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June 2007

Saturday, June 30:

Cliff Schecter: Working America Says: Ask A Lawyer

Linda Milazzo: Bush Provokes Britain's Terrorists With: "THIS IS AMATEUR TIME!" (14 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Impeachment? Why? (3 comments)

Bruce Morris: I Know Where All The Young (non)Protestors Are (24 comments)

Mike Palecek: Underground Radio - Blast It From The Mountaintops (1 comments)

SDrobny: The Arrogance Of Power: Fullbright's View Of The Senate (1 comments)

Kent Welton: Forget Hillary, TradeWatch's Lori Wallach For President (3 comments)

amy de miceli: Bush Will Be Alone With Nothing To Sign (4 comments)


Steve Consilvio: Fraud, Farce and Foreclosure

Vin LoPresti: Autism and 9-11: The Connection (4 comments)

Rand Clifford: King Hemp part 3: We Got Mugged---So Let's Get Hemp Back (1 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Reclaiming Our Power, Our Government, Our Hope and Our Minds

James Nimmo: Supreme Court -- Bu$h Junta's Single Success? (1 comments)

David Cox: The Wal-Mart Declaration (1 comments)


Scott Tyner: Bush is U.S.'s first Hispanic President (3 comments)

eileen fleming: Godspeed on The Evolution Revolution (3 comments)

thomas bonsell: Sticking With Bush a Mystery for the Ages (7 comments)

Hill Kemp: US Won All The Battles - Lost the War, Iraq only a sad epilogue (1 comments)

sb kayser-scherman: Liquidity Nightmare... Drowning In Cash (4 comments)

Andris Smerotkins: The philistines strike back

Jerm: America Chooses: Enslavement or Ron Paul (17 comments)

Marcus Gadson: Are you doing your part in the war on terrorism? (1 comments)

Russell 'Ace' Hoffman: *Nuclear Power Kills; here's how. (16 dirty nuclear secrets.) (11 comments)

Dennis Diehl: OpEdNews is NOT the Place for Questions Your Pastor Will Hate. or is it? (7 comments)

Mike Ruane: Protesting the Establishment (2 comments)

Friday, June 29:

Sandy Sand: Memo to Wolf Blitzer: Americans Really Are as Smart as Brits (1 comments)

Steven Leser: *Sicko – A Depressing, Funny, Earth shattering and Incredible perspective on our Health Care System

NancyT: *Congress about to "Just say yes" to Permanent Secret Vote Counting (4 comments)

NancyT: *Chicken Little: The Holt Bill and What it Will Do to the New Hampshire Heavens (2 comments)

Rady Ananda: A People's Forum: Debating Among Ourselves, First (2 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Torture treatment providers to APA: Its time for action, not words, on torture (2 comments)

Bev Harris: Debate with a Chair: Part II - Is a flawed bill better than no bill?

Project Vote: Vote Caging Bars Voters from Polls for Partisan Advantage

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Questions which continue to torment the American soul (3 comments)

Frank J. Ranelli: Christians' Addiction to Porn Blamed on Technology (26 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Security is important for Freedom

SDrobny: If FDR Had Lived: More Lost History (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorism Spreading to Whole of Pakistan

Marc McDonald: Wingnuts Denounce "Tin-Foil Hat" Liberals While Embracing Paranoid Conspiracy Theories (3 comments)

John R Moffett: Darwin Strikes Back (of molecules and men) (33 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: Avoiding the Executive Privilege Sand Trap

Wayne Madsen: New British PM May Be Ripe for Blackmail (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: On July 4th, let's Carpe Diem...A lesson from the demise of the immigration bill (2 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Race(ing) Backwards With Boost From SCOTUS (2 comments)

Kevin Zeese: A Different Kind of Peace Candidate for President (2 comments)

Glenn Sullivan: Republic V Democracy (10 comments)

Ed Martin: The truth is the toughest talk. (4 comments)


Scott O'Reilly: Bush and God: How Bush's Faith-Based Foreign Policy Undermined America (9 comments)

Bruce Morris: Marx Helps Explain Cheney (5 comments)

Nicolai Petro: Surkov's Vision for Russia (1 comments)

Roger Pool: *The Vigilante Label is Applicable Only When We Remain A Nation of Laws (2 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Questions Your Pastor Will Hate Part 5 (15 comments)

Rob Kall: *Time for YOU to Get Local With Impeaching Cheney, then Bush (18 comments)

Bo Lipari: Voting Machine Vendors – We Can't and We Won't

Jim Freeman: Why the Farce Continues Without Impeachment

David Truskoff: Shrill lies getting louder (5 comments)

Walter C. Uhler: The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq, Part Two: Incompetence (3 comments)

winston: W is willing to compromise, but only to advance his goals.

eileen fleming: *The Resurrection of the Fourth Estate and The Way to Heal the Holy Land (4 comments)

Thursday, June 28:

David Michael Green: It Ain't For Free

Stephen Crockett: Affirmative Action for the Poor

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): MONEY is now and always has been the true God of both politics and religion. (3 comments)

Steven Leser: Coulter vs. Elizabeth Edwards - Crass vs. Class (1 comments)

Hamad Alomar: Inter-Faith conflict: Destined Fate or Reconcilable Difference

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Why Ann Coulter Fascinates (and Disagreeing with Rob) (1 comments)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Suppressing the Vote

Dave Lindorff: Congress Needs to Stop Playing in Bush's Court (1 comments)

CD Rodgers: Does Ann Coulter Get Away With It Because She's A Woman? (10 comments)

Jim Bush: That Place Where Black Lips And Blue Sky Meet

Heather Moore: Foie Gras: A Serving of Disease

Timothy V. Gatto: The Supreme Court Kowtows to The Dictator (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: The Violence Interrupters

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: The Truth About HomeRun and Strike-out Record Setting?

By Carlos T Mock, MD: The sad state of our economy - liquidity crunch

Bev Harris: "Debate with a Chair" - Part 1 - Do changes in democracy deserve public debate? (2 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Hope May Spring Eternal, But It Also Has Its Dry Spells

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Beneath Contempt (3 comments)

Wayne Madsen: CIA Document Dump Just Confirms Kissinger's Dark Rep (1 comments)

Rob Kall: In Defense of Anne Coulter and Support for Paris Hilton... sort of. (6 comments)

Bob Burnett: Barack and Hillary (2 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Despite Aid, Violence and Displacement Plague Eastern Congo--MONUC Reports

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Learn Behaviors and Puzzles, that Challenge and Enthrall

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Thanks for Dick Cheney (5 comments)

Phil Rockstroh: Mcmansions, SUVs, Mega-Churches and the Baghdad Embassy: Life Among Dim and Brutal Giants (3 comments)

Robert Borosage: Matthews and Coulter: No Shame (1 comments)

gerald anthro: Has Al Qaeda Passed the US in Asymmetric War Strategies, Using the Web and Media? (1 comments)

Bev Harris: How can voters deal with lazy media coverage on voting matters? (1 comments)

Ed Martin: Honest, I couldn't have made this up if I'd tried. (2 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Big Oil and Big Media V. Hugo Chavez (1 comments)

Ami Isseroff: Review: The Truth About Syria (4 comments)

Debby Bodkin: It is Time to CALL OFF THE DOGS!

Patricia Johnson: AMA calls for investigations to protect the patient?

Chris Floyd: Alabama Getaway: Bush-Rove Legal Perversion Goes South (3 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: iPhonies (4 comments)

Jay Diamond: Hannity, Romney, and Other Right-Wingers Smear Away in Panic at "Sicko"

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Over The Horizon (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Paris Hilton shows more class and beauty than Ann Coulter could ever dream of (10 comments)

Wednesday, June 27:

Sandy Sand: Why John Edwards Did Not Make "The Call" (1 comments)

Bob King: The Abandonment of Moral Agency in America.

Robert Parry: Next Generation of 'Family Jewels'? (1 comments)

Lesley Blackner: Action Alert! Ask FL Gov Crist to veto SB 1920

Bev Harris: EAC Panel Faces Partisan Allegations

Mick Jackson: "Their" Country

Robert Chapman: No more Cheney (2 comments)

Lloyd Dangle: Cheney's Last Stand (1 comments)

Thomas Gale Moore, Ph.D.: The Curse of Power (2 comments)

Richard Mathis: Watch Ann Coulter Squirm (12 comments)

Randolph T. Holhut: Bush, Cheney and the Nixon Principle (1 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Bush's Trojan Horse for America (2 comments)

eileen fleming: Hearing Voices: Part Two (1 comments)

Steve Young: "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING": Satan Concedes Coulter Was A Major F*ckup

Paul Fidalgo: Carcieri Should Sign Voter Pre-registration for Rhode Island

Jerry Mazza: THE 9/11 VICTIM COMPENSATION FUND: cui bono?

Muhammad Khurshid: Rulers Hoodwinking Masses

James Brett: Cheney and Cheneyism (4 comments)

Bob Kincaid: Of Mice and Men (1 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Fool Me Once... Shame on Us Plain and Simple (3 comments)

amy de miceli: Hoodwinked by the Most Extraordinary Combination of Circumstances

Mary MacElveen: Suffolk County Executive, Steve Levy wins my 'Founding Fathers Award'

Kenneth Briggs: Migration From Mexico-Part 2

Alessandro Machi: My "Pay to Leave" Migration Proposal (6 comments)

Mary Lyon: *"And You're Okay with This?" (12 comments)

Dennis Diehl: This is Jesus...We Gotta Talk About This Christian Soldier Thing. (8 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Reviewing Linda McQuaig's Holding the Bully's Coat (3 comments)

Russ Wellen: Boris Bush (4 comments)

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: The Post-CheneyBush "Restoration" (4 comments)

Diane M. Grassi: MLB Bats Whittled Down to Uneven Playing Field (3 comments)

Tuesday, June 26:

Mick Jackson: Construction Zone (1 comments)

Eric Lotke: America's Progressive Majority (2 comments)

Steven Leser: Republican 2008 Presidential Nomination to come down to Rudy Giuliani vs. Fred Thompson (5 comments)


Anthony Wade: Chris Matthews Refuses to Tame the Shrew (7 comments)

Charles Sheehan-Miles: Is this what we swore to defend?

Timothy V. Gatto: Can We Believe Anyone Anymore? (2 comments)

Jim Bush: I Stand In Solidarity (re-visited)

Charles Corry: You will vote the way we tell you to vote! Verstehen! (2 comments)

kevin walsh: Abu Ghraib investgation central to Iraq solution

Dave Johnson: Last Week's Take Back America Conference - Building Bridges (2 comments)

David Patterson: HOMELAND SECURITY Indeed! (4 comments)

Robert Chapman: The 60-12 solution (33 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Prophetic Exclusive: Are Private, Rogue, American and Brit Agents, Causing Terrorist Attacks In Iraq And Elsewhere? (15 comments)

Steve Young: Bill O : Consider Hiring my Kids for your Cracked Research Team

Dennis Diehl: Do You Really Want To Live Under Religious Fundamentalist Control? Errrr, Um...No! (6 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: Bush's Trojan Horse for America (6 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Peshawar Consulate Officials Winning Laurels (1 comments)

Media Matters: Luntz -- PBS' pick to survey public response after Democratic forum -- was longtime Giuliani pollster

Robert Chapman: Health Care reform chimerical (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Nancy & Harry: Comedic Duo Bring Down the House (and Senate) (7 comments)

John Carey: TODAY Show "Dumbs Down" the "News" (5 comments)

Ron Jacobs: Are the Neocons Really Going?

Constance Lavender: An Open Letter to Marion A. Bolden, Superintendent, Newark Public Schools

Rob Kall: If Dems Won't Oust Cheney, GOP Has Plan (26 comments)

Bev Harris: Another public official steps up to the plate! (2 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Hoping Against Indifference (21 comments)

Monday, June 25:

Steven Rosenfeld: Will Electronic Voting Reform Create New Ways to Steal Elections?

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner: Keep our election integrity intact

Kathlyn Stone: Supreme Court Struts its Conservative Ideology

Mark A. Goldman: Why Kucinish was Wrong to File Articles of Impeachment Against Cheney (9 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Bush Talks Long-Term Stay in Iraq and More Troops Die

Mark A. Goldman: Have You Had a Similar Experience?

Paul Jacobs: Democracy Under Glass (1 comments)


Bruce K. Gagnon: SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW? (2 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: The Ruling Class (2 comments)

Ed Martin: The fictional Judge Scalia

John Carey: Presidential Myopia: Leaders in Vietnam and China Only See What they Want to See (3 comments)

Anthony Signorelli: Free and Fair Elections Amendment to US Constitution (5 comments)

amy de miceli: The Overnight Metamorphosis of America into Tyranny (2 comments)

Mark Cady: When the Republic Fails (13 comments)

Dennis Diehl: God Told Me To... (7 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Location location location: Has Gitmo just bought a new home in Kabul? Yeah. (1 comments)

Rand Clifford: King Hemp part 2: Battle Lines: Natural, Or Synthetic...Life, Or Death

Mike Palecek: And I Laugh

Lawrence R. Velvel: "[A] Central Paradox of American Politics."

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Do We Not All Want This? (15 comments)

Bob Geiger: GOP Gives Employee Free Choice Act Fear-And-Smear Treatment (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Obama's Challenge: Navigating the Religious Rhetoric Minefield (1 comments)

Jason Miller: Overgrown Kids, Unshackled Ids, and the Death of the Superego (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Tell The Lamestream Media to Cover Cheney MORE, NOW (12 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: America And China; The Toxic Twins, One A Plutocracy, The Other a Toxic, Slave Labor Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman: "Demonstration" Government in Palestine (3 comments)


Michael Bonanno: Attend the Emergency Anti War Convention!! (2 comments)

Mike Whitney: Iraqis to Bush: "You have left us with nothing" (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: The Take Back America Conference and Me, Part 2: Conscience and Connectedness (8 comments)

Sunday, June 24:

Stephen Crockett: Time for Republicans to Choose: Bush-Cheney or America (4 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Rocky Days in L.A. (3 comments)

Larry Sakin: How Progressives Can Take Back the Nation

andi novick: Hold your local new media accountable!

Timothy V. Gatto: Writing From "The Lunatic Fringe" (5 comments)

Bob Regl: Impeachment of Bush and Cheney is essential (8 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Taliban, Terrorists Getting Grip Over Pakistan

Dave Johnson: Tell Me What You Think Of John Kerry (13 comments)

Kamala Sarup: How Can We Prevent Violence?

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Political Attention Deficit Disorder – New Psychiatric Condition (2 comments)


Steven Leser: *It is time for President's Questions (1 comments)

jalil bahar: They Hate US (88 comments)

Nicolai Petro: Russia's New Cyberwarriors (2 comments)

Project Vote: Election Day Registration Bill Passes in NC Despite Uproar Caused by State Voter Rolls

Paul Foote: *Iran Policy Committee: Lobbyists for the Rajavi Cult?

amy de miceli: Hanging Around WTC 7 (2 comments)

Iftekhar Sayeed: The Rape of the Delta

Stephen Pizzo: Hello, 911? I'd Like to Report a Crime (7 comments)

Kent Welton: Dear Corporate Media: You Disgusting, Chicken-shit, Shills (5 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Take Back America 2007 and Me (13 comments)

Greg Moses: A Lame Duck Dept of Homeland Security (1 comments)

Saturday, June 23:

Mick Jackson: What is a traitor? (6 comments)

Robert Chapman: The Left, Moving Front and Center

Rory Winter: USUK now in Perpetual World War (1 comments)

David Swanson: *The I Word in the Boston Globe (5 comments)

gerald anthro: War in ME 99% certain after USA leaves, Persians vs Arabs (2 comments)

thomas bonsell: Karl Marx Defended ~ Reluctantly (4 comments)

Paul Fidalgo: Give Rhode Island's Young Voters a Hand

Dennis Diehl: Christian Fundamentalism -- The High Cost of Being Sincerely Wrong (10 comments)

Jerry West: Climate Change: The Tip of the Iceberg (1 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: What are you doing September 11, 2007? (2 comments)

Kent Welton: TIBET MURDERED BY CHINA (1 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Response to Colonel Larry James: Letter to the President of the American Psychological Association

Rowan Wolf: Release of 1973 CIA Investigation - A Strategic Move? (6 comments)

Sandy Sand: Cash In the Rogue Nation of Cheney with Monetary Sanctions (1 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Questions Your Pastor Will Dislike Part Four (9 comments)

Eric Newcomb: Comparisons with Caligula

Alessandro Machi: Defining Freedom... (6 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: PARIS HILTON! Another Bagnolo Prophecy About Judges and Prosecutors Comes to Pass: 2nd One This Week (1 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: How The Christian Left Can Get It Right (12 comments)

Friday, June 22:

Timothy V. Gatto: The American People Know What Time it Is!

Mary MacElveen: *More Voices of Katrina (1 comments)

johndoraemi: Debating "Skeptic Magazine" on September 11th Issues (1 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Abu Ghraib Cover-up About to Explode (3 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): The Bush/Religion association is destroying religion (20 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Save Us From Greedy Mullahs

Paul Jacobs: Framing Computerized Voting (6 comments)

Ed Martin: The twelve powers of a President. (4 comments)

Ed Martin: Here's just one example of what's gone wrong with our country.

F. Vyan Walton: Conyers seeks Contempt of Congress against White House (1 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Biblical Realities? Ask My Pastor What? (3 comments)

Dave Johnson: Centrist Dem Reaction To 'Sicko' Movie: Appease The Corporations (2 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall (1 comments)

Cosmic Messenger: *THE ZENING OF DUBYA

Jennifer Hancock: Hypothetical Pardons

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Will Any Candidate Champion America's Children? (1 comments)

CD Rodgers: The Trouble With Hillary (4 comments)

John Schettler: Born In The Eye Of The Storm

John Carey: Of two minds on Vietnam

Mike Palecek: Johnny Carson vs. Jim Garrison ... and me (2 comments)

David Swanson: *Cynicism and Generosity to Congress

Robert Thatch: Hey! Isn't That Illegal? (3 comments)

Jay Daverth, PhD: The New 1% Doctrine

winston: US soldiers are dying for what reason? (2 comments)

Joyce McCloy: Politicized DOJ Issues License to Purge Voters to North Carolina

Robert Chapman: Abstinence only instruction (21 comments)

jalil bahar: Reasons why Tony Blair will be a bad Mid East Envoy (4 comments)


jalil bahar: Britain's Award to Salman Rushdie is Wrong (6 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: People are Disgusted with Them and Congress Doesn't Have a Clue! (19 comments)

Thursday, June 21:

David Michael Green: If Reid Were Rove (1 comments)

Thom Hartmann: The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy: Privatizing Our Vote (9 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Congressman Vern Buchanan

F. Vyan Walton: Cheney's Office Scoffs at National Security Rules - Literally (2 comments)


NancyT: *HR 811 (The Holt Bill) and The Commission: Alien invaders in our democracy (4 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Are Americans Unready to Boil? (29 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: The Feckless, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel "Stratagem," Will Lose in 2008! (6 comments)

Phil Rockstroh: Within the Architecture of Denial and Duplicity: The Democratic Party and the Infantile Omnipotence of The Ruling Class (33 comments)

Robert Jensen: The Last Last Sunday? Austin organizing project contemplating its future

Dennis Diehl: Questions Your Pastor Will Hate - Part 3 (37 comments)

Ron Jacobs: The Intimidation of a Vet: An Interview with Liam Madden (2 comments)

Jimmy Montague: Rich Advice for Poor Marketers (2 comments)

Rory Winter: Pro Patria Mori? (1 comments)

Tom Rinaldo/"silences" We Are Losing the Fight Over Iran! (1 comments)

Virginia Simson: *About Bloody Time -- But Don't Fall for the PR (4 comments)

Jim Bush: "They Can Love"

Ed Ward, M.D.: Bombs in the WTC Mean Nothing? (2 comments)

Russ Wellen: Come on, You Slacker Terrorists, Attack Us Already! (3 comments)

Wednesday, June 20:

Tony Sutton of ColdType interviewed by Jason Miller: Northern Light

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): No offense, but isn't it about time for the Catholic Church to put up or shut up? (12 comments)

Mirah Riben: *BOYCOTT ADOPTION.COM (12 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Help Us In War On Terrorism (2 comments)

Ernest Partridge: Market Failure: The Back of the Invisible Hand (4 comments)

Steve Young: An Open Letter To President Bush From Bob, The Stem Cell: Currently Waiting In A Freezer Until I Can Be Used For Researc (1 comments)

Randolph T. Holhut: Immigration: The Issue That May Tear Apart The GOP (3 comments)

David Swanson: Curbing the Imperial Presidency (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Kucinich Comes to Take Back America (2 comments)

David Swanson: Hillary Clinton Booed Again at Take Back America (8 comments)

Stephen Lendman: The Record of the Newspaper of Record (3 comments)

Edrea Davis: America's Addiction to Prison Should be the Focus in Paris Hilton's Case (8 comments)

Camillo "Mac" Bica: Beyond PTSD, Part Three The Moral Casualties of War: War Crazy (2 comments)

Matt Vrabel: *Iraq Solution: Bloomberg and Plan C (Part 1) (6 comments)

Rob Kall: High Doses of Gravel, Richardson, Obama and Edwards at TBA (6 comments)

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: Dems' Timidity May Cost Them Dearly in 2008 (11 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Extra, Extra, Read All About it: Bloomberg Quits GOP! (4 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Bush was not involved in planning 9-11 (49 comments)

Tuesday, June 19:

Mary MacElveen: Mayor Michael Bloomberg wins my 'Founding Fathers Award' (2 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Emergency Anti War Convention - Philadelphia (4 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: The End of Political Parties? (6 comments)

Linda Milazzo: Democrats, Stop Coddling The Children! STOP BEING SO DAMN FREAKING WEAK!! (2 comments)

David Swanson: *Hip Hop Comes to Take Back America Conference

Jane Stillwater: Illegal Aliens: NAFTA, Bush's Middle East blunders & the great migrations in the EU & here (2 comments)

Robert Chapman: Time to step up

Bruce Wieland: Bob Barker's Priceless Work for Animals

Charlotte Laws: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The Controversial Peter Singer (1 comments)

Jim Bush: Peace (2 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Taguba, Torture, And Abu Ghraib (2 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Abuse of The Courts, Leads to Downfall of DA in "Fiasco" (4 comments)

James Nimmo: "Gay people aren't broken and don't need fixing" (1 comments)

John De Herrera: Open Letter to Rob Kall (30 comments)

Mary MacElveen: The Voices of Katrina (2 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Bring 'Em Home (22 comments)

Monday, June 18:

E. T. SIMON: He Demands Respect, but he gives No Respect (5 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Democrats in Congress: The Wheels Are Coming Off (12 comments)

Mike Palecek: Keep A Clean Nose - Watch The Plain Clothes (1 comments)

David Cox: You're Just Too Nice

Sherwood Martinelli: Trail of Nuclear Tears-Exposing Nuclear's Horrid Truths (part one) (15 comments)


Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: Our Leaders, the Enemy (2 comments)

David Swanson: We've Started Taking Back America (2 comments)

Carlos T Mock, MD: The Truth About Iraq's Civil War that our Government will not tell You

Ron Fullwood: Bush and his generals substituting their judgment for the American peoples' in Iraq

Sandy Sand: Ironic Humor on C-SPAN Thanks to Some Callers (1 comments)

John Carey: China's Policy Headaches: Potential Real Trouble Before the Summer Olympics (1 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Democracy Cannot Be Compared (3 comments)

Walter C. Uhler: The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq: Criminality, Immorality, Incompetence and Desperation (3 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Reviewing Michel Chossudovsky's America's War on Terrorism (4 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Life is anything but easy for the 'Big Easy'

Jim Bush: Blind Men, Jousting With Shadows

Michael Collins: Election 2004: The Urban Legend Action Package-Tell Your Rep (3 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: Iraq is NOT Korea, it's more like Northern Ireland and we're the Brits

Sunday, June 17:

Philip Livingston: *A Vet Writes to State Legis. About Vet Ed Cuts

Edward Olshaker: Was John Merritt Wrongfully Convicted of Murder? (2 comments)

David Swanson: *Take Back Impeachment

Andrew S. Taylor: What is Money? Outing the L-Word Part 3 (4 comments)

Carol Wolman: *The duty of Christians to impeach Bush and Cheney (5 comments)

Jane Stillwater: The American military: Are they Bush's flying monkeys -- or not? (2 comments)


Rowan Wolf: They Knew. Lies to Cover a Rogue Administration (6 comments)

Jim Cullen: Dems Blinked (2 comments)

Jay Janson: *A Letter to MLK Jr. re the Same Media War Promotion He Fought & the FCC (1 comments)

gerald anthro: al Qaeda setting the Internet Paradigm

Keith Pope: Who goes? Who stays? (7 comments)

Dennis Diehl: An Open Letter To the Good People of the Middle East From the We're Not that Stupid Americans (1 comments)

Katherine Hughes: Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir at Terre Haute Prison's New Communications Management Unit

Dennis Diehl: Weather is Not God's Judgement... It's Weather (14 comments)

Jon Fox: The Second American Revolution, Is it time yet? (19 comments)

Abbas Sadeghian: Shiites, Sunnis and George Bush (7 comments)

Steve Young: "(Bombing In Tikrit) Doesn't Mean Anything." Time for Veterans Boycott of The Factor? (1 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Americans and Brits Disguised As Arabs Caught Seeking to Detonate Bomb In Baghdad Residential Area? (11 comments)

Charles Sullivan: The Absence of Reason (13 comments)

Leslie Radford: LA City Council reaffirms Special Order 40

Todd Huffman, M.D.: On Writing In The Age Of New Media (23 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): America: The country where politicians give the finger to the majority of the citizens (24 comments)

Saturday, June 16:

Timothy V. Gatto: Ms. Rodriquez and Class Warfare; A Dime for a Dollar (3 comments)

Linda Milazzo: NEW MEDIA Should Not Assist The Resurrection Of Bill Frist Before Or After SICKO

Sherwin Steffin: A Cancer on the Face of America

John Halle: Fallout from a Smear, Finkelstein and The Progressive (2 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): A futures trader would invest billions on the liberal/progressive "trend"

Carol Wolman: *Thank you, John Orman, for saying NO to WW III

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Term Limits on the Supremes (1 comments)

summer basirii: Selling out or buying out?

Mike Palecek: You Say Musk Ox Dung, I Say It's Horse Hockey (1 comments)

Martin Zehr: The News of Wars and Rumors of Wars

Kenneth Anderson: The dinsinformation pipeline and the Iraq Oil Law

Constance Lavender: Immigration Bill: It deserves to be defeated...overwhelmingly. (2 comments)

thomas bonsell: Not Knowing One Word Could Be Disastrous to Freedom

John Carey: View From a Friend on the Right: We Have Some "Issues" With Senator Reid (12 comments)

eileen fleming: *A Few, Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Who Are Out To Change The World

J. Edward Tremlett: McJobs, Big Business and the OED (2 comments)


Kevin Anthony Stoda: KUWAIT INC., GULF ARAB INC., AMERICA INC. & China and Other Incs.

Project Vote: Religious Zeal in the Justice Dept. Impacts Civil Rights

Robb O'Driscol: *USAGate Coverage De-Muddied

Dennis Diehl: You Shall Not Kill Has No Meaning in the Real World of Religion (8 comments)

Mark McVay: The Horror (1 comments)

David Cox: The New Slavery (9 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Questions Your Pastor Will Hate- Part2 (3 comments)

Debby Bodkin: Happy Anniversary U.S. Catholic Bishops! (1 comments)

Mary Lyon: What Paris Means (4 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: Do the Neo-Con/Artists really believe their own B.S.? (2 comments)

Mike Palecek: I Do Not Support The Troops (12 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Flash! General Peter W. Pace Speaks Out! Says Why He Refused to Retire Voluntarily! (12 comments)

Rory OConnor: Mirror, Mirror

H. Lewis Smith: UVCC Head Labels Rapper 50 Cent a Black Simon Legree

Muhammad Khurshid: War Is Being Imposed On Tribesmen of Bajaur

Missy Comley Beattie: Calling Evil By Its Name (3 comments)

Richard Girard: Choosing the Hardest Thing (10 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Our Troops Are Dying For The Iraqi Regime To Get On With Their Politics

Uri Avnery: Crocodile Tears for Gaza (9 comments)

Kenneth Barr: *Holsinger: Bush's Quack (2 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Abortion Contortions (1 comments)

Friday, June 15:

BRYN LLOYD-BALLARD: Imperial America? (3 comments)

By Carlos T Mock, MD: Has the Gay Media become irrelevant? (3 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Questions Your Pastor Will Hate (26 comments)

Jim Arnold: The Essence of Faggotry (4 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: KUWAIT INC., GULF ARAB INC., AMERICA INC. & China and Other Incs.

Timothy V. Gatto: Questions (4 comments)

Michael Mejia: The Silence of Henry Waxman (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Hamas Victory is Bush "War Against Terror" Failure (45 comments)

Jeffrey Nielsen: Leaders Can't Save Democracy Only the People Can (1 comments)

Jim Arnold: Illegal Immigration: Left and right or top and bottom? (3 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: DOJ Inspector General looking to Obstruction by Gonzales

Mike Palecek: You Say Musk Ox Dung, I Say It's Horse Hockey (2 comments)

Roger Pool: Dear Government Official:

David Ferraro: GOP Would be Wise to Back Ron Paul (5 comments)

Mike Palecek: Is This Heaven?

Jim Arnold: Evolving Design - A third way between evolution and creation (12 comments)

Martin Zehr: The Costs of Unchecked Migration (1 comments)

David A. Love: The Perfect Smokescreen

Paul Jacobs: Turning up the heat with HAVA (2 comments)

Don Williams: Free flowing money and a dammed humanity...

David Swanson: *Impeachment FAQ (13 comments)

Nicolai Petro: *Putin's Proposal: A Deal Too Good to Pass Up (1 comments)

Michael Guyer: Graduation and Memorial Days, War, and a Challenge

Cathy Garger: The US War Of Terror Against Somalia Escalates (3 comments)

eileen fleming: From Gaza with Love and Words Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword (5 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Immigration for Dummies (7 comments)

Rory Winter: The Real Danger Behind US ABM Deployment in Eastern Europe (2 comments)

Nicola Nasser: 'Cleansing' the Two-state 'Vision' in Jerusalem (1 comments)

Mike Ruane: Barker is Right


Thursday, June 14:

Michael Leon: TNR Embarrasses Itself Again on Mike Gravel (1 comments)

David Michael Green: What Every American Should Know About Iraq

Rowan Wolf: Immigrant Crackdown - In Whose Interest?

Muhammad Khurshid: Am I Justified in Becoming Suicide Bomber? (7 comments)

Steve Young: Attention Presidential Candidates: Get Real (2 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): America is fighting for its spiritual life

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Good Night Cindy Sheehan, Good Night America! A Message For Rahm Emanuel (2 comments)

Dominic Jermano: Who?? Won the Cold War! (1 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Our Desert Dunkirk?

David Swanson: Obama Says He'll Use Force Unilaterally to Protect "Vital Interests" (1 comments)

Walter Brasch: Up and Down the Bush Philosophy

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Evil and the Good, the Power and the People: Part 2

Rob Kall: Death by vomiting on ER Floor; Murder Weapon: Denial of Universal Health Insurance (84 comments)

Mike Palecek: Is This Heaven? (6 comments)

Daniel Smith: Speaking of History: Blair and Bush

Rory Winter: C4's Jon Snow's MSM complicity in totalitarianizing Britain

Todd Huffman, M.D.: The REAL Domestic Terrorism Threats (4 comments)

Keith Pope: She's got Dan's cap? (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Nixon Ignored Subpoenas Too

Rafe Pilgrim: Lying Goes Local (6 comments)

Bob Geiger: Feingold-Reid Bill To End War Coming Back To Senate

Stephen Fox: Richardson's Idea on Boycotting the Olympics Deserves Further Consideration. (2 comments)

Sandy Sand: Whizing Through Life: A Tribute to the Cheez Whiz King

John Carey: "Judge Lost Pants" Should Be Yanked From Court By His Member and Lobotomized (11 comments)

John Carey: China Killed Your Dog; Now You and Your Kids are at Risk Too (4 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions (37 comments)

Phil Rockstroh: Tantrums of Mass Destruction or The Enduring Beauty of Ugly Truth: In Praise of the Shabby-Ass Human Glory of Every Day (1 comments)

Wednesday, June 13:

James Brett: Brontosaurus Democraticus

Jan Baumgartner: Don't Drink the Water (1 comments)

Dusty Nathan: Play My New Game: "Fiddler Truthz"

Linda Milazzo: The Internet Is The Voice Of The People: SAVE NET NEUTRALITY! ACT BY JUNE 15TH!

Rob Kall: Liberal FL County Considering Refusing to Give Business to A Limbaugh Broadcasting Radio Station

Randolph T. Holhut: The Adminstration That Cries Wolf

Jane Stillwater: Sinking to their level: Bush's flea-bitten mafia is dragging America down -- and me too! (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Rule of Law In Iraq: My address to the Berkeley-Albany Bar Association

Ron Fullwood: How many will Bush allow to die in Iraq before he gets his "benchmarks?"

Bob Geiger: Is GOP Senator Kit Bond A Liar Or Just Plain Stupid?

Bob Rose: Tomatoes and Cheap Labor

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: High on Hate? (4 comments)

John Carey: China Faces Crisis of Credibility Before Olympics (3 comments)

Carol Wolman: *Be proactive, not radioactive - HR 333- Impeach Cheney

Ernest Partridge: The Delinquent Congress (5 comments)


Manuel Valenzuela: Of Crazies, Neocons and the Enemy Within (1 comments)

Prithendra Bahadur Khatri: Effective Management of the Maoists Arms and Combatants: Prerequisite for Free and Fair Election

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Breaking News Alert: Liar, Liar Pants Afire-Iran Arms Iraq and Taliban (Uhhuh)

Stephen Lendman: Reviewing Noam Chomsky's New Book: "Interventions" (4 comments)

Michael Collins: 2004 Election: The Urban Legend - Bush Won in Big Cities (13 comments)

Michael Collins: Sludge Report #177=Bigger Than Watergate II

Robert Baldwin: No, Mr. Hitchens, God is Great! (29 comments)

gerald anthro: Blessed be al Qa'ida and Arab Mujahideen (2 comments)

David Swanson: Rorty: The Best We've Ever Had

Tuesday, June 12:

Rob Kall: The Palestinian Mufti's Deal with Hitler: Kill All the Jews in the Middle East (11 comments)

David Swanson: *Eight Congress Members for Impeachment (1 comments)

Ellen Theisen: Senator Feinstein's Election Reform Bill: A Constitutional Heresy

Timothy V. Gatto: Interesting Times (3 comments)

Dennis Diehl: The Church Member's Bill of Rights -- Basic Rights Any Member of a Church Should Expect to Enjoy (5 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Coleen Rowley for Congress...Er, Prophet (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Congressional Failure and the Democrats' Last Chance (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Can you spell Sunburn missiles, Senator Joe Lieberman? (3 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Evil and the Good, the Power and the People: An Exchange (1 comments)

David Michael Green: How Ronald Reagan Won The Cold War (6 comments)

Bob Burnett: Good Bill, Bad Hillary (18 comments)

eileen fleming: *The Jewish Presence at the March to End the Occupation of Palestine

Dave Wheelock: Natives Organize for a Better Food Future (2 comments)

Jay Janson: *Confessions: Cindy re Casey, Bill Moyer re Vietnam, Jimmy Carter re Funding Terrorism

Edward Rhymes: Singing Soprano, While Dissin' the Bass: America's White Thug Love & Ethnically Acceptable Violence (4 comments)

Mark Sashine: Human Coprophagia (8 comments)

Jerm: Why George Bush Wants To Destroy America (8 comments)

Curt Day: How To Encounter Patriotic Counter-Demonstrators (4 comments)

David Patterson: Is Making Paper Money Obsolete a Good Thing? (6 comments)

John Carey: Iraq's Dysfunctional Parliament

Amir Tibon: Will Israel's Gays march in the Holy City? (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Sen. Clinton Wants Troops in Iraq for at Least 10 Years (3 comments)

Monday, June 11:

David Swanson: *Impeachment Sells

Rowan Wolf: Light on the Hill to Eye of Sauron (1 comments)

Patricia Johnson: Justice Serves All? - Perhaps, none, but definitely ONE (2 comments)

CD Rodgers: Oh The Humanity

Rachel Neuwirth: The Hard Hand of War

David Swanson: Father's Day, Peace, and Masculinity (1 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Iraqi oil workers end latest strike, oil minister reprimanded (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorism Strengthening Its Roots (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Our Coming National Nightmare (6 comments)

Bob Geiger: Weaselly Theater On Senate Immigration Vote

John Carey: Pakistan: Our Grieving Friend in Tribal Areas Reports

Kamala Sarup: Gandhi Is Needed In Nepal

Jason Miller: Lies, Damn Lies, and Lies that Unleash Hell (2 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Life in a CIA torture center

Daniel Glover: One Vet's Tale

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Does Deterrence Trump Fallibility? (3 comments)

Michael Collins: Kucinich Says No to Holt Bill - His Alternative, "Paper" for President

Sunday, June 10:

Rajat KC: "M" Factor in the Crisis of Present Nepal (1 comments)

Rand Clifford: CorpoGov

Jayne Lyn Stahl: A recipe for national health: more Colin, less Rice (3 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Is Civilization Dying from Terminal Stupidity? (6 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Flowers in the Attic: GWB's blatant abuse of America's military & why it continues... (2 comments)

Steve Young: The Paris Hilton Effect: Making Newspapers (And Comedy Writers) Obsolete (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Wild Sunday on the Tube - Get THIS! (3 comments)

Carol Wolman: *Stop WW III with HR 333 (4 comments)

Heather Wokusch: Hidden Wars: US Troops in Germany (article & videocast)

Sherwin Steffin: Religion and the Dumbing of America

David Swanson: *War Opposition Made Easy (3 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: If John Q. Public Ran For President (5 comments)

Steven Leser: Iraq, Pre-emption and Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game (1 comments)

Saturday, June 9:

Timothy V. Gatto: A Letter to President Bush's Ex-Best Friend, President Putin (2 comments)

by David Rovics: Rocking the G8 Tour 2007

Larry Sakin: One Nation, Under Served

by Milton Brewster: The Evil of Lesser Idiots: Another Inconvenient Truth (5 comments)

by Kathleen Bushman: Funding the (R)Evolution of Democracy (1 comments)

Daniel Pourkesali: 'Missile Defense Shield' and other imperial misnomers (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Pirate Masters: "Mates, there's treasure to be had in that Iran war!" Har har har... (1 comments)

James Nimmo: Jim Roth -- A Pioneer for Oklahoma's Centennial

Russell 'Ace' Hoffman: *Postal Rates Pricey for Activists But Not Big Business

Monica Davis: *Yankee Doodle Fraidy Cats: Fear of Informed Dissent (2 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Iraq On the Brink (1 comments)

winston: W doesn't obey his military commanders.

Levey MG: Was General Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran (5 comments)

Missy Comley Beattie: Faith and War (2 comments)

Joe Plummer: Your Money or Your Life (2 comments)

Ali Baghdadi: The Arab President US Media Doesn't Want You to See (1 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Bush's Gift to the Military Industry: A New Cold War Arms Race with Russia (5 comments)

Rob Kall: Another Way of Thinking About Time-- (5 comments)

Michael Leon: Free Paris Hilton (50 comments)

Michael Collins: Collins: US Attorney Hit List as Early as 2005?

ProfessorPete: Fun, Love, Sex, Sadistic Politicians, Judges, Prosecutors, and Mercy for Paris Hilton (11 comments)

Friday, June 8:

Bob Koehler: The Conscience of Los Alamos (2 comments)

ProfessorPete: Breaking Story! Marine General Peter W. Pace Resigns as Chairman of Joint Chiefs

Mark A. Goldman: If You Won't Live the Dream, You'll Kill the Dream (8 comments)

Joshua Frank: The Swing State Strategy (5 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: Surge Suppression: New Intel Report indicates that the Escalation will Fail

Brad Kirsch: A Few Moments of Conscience With A Dream of Change (2 comments)

Carol Wolman, MD: *Facing our fear of nuclear war- MUST READ (5 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Congress should have debated the Iraq War like they did the illegal immigration bill (1 comments)

Mary Ratcliff: What Did They Know and When Did They Know It? (2 comments)

Mary Lyon: Undebatably Yours, Revisited

Dennis Diehl: Refuting Christian Fundamentalist Claims that Muslims Can't Be Good Americans (2 comments)

Scott O'Reilly: Top Ten Reasons Scooter Libby Should be Set Free

Dennis Diehl: Neander-Thoughts-Ideas in Religion We Can Do Without (5 comments)

Gila Svirsky: Desperately Seeking Security

Doug Soderstrom: Why I am Ashamed to be an American (8 comments)

David Swanson: *Seven Congress Members for Impeachment

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Stem Cells To Stay Locked Up

Rob Kall: Reasons to Reject and Replace the Holt HR 811 Bill on Voting Integrity (5 comments)

Keith Pope: Have you a radio or tv?

Stephen Lendman: Wall Street Journal's Looking Glass News (2 comments)

Sameh Abdelaziz: The Middle East Victory - Forty Years and Counting! (1 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Economic Programs For Reconstruction

Thursday, June 7:

Scott O'Reilly: Bush's Assault on Reason

Patricia Goldsmith: We All Need Protection from Hate Crimes (5 comments)

David Michael Green: The Gore Door (1 comments)

David Swanson: *Rep. Nadler Says Bush a Criminal

Dick Durbin: Help Me End the Money Chase (1 comments)

Scott Tyner: Zuckerman's immigration editorial, a critique (2 comments)

Walter C. Uhler: Missile Defense: Putin Rescues Bush from Yet Another "Foolish Thing Poorly Done" (1 comments)

Martin Zehr: Opening the Space in American Politics (1 comments)

Stephen Heller: Action Alert! Help Restore the Writ of Habeas Corpus

ProfessorPete: Vice President Blocks AG Appointment Over Wire Taps?

Kamala Sarup: US Education And Communities

Timothy V. Gatto: We Must Stand Against This "New World Order"; The Threat is Real

ProfessorPete: God, Intelligent Design, Darwin, Einstein, Evolution, Politics, Morality, Cheney/Rove and I (9 comments)

David Swanson: *Six Congress Members for Impeachment

Lawrence R. Velvel: It is Crucial to Focus on Simple, Heart-of-the-Matter Points, Instead of Trying to Complicate the Simple.

Anthony Wade: Libby Gets Scootered (5 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Republican Presidential Candidates Threaten Nuclear Bombing of Iran (3 comments)

Rabbi Michael Lerner: The Occupation:Immoral & Self-Destructive--How to End It and Build Lasting Peace (1 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Iraq Occupation Coming to a Head Over Oil (5 comments)

Michael Hammerschlag: RATTLING RUSTING SABERS (5 comments)

Keith Pope: Who needs enemies? (2 comments)

Heather Wokusch: Yet Another G8 Farce

Bruce Wilson: Guns Everywhere? There's Got To Be A Better Way. (24 comments)

Steven Hill: Political Science 101: the woes of the US presidential system (7 comments)

Jim Arnold: The Concept of Loyalty and George W. Bush

Mary Lyon: Undebatably Yours (1 comments)

Karen Fish: Vladimir Putin Threatens George Bush with Nuclear Armageddon (2 comments)

David R. Usher: *Oil Price Gouging: From Enron With Love (1 comments)

Martin Zehr: Are the Turks and Kurds Now Fighting in Iraq? (7 comments)

Rowan Wolf: GI (Government Issue) Goes to A New Level (3 comments)

Alex Wallenwein: RON PAUL: PREEMPTIVE WAR IS IMMORAL! (7 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Open Letter to the President of the American Psychological Association (3 comments)

Alessandro Machi: Perhaps you Miss Don Imus and the Imus Touch and Don't Even Know it.

Todd Huffman, M.D.: No Sin Left Behind (4 comments)

Wednesday, June 6:

By Mary MacElveen: Pres. Bush must pardon border patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean (1 comments)



David Swanson: Iraq Idea: Better Than Calling Congress

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The World 50 Years Hence

larry beinhart: The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Mitt Romney (3 comments)

winston: Trust us until September!

Randolph T. Holhut: Is Cold War II Just Around The Corner? (1 comments)

Carol Wolman: *Dare to say NO to Cheney's nuclear war- Correction

Bob Geiger: Latest Intelligence Report Yet Another Smoking Gun On Bush

Dennis Diehl: I'm the Decider...Now Watch This Drive (1 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Producing More Goods For Development

Ernest Partridge: A Failed Experiment (2 comments)

Corey Habbas: Major American Craft Company Hides Controversial Products, Keeps Selling Them (1 comments)

John Pagoda: Live Free or Die: The Republican Debates (1 comments)

Richard Mathis: War is Peace

Rob Kall: Beyond Oil Prices-- How Big Oil and Big Auto Companies Are Hurting America (14 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Open Letter to Congressman Ron Paul (12 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Resource Wars - Can We Survive Them? (4 comments)

Edward McSweegan: A Contract on Gun Makers

thomas bonsell: Protecting Our Constitution From Those Who Would 'Save' It (3 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: And That's The Way It Is (2 comments)

Rajat KC: Moriarty and Monarchy - Obstacles to the Maoists in Nepal

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: Bush Scandals: It's the Politics, Stupid (1 comments)

Tuesday, June 5:

thepen: A Libby Leniency Letter Received From SATAN (1 comments)

Anthony Wade: Merchants of Death, The Politics of Perpetual Fear (6 comments)

Walter C. Uhler: Foxbats over Dimona: Revisionist History or Marvelous (Zionist) Fantasy? (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: The National Security Presidential Directive: Now we're just one hurricane away from a dictatorship! (1 comments)

ProfessorPete: Guantnamo Trials End In Unequivocal Defeat For Bushites (2 comments)

Bev Harris: Call to action: Kill the bill that federalizes secret vote counting (2 comments)

Eric Malone: Nothing To See Here; Keep Moving Along (7 comments)

NancyT: HR 811 (The Holt Bill): Time to put us out of its misery (6 comments)

Cameron Salisbury: TB, Bird Flu and Photo Ops

Bob Geiger: Reid: Bush "Willfully Ignored Experts" Before Iraq War (5 comments)

ProfessorPete: Entropy, The Quantum, Bush, Cheney and Justice (4 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Wanted – Poetry and Music that Speaks to War and Other Progressive and Liberal Issues and Social Injustices (16 comments)

larry beinhart: The 'Mysteries' of Bushenomics

Rachel Gladstone-Gelman: Fingers

Brent Budowsky: Al Gore, Live Earth Concert, and the Coming Surge of American Optimism (3 comments)

Bruce Toien: Advice to Democratic Party: Include Conditional Draft in September Iraq War Funding Bill (8 comments)

Mike Palecek: Is This Heaven? (1 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: On The Release Of Two Prisoners (2 comments)

Monday, June 4:

The Pen: Cheney SECRETLY Schemes To Start Iran War By Himself

andi novick: Connecting the Dots: 3 Actions to Take Today

John R Moffett: Defeatocrats (43 comments)

David Swanson: *Audio: Matt Rothschild and David Swanson Discuss Impeachment

Rob Kall: Is that Jerry Falwell Calling for the Carpet Bombing Of Gaza? (13 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Iraqi asks Americans to carry on the struggle in "Open letter to Cindy Sheehan" (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Why I Was Happy Last Night (5 comments)

Lawrence R. Velvel: The Current Intersection (1 comments)

Kamala Sarup: US War Terrorism And Justification (5 comments)

Dave Johnson: Messiah-Candidate Thinking (2 comments)

Rory Winter: G8, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission (4 comments)

Ed Martin: Has anyone noticed that we only get to use half of our vote? (4 comments)

David Cox: The Recipe for Debate Du Jour

eileen fleming: Apartheid by any other name is still: Apartheid (3 comments)

Jason Miller: Annals of Mendacious Punditry: When the Shill Enables the Kill (1 comments)

Peter Michaelson: Henry Kissinger Bombs Again (1 comments)

Peter Zaza: Life in the New World Order - Soul Mates or Cell Mates? (6 comments)

David Swanson: *Ritter's Repudiation Ritual (6 comments)

Jim Bush: Our Boys And Girls, And Men And Women (1 comments)

Ami Isseroff: Boycotts versus Middle East peace (11 comments)


Cathy Garger: Disabled Conscientious Objector Vet Goes Before Judge Over Freedom of Speech (5 comments)

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Refueling Our Fears (13 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Just Say 'No!' to Coal (3 comments)

Sunday, June 3:

Mary Ann Gould: Action Alert! Call your member of Congress Monday to vote 'no' on HR 811 (4 comments)

David Michael Green: Our Loss (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: All They Have Is Each Other... (1 comments)

Mary Ann Gould: Voting by Mail is no Panacea (1 comments)

Linda Milazzo: CNN, If You Confront Chickenhawks In Your Debates, Mitt Has Some Fielding To Do! (2 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): The Bird Brain Flu

David McReynolds: Vietnam and Iraq: Similarities and Differences

Larry Sakin: Why the Media Hates John Edwards (3 comments)

Mark Crispin Miller: Action Alert: Ask Congress to slow down on HR 811 (2 comments)

Michael Bonanno: Our Next Target – The Mainstream Media (5 comments)

Curt Day: Has Patriotism Become A Religion? (4 comments)

Peter Zaza: They Must be Lying - I saw it on TV (1 comments)

Cliff Durfee: *The Missing 2nd Step in High Tech Voting (2 comments)

John F. Miglio: Religious Fundamentalists, Militant Atheists: Both Are Misguided and Dangerous (10 comments)

Sherwin Steffin: I'm not planning to vote in '08 (4 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Veterans Groups Unite Behind Kokesh Battle With Marines for Free Speech (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: The Media is Priming the Pump for a Dictatorship in America (5 comments)

Steven Leser: *Democrats Missed it Badly on Iraq War Funding (24 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Suffer the children of Iraq, a photo essay

Michael Goodspeed: This is Not the Life I Ordered (2 comments)


Steve Young: THE CLASS OF '07 MUST BE WILLING TO FAIL: An Unsolicited Commencement Speech

Todd Huffman, M.D.: Science 101

Rory Winter: Britain's hard-line Dictators Exposed

CD Rodgers: Hair-Brained Sean Hannity

Stephen Crockett: Republicans Should Sex-Up Ideas Instead of Candidates

Charles Sullivan: Over Hill, Over Dale: The Militarization of Culture (1 comments)

ProfessorPete: Entropy Et Al... (28 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Gorillas and the Myths (4 comments)

Rowan Wolf: The Growing Economic Divide (6 comments)

Ed Martin: Republicans aren't the only reason we have the inexplicable phenomenon of the George Bush presidency. (12 comments)

Jim Bush: Tree Silhouettes

Alex Wallenwein: Ron Paul and the GOP's Blogos-Fear (2 comments)

Saturday, June 2:

Danny Schechter: Can Our Media Survive?

Rob Kall: Can Democracy and Muslim Sharia Law Live Together? (26 comments)


Rob Kall: Going Local For Some Great Reasons (7 comments)

Nicolai Petro: Needed: Better Western Coverage of Russia (2 comments)

Missy Comley Beattie: Cindy, Let's Roar (5 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: The Evils of Lesser Evil Voting (23 comments)

Jim Bush: Who Will Get In The Crops? (2 comments)

Scott Tyner: Darfur and Rove's Political Theatre (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Iraq (and Iran) Rag

Kamala Sarup: Protection of U.S. Population a Must (6 comments)

Jim Cullen: No Immigration Fix

Lydia Howell: Northwest Airlines;Big Business as usual (2 comments)

Monica Davis: Do Something! Stop Foamin' at the Mouth on the Lunatic Express (1 comments)

eileen fleming: Bush and Hillary: "Willing Collaborators" (3 comments)

Rafe Pilgrim: Open Letter to My Peacenik Friends (5 comments)

Russell 'Ace' Hoffman: *George Bush, in the name of justice, I arrest you! (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Efforts Intensified to Convert Pakistan Into State of Terrorism (1 comments)

Richard Neville: The Fall and Rise of Flower Power (1 comments)

Bennet Kelley: Iraq, Democrats and the Art of the Possible (40 comments)

Friday, June 1:

Timothy V. Gatto: Now We Can Bring Our Troops Home (2 comments)

People for the American Way: Accountability 101

Richard Mathis: Left Out (6 comments)

Joshua Frank: The Problem with the Global Warming Skeptics

Steve Young: DEFENDING O'REILLY: If Bill's A Rascist, So Was Lincoln

Dan DeWalt: Cadet Repudiates Cheney at West Point Ceremony (9 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Bush Looking To Pass The Buck On Iraq

Kenneth Briggs: Homeland Security-Part 6

James R. Brett: Greek Chorus

Jane Stillwater: My "Dear Jane" letter: There's not even ONE embed available in all of Baghdad! (2 comments)

Kamala Sarup: If Media Advocates Terrorism

Don Williams: The Hard Rain of Depleted Uranium is Already Falling (2 comments)

Russ Wellen: Bush Hatred, Self-Hatred (7 comments)

Robert Weitzel: How Cynicism Will Save Us From A Date With Extinction (4 comments)

Alessandro Machi: The Hidden Message Behind the TB Media "Scare". (19 comments)

Mary Starrett: Plan B (6 comments)

Michael Hayes: *Now is the Time! (5 comments)

Camillo "Mac" Bica: The Frustrations of Activism (13 comments)

Ed Martin: What we've got here is a turtle on a stump.

Mac McKinney: OPERATION IRAQI GENOCIDE (2 comments)

Joseph Smith: Has "Bush the Quitter" finally nudged out "Bush the War President"? (16 comments)

David Brog: All Roads Lead to Jerusalem: The True Legacy of Dr. Jerry Falwell (2 comments)

Joe Parko: Cindy Sheehan: Mother of the Peace Movement (3 comments)

Mike Palecek: Is This Heaven?

Ed Martin: Do we really have a democracy? (5 comments)

David Michael Green: Cowering In The Suburbs of Berlin (1 comments)


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