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September 2007

Sunday, September 30:

Cathie Bird: MIA: America's Sense of Humor (1 comments)

Saturday, September 29:

Sherwin Steffin: Time for You to Get Overtime Wages Owed to You

Friday, September 28:

Margaret Bassett: Facing the Yuck Factor

Saturday, September 22:

Kamala Sarup: South Asia:Computer Technology

Dr. Michael P Byron: Peak Oil and The Fermi Paradox

Monday, September 17:

Fred Brown: Evolution and Human Consciousness (12 comments)

Saturday, September 15:

rahman Al-keder: Truth and Science


Mike Kuykendall: Florida-Sized Area of Arctic Sea Ice Melts

Wednesday, September 5:

Kim Grant: Documentary Review: "Crashing the States" A Journey into the Netroots

Lynn Michaels: Keeping Children Safe: Alternatives to dangerous "off-label" [aka: unapproved] Antidepressant & Antipsychotic drugs

Tuesday, September 4:

Jane Stillwater: Up the Bucs: Visiting South Africa's Soweto -- the southwest townships, then & now

Saturday, September 1:

Kim: A Woman's Journey Through the US Health Care System (1 comments)


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