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October 2008

Friday, October 31:

M. Wizard: Voter Turnout Expected to Be Highest in Decades

Tony Forest: 99 Year Old Hydroelectric Plant Coming Back Online

Laudyms: Boy Babies Birth Defects Double in 30 Years

chris rice: WARNING: Tainted Chinese Milk products found on US shelves (3 comments)

Michael Greenwell: What have we got to gain? (4 comments)

Thursday, October 30:

M. Wizard: Poll finds 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim (8 comments)

Wednesday, October 29:

M. Wizard: Caution: The Internet May Be Hazardous to Your Humanity (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: NET TIPS: What Movie Should I Watch Next? (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: 6 Ways To Search 'By Date' On Google

M. Wizard: 'Obama Wins!,' Newspaper Declares

Tuesday, October 28:

M. Wizard: The Christian Science Monitor to Cease Daily Publication & Become a Weekly

M. Wizard: First Look at Microsoft Windows 7

Kathlyn Stone: U.S. researchers roll out fluorescent cat 2.0

virginius "gin" arnold: Your logic is not logical (5 comments)

Monday, October 27:

Shechaiyah: *We Must Begin to Educate OurSelves ABOUT THE DOTS. (2 comments)

Sunday, October 26:

Rady Ananda: 1936: Counting America's 40,000,000 Votes (1 comments)

M. Wizard: JFK Assassination: Secret Service Stand Down (8 comments)

M. Wizard: Paul Krugman Discusses the Current Economic Crisis on Charlie Rose

Joyce Yam: Genetically Modified Foods Are Our Future (10 comments)

Friday, October 24:

M. Wizard: Video The Vote: Play Your Role in Keeping the 2008 Election From Being Stolen

M. Wizard: Survey: Half of US Doctors Use Placebo Treatments (2 comments)

Thursday, October 23:

Laudyms: The Plastics Industry Wrote FDA Report Claiming Bisphenol A is Safe

Wednesday, October 22:

M. Wizard: Bottled water has contaminants too, study finds

M. Wizard: Video Report from Reuters: Car That Runs on Nothing But Water Unveiled in Japan (10 comments)

Monday, October 20:

Margaret Bassett: Take a hike! See the real world!

Margaret Bassett: Default Viral Title Player McCain rally

Amanda Lang: Five Webtop Alternatives For Cloud Computing

Sunday, October 19:

M. Wizard: Naomi Klein on Charlie Rose (3 comments)

Saturday, October 18:

M. Wizard: John Lennon and Bob Dylan in the Back of a Taxi in 1966

M. Wizard: Video: 10 Minutes with Woody Allen

M. Wizard: Janis Joplin Sings "Maybe" on Ed Sullivan in 1969

M. Wizard: For Mahavishnu Orchestra Fans.... (2 comments)

Friday, October 17:

M. Wizard: "Aldous Huxley - Gravity Of Light" Full-Length Documentary

Meryl Ann Butler: "Respondele a Obama": Fabulous Latin music video (2 comments)

Thursday, October 16:

William Peterson: The Physicist and the Economist (2 comments)

Andrew Glikson and Emily Spence: Planet Eaters (3 comments)

William Fox: *Vigilant Shield and Jokers Gone Wild (3 comments)

Wednesday, October 15:

M. Wizard: Where Is Tiny Tim When You Really Need Him?

Amanda Lang: Do More With Your Webcam Using Gawker & Eyesight [MAC only]

Tuesday, October 14:

M. Wizard: Video: Sathya Sai Baba "The Universal Teacher"

Monday, October 13:

M. Wizard: "9/11 Mysteries"

Amanda Lang: 4 Free Tools for Taking Wikipedia Offline (1 comments)

Sunday, October 12:

Rady Ananda: Zeitgeist Addendum: Steps toward a sustainable future (23 comments)

Bob Patterson: A Day in Dublin

Friday, October 10:

Jeremy R. Hammond: A Review of Jason Bermas's "Fabled Enemies" (2 comments)

Thursday, October 9:

Eileen Fleming: My First IRS Audit

Kevin Gosztola: Truth Is We're Obsolete (2 comments)

Drew Waters: History of Advertising Suggests: 'Don't Trust Your Doctor.' see images!

Stephen Fox: Obama Must Appoint a Consumer Protectionist as FDA Commissioner (52 comments)

Tuesday, October 7:

waronyou: Purifying Water with Nano-particles

Saturday, October 4:

M. Wizard: Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User

Friday, October 3:

Lord Stirling: Superholographic Model of the Universe (3 comments)

Thursday, October 2:

Kevin Krohn: One Last Chance (1 comments)

Sally Stride: *Fluoride in Tap Water is Hazardous to Health, research shows (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Scientists Trace The Origin Of AIDS Virus to the 19th Century (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Homer Simpson tries to Vote for Obama (Video) (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 1:

Amanda Lang: PrintWhatYouLike Helps You Conserve Paper, Ink & Sanity


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