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August 2007

Wednesday, August 22:

David Brown: WhiteSmoke Writing Software - Now with a British Accent

Tuesday, August 21:

Herman Cummings: *Setting Both Creationism and Science Straight

Sunday, August 19:

Anil Gulati: Digital photography, a powerful communication tool (1 comments)

Saturday, August 18:

Daniel Geery: Dangerous Ideas

Friday, August 17:

David Patterson: "LOOKY OVER YONDER"

ladybroadoak: AlterNet: Health and Wellness: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products

Monday, August 13:

Russ Wellen: Black Web Surfing: What Is It?

Saturday, August 11:

Kamala Sarup: Unseen Love

Friday, August 10:

Eileen Fleming: Rapture Ready Armageddon Seeking Demon Behind Every Tree Seeing Cult Warriors... (2 comments)

Wednesday, August 8:

David Patterson: PERSPECTIVE (1 comments)

Jimmy Montague: Al Gore's Assault on Reason: my argument with a hypnotized turkey (3 comments)

Friday, August 3:


Wednesday, August 1:

Margaret Bassett: C-SPAN: Q&A Transcript


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