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March 2008

Monday, March 31:

Matt Sanchez: Having your Baby and Breeding it Too (1 comments)

Bruce Allen Morris: Jesus Marches On (1 comments)

Vi Ransel: Connect the Dots

Sunday, March 30:

Liza Persson: John Cusack movie takes on war profiteers

robert braunstein: Circus is in town

Friday, March 28:

Margaret Bassett: A Dream Deferred College for Immigrant Children (6 comments)

Peace Brother: From "A Course in Miracles": Defenselessness is Strength (7 comments)

Thursday, March 27:

Ken Meyercord: Year Six of the Occupation (2 comments)

Saniel Bonder: Does Macroeconomics Depend on Macro -- and Micro -- Emotion?

Joseph Danison: Steve Alten's "The Shell Game", the First 911 Novel

Amanda Lang: eBooks: On Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in History by Thomas Carlyle

magix: The carbon neutrality myth of centralized renewables (7 comments)


Jim Miles: Book Review - The new imperialists - Ideologies of Empire (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: The energy we take for granted is becoming scarce

Mike Palecek: "Cost of Freedom" Tour/Day 15

Laudyms: 'Green collars' becoming a force in U.S. economy

Wednesday, March 26:

Amanda Lang: Italy starts campaign to stop eating disorders

Laudyms: Illustrator Who Was Inspired by Molly Ivins Wins Bush Library Contest (2 comments)

Michael Salla: Anonymous Source Revealing Secret United Nations Meeting on ETs/UFOs Becomes More Credible (5 comments)

Meryl Ann Butler: MEET ME ON THE MOUNTAIN: Brokeback Inspires Composer Shawn Kirchner - A Music Review (2 comments)

Tuesday, March 25:

Amanda Lang: Body of War: New Doc Tells the Story of a Paralyzed Iraq War Veteran Coming to Terms with Disability and Speaking Out Ag

Kenneth Briggs: Sinking the Ship of State-a Book Review

Frosty Wooldridge: 10 Million Tons Floating: Our Plastic Oceans (3 comments)

Laudyms: The Great Beyond: The incredible shrinking sea ice

Vi Ransel: Mesozoic Menu

Stan Cox: Turning water into ethanol is no miracle (3 comments)

Monday, March 24:

Amanda Lang: Watch Online PBS: Bush's War: A 4-Hour Special Pre-9/11 Til Now (3 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Iraq on $5,000 a second: Where to go & what to see

Rob Kall: Elephant man transformed by Face transplant

Russ Wellen: Sign of the Times: Best Buy, Home Depot Allow Haggling

Vi Ransel: The Price of Democracy

Sunday, March 23:

Peace Brother: Pasta Fazool = Happy Easter! (8 comments)

Rob Kall: Will Joe Lieberman be John McCain's Assisted Living Caretaker and Vice-President as They Bomb Iran? (2 comments)

Mike Palecek: If I Can Just Get Off Of This L.A. Freeway Without Getting Killed Or Caught

Amanda Lang: Resist the Impulse to Panic Over Finances

John E. Carey: Back From The Dead (10 comments)

Laudyms: Grain Farmer Claims Moral Victory in Seed Battle Against Monsanto -

Saturday, March 22:

Amanda Lang: No diseases for old men (2 comments)

Woody Powell: AMERICA IN PERIL -- book review

Kate Quimby: 5 Minute Peace Plan

Jim Miles: War in Heaven - Book Review

Vi Ransel: The Riding Lesson

Peace Brother: The Pompitous of Love (5 comments)

Friday, March 21:

Margaret Bassett: Science/Nature | Study unlocks Latin American past

Thursday, March 20:


robert braunstein: Ex-Great Gugga-MUGGA

Munich: New Video of BigDog Quadruped Robot Is So Stunning It's Spooky (3 comments)

robert braunstein: Dog Matic

waldopaper: Reality and Bullshit (3 comments)

robert braunstein: Nature Sucks (1 comments)

Marianne Barisonek: Book Review - The Translator

Geoffrey of Bordentown: What are the Ebay Seller Tool Websites Really Doing with Buyer Information?

Wednesday, March 19:

Amanda Lang: BODY OF WAR | New Phil Donahue/Ellen Spiro Documentary

Amanda Lang: Japanese unveil a novel way to walk on water

Rady Ananda: The Law of Demand (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 18:

Kenneth Briggs: Florida's Democratic Presidential Primary (2 comments)

C.L. Pagano: Spring Equinox & Libra Full Moon, 2008

Marti Oakley: *States Claiming Ownership of Newborn's DNA (11 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Special "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition" issue of my housing co-op newsletter (2 comments)

Michael Morris: The True Sprit of Love – Update (2 comments)

Vi Ransel: The Conservation of Charity

Wally: Call for a National Dialogue for Real Change.. (2 comments)

Monday, March 17:

miles mathis: Chance Abutmenting (a counter-critique of Peter Schjeldahl)

dR. O: The Crash of '08

Stephen C. Rose: "The Lord's Prayer Song" by Stephen C. Rose

Lana Gersten: Weddings exposed: Bride and groom bare it all (2 comments)

Jim Hogue: "The Shell Game" - Endgame of Empire

Amanda Lang: Slum visits: Tourism or voyeurism?

Sunday, March 16:

Kenneth Briggs: Boston 08-- 38th National Council Conference-May 1-3, 2008

Margaret Bassett: Deconstructing Spitzer's Spiraling End AP's step by step

Carrie Gamble: Easter – A Time for Family, Love and The Traditional "Easter Lamb Cake" (2 comments)

Mark Sashine: Russians from CT in Alaska. Y2006 (2 comments)

Saturday, March 15:

Dave Berman: Photo Gallery: Eureka, CA Peace March 3/15/08 (6 comments)

Sharon Roach: Will Silda Spitzer Give Up? (5 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Book Review David Rothkopf's "Superclass"

robert braunstein: Easy Come

robert braunstein: Goodnight

robert braunstein: How It Works

Friday, March 14:

Kathlyn Stone: The Uses of Empathy: A Medical Student’s Perspective

Laudyms: The bird flu virus has mutated

Kyle Hunt: Energy and Film (8 comments)

Thursday, March 13:


Amanda Lang: Will 'Jezebel James' Follow in the Footsteps of 'Gilmore Girls?'

Kathlyn Stone: Iraq's health care system crippled by staff and medical supply shortages (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Insults Taking Hold of Democratic Race

Wally: Genuine Socialism vs. Corporate Propaganda (18 comments)

Wednesday, March 12:

M. Wizard: "Characteristics" by Thomas Carlyle

Laudyms: My Top 10 Uses of Vinegar In the Home :: Green Living (1 comments)


Russ Wellen: Wired's Editor Thinks Free Is the Future of Business

Tuesday, March 11:

Amanda Lang: 'John Adams' Premiere: Talking To Paul Giamatti, Tom Hanks And David McCullough (1 comments)

Stephen Fox: Testimony re: Hawaii Rep. Josh Green, M.D., Resolution re: Aspartame in Hawaii

JohnPeebles: Meds in Your Water; Health Care Segmented

Ron Jacobs: Walking the Lonely Road:A Review of Paul Robeson's Words of Freedom

Stephen C. Rose: Jean Shepherd (July 26, 1921 - October 16, 1999) on the Web (4 comments)

Monday, March 10:

b2008: WOULD YOU CHANGE? (6 comments)

Sunday, March 9:

The Last MoveMent: The Last Bastion of Privacy Is Breached: A Machine Can Look Into Your Mind (4 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: A Day In Mexico (18 comments)

Saturday, March 8:

Sherwin Steffin: The Teenage Brain (2 comments)

Sherwin Steffin: The Nukes of October: Richard Nixon's Secret Plan to Bring Peace to Vietnam (1 comments)

Friday, March 7:

Sharon Roach: Hell is Truth Seen To Late (8 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Relocalizing Eden

Amanda Lang: The Next Agriculture?

Thursday, March 6:

Jane Stillwater: "Another child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes." And nobody protests this? (1 comments)

Joan Wile: New Book About American Anti-War Grandmothers Scathingly Criticizes Hillary Clinton (1 comments)

C.L. Pagano: Pisces New Moon 2008

M. Wizard: "Nature" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doyle Mills: DRUGS – WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW COULD KILL YOU (2 comments)

M. Wizard: Aldous Huxley's Final Essay: Shakespeare and Religion

Michael Salla: Secret UN meetings discussing UFOs Chaired by President of the General Assembly (6 comments)

Amanda Lang: How's the economy in your hometown? (2 comments)

Wednesday, March 5:

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Mending Broken Hearts with Cardiac Rehab (2 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Mental Health Equity (1 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Artwork Inspired by Pain and Healing

"Hoss" David P.: BAIT AND SWITCH (14 comments)

Mark Harris: Where are the Candidates Who Embrace These Six Words?

Marilyn Frith: Seriously Seeking Solutions (Male sexism: cause and cure) (21 comments)

Tuesday, March 4:

Laudyms: The Oil Drum | Bread and Oil: Rising Food Prices and the Middle East

Sharon Roach: You can be spiritual without the church (14 comments)

Rob Kall: Three Right Feet Wash Ashore in Western Canda; Authorities Stumped (1 comments)

Monday, March 3:

Amanda Lang: Documentary: 'Chicago 10' Re-Animates a Protest Story

George Washington: We are Powerless . . Or ARE We? (6 comments)

Clerical Business Solutions: Get And Maintain Good Business Credit

Fatima Khurshid: Can US Play A Role In Saving Women From Violence? (11 comments)

M. Wizard: Overcoming Obstacles in Spiritual Life (8 comments)

Sunday, March 2:

Robert Fiddaman Dip.Couns MOC & MSFTR: Lapdap - The Breckenridge Connection

Michael Bonanno: Denial

Kathlyn Stone: Man admits striking woman on the way to anger management class (2 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: ELIGIBILITY FOR TAX REBATE (4 comments)

Saturday, March 1:

Gregory Paul: Why is Secular European Society Doing So Much Better Than God-Fearing America?: The Big Picture, Part 2

Laudyms: Foreign Policy In Focus | The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water (1 comments)

Michael Salla: French Expert Publicly Emerges to Confirm Secret United Nations Meeting on UFO's (12 comments)

Ed Tubbs: An inappropriate sidstep, at least for me. (1 comments)

Ed Komarek: Air Force Drops Flares to Quell UFO Reports? (4 comments)


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