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August 2007

Thursday, August 30:

the web: WaPo Neologism Contest Winners

sam quincy: the debate

Jane Stillwater: Touring an African jail: I found an empty cell here for George Bush! (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 29:

Mark Angelo Cummings: Republican Religious have Double Standard Ways

Tuesday, August 28:

Sherwin Steffin: The Authoritarians: Followers of sociopathic politician

Monday, August 27:

Anil Gulati: Blogs on developmental communication and female foeticide making news

Stephen Fox: What does Coca Cola's Dasani bottled water have in common with Death by Lethal Injection? (1 comments)

Sunday, August 26:

Eileen Fleming: More Powerful than Bullets and Bombs (2 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Connection Of Tourism

Siv O'Neall: What Freedom? What Democracy?

Dennis Diehl: Mother Teresa--From Saint Back to Human and It's OK (2 comments)

Saturday, August 25:

Rady Ananda: Let Your Soul Light Shine Bright

Friday, August 24:

Eileen Fleming: Mother Teresa's Very Long Dark Night of the Soul and Rose Gardens

Erica Naone: The Rise of the Netjockey

Russ Wellen: When Giants Walked the Earth...the End of the Age of Rock Stars

Joan Brunwasser: Chasing Assassins - Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

Thursday, August 23:

Dave Lindorff: Dave Lindorff's "Iraq (and Iran) Rag"

eileen fleming: The American Idol Crap Shoot and Growing Up in America (1 comments)

David Heleniak: Hellfire and the Puritan Premise

Wednesday, August 22:

Rady Ananda: Natasha Mayers: Art for the Movement

Tuesday, August 21:

Kenneth Briggs: Book Review-A Real OWNERSHIP Society

abacus: E-votes not private

Monday, August 20:

Milton Jordan: Home Based Business Opportunity spells money

Allen Darman: Willy's Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story (3 comments)

Jimmy Montague: Michael Moore and His Movies (5 comments)

Sunday, August 19:

Margaret Bassett: Replacing the Empire Culture: A Podcast Interview

Saturday, August 18:

Rob Kall: ScienceDaily: Process For Storing And Erasing Long-term Memories Discovered

Vin LoPresti: Genes for Sale (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Where's the beef: How I almost ate a whole cow...and am now at the dentist

Thursday, August 16:

Lynn Michaels: Going Green from the Inside Out! Taper Safely off SSRI Antidepressants

Ron Jacobs: Dr. Strangelove Meets Dubya's Double Buzz Twofer: A Review of William Hart's Supergoose (Timberline Press 2007)

Wednesday, August 15:

Frosty Wooldridge: Dismantling Nature's Infrastructure: Part 3--Nature Down For Count

Rob Kall: Why the late-30s are a man's misery years

Jim Miles: Between the Lines - Israel, Palestine, and the war on terror (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 14:

Jim Donovan: New Venture Helps Local Businesses Stay Competitive

eileen fleming: Raised To Be A Racist, Medicine in Memphis and New Orleans: 1954-1964

Paul Connett, PhD: *End Fluoridation, say 600 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists, and Environmentalists

Frosty Wooldridge: Global Dashboard Glowing Red: Part 2--Mother Nature Down for Count

Monday, August 13:

Rady Ananda: Nonsexist Alternative Language: Handbook for Conscious Writers (36 comments)

Joel Wendland: Tax Credits for Going Green

Saturday, August 11:

Rob Kall: Frida Kahlo's last secret finally revealed

Rob Kall: Taliban 'release two S Koreans'

Peter Barus: The Emperor's Not Naked (1 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Illinois Steps Backward in Care for People with Disabilities

Jane Stillwater: The Sun Also Rises: News from sub-Saharan Africa

Friday, August 10:

Dana Gabriel: Trusting The FDA Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Jules Siegel: 'The Bourne Ultimatum' success is not about the action

Michael Bonanno: Their War (new song)

Thursday, August 9:


Tuesday, August 7:

Anil Gulati: 'Use of ORS' in diarrhoea needs a push in MP

Sunday, August 5:

Bill Wetzel: Barry Bonds is easy to hate and convenient to blame (4 comments)

Rob Kall: NASA Launches Mars Lander to Examine Ice and Soil

Saturday, August 4:

Kamala Sarup: Nepali women long to dance

Thursday, August 2:

Bill Wetzel: An Essay On Faith, Life and Ingmar Bergman (2 comments)

Wednesday, August 1:

Siv O'Neall: The March to the Edge of the Cliff


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