The Story of a Gazan Martyr (6 comments)

Jeffrey Dach: Cardiac Bypass, Angioplasty and Stenting by Jeffrey Dach MD (5 comments)

robert braunstein: Bankers and Wankers (2 comments)

Vi Ransel: Wintersnakes (1 comments)

Wednesday, February 18:

Laudyms: Genetically Engineered Crops Creating More Pesticide Addiction in U.S. (1 comments)

Laudyms: Would you like chips with that? (video)

John Little: Fidel Castro, My Life - The Forging of a Rebel (2 comments)

Jason Paz: Cold Heart Conservatives Attack Homeless and Poor (4 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Building A Promise (2 comments)

Tuesday, February 17:

l s: Hogg Still Remembered After 60 Years

Margaret Bassett: The Half-life of Memory & Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Barbara Peterson: NAIS, Monsanto, and the Genetic Altering and Patenting of Animal Breeds (3 comments)

Vi Ransel: Modern Sex (or The Sound of One Hand) (4 comments)

Grant Lawrence: You are the Fruit of your Relationships (6 comments)

Amy Lee Coy: The "Pursuit" of Happiness? (18 comments)

Monday, February 16:

Mikhail Lyubansky: Negotiation Genius (A Book Review and Upcoming OEN Feature) (4 comments)

Ann Medlock: Learning the Art of Thrift (7 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Dorothea Rockburne – Introducing Mathematics into 20th Century Optical Art (3 comments)

Laudyms: Congress, FDA part of food regulatory problem

Dr Michael Salla: Canada releases UFO X-Files to the World (1 comments)

The Candid Blogger: Run From the Cure -- A True Story

Jason Paz: Tel-Aviv Savior of the Universe has 32 Women and 89 Children (2 comments)

Jason Paz: China: On the Privatization of Rural Land

Sunday, February 15:

Jane Stillwater: "Burma Days": My grand adventure in Myanmar

Meryl Ann Butler: LA's Vagina Monologues: Eve Ensler and Dr. Denis Mukwege's 'Pain to Power' Tour (6 comments)

mikel paul: The first one's free (5 comments)

eric dynamic: *Unhealthy, unreported switch to PALM OIL in most food (7 comments)

Shane Shirley-Smith: Is Truvia a Safe Alternative to Sugar? (6 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Pollution and the Environment: Some Radically New Ancient Views

Michael Greenwell: Happy Disaster Day (1 comments)

Saturday, February 14:

Dave Sohigian: Does Generation Jones Exist?

Stephen Redding: The Top Line

Theresa Paulfranz: My Own "Star Warz" Part Two (1 comments)

Allan Wayne: Tribal Girls on Pak-Afghan Border (3 comments)

Steve Windisch (jibbguy): Deep in December; It's Nice To Remember (1 comments)

Anjali Singh: Children of a lesser God: Abandoned and stricken (1 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: David Maisel, Contemporary Art, and Protest and Reportage Photography (4 comments)

Janie Bowthorpe: UK's Royal College of Physicians a nightmare for thyroid patients

The Candid Blogger: Scary Proof that America Has Been Dumbed Down

Laudyms: FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

David Latt: What's the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? (4 comments)

Jim Miles: Israel's Occupation - Book Review

Friday, February 13:

J. Nayer Hardin: a/k/a Tommy Chong: A Documentary by Josh Gilbert (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: "Birth control kills babies!": My recent trip to Planned Parenthood....

Bill Deckhart: Joyful Reunion; 40 years' worth of thanks (1 comments)

Thursday, February 12:

Amanda Lang: POLL: On Darwin's 200th birthday, only 39 percent of Americans believe in evolution. (7 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: In Honor of Chuck's Birthday...

Lester Brown, PhD: When Population Growth and Resource Availability Collide (8 comments)

John Little: Fidel Castro, My Life - The Childhood of a Leader (4 comments)

Wednesday, February 11:

Joan Brunwasser: *Aint No Santa without those Elves (4 comments)

Mikhail Lyubansky: Penn Vet Researcher:Living with Females Extends Reproductive Life of Male Mouse

Margaret Bassett: They're Autistic--and They're in Love (1 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Ashland, Oregon Says No Way to Vaccinations (8 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Share Our Wealth: A Message from Huey Long

Amanda Lang: Bishop Robinson Testifies In Support Of Same Sex Marriage

Chris Hedges: What Price Hollywood? (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Holy hot lesbian, Batwoman!

Doug Morrison: Kellogg's products are not healthy (1 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Book Review: The Thinnest of Ice and The Ravening Maw (3 comments)

Barbara Peterson: The Baltic Dry Index and Empty Store Shelves

Tuesday, February 10:

Vi Ransel: Get Lost (1 comments)

Vi Ransel: The Ice Organ

Laudyms: Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production (1 comments)

Laudyms: The Bridge at the Edge of the World (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Bunkbeds: How Generation X-Box prepares for the coming Depression (1 comments)

Robert N Smith: Separating Creator from Religion (7 comments)

Tim Cerantola: I'm just a lump o' love (2 comments)

Iftekhar Sayeed: The Body of William Jay (3 comments)

Mark David: A Troubling Show of Solidarity

Monday, February 9:

Margaret Bassett: 3 TED trends: efficiency, robots, genomics

Rob Kall: Writing Down What You Eat, in a Diary, Doubles Weight Loss (1 comments)

Bill Hare: Dick Cheney, Will You Agree to Be Waterboarded? (Satire) (9 comments)

Sunday, February 8:

Grant Lawrence: Carl Jung: Renowned Psychologist's Near Death Experience (1 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Gone Coastal: From Guadalajara To Barra With No Reservations (14 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Germany 2009--The Heroe's Role of a Life Passed-By or Passed-Up?

Grant Lawrence: Become Nourished by the Great Mother and Gain Nothing (3 comments)

Doug Wallace: Organism in the Garden: The Fall of Ignorance (4 comments)

Saturday, February 7:

john de herrera: Short Playscript On Torture (4 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Following Up with Steve Heller, formerly known as the "Diebold Whistle-blower" (11 comments)

Rob Kall: Create Search Engine Optimized Great Article Titles (10 comments)

Eileen Fleming: People really need help but may attack you if you do; Help them anyway (6 comments)

Emily Spence: The Passing of Juan Rafael Santos, Champion of Myriad Causes (1 comments)

Vi Ransel: Israeli Etchings (7 comments)

Vi Ransel: Oasis (4 comments)

Jill Jackson: Eight Little Dolls (4 comments)

robert braunstein: Why We Are Doomed (9 comments)

The Candid Blogger: There Will Never Be Another Tiger Woods

The Candid Blogger: Should We Really Listen to Our Doctor? (2 comments)

Paula Moore: A sea change in thinking about sea animals (5 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Richard Misrach – A Life of Fine Art, and Reportage and Protest Photography (12 comments)

Friday, February 6:

Janie Bowthorpe: TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hooey & The Loss of Wisdom (1 comments)

Adam Bessie: What Do Students Learn from Multiple-Choice Tests? (5 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Slumdog Millionaire: What Can a Slumdog Possibly Know? (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Don't divorce them!

Amanda Lang: Time to begin adapting' to climate change?

Vi Ransel: The Tao of Conscience (1 comments)

robert braunstein: In Dick We Trust (5 comments)

Thursday, February 5:

Adam Bessie: Welcome, Conquistadors!

Joan Brunwasser: A dose of laughter: How one man overcame cancer with the help of humor (22 comments)

Suzana Megles: A Compassionate Voice from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (7 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: How Does a Young American Student Stand Such Times and Live? (17 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Valentine's Day is coming (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: "This is Not Your Grandma's Environmental Movement Anymore"

Grant Lawrence: The Hidden Life and Its Healing Medicine Power (7 comments)

Allan Wayne: My photo of Afghan on road to Kyber Pass from Pakistan (4 comments)

Wednesday, February 4:

Charles Pixley: Inspire to Perspire

Bill Hare: What Could an Obama Emission Waiver Signify for Future of Green Technology?

Rady Ananda: 11 rescued pups find new hope at town shelter

Amanda Lang: California farms, vineyards in peril from warming, new US energy secretary Chu warns (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: The special "Big Bang Theory" issue of my housing co-op newsletter (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: 911 Truth Hits Mainstream TV (3 comments)

Theresa Paulfranz: Visit of the Snow King (2 comments)


Tuesday, February 3:

Cathy Lynn Pagano: Leo Lunar Eclipse 2009

Jill Jackson: Baby Blues (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Surgeons remove healthy kidney through donor's vagina

GLloyd Rowsey: Six Remarkable Contemporary Artists (2 comments)

Fred Burks: A Palestinian and an Israeli Find Peace Together (5 comments)

Monday, February 2:

Betsy L. Angert: Sex and the Super Bowl (4 comments)


Laudyms: USDA Gives Preliminary Approval to New Pesticide-Promoting GE Corn Variety

FAITHCARR: How to Grow Self Sufficient in 90 Degree Heat and 90% Humidity.

FAITHCARR: We Can't Feed the World From Our Backyard,

Laudyms: Water Pushed to the Limit (1 comments)

Barbara Peterson: NAIS - What It Is, and How to Opt Out (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Smoky Mountains' 'marrying minister' is retiring

Rob Kall: Scientists Find that Low Self-Esteem & Materialism Goes Hand in Hand (3 comments)

Sunday, February 1:

Betsy L. Angert: Fitzgerald; The Football Family (3 comments)

Meryl Ann Butler: Suit Challenges Image of Circus Elephants as Willing Performers

robert braunstein: Hard Times

GLloyd Rowsey: Abstract-and-Geometric Expressionism – Five Paintings by Nat Mayer Shapiro (2 comments)

Jason Paz: Jesus and Buddha Share a Cheap Tokyo Apartment (4 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Filmmaker Gabe Chasnoff - Making Katrina Up Close and Personal (2 comments)


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