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July 2007

Tuesday, July 31:

Colin Donoghue: The Reality of Conspiracy in the USA & The Way to Progress (1 comments)

Jeff Maehr: What part of illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous don't people understand? Part 1 (1 comments)

andi novick: Americans Have Lost the Ability to be our own Governors and can no Longer Consider Ourselves a Free People (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Understanding Epilepsy and compassion towards Chief Justice Roberts

Mary Pitt: The Duel

Steve Young: Today Show Helps Frank Luntz Roll Out The Right Wing's Latest Hit Job on Edwards (2 comments)

David Swanson: *Gonzales, Pelosi, and the Survival of Congress (1 comments)

Rob Kall: WSJ RIP (3 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Thank You David Swanson (3 comments)

Stephen Crockett: Impeachment and Preserving Our Constitution (18 comments)

David Swanson: *300 Towns, Cities, States Oppose Iraq Occupation

F. Vyan Walton: First they ignore you, then they ridicule you...

David Swanson: People's Peace Delegation to Iran Reports Back

John R Moffett: The Third Pearl Harbor (39 comments)

Richard Mathis: Hey, Bill O'Reilly: Put up or shut up (7 comments)

andi novick: New York Can't Purchase Voting Machines from any Vendor Asserting a Proprietary Right to Conceal Information from Public (3 comments)

Kim Grant: MAPPED: Voter Caging, US Attorneys (1 comments)

eileen fleming: "Preach to Your Own People" (6 comments)

Jay Janson: *Reporting on Cindy in NYC/Did News of Her Presence Spread Like Wildfire? (2 comments)

Michael Roberts: Drug Nation (3 comments)

Russ Wellen: The Bush Quartet (2 comments)

Dana Siegelman: *URGENT: My dad has been imprisoned on corruption charges (15 comments)

John Carey: Distrustful of China's Government at Almost Every Turn

Barry Tevelow: Moving Ahead (4 comments)

Monday, July 30:

Georgianne Nienaber: Dian Fossey and the Gorilla Killings

Rob Kall: Dems to Start Gonzales Impeachment (27 comments)

andi novick: A Publicly Owned and Controlled Voting System Ensuring Transparency and Oversight by the People or Nothing (8 comments)

Jim Shingleton: Electile Dysfunction: VotersHeld Hostage in Butler County (PA) by ES&S

David Swanson: *Rep. Conyers Discusses Impeachment (4 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: WHEN WILL WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH? (1 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Parsing Purgatory

Marc McDonald: Threats In The Blogosphere: How Credible Are Michelle Malkin's Claims? (3 comments)

Bill Perry: Was Pat Tillman Murdered? Absolutely Yes, According to a Nam Vet (25 comments)

Rob Kall: Legislate for Wind and Solar Power-- Against Selfish Neighbors (5 comments)

Min. Paul Scott: The Economics of Holly'hood

Joe Perez: No Moral Vacancy for Gays in UK Hotels, But Antigay Discrimination Still Legal in US

Sandy Sand: NBC Treats Word Games Like the Olympic Games

Michael Leon: Brookings' O'Hanlon and Pollack, Crazy on Iraq (7 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Americans Stuck In Political Stupor (14 comments)

Jim Freeman: Finally, In the Department of Desperate Moves

eileen fleming: Telling the Truth at Ben Gurion (13 comments)

Jerm: The Money Masters Control Bush and America! (3 comments)

Jim Bush: There Is No George Bush (1 comments)

Mike Palecek: Senor Salsa

Stephen Pizzo: Lying Under Oath for Dummies (1 comments)


Bruce Morris: WE ARE ALL THE LEAST AMONG US (3 comments)

Mikael Rudolph: *Blind Party Loyalty is a Mental Illness (9 comments)

Sunday, July 29:

James Nimmo: How to Spell Equality? I before E except after C. L before G except Before B? (1 comments)

eileen fleming: *How the Most 'Moral' Army in the World Treats the Little Children of Palestine (1 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Politicized Media Hindrance Towards Freedom

Michael Roberts: Marcus Mosiah Garvey: Black Revolutionary Hero

Steven Leser: Michael Moore – Why some people don't like him

David Gregory: De Facto President (1 comments)

Steven Leser: Hitchens - Scheduled to speak at Atheist Convention , Generates Controversy (4 comments)

Michael Roberts: The Pope's Senior Moment (19 comments)

Jim Bush: There Is No Bin Laden (3 comments)

Moss Posner: What are they really up to?--Bush, Governmental Power and Destiny

John Carey: What Does Beijing's Communist Central Government Consider a "Threat"?

F. Vyan Walton: Conservatives Refuse to Defend Gonzales on Faux News

Daniel Geery: Bulldozing the Garden (3 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Bush's FISA Duck and Cover

Michael Leon: Decider Decides Not to Decide (3 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Friend or Foe Business Is Business (5 comments)

John R Moffett: Sunday Morning News Roundup (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Home Depot Supports O'Reilly, but Lowes Pulls Ads; Which Box Will YOU Do Business WIth? (15 comments)

Jim Freeman: The Pentagon Budget, Breaking the Bank

Mark Harris: Bush Makes Clear Why a Health Care Revolt is Needed (2 comments)

Curt Day: Bush And Kerry Are Sitting In A Tree (4 comments)


Saturday, July 28:

Bernie Sanders: ‘Open Access’ Essential To Media Reform

David Swanson: Reparations

Timothy V. Gatto: Our Coming Trip to Hell (10 comments)

Sheila Samples: Something Happened on 9-11 (7 comments)


Carol Wolman: Proposing a New Broom Coalition for a clean sweep of Congress

Jim Freeman: To Hell with Gandhi and Jesus, We've Opted for Attila (1 comments)

Jennifer Sellers: IMPEACH THE FOOL

NancyT: California study reinforces need in the Granite State to rid ourselves of secret vote counting technology (3 comments)

Mike Palecek: Securing The Perimeter

David Cox: Debushification

Jeff Maehr: Move over Apocalypto - America has you beat.

Michael Roberts: Terrorism's New Face

ernie lazar: Purpose of Conspiracy Theories

Project Vote: Voter Suppression Activities Hit Voter Registration Drives

Barry Tevelow: Declaration of Re-Birth (1 comments)

John Carey: To The U.S. Treasury Secretary: China Is Your Worst Nightmare, Sir

Rowan Wolf: Leaning Towards Cover Up (1 comments)

Curt Day: Hey Hill, Wasn't Bill The First Bush-Lite?

Michael Roberts: Sane, Sensible Policy (1 comments)

Kitty Antonik: Return to the Consitution?!? (3 comments)

Martin Zehr: Kurdistan, Not Iraq, is the Success Story (Part 2)

Constance Lavender: Bellweather DJIA Drops over 500 Pts in Two Days (2 comments)

Sandy Sand: Teachers Unite: Time To Give Bill O'Reilly a Lesson in Just How "Cushy" Your Jobs Are (3 comments)

Keith Pope: Justice - Action!

Muhammad Khurshid: Giving More Time to Terrorists Will Be Dangerous (1 comments)

John R Moffett: Want to Fight Back Against the Right Wing Noise Machine? (14 comments)

John Perry: Impeach Alberto First (17 comments)

Mary MacElveen: No "victory for all Americans" was had in Hazelton, Pa., Senator Obama (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Night Thoughts on Taking Our Progressive Activism to the Next Level (9 comments)

Friday, July 27:

David Swanson: Bush Fulfills His Grandfather's Dream (11 comments)

Rebecca Mercuri: Open Letter to CA Secretary of State Bowen (11 comments)

Carol Hamilton: Separation of Church & State: A Thumbnail Sketch (3 comments)

David Truskoff: GOD HAS A PLAN (3 comments)

David Patterson: Thoughts on Pat Tillman (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): We're still in denial about 9/11 and ongoing Bush/Republican Treason. (8 comments)

David Swanson: *Rep. Bobby Scott Debates Impeachment

Rob Kall: Did Bush Admin Order Tillman Murdered to Silence Him? (49 comments)

Rob Kall: Cheney Getting Re-Wired-- Going Under Knife (5 comments)

John M. Kelley: Absurd Outrage (9 comments)

NancyT: Why is Cong. Paul Hodes ignoring his constituents? (1 comments)

Nicolai Petro: Russia and Britain: Condemned to Cooperation? (1 comments)

Mark Allender: *To the Candidates (1 comments)

Mirah Riben: Family Secrets

Ed Martin: From Nazism to Neo-cons to Bushism (1 comments)

Jim Freeman: The Party's Over

Mike Palecek: County Fair Time

Richard Girard: Rights, Powers, Privileges, and Responsibilities

Min. Paul Scott: When Mayberry Goes Gangsta (1 comments)

Jason Miller: Of Marx, Christ, and the Persecution of Radicals: How Will Humanity Survive the Capitalist Threat? (3 comments)

Michael Roberts: Looking At Cuba One Year Without Fidel At The Helm


Sheila Jackson: Raging at Foxes (5 comments)

Michael Leon: Nam Vets Fight for Agent Orange Victims (2 comments)

Walter Brasch: Leaders Afraid to Lead: Empty Rhetoric in Congress

Jim Cullen: Carmakers Need National Health Care

Muhammad Khurshid: War of Words Affecting War on Terrorism

Citizens For Legitimate Government: Army's 'Debt Of Service' Leaves Vets Perplexed

F. Vyan Walton: It's Official : The DOJ will not enforce the House Contempt Charges (11 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Will America ever have a 'Network' moment? (2 comments)

Thursday, July 26:

Walter C. Uhler: Bush's Missile Defense vs. My Erector Set

David Michael Green: Forget Third Parties – It Ain't Gonna Happen: Hijack The Democrats Instead (5 comments)

John M. Kelley: Hold on to Your Seat: America and Its' Debt Based Economy

International School for Bottom-up Organizing: Building an Anti-Slavery Movement


Robert Raitz: Ye Olde Political Theatre (4 comments)


Michael Hammerschlag: A PRESIDENT'S CONTEMPT (1 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: Time's a Wasting... (2 comments)

Michael Leon: The American Civil Rights Movement, A Call to Halt Its Vengeance

the web: Roadblock Republican Radio Contest

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.: *Race Is the Tripwire for the Progressive Movement (1 comments)

Bryan Zepp Jamieson: By executive order, you are hereby...If you oppose the administration, keep some cash handy and hidden (2 comments)

Steve Young: Hey BillO, Guess Who Was A Regular Columnist At Hate-Filled Web-Site: You! (1 comments)

Michael T. McPhearson & Ying Lee: Never Give A Life, or Take A Life, For A Lie

Michael Roberts: The Immigration Debate (2 comments)

winston: Stonewalling to the bitter end!

Muhammad Khurshid: Only Tribesmen Responsible For Terrorism? (1 comments)

Stephen Fournier: A Summer Spoiled

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Bush Bureaucrats, Bungle Big Bonus Internet Leads: French Blow Away Bushites! (2 comments)

Michael Corcoran: The Absurdity of Modern Discourse: Democrats and Gay Marriage

Reverend Rich Lang, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, Seattle: We are in a grave constitutional crisis

Harry Young: *Farmer Harry Young: Open Letter to Congress

Bob Koehler: Caged Priest (2 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Refusal to Testify - Hubris or Cover-up? (2 comments)

Mitch Gurney: Why Victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terror will elude US Forces

Michael Lubin: Fight for your freedom to work in a sweatshop - VOTE LIBERTARIAN! (2 comments)

David Cox: This Is CNN (5 comments)

Alex Wallenwein: *30 days to absolute tyranny (17 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: A Letter to Responsible Republicans (2 comments)

Wayne Madsen: America: The Country That Spies Better on Itself Than Other Countries

Phil Rockstroh: Tales of Angst, Alienation and Martial Law: Roasting Marshmallows on the American Reichstag Fire to Come (4 comments)

John R Moffett: Dear Progressives: Organize or Squabble, Which Is It? (60 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Reviewing Michael Parenti's Democracy For the Few

Wednesday, July 25:

winston: Who will be left in Iraq?

Dana Gabriel: No Security, Prosperity or Sovereignty for Canada in a North American Union

Tinny Ray: Pledge of Allegiance to end in the new school year? (5 comments)

Lenny Gray: Conservatives Lie (2 comments)

eileen fleming: Another Day in Ramallah (6 comments)

David Swanson: *Another Congress Member for Impeachment (1 comments)

Steve Young: O'Reilly Condemns Right Wing Site,* (1 comments)

Manuel Valenzuela: America's Tomorrow

David Swanson: *Joel Wendland Means Well, Gets It Dangerously Wrong (2 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Anti-Fascist Playbook: Truth Sayers, Saying Truths

Jan VanDenBerg: The Easy Way the Government can Reduce AIDS and Hep C

Randolph T. Holhut: Executive Power Gone Wild (1 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: Be Strong, Be Yourself (2 comments)

James Brett: Gonzales the Liar (3 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Twenty One Things Americans Expect Government Leaders to Never Forget

John Arensmeyer: Minimum Wage Hike Good for Business Bottom Line

Ernest Partridge: A Republic, If We Can Keep It (1 comments)

Ray McGovern: John Conyers Is No Martin Luther King

Jonathan Ezor: Responsibility Without Accountability: The Catchphrase of the Bush Administration

Sherwood Martinelli: New York City Steam Pipe Explosion Should Be Nuclear Reactor Wake Up Call

Jim Freeman: Barry Bonds and Dick Cheney

Michael Roberts: Polemics Of Marcus Garvey's Ideology (2 comments)

Robyn Wesley: My real-life Ratatouille

Michael Collins: IMPEACHMENT: "Did the President ask you to go?" (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Time to Take Action; Depending on Congress is Not Enough (24 comments)


Kyle Murphy: Going to war with a peace time military? (4 comments)

John R Moffett: *Fox News Controls the Political Agenda? (5 comments)

Steve Young: This Just In: Senate To Hold Hearings On President's Colonoscopy (2 comments)

Frank J. Ranelli: Democracy Interrupted (9 comments)

Russ Wellen: The Plame Affair: A Quartet of Betrayals (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Disarming Tribesmen Must For Winning War on Terror (2 comments)

Len Hart: Oil Junkies for Jesus vs the Oil Crisis (17 comments)

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: Do You Get It NOW?

Tuesday, July 24:

Dan DeWalt: Cry Wolf! (1 comments)

nettie hartsock: Dangle Cartoons Are So Funny – You Almost Swallow Your Tongue (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Congress, The Debates, Progressives and "Bundling"

Michael Roberts: Blacks And Politics (1 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: A Way of Seeing Dick Cheney for What He Is

Webster G. Tarpley: Cheney determined to strike in US with WMD this summer (4 comments)

thomas bonsell: Things Our Constitution Needs (9 comments)

David Swanson: *The Conyers Legacy (22 comments)

Holly Sklar: Pay CEOs less, minimum wage workers more (4 comments)

Abid Jan razarwal: Pakhtoons the ultimate sufferers in the 'war against terror' (1 comments)

Sherwood Martinelli: Entergy's Indian Point is Another Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Waiting To Happen...Stop The Nuclear Renaissance Now (1 comments)

Robert Raitz: At wit's end. (15 comments)

Martin Zehr: Nader and the Dead-enders

Bob Burnett: George Bush: Moral Termite (1 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Feeling the Heat, Yet? (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Who Are These Terrorists? (4 comments)

Michael Collins: The First One's Free ... then you pay DEMOCRACY RELOADED (4 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Full Bumpers And Empty Gestures (12 comments)

Monday, July 23:

F. Vyan Walton: Bob Schieffer owes Harry Reid a Big Fat Apology

Jan Baumgartner: "Law of Parties" (7 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: I'm not Sharing My Cell With A Politician (3 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: 2008, The Election That May Never Happen! (2 comments)

Paul Jacobs: Voting Integrity in America

John R Moffett: *When Comity Turns to Tragic Comedy (18 comments)


Wayne Madsen: More Senate Defections Expected Over Iraq (3 comments)

Bob Geiger: Leahy Demands Straight Answers From Gonzales On Tuesday (8 comments)

jalil bahar: Let's Forget the UN, and the US - It's Time for Regionalism (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Who Will Be Our Leader? (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: At 8a.m. Monday July 23: Google Search Shows 2,000,300 Results under "Impeach Cheney Bush" (3 comments)

eileen fleming: Wake Up Time from the Holocaust Hangover (6 comments)

Sherwood Martinelli: Japanese Nuke Plant Dodges A Chernobyl Close Call, Now Wants Cover-Up

Mary Ellen Marino: *Act on Impeachment Now (2 comments)

Sheila Jackson: *Raging Grandmother at a Town Hall Meeting in a Red State (5 comments)

Virginia Simson: Buzh is coming to Canada! Stop the SPP!

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Son of Learn Behaviors and Puzzles, that Challenge and Enthrall

Stephen Lendman: Saving A President

Mikael Rudolph: *Twelve Steps for Congress toward Impeachment (from Patriots Anonymous) (3 comments)

Sunday, July 22:

Linda Milazzo: SAVE TROY DAVIS, HIS JURORS, & HIS ACCUSERS, TOO (6 comments)

Stephen Heller: My Election Reform Wish List (2 comments)

Kevin Chung: Clarification of AVANTE's position on Election and Voting System Integrity (1 comments)

Matt Kjeldsen: 9/11 Truth is Truth 101 (An Apple is an Apple) (1 comments)

NancyT: *Voting Integrity Advocates and the Magic Lasso of Truth (5 comments)

Carol Wolman: If you love life, Stop Cheney NOW before he stops EVERYTHING- H RES 333 (2 comments)

Mikael Rudolph: *New Hampshire Representatives ready to call for impeachment?

Timothy V. Gatto: Truth to Power (2 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: WHAT MORE CAN WE EACH DO TO STOP FASCISM? (1 comments)

Jim Bush: The Shallow End

F. Vyan Walton: Ending the Iraq Occupation Vs Impeachment : Which do you choose? (3 comments)

SDrobny: Barry Bonds Is Fair Game: Why Not George Bush? (1 comments)

Russ Feingold: *Time to Censure Bush and Cheney (47 comments)

Michael Mejia: Time for Democrats to Seize the Terrorism Issue Once and for All (3 comments)

David Cox: Who Are These? That Call Themselves Democrats (1 comments)

Kenneth Barr: *The Lies of James Holsinger (1 comments)

Ed Martin: Will Hillary be left standing naked in the street? (1 comments)

Ginger Carter: The 'Unmanageability' of Violence (2 comments)

Jay Janson: *Rev. King Jr. Re: U.S. Extermination Programs and 1/2 Humanity living on $2 a Day

Bruce Morris: The REAL Reason Bush and Cheney Will Not Face Impeachment (3 comments)

Jim Freeman: The Case for Not Waiting Out This Presidency (18 comments)

TED BOHNE: AT THE RISK OF REDUNDANCY............ (4 comments)

Tiburcio Sanz: Shall We Dance? 500 Years of Genocide in Mexico (1 comments)

Uri Avnery: A Trap for Fools; Cowboy Philosophy in the Middle East

rcg Webmaster: The Writing is on the Wall (9 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: The Stealing Of AmericaThrough Sadism, Cowardice and Bullying (9 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Will Someone Be Our Friend In Iraq? (2 comments)

Stephen Soldz: "Enhanced" Interrogation Techniques: The Risk of Criminality (4 comments)

Michael Leon: Bush's New Exec Order Does What? (6 comments)

Alastair Thompson: There is more than enough time to fix US democracy - open letter to Sen. Feinstein (1 comments)

Brasch: Give It Up for Confusion (3 comments)

Heather Wokusch: Under the Radar: Ten Warning Signs for Today (6 comments)

Paul Jacobs: The Oz of Computerized Voting (2 comments)

Saturday, July 21:

Philip Farruggio: The Fault, Dear Brutus...

Rob Kall: Republicans Lose When They Win (6 comments)

Rev. Michael Valentine Goldsun: Bush Outlaws All War Protest In United States July 19 - My Response (6 comments)

Michael Mejia: How The Democrats Can Trump the Republicans on National Security and Terrorism (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Conyers: 3 More Congress Members and I'll Impeach (14 comments)

Steve Bhaerman: A CALL FOR POLITICAL CLIMATE CHANGE (1 comments)

Aref Assaf: Stop Dreaming, Mr. President!

David Bloys: Don't Let Identity Theft Rob Your Election

Mick Youther: *Michael Moore's "Sicko" (9 comments)

Carlos T Mock, MD: Dow Giveth, Dow Taketh Away

Timothy V. Gatto: This "Presidential Executive Order" is Grounds for Arrest (11 comments)

Richard Mathis: Bush's bottom breached: Cheney takes top position (1 comments)

Michael Roberts: The Caribbean Dances With George Bush

Scott O'Reilly: Bush and the Nazis (10 comments)

TED BOHNE: Just what "Democracy" are American's referring to? (5 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Nepal invites tourists to visit its villages

Sherwood Martinelli: Toyota Electric Power Takes Devastating Hit- Reactors Could Be Closed For A Year Or More (3 comments)

eileen fleming: *Collapse/Revival of Palestinian Economy and a Way Out (4 comments)

David Cox: What A Nice Man (2 comments)

Min. Paul Scott: The Politics of Pimps and Ho's (1 comments)

Jonathan Kopetchny: Washington's new outlook on their blunder in the Middle East (2 comments)

Abid Jan razarwal: Pakhtoons living on a powder keg

Bryan Daugherty: Tricklepolenomics

Virginia Simson: Tell me, tell me true, what does Exec order 51 MEAN? (21 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorists Winning the War on Terror (3 comments)

Friday, July 20:

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): The Killers of Love

Robert Raitz: Waiting for the sky to fall.

Jan Coldwater: *Executive Order: Silent But Deadly (3 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: DISCUSSING the N-Word, the B-word, and F-word in our Media, Music, and Images around the Globe

James Brett: Stonewalling Plame (3 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Democrats Are Their Own Worst Enemy (11 comments)

John Carey: Health and Public Policy: Older Auto Drivers Safer Than You Think

Robert Smith: More crimes of the Bush government

Sherwin Steffin: Driving a stake in the heart of Conspiracy Theories (18 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: How's Your Bull**it Detector?

Muhammad Khurshid: Rulers Confusion Endangers Whole World

Dave Peter: Another Holiday, Another Two Political Actions

Steven Rosenfeld: Bush Govt and States Ignore Poor's Voting Rights

Timothy V. Gatto: A New Bush "Executive Privilege" Theory

Scott Bonn: Bush Administration Deceptions Concerning Iraq Continue

Nicola Nasser: India's Non-Alignment on the Balance, Communists on Alert

Jim Freeman: Homeland Security Down the Toilet

Alex Wallenwein: 30 DAYS TO ABSOLUTE TYRANNY! - Bush's latest Executive Order Removes Last Barrier to Dictatorship (26 comments)

David Cox: We The Legacy

Joshua Frank: Democrats as Leviathan: Another Step Toward War With Iran

Wayne Madsen: How to Get Michael Vick Suspended (4 comments)

Michael Collins: Florida Politics - Paradise for Sale (to the highest bidder) (2 comments)

Mike Palecek: Iowa RED ALERT! (2 comments)

Thursday, July 19:

Timothy V. Gatto: Bill Kristol, the Worst Kind of Reactionary (14 comments)

David Michael Green: When Harry Met Harry: Reid Finally Starts Channeling Truman Instead of Dukakis (2 comments)

Stephen Crockett: What The Pundits Are Not Saying About Vitter (5 comments)

Michael Bonanno: It Could Happen: Dubelya Sends a Message to Rob Kall, Editor of OpEdNews

NancyT: Crippling Cost of HR 811 Leaves States Exposed and Defenseless (4 comments)

Marcus Gadson: Bravely leading the Counter-Revolution

Ellen Theisen: U.S. Senate Bill S. 1487: Escalating the Federal Control and Privatization of Elections (2 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Bush's Views On Health Care Make Me Sick (7 comments)

Rebecca Mercuri: The Electric Kool-Aid Voting Test

Paula Moore: Shaq's attack on obesity (1 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Why/How You Risk Your Health, Future, and Life in Hotels, Motels, Rented or Used Vehicles.

Jim Bush: Living In God's Image (3 comments)

Bob Koehler: Homeland Conspiracy (1 comments)

Rand Clifford: The Great American Train Wreck (2 comments)

Stephen Fournier: Scared Silly in the Homeland (3 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Organize to Push Congress Toward Impeachment (10 comments)


Dave Lindorff: America at War: Killing Cabbies in Iraq (9 comments)

Steve Young: Dumbing Down The Folks™: The O'Reilly (No Intelligence) Strategy (1 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Reality Check (List) (4 comments)

Michael Leon: Aggression Not Standing

Mark A. Goldman: Now What Are You Going To Do?

Stephen Soldz: Psychologists respond to Vanity Fair revelations on psychologists' responsibility for CIA torture (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Impeachment, Bush's Child Health Care Veto and Univeral Single Payer Health Insurance (12 comments)

Alessandro Machi: Opposite Sides of the World, Opposite Interpretations of the Same Events... (6 comments)

Matt Vrabel: *Iraq Solution: Bloomberg and Plan C (Part 2) (2 comments)

winston: All big bro 43 has said are lies.


John Carey: Pakistan Crisis Continues (3 comments)

Jim Freeman: Winner Take All is not the same as Democratic Process (2 comments)

eileen fleming: *There's No Place Like Home

Stephen Lendman: The Militarization and Annexation of North America (10 comments)

Wednesday, July 18:

NancyT: Crippling Cost of HR 811 Leaves States Exposed and Defenseless

Ray McGovern: Bush's Wooden-Headedness Kills (1 comments)

Jerry West: Squandering Resources on War

Muhammad Khurshid: Do Not Kill Women And Children in War On Terror

Ernest Partridge: Go for it, Cindy! (2 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: A Treatise On Crime and Punishment Neo-Con Style (4 comments)

Bryan Daugherty: The State of Security in America

F. Vyan Walton: Michael Moore Returns to CNN Today (1 comments)

Randolph T. Holhut: How The Bush Administration Uses Fear As A Political Tool (1 comments)

Sherwood Martinelli: Japanese Earthquake Reactor Accident Worse Than Three Mile Island (3 comments)

James Brett: National Intelligence Estimate (5 comments)

Michael Collins: Florida Citizens Versus Party Insiders (7 comments)

Len Hart: Bush's Quagmire Under Scrutiny in New Movie: No End in Sight (3 comments)

Steve Young: Senate Pulls All-Nighter: Unable To Get Up For School (1 comments)

Bryan Daugherty: Funding Pakistans Future (1 comments)

Daniel Pourkesali: Joe Lieberman and an Acquiescent Congress

Jim Bush: I Guess, I No Longer Hate Love (1 comments)

Mary Lyon: A Very Vitter Pill (5 comments)

Brian McAfee: Two Island Tales, The Use and Abuse of Power


Stephen Pizzo: Of Battered Wives and the US Congress

Muhammad Khurshid: Musharraf Must Assert His Authority (5 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Maria Made Me Cry (1 comments)

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: Inside Bush's "Surge" Diary: Slip-Slidin' Away

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Listening To Voices (3 comments)

Tuesday, July 17:

David Swanson: NIE: Normalizing Idiocy and Exaggeration (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Senator Holy Joe Lieberman (2 comments)

Joshua Frank and Jeffrey St. Clair: Barack Obama's Nuclear Ambitions (4 comments)

Jim Bush: Do You Think? (4 comments)

Paul A. Donovan: Could Rudy Giuliani Emerge as the Would-be Prince of Friendly Fascism?

Teresa Hommel: What's wrong with S 1487? Let us count the ways...

SDrobny: The Consequences of Occupation (2 comments)

the web: Action Alert from Rep. Kucinich's office regarding HR 811

Bev Harris: HBO film on secret vote counting gets Emmy nomination (2 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Peace on earth, just as soon as we win this war (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Four more years!: Jeb Bush's new biography -- entitled "The Next Bush" (2 comments)

Stephen Fournier: Newark Ploy Will Backfire on Federal Prosecutor

Bryan Daugherty: The Civil Death

eileen fleming: *We all need a psychiatrist, but we cannot afford one, so we do activism."* (3 comments)

Robert Raitz: The Heat Is On! (3 comments)

Robert Chapman: Come on all you big strong men (1 comments)

Steve Young: Supporting The Troops, White House Style (2 comments)

winston: Nameless US official and Iraqi freedom fighter agree that the evil is caused by W.

Jim Cullen: Cure Our Health Care (1 comments)

Richard Girard: Democracy and Republic (4 comments)

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: The Devil's Genius (1 comments)

Michael Leon: The One True Church (3 comments)

Bob Geiger: Reid's Nine-Hour Protest Against Senate GOP In 2003 (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Feingold Turns to Dross (5 comments)

Rob Kall: Murdoch Buy of Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Deal Moving Forward (8 comments)

Elliot D. Cohen: This Summer, Will America Officially Become A Totalitarian State? (6 comments)

John R Moffett: Why Liberals are More Dangerous than Terrorists (17 comments)

Ami Isseroff: Bush Push on Israeli Palestinian Peace: New Hope? (3 comments)

Monday, July 16:

Rady Ananda: Sins of Our Fathers: Rebuilding with Ruthless Honesty (9 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: A Confederacy of Hypocrites -- Troy Anthony Davis: Dead Man Walking (4 comments)

Andrew S. Taylor: Sicko 2: Moore vs. Gupta (5 comments)

David Swanson: Orange Revolution (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: The Politics of Exclusion (1 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Truth Or Consequences? "Iraq Can Manage Without USA 'Any Time They Want'"

Bryan Daugherty: Why we Must continue the fight in Iraq (14 comments)

Michael Leon: Why So Many Americans Are in Prison (5 comments)

Mike Palecek: Wake Up & Die Right

Martin Zehr: The Building Blocs for Peace for Kurdistan

Muhammad Khurshid: Make No Deal With Terrorists

Rory Winter: War Crimes, USUK Hypocrisy & Collective Responsibility

Jerm: Could This Be The Real Reason Mainstream Media, Rudy Giuliani Want To Eliminate Ron Paul?

David Sirota: More Proof the West Is A Heckuva Lot More Colorful Than Red vs. Blue


Andrew Bard Schmookler: Impeachment: The Time Has Come! (28 comments)

Rob Kall: *Time to Wage War on the The "Winning the War in Iraq" Lie-- (13 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Party elites are wrong to bar candidates such as Mike Gravel from debates (2 comments)

Walter C. Uhler: Does the Bush Administration Support the Troops? Yes, Like a Noose Supports a Hanging Man! (2 comments)

David Waldman: Bush, vetoes and oxygen (2 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Plan Iraq - Permanent Occupation (3 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: A Simple "Warning" for Bush and Cheney (9 comments)

David Swanson: Edwards Brings Progress to Progressives? (6 comments)

Sunday, July 15:

Steven Leser: Kucinich embraces deceit in his spin of the Hillary Clinton & John Edwards post debate discussion (6 comments)

Jason Miller: Slaves to Christ and Compassion Unite: Free Markets Must Prevail (2 comments)

Mary Pitt: Three Little Words (2 comments)


Bruce Morris: SHOCKER OF ALL SHOCKERS!!!!! (2 comments)

James Nimmo: TXT MSGing our LGBT Equality

Rory Winter: The British Broadcasting Conspiracy exposed by a Children's Programme and an Anachronism! (7 comments)

David Patterson: SERIOUS POLITICAL ANALYSIS (1 comments)

Teresa Albano: War toll mounts ... White House panics as GOPers jump ship on Iraq

Stephen Fournier: Admiration Society Meets Idol in Journalistic Simulation (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorists Making Desperate Moves (4 comments)

Ray McGovern: Ray McGovern: Remembering an: Ill-Starred Day Four Years Ago (2 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Doctoring Science (7 comments)

Sherwin Steffin: What's wrong with American Education? (18 comments)

Mary Shaw: A vote for Bush was a vote for the terrorists (3 comments)

Eric Malone: Shivering In The Winter Palace

Jim Bush: These Crimes (Re-visited) (5 comments)

Steve Young: Hey, Michael: SICKO Needs A Re-dit With O'Reilly's Answer To Healthcare (3 comments)

Iftekhar Sayeed: T.A.N.G.O

Cosmic Messenger: *LOST IN TRANSLATION (2 comments)

John R Moffett: Welcome to the New Gilded Age (13 comments)

Robert Raitz: Tell your children, a paradigm of dope, part III (7 comments)

Mary Ratcliff: Blatant Criminal Behavior by the Bush Administration

Imran Ali: Moore and Gupta : Look at the Big Picture

David Swanson: John Edwards' Fortress (3 comments)

Saturday, July 14:

Liz Rich: And Now, Watch This! Bill Moyers Journal on Impeachment

Mick Youther: *Notes from BushWorld

David Swanson: Bush Has Photos of Pelosi (16 comments)

David Swanson: Hillary for Emperor (5 comments)

Adam Engel: Questions of Empire

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Informal Liberman poll & townhall discussion (6 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: When Will the Candidates Address the Real Concerns of Americans? (8 comments)

Mike Palecek: Welcome To Iowa!

eileen fleming: *"Do you want to be healed?" (7 comments)

Steve Young: You Can't Win If You Don't Play: The Bin Laden Mega-Lottery

Len Hart: Bush Cornered --Cannot Stay, Cannot Pull Out of Iraq (15 comments)

winston: W has made the US weaker due to his crimes. (3 comments)

Project Vote: Election Day Registration Advances in NC

Jim Bush: Pathetic (1 comments)

Nicola Nasser: Indian - Israeli Ties Could Neutralize Delhi's Palestinian Policy

background n015e: *Unimpeachable Conservative Calls for Bush/Cheney Impeachment (2 comments)

Scott O'Reilly: Bush, Faith, and the Verdict of History (1 comments)


Mary MacElveen: Steve Levy leads all by upholding the rule of law

Muhammad Khurshid: Professionalism in Religion Always Ruined The World (2 comments)

Michael Collins: US Internet News Editor Scores Big in DC Madam Case - Bloggers Doing Major Research (4 comments)

Mary MacElveen: A secure nation depends upon the pardons of Ramos and Compean (1 comments)

Friday, July 13:

Stephen Crockett: Republican Rulers Are Out Of Control (5 comments)

Linda Seger: GEORGE W., THE BAD PLUMBER (2 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: John, Our Guys Should Talk (3 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Video Proof of the Need for a "Nanny State"

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): The core abomination of the human condition is still the abyss between the "haves" and the "have nots" (3 comments)

Justin Soutar: Military Force v. Terrorism: A Lesson from History (1 comments)

Kevin Zeese: While Bush Grey Washes Iraq Claiming Progress, Vets Get Out the Truth (3 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Condoleezza Rice to Skip Congo Visit but Can Catch Up on Africa Here

Rebecca Mercuri: *Connecting the Dots? Rush Holt, HR 811, and Avante International (5 comments)

Robert Parry: Misreading Iraq, Again

Ron Fullwood: Bloody Prelude to a September Alibi in Iraq (7 comments)

Richard Mathis: The United Sicko State of Mammon

Allen Branson: The Art of Deception (24 comments)

H. Lewis Smith: Scrutinizing NAACP's Burial of the N-word

Jeremy Hammond: Honored by Hatred: Elite Propaganda and U.S. Policy in the Middle East (4 comments)

irwin wingo: Totally murderous, thieving lies (2 comments)

Melody Clark: The Bush Family and their 50 Year War Against the USA (6 comments)

NancyT: *Crippling Costs of HR 811 Leave States Exposed and Defenseless (3 comments)

Sheila Jackson: *Ms

David Cox: How Rich Are You? (1 comments)

Mark Harris: SiCKO and the Health Insurance Rip-Off (2 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Drug Prohibition: Good Public Policy? (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: No More Deaths Please (1 comments)

Allegra Dengler: *Urge your member of Congress to amend Holt's HR 811

David Terr: *Why We Need Universal Health Care (1 comments)

James Murtagh: Harry Potter Battles Big Brother (2 comments)

David Swanson: *John Edwards' Money and His Health Plan (4 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: An Open Letter to the American Association for Justice (1 comments)

Mark Whittington: A Model Economy Proves The Statistical Bias of Capitalism (10 comments)

Robert Jensen: Lessons from the Lal Masjid tragedy (1 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: A Nation Of Heroes (4 comments)

Thursday, July 12:

Walter C. Uhler: Earth to Bush: "The Chaos in Iraq You Now Decry was Caused By You!" (4 comments)

Christina Matthies: Two Reasons to Ban Foie Gras (2 comments)

David Michael Green: In The Last Throes, Judiciously

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: This Just In! Illinois Dems: Durbin On Obama and On The Flake-out On Withdrawal From Iraq & FDR On Fear and Courage (1 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Outside the System May be the Only Way Left

SDrobny: Drobny's 99% Doctrine

Mary Starrett: Americans Aren't Buying What Two Parties Are Selling (1 comments)

Jim Bush: King George

Jerry Lobdill: Our justice system is broken. Lawyers must fix it.

Paul Vines: George W Bush:Greatest President or Another Lying Politician

Muhammad Khurshid: Compromises Complicate The Situation (4 comments)

Dale Hill: Horny Toads, Red Ants, And The Soaring Eagle! (2 comments)

James Brett: Voting and Democracy (2 comments)

Eric Newcomb: Rising Crime and Politics (3 comments)

Jim Freeman: Bringing the Troops Home, Beginning with a Lieutenant Colonel (1 comments)

David Patterson: HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD! (The Secret of Political Activism) (2 comments)

Min. Paul Scott: NAACP or NWA (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: How Many Tours in Iraq are Enough for a Soldier? (3 comments)

Eliot Gould: *Time to ACT NOW on New Mexico Election Reform (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Clone Cindy's Pelosi Strategy In Your Backyard (39 comments)

Rand Clifford: We Won, You Lost (1 comments)

Joel Wendland: Congressional Antiwar Efforts and the Role of the Peace Movement

Bob Koehler: The Secular God (23 comments)

Steve Young: Question For Rep. Boehner (1 comments)

Stephen Fournier: Don't Regulate. Confiscate. (1 comments)

Phil Rockstroh: What Lies Beneath: Privileged Grotesques, Ordinary Monsters and the Iraqi Deathscape. (8 comments)

David Swanson: *Why Would Anyone Protest John Conyers? (3 comments)

andi novick: Avante's (Not Very Good) Offer to New York Voters

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Seeking Political Reform Through Solidarity (3 comments)

John R Moffett: Bake Sale Military (2 comments)

John Kelley: Bush's Russian Invasion (7 comments)

Mark McVay: Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My! (5 comments)

Sandy Sand: Powell's Legacy: Undermining the Soldiers

Wednesday, July 11:

Jane Stillwater: America's Player: Has HUD just become a houseguest on Big Brother (Section) 8? (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Action Alert: Here's the 'Just say "NO!" to HR 811' kit (4 comments)

Jeremy Hammond: Lessons From the U.S. Stance Towards Iran

Muhammad Khurshid: Are Rulers Anwserable to Masses? (6 comments)

Joe Perez: The Reformed Gay: A Spiritual Path of Self-Deception


Rob Kall: Notes to myself on Impeachment (6 comments)

John Feeney: When environmental writers are part of the problem

Paul Vines: The War Against America, Run by The Mass Media, The Bush's and the Clintons (1 comments)

eileen fleming: Here's to my 5th! (9 comments)

Iftekhar Sayeed: The Seven Dimensions

David Truskoff: Seize The moment (2 comments)


Steve Young: The O'Reilly HMO Prescription: Tell Two Lies and Call Me In The Morning (Bill Advises Caller To Perjure Himself)

Mary Lyon: Leave 'Em Wanting Moore (1 comments)

Doug Soderstrom: A Letter to My Son Regarding The Problem of War (6 comments)

Jim Bush: They Wouldn't Be Fighting At All (3 comments)

David Swanson: *15 Congress Members for Impeachment (2 comments)

Bob Burnett: Faith and Politics (2 comments)

Wayne Madsen: Fear and Trembling in Washington, D.C. (1 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: One Move and Iraq Gets It! (6 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Remembering The Maestro - Music Master, Anti-Fascist (2 comments)

Ernest Partridge: Judicial Tyranny (7 comments)

Sa'ad A. Saidullah: The FOURTH of JULY - COMMENT ?

Michael Collins: Full Frontal Assault – The Vitters Square Off?

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: Impeaching the Shadow Master

Tuesday, July 10:

Patrice Greanville: Michael Moore Slams CNN's Wolf Blitzer and the Corporate Media (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: It's Time for RICO (16 comments)


Kamala Sarup: Violence still threatens Nepal's elections (1 comments)

Vickie Karp: *Ask your rep to vote NO on HR 811 NOW! (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Republicans are Approaching Impeachment Mentality (8 comments)

Mick J: Anti-war haikus

Scott O'Reilly: The Bush Administration's Coming Flip-Flop in Iraq

Mike Palecek: The Cost Of Freedom (1 comments)

Michael Long: The Fairness Doctrine: Shunned – for now

Dwayne Hunn: *The 2% Forbes solution to a well-armed Live Earth (1 comments)

Scott Tyner: Prosecution of black voter discrimination pales beside white discrimination

ruth lopez: Anthrax, Osama, Valerie & Libby

SDrobny: The Mortal Storm

Jane Stillwater: Drowning government in the bathtub, part one: Who killed off the National Guard? (19 comments)

Constance Lavender: Surgeon General nominee's position on homosexuality flies in face of science

F. Vyan Walton: Libby Commuted to Pacify Cheney (1 comments)

Monday, July 9:

Rafe Pilgrim: Another Triumph of Denial and Fecklessness over Truth and Courage

Mary Shaw: No truth, no consequences

Walter C. Uhler: The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq, Part Three: Desperation unto Bombing Iran?

Don Williams: Mileage Standards Fine For Chasing White Rabbits (1 comments)

Mikael Rudolph: *House reconvenes tomorrow - which Representative will next honor their Oath of Office?

Steve Fournier: Summer Fun for True Patriots

Mikael Rudolph: *Media Very Slow to Acknowledge Majority Want Impeachment

Don Williams: On Scooter Libby, the War Dead, and Impeachment (1 comments)

David Sirota: SECRET TRADE DEAL - DAY 60: Dems Reassure Bush As K Street Begins PR Push

Eileen McCabe: Mister Big Nuke Company CEO, We've Gotta Talk... (1 comments)

Alessandro Machi: Iran 68, Iraq 26. Do You Know What I'm Talking About? (5 comments)

Islam Yaisn Qasem: The Coming Warfare of Oil Shortage (1 comments)

Mark McVay: The Cardinal Lesson

Robert Raitz: Tell your children, a paradigm of dope, part II (4 comments)

Jason Wharton: Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters (6 comments)

Curt Day: Should The Eagle Be A Symbol For A Christian Nation? (6 comments)

Paul Sullivan: Read "Republic," by Charles Sheehan-Miles, and Be Warned.

Jim Freeman: The Fate of the World as Intellectual Exercise

Farrell Winter: Babble on, Hillary

Cynthia Bogard: Goracle Rising

Kathlyn Stone: Now the U.S. military is assassinating Iraqi peace workers (4 comments)

Jerry Baker: *Give progressive radio a chance in Cincinnati (2 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Sunday's TV Scoops on Bush's Libby Pardon, Including The Dem, GOP, Replies and Allegations

Joe Perez: Homophobia: Ugly, Unseemly, and Ungodly. A Problem of Arrested Development. (1 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Who's Really Responsible for Defending the Iraqi Regime?

James Brett: Speaker Pelosi, You Are Part of the Problem (6 comments)

Jay Daverth, PhD: Will somebody please outlaw my bottled water!

Sherwin Steffin: It's Time to Go!! (5 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Tribesmen Present Gratitude to Opednews (8 comments)

Joe Parko: An open Letter to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (4 comments)

Vi Ransel: Iraq Redux: Crossing the Rubicon into Iran

John Carey: China Planning a Surreal Facade for Summer Olympic Games: Beijing 2008

Russ Wellen: Is the American Public's Apathy About Iraq Actually an Encouraging Sign? (6 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Making Gaza "Scream" (9 comments)

Adrian Newstead: Paternalism, Petrol and Pedophilia (2 comments)

richard Neville: Is this man a psychopath? (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Want to Impeach Cheney? Think July 23rd

Sunday, July 8:

Pablo Ouziel: Al Gore's Trendy Environmentalism in Barcelona

F. Vyan Walton: Right Wing Attacks Live Earth...and misses by a Planet (3 comments)

Don Sutherland: Republicans Should Resist Neo-Isolationism

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Standing to Sue (1 comments)

Max Ward: How Sick is Sicko? (5 comments)

glenn Kirk: 21st Century Roadkill (1 comments)

Jim Bush: Diary 2050 ( Re-submitted for the 4th of July and Live Earth.)

John S. Koppel: *Bush justice is a national disgrace (9 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: *The $64,000 question: Is democracy worth an hour of your time? (38 comments)

Jim Arnold: The Difference Between Liberals and Progressives (16 comments)

Mac McKinney: Red Alert: Has Santorum Let the Cat Out of the Bag? (8 comments)


Sandy Sand: So What If Bush Has 561 Days Left: Start Impeachment Now (4 comments)

John Carey: Vietnam: Squarely In the Middle

Vickie Karp: Action Alert! Monday, Tell your Congressional Rep. to vote NO on HR 811

Steve Young: BILL O'REILLY: SPOOF OR GOOF? (1 comments)

Rob Kall: What If Bush's Supreme Court Blocks Congressional Oversight by Hearing and Subpoena? (26 comments)

David Terr: Ron Paul's Supporters Save Campaign Millions in Online Advertising (8 comments)

Joe Perez: Sicko: A Prophetic Cry for Forging a "We Nation"

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: Parasitic Imperialism (5 comments)

Mary Shaw: Global warming is a human rights issue (8 comments)

Michael Collins: Al Gore's Devastating Indictment of President Bush (9 comments)

Wayne Madsen: Names of Agencies and Businesses That Hired DC Madam Emerging (5 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: War of the Roses and Its Victims (1 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Intelligently Designing Politicians (6 comments)


Saturday, July 7:

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Jesus Death, Bushites, Neo-Cons, And Early Fascism, And How Everything Was/is Always About The Money (5 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: The US is in Serious Trouble - We Can't Ignore It (9 comments)

David Waldman: White House set to defy subpoenas this week. Congress set to... ? (2 comments)

Andrew S. Taylor: Sicko: Framing the debate (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Do Lamestream Media and Right Wing Echo Chamber Sell Iran/Al Qaeda Connection To Gin Up War Talk? (2 comments)

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: National-Security Breaches: Time for Impeachment (4 comments)

Michael Moore: SiCKO's Impact (2 comments)

Missy Comley Beattie: America and the King (3 comments)

Anne McElroy Dachel: Autism: "An epidemic of fairly recent origin" (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: New Poll: Majority Favor Impeachment (and BTW, Independents are not all "middle of the road") (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Dismantling the Corporate Behemoths and Leviathans (17 comments)

John Carey: America Still Lacks Thing I Long For, He Said.... (6 comments)

Jerry West: Global Sustainability Requires Balance (2 comments)

Dr. Michael P Byron: Transforming Civilization: Gods, God, Emergence, and Transcendence. (4 comments)

Friday, July 6:

Timothy V. Gatto: Why We are Losing this War in Iraq (11 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: DC Deserves a Variety of Progressive Talk (7 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Politics without spirituality is trying to wipe off blood with blood (11 comments)

Jessica Blakemore: Consider Ron Paul for President, No Matter What Political Party You Associate With! (36 comments)

Jim Freeman: Finally, a Contractor Worse Than Halliburton (4 comments)

Karen Fish: George Bush's Secrets to Better Golf

Project Vote: Restoration of Voting Rights Picks up Steam (2 comments)

larry beinhart: Coming Out of the Republican Closet; Queer for Segregation (3 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: In The Ambulance Together (7 comments)

David Swanson: *54% Want Cheney Impeached (6 comments)

Rob Kall: The Good and The Bad , and What to Do (19 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Forget a Senate Trial, Impeachment is its own Punishment (12 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Decline of Industrial Civilization (3 comments)

Dave Peter: An Open Letter to President Bush (4 comments)

Robert Raitz: Tell your children, a paradigm of dope. (6 comments)

Bruce Mulkey: What we the people want is really simple: We want an America as good as its promise.* (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Greenwald's Impeach Cheney Video

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Senator Specter Fights for Constitution (13 comments)

Nafeez Ahmed: WHOSE BOMBS? (1 comments)

Mike Palecek: The Devil & Daniel Berrigan (4 comments)

Paula Moore: Don't Swim with the Dolphins (3 comments)

Kamala Sarup: The Extremists Are Undermining Democracy

F. Vyan Walton: Were the Anthrax Attacks on Congress the act of the U.S. Government? (8 comments)

Thursday, July 5:

Stephen Crockett: Democrats Support The Fairness Doctrine (7 comments)


David Michael Green: It's Scalia Time!


Bob Koehler: Gorilla Suit

Steven Leser: Bush and Libby and Impeachment – Follow up on my July 4th Article (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): A Voice crying in the wilderness . . . (25 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Antonin Scalia's Obscene Gesture In March and His Record of Infamy: U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 1! (2 comments)

Edward Rhymes: Brownballed (1 comments)

Rajiv Bhushan: Wave it or Burn it? (3 comments)

Jason Miller: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Personal Gratification:

Scott O'Reilly: Character is Destiny (2 comments)

Jay Daverth, PhD: It's good to be King

Dennis Diehl: Never Wrong...No One Is Ever Wrong (4 comments)


Jay Janson: *Files: Focus On The President Who Ordered Each Specific CIA Crime Against Humanity (1 comments)

irwin wingo: SCOOTER WALKS (1 comments)

Jim Freeman: A Pussyfooting, Wheedling, Sniveling Approach to Confronting National Shame (4 comments)

Bob Geiger: GOP Senators Who Voted For Clinton Impeachment Dead Silent On Libby (13 comments)

Jason Miller: WHAT IS HEROISM? (3 comments)

stepfour: The Ballad of Valerie Plame

Mary MacElveen: In sparing Libby, Pres. Bush built an IED that blew up the judicial system (1 comments)

the web: Sweet Misery: a poisoned world (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: Gates of Hell (2 comments)

Wayne Madsen: Libby a Long-Time Mossad Agent (19 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Waiting for Fitz (3 comments)

Bud Hazelkorn: A Call for Impeachment

John Kusumi: Communism Isn't Finished Yet

Sheila Samples: STRIKE THE ROOT! (8 comments)

Cindy Sheehan: Call Out The Instigator (17 comments)

Wednesday, July 4:

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Firefights and the Fourth of July

Eleanor White: Organized Stalking - A Taboo Subject

robert dodge: July 4th, Presidential Campaigns and our Cold War legacy (1 comments)

Cathy Garger: The Witch Hunt for Docs of Islam Is On! (4 comments)

Dave Johnson: Is The Constitution Worth It? (2 comments)

Linda Seger: The Wise or Foolish Rulers

Len Hart: Declaring our Independence of a Tyrannical Government

Mirah Riben: *Revictimizing Victims (1 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: Far Worse then Just a Pardon... (3 comments)

Carlos T Mock, MD: I don't believe in fireworks anymore

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Remembering Our Freedoms

Hilton Obenzinger: Bush/Cheney in '08? (8 comments)

Paul Lehto: *Defending the Freedoms of July 4, 1776: America's Hope for the World (13 comments)

Mac McKinney: Biloxi, Madmen and the Dixie Mafia

Ernest Partridge: Election Fraud: Where's the Outrage? (1 comments)

Melody Clark: Life is a Play by Harold Pinter: Why Bush Should Pay Heed

Mary Lyon: *Scooter and the Tipping Points

Bob Geiger: No Joy This Fourth Of July (8 comments)

Mick Jackson: A Pledge

John Carey: American Culture on the 4th of July (4 comments)

Bruce Toien: Reflections on Independence Day (2 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: On Scooter Libby and the Fourth of July (1 comments)

Steven Leser: *Bush Impeachment – Libby Commutation Makes it Imperative (8 comments)

Linda Milazzo: Danny Schechter's "A WORK IN PROGRESS: PUTTING THE ME IN MEDIA"

Tuesday, July 3:

Rory OConnor: OhourNews (1 comments)

John Doraemi: The 9/11 B. S. Movement (4 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Pelosi's Sinking Fortunes (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: The Reason is Treason (2 comments)

Keith Mothersson: Transparency Breeds Trust: A View from Overseas

Bob Kincaid: *Judicial Activism (3 comments)

Ron DeYoung: "...And to the Republic for Which it Stands,"

Diane M. Grassi: Saudi Takeover of GE Plastics Flies Under Radar (3 comments)

John Carey & Muhammad Khurshid: Musharraf Government in Pakistan faces Off With Taliban

David Swanson: CNN and 4 Dems Opt to Skew Debate (2 comments)

Sherwin Steffin: Timing is everything

Marcus Gadson: Define Conservative (2 comments)

Sandy Sand: High Crime Pays! Big Time and No Time

Frosty Wooldridge: Bush Lost in the Forest of His Mind (2 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Commutation: The Latest in a String of Scandals


Cheryl Biren-Wright: *Sorry Senator Biden. No Can Do. (16 comments)

John Pagoda: The Libby Pardon Perspective (4 comments)

John Carey: Some National Cultures More Tolerant of Death? (3 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Air Force Claims Anti-war Minister is a National Security Threat! (1 comments)

Dave Johnson and James Boyce: Op-Ed Or Op-Lie? (4 comments)

David Swanson: *Commuting Scooter

Stephen Crockett: Political Corruption On Steroids

Stephen Lendman: Reinventing A War Criminal

Dan Merica: Impeach Now! (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Some Talking Points on Bush's Commutation of Libby's Sentence (12 comments)

Dave Berman: Reflections on Independence, Volume 5

James Murtagh: Op-Ed: America needs "Moore" Health Freedom (10 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Libby and the Flirtation Deflection (2 comments)

Rafe Pilgrim: The Scooter Libby Fuss and Presidential Prerogative (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Thank You Dubya (7 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Lewis "Scooter" Libby Sentence Commuted

Muhammad Khurshid: Rulers Responsible For Creation of Terrorists

Len Hart: Grand Jury: "Can We Indict Bush & Cheney?" (2 comments)

Monday, July 2:


Mary MacElveen: Ramos and Compean and not Libby deserves a presidential pardon (2 comments)

David Waldman: The Signers of The Constitution Had Libby Pardon Anticipated


Anthony Wade: The Day the Rule of Law Died (19 comments)

Kenneth Barr: Vanunu and Pollard: Hero vs. Spy (5 comments)

Uri Avnery: The Dirty Word Never Said: Occupation (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Time to Bring Criminal Charges (4 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Let's examine why the pugs totally dropped the Internet ball (1 comments)

sherry clark: Letter to the Authentic Peace Movement (5 comments)

Michael Leon: Outrage: Bush Commutes Libby Sentance (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Criminal Bush Commutes Criminal Libby's Sentence (63 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Lewis Libby Heading for Jail (2 comments)

SDrobny: Organized Political Parties: Another Form Of Religion (4 comments)

BY PATRICE GREANVILLE: The attacks on SICKO make me sick (1 comments)

Virginia Simson: *LLY gets shocking (!!??) court decision (3 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Independence Day And Democracy

Frosty Wooldridge: I'll See You at the Bill Signing (3 comments)

Larry Scott: WHAT PROMISE TO VETERANS? (11 comments)

Jeffrey St. Clair & Joshua Frank: Toward a New Environmental Movement

Dennis Diehl: Harry Potter VS Moses...What's the Difference? (10 comments)

Kenneth Barr: *The Creeping Fundamentalist Theocracy (2 comments)


andi novick: Secret Vote Counting and Corporate Proprietary Rights Have No Place in American Elections (2 comments)

John Flanagan: *The Air Force Killed my dad (2 comments)

Shelton Lankford: The Ballad of Scooter

Shelton Lankford: *Up a cul de sac without a clue

David Truskoff: Who am I (3 comments)

Cosmic Messenger: *HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA

Edward Kionka: Is the iPhone the Ultimate Symbol of Our Materialism? (7 comments)

Min. Paul Scott: Party for Your Right Not to Party on the 4th; Why I'm Not Celebrating July 4th (1 comments)

Shelton Lankford: Is Stop-Loss Fair?

Shelton Lankford: Getting hot in here

Jim Freeman: First, Send Everybody Home

Mark McVay: FedEx Stories (2 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Eyes for Eyes, Teeth for Teeth and Life for Life...No Wonder Everyone is Blind, Angry and Can't Communicate (3 comments)

andi novick: Everything You Need to Take Action Against Election Theft in New York

Ed Martin: Entities and privilege.

Ron Jacobs: Ending the War, Organizing for Change: Two Books, One Task

Rory Winter: Blair's Neocon War of Terrorism hits Scotland

eileen fleming: *Be A Counterweight and The Change You Want To See in the World

Ray McGovern: Unimpeachably Impeachable (8 comments)

David Swanson: An Open Letter to America: "Now Is The Time for Us to Stand Up and Stand Together" (1 comments)

Wayne Madsen: CIA Still Committing Same Abuses for Which It Was Called on the Carpet in the 70s

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Here We Go Again (2 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Reading the Tea Leaves (1 comments)

Len Hart: How the People May Bring Criminal Charges Against Bush (20 comments)

Robert J. Lotti: Scientists Discover the God-Gene (2 comments)

thepen: The True THREAT Of Ann Coulter And Her Ilk (10 comments)

Rob Kall: To the Right and Left, Congress Sucks-- Time to Work Together. (28 comments)

Sunday, July 1:

Joan Brunwasser: "Sicko" (26 comments)

Constance Lavender: Book of Hierarchy Devalues the New Demos (1 comments)

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