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May 2008

Saturday, May 31:

Better World Order: Solar, Zero-Carbon, Zero-Waste, and Fully Sustainable City

Friday, May 30:

jibbguy: More on Brown's Gas / HHO (13 comments)

Meryl Ann Butler: New Epigenetic Science Award Presented in Groundbreaking Ceremony (8 comments)

Thursday, May 29:

Laudyms: FCC Wants Free Broadband Service, Plus Content Filtering

Wednesday, May 28:

Laudyms: USDA axes the sole national survey to chart pesticide use (1 comments)

Brad Arnold: Einstein's Warning: a bioterrorist pandemic worse than a nuclear explosion (20 comments)

Tuesday, May 27:

Suzana Megles: Heroes Come in All Stripes

Saturday, May 24:

Paul Armentano: Marijuana Slows Tumor Growth (4 comments)

Friday, May 23:

Laudyms: Shouldn't Chemicals Be Proven Safe for Kids Before Marketing? (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings (1 comments)

Thursday, May 22:

Laudyms: A new compound fights drug-resistant bacteria

Amanda Lang: Death of a star: Astronomers get grandstand view of supernova (4 comments)

Wednesday, May 21:

Kathlyn Stone: International menopause experts at odds over HRT

Sunday, May 18:

Jason Greywolf Leigh: We are all Liars and Cheats (12 comments)

Friday, May 16:

Rebecca Sato: Scientists Discover Plants Can Control Weather (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 14:

Xonic: A meta-theoretical analysis on combining particle physics with real world phenomena

Better World Order: Using Fruit To Aid The Sun's Work

Sunday, May 11:

Amanda Lang: Professor Stephen Hawking seeks 'Einsteins of Africa'

Saturday, May 10:

Amanda Lang: Energy From Dirt, Seriously

Amanda Lang: Paying For The Science They Want: Alaska State Legislators Go Denier-Shopping

Lisa Long: Mauna Loa - Earth's Largest Volcano shows what looks like Lava on it's surface in Google Earth/Map Satellite Image

Wednesday, May 7:

Edward McSweegan: Advocacy - Education = Epidemic (3 comments)

Marcus B: Is Feeding the Hungry More Important than Staying Obese and Diseased? (9 comments)

codyco: Gay New York Bloggers Take Activist Tone

Monday, May 5:

Brad Arnold: Rapid ecosystem collapse from the CO2 already in the air (17 comments)

Sunday, May 4:

Kathlyn Stone: Moving up the food chain: PFCs present in nursing mothers' breast milk

Friday, May 2:

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Scientists Getting Signals of Alien Life! (13 comments)


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