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December 2007

Wednesday, December 26:

Kenneth Briggs: Bush Wins Big (5 comments)

Rady Ananda: As Cuba's Economy Withers, Its Ecology Thrives

Thursday, December 20:

The Cosmic Detective: Crooked Crazy Criminals Claiming Christ

Rev. Robert Vinciguerra: Astronomy Cast – A Podcast Explaining the Universe with Facts (Podcast Review) (3 comments)

Sunday, December 16:

Laudyms: Mystery Lines In The Sky: Chemtrails

Tuesday, December 11:

Irvthom: Breaking News: Science validates key Mayan Calendar premise (9 comments)

Laudyms: Many industrial chemicals are more dangerous than previously suspected

Sunday, December 9:

Kevin Anthony Stoda: "IMPEACH CHENEY AND BUSH": YAHOO is GOING STRONG with nearly 4.5 Million RESULTS while GOOGLE APPEARS MANIPULATED DOWNW (2 comments)

Friday, December 7:

Margaret Bassett: Getting inside their heads, really inside Daniel G. Amen

Thursday, December 6:

Kal Sellers: Vital Information on Food Supplements, Prevention, and Consumer Protection

Tuesday, December 4:

Margaret Bassett: Schools to Keep for the Future (2100)

Monday, December 3:

Stephen Fox, with special thanks to Ahmed El Amin of Food Quality News: More Cancer Causing Chemicals in Food; Acrylamides in French Fries At Top of List

Saturday, December 1:

nyscof: *Push for Fluoridation on Long Island NY despite evidence of harm (2 comments)


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