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July 2007

Tuesday, July 31:

Sheila Samples: Retired General Censured in Tillman Case

Sheila Samples: Dems Seek Gonzales Impeachment

Joan Brunwasser: Florida Voting Machines Can Be Hacked

Sheila Samples: Iraq leader warns of ‘civil war’

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 31, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: CA's DRE Voting Systems Tested for Accessibility, Fail Fair Test

Joan Brunwasser: Three E-Voting Systems Susceptible to Attack, California Team Finds

Joan Brunwasser: Technology News: CA Security Study: Hackers Could Change E-Voting Machine Results

Joan Brunwasser: Good Overviews of CA's 'Top-to-Bottom Review' of Voting Systems and the Pathetic Election Officials

Press Release: Listen Up! Will CA finally ban failed DRE voting systems? on Voice of the Voters (1 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Congress Takes Action on Student Financial Aid (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Lieberman escalates attack on Iraq critics (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: House passes ethics bill

Dave Berman: Bowen Review Lights Up Humboldt Media (1 comments)

ladybroadoak: Russia leads race for North Pole oil | World | The Observer

Sheila Samples: Cheney Disputes Libby Verdict, Voices Support for Gonzales

Sheila Samples: Congress eyes pay raise for itself (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: State Department redeploys staff to ease passport crisis

Monday, July 30:

Joan Brunwasser: PBS Special on Voter Caging (including video)

Rob Kall: A.G. Gonzales helped cover up Bush drunken driving conviction

Rob Kall: FBI, IRS search home of U.S. Sen. Stevens (R-AK)

Rob Kall: Chief Justice Roberts Suffers Seizure, Foaming At The Mouth (18 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 29 and 30, 2007

Monica Davis: *Don't throw those loan records away--You might need them 20 years from now! (2 comments)

Greg Palast: Palast on PBS' NOW

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: Part II- Squire v. Geer:Facts the Magistrate left out are even more shocking than the ones he included

Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis: Will Bush cancel the 2008 election? (14 comments)

Steven Rosenfeld: Ohio's 2004 presidential election records missing or destroyed

Rob Kall: Boston's Brigham Hospital to Do Face Transplants

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: Sausage making and electronic voting machines

Paddy Shaffer: Missing records and record access in Ohio, July 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Shreds of Evidence- Let's take a good look at Ohio (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Iraqi Parliament Adjourns for 35 Day Vacation

Joan Brunwasser: Votescam: California Voters Take Note!

Joan Brunwasser: Hoyer-Holt HR 811 'Compromise' pushed forward -secretly- in House (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: CA 'Post-Election Audit Workshop' recommends improving standards, procedures to ensure accurate elections

Timothy V. Gatto: People\'s Daily Online - Venezuela increases military strength to defend oil: Chavez

Timothy V. Gatto: People\'s Daily Online - Peru\'s former President not elected senator in Japan

Michael Richardson: Virgin Islands helps Mariana Islands with sweatshop woes; 8th in a 21st Century American Colonies series

Timothy V. Gatto: People\'s Daily Online - China to raise reserve requirement ratio

Georgianne Nienaber: Gorilla Killings: Extra, Extra: STOP the Mainstream Press!

Constance Lavender: Global Notes

Rob Kall: Wind power? Not in my backyard (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: Gonzalez's Lies Nothing New

Inaru: Obama: Keep America safe by maintaining ideals (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Some \"Good News\" for a Change? (1 comments)

Evelyn Pringle: SSRI Makers Use Media To Reel In Pregnant Women as Customers (1 comments)

Sunday, July 29:

Sheila Samples: Gonzales's Truthfulness Long Disputed (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Iraqi leader tells Bush: Get Gen Petraeus out

Rob Kall: Conservatives Refuse To Appear On Fox News To Publicly Defend Gonzales

Joan Brunwasser: California Finds DRE Touch-Screen Voting Systems Easily Hackable, as House Dems and PFAW Strike Deal to Use Them in Amer

Joan Brunwasser: PBS (Finally) Exposes Criminal GOP Conspiracy to Steal the 2004 Election via Illegal 'Vote Caging' Scam

Sherwood Ross: Bush Creates Humanitarian Crisis in Middle East

Joan Brunwasser: Scientists’ Tests Hack Into Electronic Voting Machines in California and Elsewhere

Joan Brunwasser: ATM Hacking and Cracking to Steal Money with ATM Backdoor Default Master Password

judeedee: Gonzo: Lying Liar Edition

Nadia Goodenu: Will Kucinich Reintroduce HR6200- Hand Counted Paper Ballots? (4 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: July 26 Mental Health Legislation Report

Joan Brunwasser: RNC voter suppression in five states and a story much ignored (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israel hails US military aid rise (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over U.S. Spying

Rob Kall: CNN: TSA knew 'dry run' terror alerts were bogus

Citizens For Legitimate Government: US arming oil-rich nations

Hans Bennett: Aug.30 Execution Date: The Wife of Kenneth Foster Jr Speaks Out (2 comments)

Saturday, July 28:

Rob Kall: Iraqi leader Maliki to Bush: Get Gen Petraeus Out !

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 28, 2007

Rob Kall: Rasmussen Poll: Labels Matter: Progressive Better than Liberal, Reagan-Like Better than Conservative

Rob Kall: Democrats dis DLC convention -- A Major Plus for Progressives

John R Moffett: Forget Third Parties – Hijack The Democrats Instead (2 comments)

eileen fleming: The Long Winding Way to My Interview with Members of the Underground Fatah Resistance Movement

Sherwood Ross: Iraqi Civilians Widely Terrorized In Midnight Searches

David Nelson-VanDette: CNN/YouTube Debate a Welcome Change (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Sexual Violence Against Women and Children in DRC of "Unimaginable Brutality": But Gorilla Killings Get Top Billing (2 comments)

Friday, July 27:

Sherwood Ross: 600 Disappeared by Pakistani Security (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Schumer to fight new Bush high court picks (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Murtha says Rumsfeld appointees frustrate oversight, cuts Pentagon agency budget

Martha Rosenberg: Rolling Stone, Gourmet Magazines Turn Up Heat on Factory Farmers

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 27, 2007

Sheila Samples: US Drops Baghdad Electricity Reports

Sheila Samples: House Rejects Farm Bill Overhaul

Sheila Samples: U.S. to Announce Nuclear Exception for India

Sheila Samples: Teens march across U.S. to protest war

Steven Leser: U.S. Outfitting B-2's with Monster Bunker Buster Bombs - Iran May Be Target (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Doctors Not Happy About Express Clinics

Rob Kall: He only saved a billion people (2 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Overlooked amid Sudan's civil war, Lost Girls find a voice

the web: *Action Alert: Executive Order signed July 17th could affect YOU!

Rob Kall: Was Tillman Murdered? AP Gets New Documents

Greg Palast: Watch PBS tonight on "NOW: The fix is in" for 2008

Joan Brunwasser: San Francisco officials scurry to find solution to longtime vote machine problem

Alan Dechert: San Francisco or New York -- which will be first with open source voting system? (1 comments)

Bo Lipari: New York State - 3 New Voting Machine Reports

Ron Jacobs: They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!! Come to Kennebunkport

Dave Lindorff: Martial Law Threat is Real: Lucky the Military is Breaking Down (24 comments)

Lawrence R. Velvel: Are We Rome? We Are Rome.

Josh Mitteldorf: New Evidence Clearly Indicates Pat Tillman Was Executed (14 comments)

Thursday, July 26:

Joan Brunwasser: Leahy Issues Subpoena for Rove

Rob Kall: Court throws out Hazleton's illegal immigration law

John R Moffett: Botulism warnings in canned foods

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 26, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: New Details on the Release of CA's Landmark 'Top-to-Bottom Review' of E-Voting Systems

Joan Brunwasser: Emails Detail RNC Voter Suppression in Five States

Nick Nyhart: Tell Congress: Support the Fair Elections Now Act

Joan Brunwasser: Gonzales Memo: White House Granted Extraordinary Access to DOJ Files

Joan Brunwasser: Defying the Imperial Presidency

Rob Kall: Trial Thompson Defended Drug Dealer, Advocated for Refusal to Testify


Rob Kall: McCain Campaign Is Dealt New Blow as Media Team Resigns

Rob Kall: Army to Punish Seven Officers for Mishandling Pat Tillman Case (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Special Counsel Perjury Probe of Gonzales

jason leopold: Gonzales Memo: White House Granted Extraordinary Access to DOJ Files (2 comments)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: When you are starving fascism wins. Live and take back America

Frank J. Ranelli: Bipartisan support for impeachment gains traction from former Reagan official.

Wednesday, July 25:

Rob Kall: CIA Broke Deal With Bit Intelligence-

Joan Brunwasser: "California Election Clerks May Choose to 'Ignore' Upcoming Findings of CA Sos Bowen's 'Top-to-Bottom' Review"

Rob Kall: DoJ Makes It Official: Contempt Stops in Congress

Press Release: Was there a White House plot to illegally suppress votes in 2004?

Rob Kall: Documents contradict Gonzales' testimony

Rob Kall: Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 25, 2007

Rob Kall: Report Suggests Laws Broken in Attorney Firings

David C Beach: Everyone educated and everyone benefits!

Iftekhar Sayeed: Democracy R.I.P

Constance Lavender: Global Notes

Rob Kall: Revolutionary Woman-- a book review (1 comments)

the web: Canadians Mobilize Against the War (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Michael Moore Speaks out on our Elections and the need for Paper Ballots

the web: FHD takes on Florida Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate developers

Mary Ann Gould: Listen Up! Tonight on "Voice of the Voters"- How would Feinstein's bill change the balance of power over our elections?

Tuesday, July 24:

Rob Kall: Albert Ellis, Provoker of Change in Psychotherapy, Is Dead at 93

Rob Kall: Gadafy frees Bulgarian health workers in HIV case as EU promises help for Libya

Rob Kall: Vendor Arrested For 'Impeach Him' Buttons (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Paula Zahn Exiting CNN Next Week

Peter Rost: Pfizer's "Viva Viagra" ad drives AIDS activists nuts

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 24, 2007

Russ Wellen: Breaking. . . Gonzalez Takes Shots from Both Sides of Aisle Before Senate Judiciary Committee (2 comments)

siriusss: China Invests in Somalia Despite Instability

Joan Brunwasser: The Unforseen Costs of Computerized Voting - Where Will It End?

Rob Kall: Poll: Dems in Congress, Not Bush Should Decide Iraq War

Rob Kall: War games show no bloodbath or al Qaeda takeover after US pullout from Iraq

Rob Kall: Republican Sen Specter raises prospect of Impeachment (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Justice Dept. drops massive fraud case

reprinted from the web: Check out Ampolo!

Rob Kall: Dems crush GOP in money game

Rob Kall: $100 Oil Price May Be Months Away

Rob Kall: FDA says food recall is urgent health threat (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Five Ways Bush's Era of Repression Has Stolen Your Liberties Since 9/11 (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Insanely Useful Websites for Government Transparency from the Sunlight Foundation (1 comments)

Evelyn Pringle: CDC Downplays Birth Defects of SSRIs to Boost Sales

Sheila Samples: U.S. Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09

Sheila Samples: Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA Head

Sheila Samples: Democrats Seek Session With Bush on Spending

Sheila Samples: House judiciary chairman seeks contempt charges against Bush aides (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Former Justice Dept. workers ask senators to block Bush's EEOC nominee

Sheila Samples: Chainsaws in Colombia

Monday, July 23:

Kenneth Briggs: Work on FY 2008 Mental Health Spending Bills Continues

Dave Lindorff: Office Arrests: The Shame of John Conyers (23 comments)

Rob Kall: Emails Detail Rove Role in US Attorney Vetting

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 23, 2007

Jeannie Dean: My Four Questions for tonight's YouTube/CNN Democratic Debate

Joan Brunwasser: Milwaukee election records indicate apparent forgery, ballot box stuffing in '04 election

Frank J. Ranelli: Bush's Approval Rating Plunges To a measly 25 Percent (9 comments)

Marc McDonald: Bush Enjoys World-Class Health Care Even As He Fights To Gut Children's Health Program (3 comments)

Sunday, July 22:

Rob Kall: Impeachment question divides Democrats as nancy and Cindy battle (7 comments)

Rob Kall: Senate tied in knots by filibusters

Timothy V. Gatto: Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq (2 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 21 and 22, 2007

Jan Baumgartner: Sudan says US, UK talk up Darfur to hide Iraq "failure"

Joan Brunwasser: Study: 2008 election paper trail unreliable


Sorin Reese: Hugo Chavez Has an Oil Strategy...But Can This Lead to Liberation?

tedbohne: Think Japan was the main reason for two nukes?, think again. (18 comments)

Rob Kall: The Antiwar, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Drug-Enforcement- Administration, Anti-Medicare Candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul

Rob Kall: Fatah Militants Lay Down Arms to Bolster Abbas

Rob Kall: Survey: 1 in 12 U.S. workers used drugs in Last Year

Rob Kall: Obama says he would walk picket line (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Tammy Faye Messner/Bakker dies at 65

Rob Kall: Analysis: GOP senators nervous about war

Rob Kall: Brown drops 'war on terror,' redefining the fight

Rob Kall: White House approves resumption of severe interrogation of terrorism suspects

Rob Kall: U.S. finds few options as Al Qaeda fortifies in Pakistan

Saturday, July 21:

Russ Wellen: Threaten Our Efforts in Iraq and Face Frozen Assets

Stephen Heller: Diebold Whistleblower Stephen Heller on "Sunday Monitor" 4:00 p.m., Pacific Time

the web: FL Voters Coalition and FL Council of the Blind Announce Strategic Alliance

Sheila Samples: Doctors remove 5 polyps from Bush's colon

Sheila Samples: EXCLUSIVE: Inside Iraq Detention Facility

Kathlyn Stone: Marines to train at new Israeli combat center - Marine Corps Times (1 comments)

Constance Lavender: Global Notes

Prithendra Bahadur Khatri: Election not Possible without Reliable and Credible Security Arrangement

Rob Kall: India Names First Female President

Nicolai N. Petro: Censored Article by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, "Containing Russia: Back to the Future?" (1 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Hanging of Pig as "Euthanasia" Divides Northeast Ohio Farming Community

Citizens For Legitimate Government: Ore. Rep, denied access (3 comments)

Friday, July 20:

Sheila Samples: Guantanamo hunger strikers stay defiant

Sheila Samples: Bush To Veto Ban On Mercury In Vaccines

Sheila Samples: EXCLUSIVE-Daily attacks in Iraq hit new high in June

Sheila Samples: Bush asks time for Iraq, lashes Congress

Joan Brunwasser: Voting Technology Research Center at UConn finds hacking Diebold

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 20, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: On the Last Throes and/or Last-Minute Compromise of the Holt Election Reform Bill

Kathlyn Stone: U.S. says Iraqi militant nonexistent (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. Generals Request Delay in Judging Iraq

Sheila Samples: Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings

John Doraemi: Bogus "War on Terrorism" July Articles (2 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Bush to cede power to VP during colonoscopy (3 comments)

Michael Richardson: Saipan and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas; 7th in a 21st Century American Colonies series (2 comments)

Steve Fournier: Undercurrents » Hartford Greens Start Impeachment Committee

Monica Davis: *Where's the Deed? Who's Hijacking billions of dollars in Farmland? (1 comments)

Sherwin Steffin: Olbermann slams Bush after Hillary blamed for losing Iraq (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: Plame Civil Suit Thrown Out of Court, Juan Cole Says There Will Be Hell to Pay (4 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: President of Iraq Oil Union Explains Opposition to Draft Oil Law (video)

Citizens For Legitimate Government: Iraq Insurgents form front to oust US (1 comments)

Josh Mitteldorf: NY Times: Holt and Feinstein election reform bills scrapped for now (2 comments)

Thursday, July 19:

Rob Kall: FEC Nominee Lied Under Oath To Senate About Vote Counsel He Gave

Rob Kall: Conyers: White House lied about Rove

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 19, 2007

Peter Rost: Novartis Fired Whistleblower Who Then Met With FDA: Cancer Drug Approval Delayed

Mark Crispin Miller: Valerie Plame's lawsuit dismissed by W's judge (5 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Saved the Whale

Kathlyn Stone: Candidate Al Franken Strikes Pro-War Sen Coleman in Ad

Russ Wellen: Blogger First to Spot New Chinese Nuclear Sub -- Using Google Maps! (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Two Races, Two Systems of Justice in Louisiana

Michael Moore: "Sicko" Already in Top 5 Grossing Documentaries of all Time!

Rob Kall: New Glimpse at Players in Long Secret Energy Group Led by Cheney

Rob Kall: Raw Footage Of NYC Transformer Blast

Rob Kall: Holt Paper-Trail Election Bill Dead?

Rob Kall: Ethiopia triumphs over Starbucks; wins rights to coffee

Rob Kall: Fed chief sounds bleak

Rob Kall: Branson Funds Mandela-Run Elders peace gathering (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Nuclear Disaster? Japan Discovers New Leak At Nuke Plant, Latest In Series Of Failures Caused By Quake; Plant Shut Down

Rob Kall: Dem ads will slam GOPers who thwarted Iraq exit

Rob Kall: China Jails, Punishes Food and Drug Safety Whistleblowers

Rob Kall: Hummer Bummer: Gargantuan Car Owner Gets Angry Message (7 comments)

Rob Kall: Bush: No Deal On Children's Health Plan (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Democrats Won\'t Force War Vote

Wednesday, July 18:

Gustav Wynn: Mexico intends to plant GMO corn

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: An Ugly Truth About Ronald Reagan (13 comments)

Rob Kall: Bush's Agencies Of Mass Politicization

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Spy Chips, installed in your baby and in everything you buy.

Peter Rost: Pfizer profit down 48%, but lets put some lipstick on that pig! (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 18, 2007

John Kusumi, China Support Network: Tiananmen Confrontation in Vietnam?

Joan Brunwasser: Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

Mary Ann Gould: Tonight: John Bonifaz on THE PRIVATIZATION AND OUTSOURCING OF U.S. ELECTIONS, A Prescription for Disaster!

Rob Kall: 'No survivor\' in deadly Brazilian plane crash

Rob Kall: Four in UK jailed over violent slogans at cartoon protest / Terror threat to Britain

Rob Kall: Mandela turns 89 and launches 'a robust force for good'

Rob Kall: Left could push pro-Israel voters to GOP (7 comments)

Rob Kall: Illegal ivory trade flourishes in Sudan\'s markets

Rob Kall: Flynt Ready to Implicate Another Senator

Jan Baumgartner: Mandela Marks 89th Birthday by Launching Braintrust

Muhammad Khurshid: Bush Aides Accept Failure in War On Terror

Rob Kall: Dow Jones Board Approves WSJ Sale to Murdoch

Russ Wellen: Demonizing Iran Becomes Harder and Harder All the Time (1 comments)

the web: Why is everyone afraid of the Florida Hometown Democracy petition?

Kathlyn Stone: Marine ordered Iraqi women and kids shot, squad member testifies - International Herald Tribune (1 comments)

Tuesday, July 17:

Gustav Wynn: How Bush stole $2000 from every student loan recipient

Stephen Heller: Diebold Whistleblower to be on Bev Harris's radio show Friday

John Stauber: Bush's Pro-War Front Group, 'Vets for Freedom', Rallies with Republican Senators

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 17, 2007

Jan Baumgartner: Libya Lifts Death Sentences on Medics in HIV Case

Jan Baumgartner: Pardons Board Grant Troy Anthony Davis 90 Day Stay of Execution

Joan Brunwasser: Swastikas at Hunter Airfield and a Rabbi on the Run

Mary Ann Gould: Action Alert: Feinstein 'election reform' bill hearings next week! (1 comments)

Rob Kall: AP Poll: GOP pick is \'none of the above\' - Yahoo! News

Rob Kall: Kerry: 60+ senators support change of course in Iraq

Mixter: Summer of jihad in the USA?

Better World Order: Local attorney acquitted on federal income tax charges

Russ Wellen: Iraq Versus Vietnam

Russ Wellen: Military Community Has Found Its Ross Perot in Ron Paul

Russ Wellen: Administration Setting Up Petraeus as Fall Guy? (1 comments)

Monday, July 16:

Rob Kall: Reid Promises to Force All Night Filibuster by Republicans on Iraq Withdrawal (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Pittsburgh Paper Owned by Major Right Wing Think Tank Funder Turns Against Bush (4 comments)

the web: Action Alert: Contact PFAW today - Just Say "NO" to HR 811

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 16, 2007

Kathlyn Stone: Iraqis Protest Oil Law Today (10 comments)

Evelyn Pringle: Bush-Controlled FDA Moonlights as Big Pharma Pusher

Sheila Samples: Republican Unity on Iraq to Be Tested

Teresa Albano: This decision will not stand

Rob Kall: Israel to Free 250 Palestinian Prisoners (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Britain expels Russian diplomats over Litvinenko row

Bryan Daugherty: Drinking Water Quality & The Contamination of Public Drinking Supplies

Alan Miller: Former California Seismic Safety Commissioner Endorses 9/11 Truth Movement (10 comments)

Peter Rost: Senior Pfizer executive condemns drug advertising in newspapers and on television! (2 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran | The Guardian

Russ Wellen: More and More Republicans Turning a Deaf Ear to Administration

Russ Wellen: "Mahdi Army, Not Al-Qaeda, is Enemy No. 1 in Western Baghdad"

Russ Wellen: Australian Telecom Worker Mows Down Cellphone Towers

Sunday, July 15:

Sheila Samples: Saudis' role in Iraq insurgency outlined

Sheila Samples: Robot Air Attack Squadron Bound for Iraq

Sheila Samples: Aide: Iraqi PM's Comments Misconstrued

Sheila Samples: Democrats Attack Gonzales, Supreme Court

Sheila Samples: Fight for control: Iraq oil under pressure

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 14 and 15, 2007

Dan Merica: Experts Analyze Current Terror Threat (1 comments)

Citizens For Legitimate Government: Ron Paul warns of staged terror attack (3 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress | Telegraph (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Militants bloody military on Pakistan\'s border

Bev Harris: Riverside CA proud to be dropped from "Two Worst Places to Vote"

Muhammad Khurshid: Taliban Declare Govt in Bajaur Agency, Tribal Areas

Rob Kall: In new clip: Bin Laden hails martyrdom (5 comments)

Rob Kall: Gung Ho Marine: "it’s time for us to go home and not go back" (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Maliki Says His Forces Are Able to Secure Iraq Any Time US Chooses to Leave

Rob Kall: Bush Is Prepared to Veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance (2 comments)

Russ Wellen: Al Zawahiri Reportedly Stage-Managed Red Mosque Standoff (1 comments)

Saturday, July 14:

Dan Ashby: First Anniversary Update from Election Defense Alliance

Kenneth Briggs: Mental Health Appropriations Update

Dave Lindorff: Bill Moyers Puts Impeachment Back on the Media Table (5 comments)

Rob Kall: White House Claims Executive Privilege To Withhold Key Documents On Tillman Death

Rob Kall: GOP senators to Bush: Start planning for Iraq withdrawal

Rob Kall: Thompson delays filing as campaign ramps up

Rob Kall: Gilmore drops out of the GOP Prez Race

Rob Kall: Democrats block amendment to prevent Fairness Doctrine (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Kucinich: Clinton, Edwards are rigging the '08 election (2 comments)

Jaggi Nagasundaram: Skilled Legal Immigrants to March in a Protest rally in Silicon Valley (2 comments)

Jeff Mackler & Journalists for Mumia: Mumia Abu-Jamal: On the Road to Freedom?

Robert Bullard: Groups Seek NAACP Help in "Burying" Toxic Racism

Friday, July 13:

Kathlyn Stone: Chertoff: Al-Qaeda not at pre-9/11 strength (7 comments)

Bob Wilson: Illinois Ballot Integrity Project Newsletter

Kathlyn Stone: Christians protest Hindu chaplain in Senate

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 13, 2007

Barbara Simons: An analysis of Mark Crispin Miller's article "Expos: Holt bill was revised by Microsoft, Diebold and ES&S" (5 comments)

Rob Kall: House committee hits RNC with e-mail subpoena, threatens Miers with contempt (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Retail Sales Take Steepest Drop in Years

Bo Lipari: Tell Sen. Schumer and Clinton to Say No to S1487!

Russ Wellen: US Moving Nukes Out of Germany and Closer to Middle-East

Kathlyn Stone: Dollar hits all-time low against euro after weak U.S. GDP (1 comments)

Michael Schiffmann: Journalists for Mumia: "Billy Cook's Forgotten Trial"

David Bloys: County Official Arrested on Child Sex, Drug Charges (2 comments)

Russ Wellen: Unlucky Friday the 13th for Harriet Myers (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: AlterNet: "Forget Sen. Vitter's Penis -- Follow His Money" (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Computerization of Voting in Brazil

Rob Kall: al-Qaida Works to Plant US Operatives (3 comments)

Thursday, July 12:

George W, Bush: Transcript of Bush Press Conference On Iraq's Benchmark Assessment

Rob Kall: Bogus company gets radioactives license

Stephen Heller: Some good news on the election front, for a change

Steven Leser: House Votes to Bring all Troops home by April

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 12, 2007

David Salie: A lawyer's work is never the aftermath of Katrina

Karin Gonzales-McClellan: Food Not Bombs: Homelessness and War (1 comments)

Michael Richardson: Judge asked by ACLU to consider COINTELPRO frame-up of two Black Panthers in 1970 murder

Joel Wendland: Visioning a Better US at the United States Social Forum

John R Moffett: China Not Sole Source of Dubious Food (6 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment Countdown: Are Bush and Cheney Starting to Lose Sleep? (27 comments)

Dan Merica: North American union plan headed to Congress in fall

Dan Merica: Documents disclose 'shadow government'

Sheila Samples: Pentagon criticized for armor contracts

Wednesday, July 11:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 11, 2007

Mary Starrett: Dr. No, The Three Musketeers and The Seven Dwarfs


Press Release: Listen to Bruce O'Dell and Nancy Tobi on Tonight's "Voice of the Voters"!

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Alison Weir - Peace as a destination for Palestine

Russ Wellen: American Actually Killed in Green Zone

Mark Crispin Miller: Expos: Holt bill was revised by Microsoft, Diebold and ES&S (18 comments)

Russ Wellen: Administration Spurned Special Olympics Because Kennedys Supported It (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Parsing the Polls: Understanding Independents

Russ Wellen: $4.8 Million Stripped Out of Cheney's Budget

Rob Kall: Executive privilege may not block ex-Rove aide's testimony, say scholars

Tuesday, July 10:

Joel Wendland: Bush to Block Children's Health Care

alex: Outraged that Sen Lieberman has publicly called for bombing Iran, CODEPINK member Leslie Angeline, Arrested

David Bloys: Register of Deeds Investigation Leads to 'Forgery Factory' Convictions

Dan Murphy: Pakistan mosque siege continues

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 10, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Discrepancies Reported in Versions of LA County E-Voting System Source Code as Submitted and Escrowed by ES&S

David Bloys: Petition Site Protests County Auditors Arrest

Russ Wellen: Musharraf Nixes Negotiations, Goes Waco on Red Mosque (2 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Terrorists in the House - Take Two (3 comments)

Michael Leon: Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Free on Appeal, Faces Prison Again

Rob Kall: Jim Lobe: Neo-cons try to rally, bully Republicans

Monday, July 9:

Rob Kall: Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Army Misses Its June Goal for New Recruits

Rob Kall: GOP senator admits link to escort service (1 comments)

US House of Representatives Committee findings reported by Key Homeland Security Positions filled by political appointees, or vacant

Rob Kall: "DC Madam" Posts Phone Records Online

Rob Kall: Official: Iraq Gov't Missed All Deadline Targets

the web: Traces More Mitt Missteps

Joan Brunwasser: Calling for Paper Ballots, Kucinich Reiterates Dropped Support of Holt Election Reform Bill

Joan Brunwasser: Paul DeGregorio, former Chair of the US Election Assistance Commission and COO of IFES, joins Everyone Counts as COO

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 8 and 9, 2007

Jack Thor: The Wonder Years of Rove and Cheney (2 comments)

Russ Wellen: Even the CIA Has Been Privatized

Martha Rosenberg: What Tech Shootings? NRA Storms Ahead

Mixter: Big Brother in the Big Apple

Rob Kall: Job Vacancies At DHS Said To Hurt U.S. Preparedness (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Chairman Conyers Responds to White House Refusal to Justify Blanket Privilege Claims

Dave Lindorff: On the Road for Impeachment (or If Folks are Cheering, This Must be Texas) (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Arab League Plans First Israel Mission

Rob Kall: Pennsylvania shuts services amid budget impasse

Rob Kall: Google to buy e-mail security company for $625 million

Rob Kall: Bush Invokes Executive Privilege-- denies Congress access to aides

Rob Kall: Soldier To Sue Military After 5th Army Deployment

Rob Kall: Wall Street Journal Layoffs Are Probably Inevitable

Rob Kall: Woman Arrested for Not Watering Lawn (2 comments)

David Bloys: Congress braces for fight over long-abandoned Fairness Doctrine

Russ Wellen: Should You Be Able to Drive Anywhere You Damn Well Please?

Joan Brunwasser: Paper: Internal Memos Contradict Florida Bush Team's Statements Concerning 'Voting Caging' Prior to '04 Election

OSHRAT CARMIEL: Bergen cranks up AC for e-voting machines

Sunday, July 8:

Sheila Samples: Powell tried to talk Bush out of war

Rob Kall: Whitehouse Fears GOP Support for Iraq War Collapsing

Rob Kall: Blair, Like Cowboy Buddy Bush, Had Staffers With Severe Doubts

Rob Kall: Iran media accused of trying to oust president (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Cheney Fatigue Settles Over Some in GOP

Sheila Samples: White House Will Deny New Request In Attorneys Probe

Rob Kall: Sheehan plans run against Pelosi unless... (9 comments)

Rob Kall: Conyers Raises Specter Of Impeachment, Highlights Support For Removing Bush And Cheney

Sherwood Ross: Karzai, Bush Pledges to Cut Poppy Crop Turn Out to be Pipe Dream (2 comments)

David Bloys: Constable Resigns Amid Gay Sex Scandal

David Bloys: Commisioner Pleads Guilty to Bribery / Corruption Charges

Rob Kall: Pope's move on Latin mass 'a blow to Jews' (7 comments)

Rob Kall: Israeli Cabinet OKs Release of 250 Prisoners

Rob Kall: Study: Efforts to reduce exposure to lead poisoning, not Giuliani, lowered N.Y.'s crime rate

Evelyn Pringle: FDA Gave Glaxo Extra Year to Profit Off Avandia (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: Another 100 Dead in an Iraq Suicide Attack (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Warning of 15-year fight against terror

Russ Wellen: New York Times Finally Comes Out Firmly on Side of Withdrawal from Iraq (3 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: 9.9% Cut in Medicare Payments Proposed (5 comments)

Saturday, July 7:

Ellynne Bannon: In the Midst of Summer Heat Waves, Students Ask Candidates: What's Your Plan to Stop Global Warming?

Kathlyn Stone: New 7 wonders of the world named

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 6 and 7, 2007

Rob Kall: White House plans to block testimony from former top Rove aide; Miers has not decided

Rob Kall: Rasmussen Poll: Under 30 Americans Want Impeachment

Rob Kall: Cheney fatigue settles over some in GOP (1 comments)

Rob Kall: US Tourism Down 17% Since 2000, While Worldwide, Tourism is Up 20% (4 comments)

David Bloys: Pennsylvania Government Shutdown

Rafe Pilgrim: Peace and Universal Healthcae Unrealistic

Abid Jan razarwal: War is not the solution, please (1 comments)

Carol Wolman: *The Flag and the Fourth (1 comments)

David Bloys: McWorker McSpits in Sheriffs McSoda Triggers McSuit

Rob Kall: Will GOP Base Accept Thompson's Trophy Wife?

Rob Kall: Two More GOP Senators Break With Bush On Iraq Strategy

David Bloys: State Treasurer Denies Drug Charges (1 comments)

Senia Maymin: Happy 7-7-07: A Holiday Called TANABATA (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Gore: Commutation of Libby sentence 'improper'

Rob Kall: Ron Paul Tops McCain in Cash on Hand

Sheila Samples: New Iran Regime-Change Think Tank Opens in DC

Sheila Samples: New fear on U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Friday, July 6:

Sheila Samples: Rice warns of 'increasingly dangerous' Iran (2 comments)

Steven Leser: Much of America Supports Impeachment of Bush and Cheney (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: KING KONG: The Hanged Man

Kathlyn Stone: Suicide Exposes Squalor in Texas Prison

David Bloys: Feds Say Quarterback's Property Used For Dog Fights

David Bloys: 11-year-old Drunk Driver Leads Police on High Speed Chase (1 comments)

Michael Moore: BlueCross Secret Memo Re: 'Sicko'... (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: Siege of Red Mosque Inflames Pakistan (1 comments)

Rob Kall: White House Whines-- They're Investigating too much...

Kathlyn Stone: Court Nixes Suit Against Spying Program (5 comments)

Rob Kall: How U.S. policy missteps led to a nasty downfall in Gaza

Rob Kall: Domenici is the latest.... (1 comments)

Rob Kall: No-Nonsense Straight-Talkin Prosecutor Nearly F*cked Up Watergate Hearings

Thursday, July 5:

Kathlyn Stone: GOP Sen. Domenici breaks with Bush on war

Joan Brunwasser: Wexler: Censure Bush over Libby

Rob Kall: Lieberman may back Republican in '08 race (3 comments)

Dan Merica: Plan to Restore Fairness Doctrine Still on Track, Analyst Says

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 4 and 5, 2007

Kathlyn Stone: Judge Lifts Injunction on 'DC Madam' Phone Records (5 comments)

Joel Wendland: Pentagon Understates War Casualties, Says Veterans Group

Dave Peter: How I Spent My 4th of July (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Flash! US Media Ignore Scary Story! Impossible You Say? (4 comments)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Homeland Security has plans for your life - Republicans and Democrats come together to fight (2 comments)

Rob Kall: 45 Muslim doctors planned US terror raids? (2 comments)

Alan McConnell: The Care and Maintenance of Yard Signs (1 comments)

Hans Bennett: ATTENTION, MOVE! This is America! (4 comments)

David Bloys: Al Gore's Son Arrested

David Bloys: Getting Out Of The ARM Trap

Wednesday, July 4:

Rady Ananda: Doo Dah Does Democracy (2 comments)

Mark Perry and Paul Woodward: Document details 'US' plan to sink Hamas

Georgianne Nienaber: Mary Gauthier: Singing Her Heart Out at Nashville's Bluebird Caf on the WWW

Rady Ananda: The Future of Citizen Journalism

Rob Kall: Laura Bush Rebukes President On Abstinence-Only Requirement For AIDS Relief

Rob Kall: Private contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Iraq (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Immigration issue might push Southwest to Democrats


Abid Jan razarwal: Lal Masjid issue becomes talk of the town (2 comments)

David Bloys: US - No Haven For Human Rights Violators

David Bloys: Immigrant Convicted in Campaign Funding ID Theft Scheme

Joan Brunwasser: Attorneys see irony in Libby case

Joan Brunwasser: Ohio Secret Ballot Compromised - Methodology Exposed

Rob Kall: UK officials caution media reports tying car bomb attacks to Qaeda (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Hostage, BBC's Alan Johnston, is released

Steve Fournier: Clinton Doctrine Applied (9 comments)

Rady Ananda: A Sudden Change of State (1 comments)

Tuesday, July 3:

Georgianne Nienaber: Watchdog SAEN Demands USDA Fine for Vanderbilt and Releases Government Reports Exposing Lab Violations

Rady Ananda: US Social Forum Forges Common Ground

Rady Ananda: ANGLER The Cheney Vice-Presidency

Kathlyn Stone: Statement of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald

Kathlyn Stone: Rep. Jackson: Bush Actions 'Crime Against Constitution'

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 3, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Injustice in Jena as Nooses Hang from the "White Tree" (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: White House "Corrupt to the Core" Says Joe Wilson: Video Included

Sam Scharff: Examine the Evidence: Hand Count Works (2 comments)

Joel Wendland: Presidential Hopefuls Sound Off on Gay Rights

Russ Wellen: Military Trying to Pin Five American Deaths on Iran

Russ Wellen: Joe Wilson: Libby Commutation an Obstruction of Justice

Kathlyn Stone: Kucinich No Longer Alone in Seeking Cheney Impeachment - Capitol Briefing

Monday, July 2:

David Bloys: Woman Pleads Not Guilty Over Registering Dog To Vote

Rob Kall: Judge affirms ruling to dismiss Gitmo charges

Rob Kall: American Opera Icon Beverly Sills Dies of Cancer (2 comments)

David Bloys: Fourteen Counties Sue Drug Companies For Meth Ingredient Sales

Rob Kall: UK Terror plot hatched in British hospitals (1 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Break-in in offices of peace advocacy group in Bogot, Colombia (2 comments)

Steve Martin: *RON PAUL RUNS THE TABLE IN DES MOINES (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Ohio Secret Ballot Compromised - Methodology Exposed

Monica Davis: *Land pirates drive out black Texan rancher: but there's hope for others (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: ACVR Reached into New Mexico U.S. Attorney Firing; More Details Unearthed in GOP 'Voter Fraud' Front Group's Central Rol

Joan Brunwasser: 'Thriller' Audio: BradBlog Debates Larry Norden of Brennan Center for Justice on Holt Bill

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For July 1 and 2, 2007


Dave Lindorff: Pelosi on Impeachment and Defending the Constitution: Just Not Worth It (12 comments)

Russ Wellen: How to Drive Afghans into the Clutches of the Taliban

Russ Wellen: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Deader

John R Moffett: Country of Origin Food Labeling Law Not Being Enforced!

Rob Kall: Was campaigning against voter fraud a Republican ploy?

Rob Kall: Bush Asks: Why does the rest of the world seem to hate America? Or is it just me they hate? (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Secret Document: U.S. Fears Terror 'Spectacular' Planned for Summer (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Universal Music declines long-term iTunes deal: (1 comments)

Sunday, July 1:

Sheila Samples: How Cheney abused his power in war on terror

Sheila Samples: New NSA Whistleblower Speaks

Sheila Samples: In Iraq, a Private Realm Of Intelligence-Gathering

Sheila Samples: Sunni politician calls for U.N. and Arab intervention to solve Iraq crisis

Sheila Samples: PM denies having secret plan to withdraw Iraq troops


David Bloys: City Provides Open-Air Urinals For Drunken Bar Patrons

ChuckyB: Uplifting Headlines for the Day

Rob Kall: Obama Raises $31M, Surges Past Clinton

Kathlyn Stone: Demonstrators march in Kennebunkport to protest Bush-Putin meeting - International Herald Tribune

Rob Kall: Bush protesters cite manual in new lawsuit

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook: Hamas TV Mickey Mouse beaten to death by Israeli - becomes Martyr in final episode (16 comments)

David Bloys: Judge Rulles Property Tax Assessments Unconstitutional

John R Moffett: It's 8am, Do You Know Where Your Breakfast Came From? (4 comments)


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