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January 2009

Saturday, January 31:

Jason Paz: Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pick Up the Tab

Friday, January 30:

B. Ross Ashley: Support Net Neutrality |

Thursday, January 29:

Scott Riccio: *Accelerating Progress Against Cancer: Randy Pausch and Anna Tomalis, R.I.P.

Wednesday, January 28:

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl: Alice in Mail Art Land/Traveling Light with a Pinhole Camera (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Studies Find Mercury in Much U.S. Corn Syrup

Tuesday, January 27:

Lewis Larsen: LENRs replacing coal for distributed democratized power

Lewis Larsen: Safe, less costly nuclear reactor decommissioning & more

Monday, January 26:

Margaret Bassett: John Doar with Bryan Lamb re Nixon Investigation - Video

Thursday, January 22:

Amanda Lang: Cable Bill High? Phone Costs Up? Now, Let's Talk (2 comments)

M. Wizard: "Superman Comes to the Marketplace", by Norman Mailer

Margaret Bassett: Benjamin Button leads Oscar field

Wednesday, January 21:

M. Wizard: "The Stanford Prison Experiment"- Video

Tuesday, January 20:

Margaret Bassett: Slide Show: Historic Moments From Inauguration Day

Monday, January 19:

Joan Brunwasser: On the Cusp of Change, and Going with What You've Got (6 comments)

Laudyms: New RFID Technology Allows You to be Tracked WITHOUT Your Knowledge

Margaret Bassett: Windows worm numbers 'skyrocket'

Saturday, January 17:

Sitafa Harden: Stalking by Texting is on the Rise (1 comments)

Friday, January 16:

M. Wizard: The Ten Commandments (2 comments)

Thursday, January 15:

Laudyms: Autism epidemic not caused by shifts in diagnoses; environmental factors likely

M. Wizard: The Girl Who Silenced the World for 6:32 Minutes

Wednesday, January 14:

M. Wizard: NY Times' Inauguration Gallery: Everybody Who's Anybody in the Obama Administration

Ann Medlock: Obama Surfs! (2 comments)

Gene Messick: American students flunk in Science & Math. Again. (3 comments)

Tuesday, January 13:

M. Wizard: Ohio Teen Convicted of Killing Mom Over Video Game

Monday, January 12:

chris rice: Suicide prevention (2 comments)

Sunday, January 11:

M. Wizard: Revealed: The Environmental Impact of Google Searches

M. Wizard: World's First Flying Car Prepares for Take-Off (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Write away, student journalists get legal help

Ruth Houston: 2009 Infidelity Trend Report - Four Emerging Trends to Watch (1 comments)

Saturday, January 10:

Douglas C. Smyth: A Copyright is Property (3 comments)

M. Wizard: Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock '69

M. Wizard: "The Dark Side"- 90 Minute Frontline Special on Dick Cheney (3 comments)

Friday, January 9:

Amanda Lang: Vice President Cheney Seen Dragging Egg Sac Through West Wing

Amanda Lang: Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds - Part 2

Amanda Lang: Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds - Part 1

Rand Clifford: From Reptiles to Humans: A Three Brain Odyssey (5 comments)

Thursday, January 8:

Amanda Lang: Extinct animals could be brought back to life thanks to advances in DNA technology (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: Gallery gets iconic Obama image

Meryl Ann Butler: Terminal Bliss (5 comments)

Tuesday, January 6:

Laudyms: Brits Want Private Firm To Monitor Super Database Of Every Person In Britain (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Hemingway archive opens in Cuba

Monday, January 5:

Amanda Lang: Google Book Search Opens Trove Of Rare Books


Joel Gill: Is US Food Truly Safe? part 2 The Misconceptions (5 comments)

M. Wizard: Obama and Education Reform

Saturday, January 3:

Ben Dench: A Methodology for the Mature Spiritual Seeker (13 comments)

M. Wizard: David Bowie on Charlie Rose

M. Wizard: Bob Dylan Lays into Time Magazine Interviewer Circa 1965

M. Wizard: Barack Obama Keynote Speech at Democratic Convention 2004

Friday, January 2:

M. Wizard: Goodnight, Sweet Prince: Shakespearean Farewell to Pinter

Thursday, January 1:

Laudyms: Did KBR expose troops to toxic chemicals?

M. Wizard: AP: Toyota Secretly Developing Solar Powered Green Car (1 comments)

Roy S. Carson: At $395 plus a night, one night's sojourn was all this reporter was prepared spend at Caracas Tamanaco Hell...


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