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May 2007

Thursday, May 31:

Rob Kall: Economic Growth Skids to a Near Halt

League of Women Voters: *Action Alert! Stop Discriminatory Voter ID Requirement (2 comments)

John Brakey: Fellow Investigators and Patriots: Election Misconduct in Pima County AZ (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Lawyer: Cheney visitor logs not recorded

Joan Brunwasser: A Video Interview with David Iglesias and the "smoking gun"

Joan Brunwasser: What the heck is vote caging and why does nobody care? (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: The Scales of Justice

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: The Genocide of Palestine - Col. David Antoon (4 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Denny's Dumps Supplier Following Graphic Video of Bird Abuse (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Griffin To Resign Friday, Congressional Staffers Say

Joan Brunwasser: Bush envisions US presence in Iraq for next 50 years (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Minnesota Case Fits Pattern in US Attorneys Flap (1 comments)

Florida Hometown Democracy: Action Alert! We have one more chance to save the people's ballot initiative!

Charles Rukuni: Britain behind Gukurahundi massacres

Rob Kall: Clever Richardson Ads Fueling Early State Rise (2 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Guantanamo Inmate Found Dead - Apparent Suicide (2 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Boeing Subsidiary Accused of Aiding CIA in Torture Flights

Dave Lindorff: Conyers: A Hero of the Constitution (4 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Charges Iraq Invasion Was to Keep Lid on Oil Production (5 comments)

Russ Wellen: It's Bilderberger Week!

Khalid Aziz: Talibanization of Pakistan

Russ Wellen: Al Qaeda's Attacks on Saudi Oil Transport System May Spread to Its Electrical Grid

Rob Kall: Pa. to consider vote-by-mail ballot system to increase turnout - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 30:

Chris Bowers: Presidential IQ (2 comments)

Press Release: June 1st, SUNY New Paltz "Theft of Democracy - Vote by Vote" Forum

Joan Brunwasser: The road to impeachment does not begin in Washington

Jan Baumgartner: Boos for Miss U.S.A. Aimed at U.S. Lawmakers

Jan Baumgartner: Bush to Seek Extension for AIDS Effort (1 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Oil May Allow Sudan to Escape Sanctions Pain

Russ Wellen: The Memorial Day Ambush

Timothy V. Gatto: Turkey builds up forces on Iraqi border (1 comments)

Michael Leon: Military Document Corroborates Jailed Vet's Story (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Federal Quarantine for TB Traveler

Tuesday, May 29:

Joan Brunwasser: Plame was 'covert' at time of name leak

Lawrence R. Velvel: The New Big Lie

Michael Budkie: USDA Released Deceptive Lab Animal Report, Says Watchdog Group

Laura Robeson: Taking Truth to the Suburbs

Russ Wellen: Poll Shows Obama Would Fare Better Than Clinton vs. Republicans

Russ Wellen: Beyond Irony: Eight US Troops Killed on Memorial Day

Michael Leon: US on Pace for Most Deadly Month Since Nov. 2004

Gustav Wynn: Amazing new details on pre-war intelligence by stellar panel

Monday, May 28:

Evelyn Pringle: What Military Service Qualifies Bush To Lead Iraq War (1 comments)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Mom, is George Bush a terrorist? (2 comments)

Michael Leon: Memorial Day, Herb Kohl and Wis SeniorCare

eileen fleming: *Report from Gaza on This Week's Violence (2 comments)

Erik Larson: Event: Dr. Bob Bowman - Patriot Tour- 'Take Back America' for the People

Sunday, May 27:

Rob Kall: Cheney Attempting to Constrain Bush's Choices on Iran Conflict: Staff Engaged in Insubordination Against President Bush

Michael Richardson: Hate in the Heartland in the Summer of Love

Rob Kall: U.S. Sergeant FOR Withdrawal from Iraq: 95% of My Platoon Agrees with me. (3 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: Fur and Hooves Fly at House Ag Committee Animal Welfare Hearings

Joan Brunwasser: Peering through Chinks in the Armor of High-Tech Elections by Pokey Anderson (4 comments)

Rob Kall: 30 Top Justice Dept. Staffers Threatened to Resign Over Ashcroft Stand Rejecting Eavesdropping Program

Rob Kall: Blackwater Mercenaries Open Fire in Baghdad-- Shoot at Iraqi Forces (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Medical experiments to be done without patients' consent (2 comments)

Rob Kall: The Raw Story | Cheney criticizes the Geneva Conventions in Military Academy commencement address (2 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber and MONUC/UN News: Dangers Increase for Displaced in Eastern DR Congo

Sheila Samples: Hundreds boo former Bush chief of staff at University of Massachusetts commencement ceremony

Saturday, May 26:

Rob Kall: Top U.S. Climate Scientist Issues New Warning On Catastropic Sea Level Rise

Steve Miller: White House plays down report of Iraq troop cut

Steve Miller: Working wives marriages Last Longer, studies show (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Corrupt Mess at Justice Dept Is Severely Affecting Ability to Recruit Candidates for US Attorneys

Timothy V. Gatto: Liberal Party of America (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Representative Confronts American Empire on House Floor (4 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Anonymous Senator Blocks FOIA Bill (4 comments)

Friday, May 25:

Elaine: American Civil Liberties Union - Day of Action:

Georgianne Nienaber: Research Watchdog Organization (S.A.E.N.) Demands Ban On Largest U.S. Primate Importers

Sheila Samples: Save Iron Thunderhorse

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 25, 2007

the web: Tell the FCC: Save Our Public Airwaves

Joan Brunwasser: Leading GOP Candidates Surge to Embrace Torture

andi novick: Election Forum at SUNY New Paltz still on for Friday, June 1st

Michael Richardson: 1970 murder retrial hearing resumes next week after contradictory police testimony against Black Panther Ed Poindexter

Russ Wellen: Surprise! Clinton and Obama Actually Vote Against War Bill (6 comments)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Brett Kimberlin - The Music is the soul of Peace

Thursday, May 24:

Joan Brunwasser: Palast Exclusive: The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom (1 comments)


Rae: Presidential Directives NSPD 51 HSPD 20 (10 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 24, 2007

Evelyn Pringle: Congress Gives Iraq War Profiteers Another Hundred Billion

Rob Kall: CBS: Bush created \'safe haven\' for terrorism with Iraq invasion

Rob Kall: Politicians weigh renewal of Net access tax ban

Rob Kall: On War Funds, Democrats Saw No Option but to Cede Ground to Bush (1 comments)

Hans Bennett: AUDIO & PRESS RELEASE: New Mumia Crime Scene Photos Unveiled for First Time in the US! (1 comments)

Jonathan Schwarz: A Short History Of Presidential Rhetoric (1 comments)

Wednesday, May 23:

Jon Faulkner: Democracy An Idealistic Fairy Tale (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 23, 2007

Lynne Glasner: Student Bomb Plotter Gives New Meaning to "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" (2 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Representative Dennis J. Kucinich: "It's All About Oil" (7 comments)

Greg Palast: *Journalist with BBC Has Rove Office Emails

Lawrence R. Velvel: Dr. Demento In The Oval Office (1 comments)

Mary Kilpatrick: How Gay Marriage Has Worked in Massachusetts (1 comments)

Peter Rost: Pfizer's "Delete! Delete!" memo: "Do NOT forward or retain this e-mail . . ."

ProfessorPete: Flash!! Bushites Make Generous Oil Deal! Update from Media Matters: Washington Post Showing Signs of Life?

Tuesday, May 22:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 22, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: The Fraudulent Fraud Squad

Paul Lehto: FOX tv Expose of E-Voting Official Corruption!!

Press Release: Greg Palast, Acclaimed Investigative Journalist on Wednesday's Voice of the Voters

Lynne Glasner: Lieberman Rattles the Saber Again: I'd Rather Switch Than Fight (3 comments)

Peter Rost: Pfizer sales rep: "PFE tried to find 'nave doctors' for illegal premarketing of maraviroc!"

Lynne Glasner: Rudy in the Bush Bubble

Rajat KC: Young Communist League or Young Criminal League (1 comments)

"Hoss" David P.: Route 66 motels an endangered species

G.E. Nordell: George W. Bush ber Alles

Kathlyn Stone: The ICE man cometh

Devlin Buckley: Still Playing With Fire -- Gov't May Have Been Complicit in Terror Plot (2 comments)

Monday, May 21:

Joan Brunwasser: Missing Rove Emails Point to Violation of Records Act

Joan Brunwasser: Al Gore has Big Plans

Joan Brunwasser: Senate Readies No-Confidence Vote in Bid to Oust Gonzales

Joan Brunwasser: Red Alert! Bush Anoints Himself as Ensurer of Constitutional Government in Emergency (17 comments)

the web: This Week on Air America

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 20 and 21, 2007

Robert Anchors: Work will set you Free Campaign Against Veterans (2 comments)

Peter Rost: Will Pfizer CEO Mr. Kindler also resign?

Lauren Ellerman: Negligence Lawsuits = Liens

Joan Brunwasser: How to hack an election in one minute

Dave Lindorff: A Widening Chasm Between Congressional Democrats and Voters on Impeachment (3 comments)

Lynne Glasner: House Introduces No Confidence Resolution on Gonzales

Jan Baumgartner: Is President Carter Irrelevant?

John R Moffett: XM Satellite Down?

Lynne Glasner: Immigration Cuban Style

Jan Baumgartner: Mortar Shell Hits Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad

Jan Baumgartner: Gun Battle at Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon

SteveO: Iraq Oil Agreement Benefits Big Oil

judeedee: Gingrich Lauds Falwell at Liberty U. Graduation (1 comments)

judeedee: Evolution Opponent Is in Line for Schools Post

Joan Brunwasser: BILL MAHER VIDEO - John Fund is an Evil, Unrepentant Liar Who Hates Both America and Democracy (1 comments)

Bill Glauber: Grandmother in Jail for Voter Fraud

Evelyn Pringle: FDA Protects SSRI Makers With Misleading Suicide Warning (2 comments)

Lynne Glasner: Report from UK on US Plot to Kill Al-Sadr (1 comments)

Sunday, May 20:

Peter Rost: PFIZER CFO RESIGNS after PFE finance executive blows the whistle.

Joan Brunwasser: Art imitating life? (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Efforts to stop 'voter fraud' may have curbed legitimate voting (1 comments)

Greg Gordon: DoJ Voter Fraud Atty Crusaded Under Pseudonym

Lynne Glasner: MIA: Osama bin Laden and US Cash (1 comments)

Amos Harel and Aluf Benn: Tanks Edge into Gaza, Air Strikes Intensify

Bob Harris: NYPD surveillance prior to the 2004 GOP convention

BAGHDAD (Reuters): Roadside Bomb Kills 6 U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad (1 comments)

Saturday, May 19:

Joan Brunwasser: Watergate without the break-in

Joan Brunwasser: In closed meeting with Gonzales, Prosecutors express their dismay

Stephen Dupont: Open letter to Byron York

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 19, 2007

chris ferry: - World Bank\'s Former Top Lawyer Says Wolfowitz Spurned His Legal Advice

chris ferry: - Help Wanted: Deputy AG McNulty Leaves Troubled DOJ

Ted Janusz: *The Top 10 Mistakes Mortgage Borrowers Make

Lynne Glasner: How Blair Got His Nickname as Bush's Poodle

Jan Baumgartner: Disaster in Somalia

Jan Baumgartner: Sarkozy Names 7 Women to 15-Member Cabinet

Judith Davidoff and David Callender: US Atty Targeted Dem-voting Areas in WI Voter Fraud Witch-hunt

Lynne Glasner: Samarra Running out of Food and Fuel Under US-Iraqi Restrictions

Lynne Glasner: Moore's Sicko Participants Want to Go Back (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Mumia Case on Hold as Appellate Judges Deliberate

Michael Leon: Marine Betrayed by the VA

Patrick Cockburn: Chalabi Speaks

Friday, May 18:

Michael Leon: US Atty. Biskupic Praised Before Being Buried-Almost

Timothy V. Gatto: Would You Like to ask Senator Gravel a Question? (5 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Finally: the ACVR's "Voter Fraud" Scam outed in all their ignominious shame in new Slate article

Joan Brunwasser: Votes go missing as Diebold voting machine kills another election, this time in Texas (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: BradBlog Premium: Signed New Edition of Mark Crispin Miller's "Fooled Again" (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 18, 2007

the web: Action Alert: On to the Senate for DC Voting Rights!

Joan Brunwasser: Fired US Attorney David Iglesias embraces the media in his quest for vindication

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: Will Al Gore face his inconvenient truths about our stolen elections?

Press Release: Upcoming Films 6/1/07: "Stealing America: Vote by Vote" & "Everything's Cool": America Gets Global Warming

Lynne Glasner: Follow the Moon(ies) for a Free Pass on the Press

Jan Baumgartner: Wolfowitz Taint Will Limit Bush's Choices for Successor

Jan Baumgartner: Several Dead in Bombing Outside India Mosque

Timothy V. Gatto: OPEC peak oil threat receding - Energy -

James Kitfield: The American Decline Begins (1 comments)

Max Blumenthal: Falwell: Agent of Intolerance (5 comments)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Hugo Chavez: Socialist? George Bush: Socialist! (5 comments)

Thursday, May 17:

Lynne Glasner: David Addington--Cheney's Brain

Joan Brunwasser: CEO resigns from MO legal firm embroiled in US Attorney Purge

Peter Rost: Pfizer Finance Executive Blows the Whistle

Joel Wendland: Michigan Schools in Crisis – a Result of GOP Policies

Ibon Villelabeitia: Iraq on the Verge of Collapse: Report (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 17, 2007

Jan Baumgartner: Court Clears Way for Stem Cell Grants

Jan Baumgartner: Wolfowitz, bank board lock horns in negotiations

Jan Baumgartner: Somalia Premier Escapes Bombing

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Bush's finger is on the button. He thinks Armageddon is a good idea. Fight back. (2 comments)

Lindsay Beyerstein and Larisa Alexandrovna: Heckuva job? Bush Administration vaunted bogus credentials for birth control czar, records show (1 comments)

Bill Christofferson: US Atty Targeted WI Gov. in Bogus Prosecution

Lynne Glasner: The High Stakes Plame Game - Another Stonewall?

Lynne Glasner: Ethically Challenged But Lucrative

amy de miceli: *The Revolution is in Full Swing; The Real ID Act of 2005 is Collapsing, One Great State at a Time: Missouri

Martha Rosenberg: On the Menu and on the Docket; Legislators Look at Fowl Foul Play

Michael Richardson: Federal appellate court denies voting rights in U.S. Virgin Islands; 4th in a 21st Century American Colonies series

Dave Johnson and James Boyce: Al Gore Stands Up. Time Cover Story On "The Assault On Reason" Is Out. (2 comments)

Rafe Pilgrim: Who's to Blame?

Wednesday, May 16:

Lynne Glasner: Roadblocks on the Road to Rove

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 16, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: YouTube: New Florida iVotronic Study showing "spikes" in undervotes (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Hackers show up flaws in e-voting

Press Release: "Voice of the Voters" turns to New Hampshire: Tune in Tonight

Greg Palast: *An Army of Rove-Bots (3 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: An Army of Rove-bots

Joan Brunwasser: Worm attacked voter database in notorious Florida district

Stephen Dupont: My open letter to Fox News and the Mainstream Media (3 comments)

William Petroski: Navy Veteran: VA Pushed Religion (2 comments)

David Bloys: US Marshal Indicted For Unauthorized Data Access

Tuesday, May 15:

Lynne Glasner: Blair Pushes Bush to Adopt Climate Change Policy Ahead of G8

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 15, 2007

**********: The Right Wing Dives Under Its Rock (2 comments)

Greg Mitchell: Writer/War Critic Suffers Ultimate Sacrifice (2 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Moral Majority Leader Falwell Dies (4 comments)

Paul Kiel: White House Pushed Ashcroft on Wiretaps

Bob Orabona: Report from Primarily Primates - May 2007

Michael Leon: VA Document Contradicts US Atty in Jailed Vet Case (1 comments)

judeedee: Disappeared without a trace: more than 10,000 Iraqis

Monday, May 14:

David Bloys: Grand Jury Charges Judge With Attempted Murder

Press Release: Friday, June 1st: The Future of Democracy in the Current American Electoral System

Bo Lipari: Citizen Poll Watching Effort Banned by Troy City School Board

Rob Kall: Poll: Franken Trails Incumbent Coleman by 22 Points. in MN Senate Race

sameh abdelaziz: United Arab Emirates University Team wins Microsoft Imagine Cup (2 comments)

Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein: Post: GOP Voter-Fraud Complaints Drove US Atty Dismissals

Cody Lyon: UAFA Seeks To Remedy America's Anti-Gay Immigration Policy (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Darth Gates; Microsoft claims Linux stole 230 patents (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Intelligence chief OK's global warming study

Rob Kall: Obama: "The day that this president steps down, the entire world will breath a sigh of relief" (2 comments)

Sunday, May 13:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 13, 2007

Rob Kall: Hagel: Republican Meeting With Bush Is "Just The Tip Of The Iceberg" Of Conservative Dissent (2 comments)

Rob Kall: 1.5 million Turks rally against pro-Islamic ruling party, pressuring government ahead of vote (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Bloodshed rises in Iraq as US demands \'victory\' - Independent Online Edition > Middle East

Rob Kall: UK: Now drivers face ban on smoking at the wheel

Rob Kall: al-Qaida Says It Has Missing U.S. Troops

Rob Kall: WaPo Dishes Giuliani Dirt

Rob Kall: Near U.S. Media Blackout of Afghan Parliament;

Rob Kall: Executed man's last request honored -- pizza for homeless -

Hans Bennett: RADIO INTERVIEW: Linn Washington, Jr. on Mumia, MOVE, and the Philly Media

Sudarsan Raghavan and Joshua Partlow: 5 Die in Ambush of U.S. Patrol in Iraq

Saturday, May 12:

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Republicans fear defeat ove r Iraq

Martha Rosenberg: Surprise: Milk, like pizza and lasagna, is not a weight loss food; FTA quashes dairy industry claims

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 12, 2007 (3 comments)

Bev Harris: Voting machine rage: Uh-Oh -- Hammertime! (5 comments)

Marty Ward: *Congress Denies Congressional Challenge without a Hearing

Stephanie Westbrook: Italian Women Opposing New U.S. Military Base Lobby Capitol Hill (1 comments)

Teresa Albano: After tornado, Kansas feels war's toll

Georgianne Nienaber: Interhamwe Abuses in Eastern DRC: BBC Report

Rob Kall: Department of defense to block troop access to Myspace, Youtube, MTV, Blackplanet , photobucket and more sites (35 comments)

Rob Kall: Colleagues Cite Partisan Focus by Justice Official

Rob Kall: Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, U.S. Study Says (4 comments)

Anil Gulati: Bhopal marks world migratory birds day

Friday, May 11:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 11, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Two hearings, one reality


Roy Lipscomb and Sheila Parks: Hand-Counted Paper Ballots: Frequently Asked Questions (10 comments)

the web: *Bush Approval Map: No Safe Districts for GOP (19 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: US Officials Unaware Of New German Terror Threat Against Americans In Germany (1 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: A Bitter Pill To Swallow: Oral Sex Could Be More Dangerous Than Cigars

Michael Richardson: Retired Omaha detective contradicts trial testimony about dynamite in 1970 case against Black Panther Ed Poindexter (1 comments)

Mark Herpel: Webmoney's Inside Man - Q & A with Peter Darakhvelidze (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Iraqi Lawmakers Back Bill on U.S. Withdrawal

Rob Kall: Blair Endorses Gordon Brown as His Successor

Rob Kall: In Guilty Plea, OxyContin Maker to Pay $600 Million

Rob Kall: European Leaders to Bush: Wolfowitz MUST Resign

Rob Kall: Lying Freepers Slime Dean and KS Gov, Using Greensburg Disaster As Pretext

Rob Kall: CBS fires consultant Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad; "We went to war with a fatally flawed strategy'

Rob Kall: Wal-Mart -Worst Sales in 28 Years

Rob Kall: If Dems Don't Act Nice in the Primary (14 comments)

Rob Kall: Poll: Congress' Approval Same As Bush (1 comments)

johndoraemi: Prof. Peter Dale Scott: The Global Drug Meta Group

Joan Brunwasser: Amy Goodman and Greg Palast Mother's Day broadcast

Project Vote: Talking Points: Voter fraud, US Attorneys and Suppressing the Vote

the web: Action Alert! Anti-democratic provisions hidden inside FL paper trail legislation

Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor: DoJ Official Nixed WH-Pushed 2006 Voter Fraud Investigations

Sherwood Ross: Bush Actions Recall Those Of Previous Tyrants (3 comments)

Thursday, May 10:

Rob Kall: Backstabbing Dems Who Opposed the McGovern Out Of Iraq Bill

Rob Kall: House OKs Iraq funds in installments

Rob Kall: Administration Withheld E-Mails About Rove

Michael Leon: Vets Go to Mattresses for Jailed Vet, Rep. Baldwin Hits AG on US Atty Biskupic

Iris Brooks: Detroit Tower Mold

moosehunter: Israeli army demolishes a Palestinian disabled childrens center in Jerusalem !

Michael Richardson: Expert testifies voice on 911 tape is not that of confessed killer in case of Black Panther leader Ed Poindexter

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Is this Administration planning another 9/11 on May 11th? (11 comments)

Russ Wellen: Putin Slyly Compares US Policies to Third Reich's

"Hoss" David P.: Pet food probe: Who was watching suppliers?

Russ Wellen: Cheney Greeted by Mortars and Demonstrations in Iraq

Gustav Wynn: Iraqi Parliament Votes for U.S. Pullout: Not News? (2 comments)

Wednesday, May 9:

Rob Kall: 11 Republican Cogressmen to Bush; "You Have No Credibility" (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Bingo! Proof on 9th Attorney Firing. (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: CA to Conduct Unprecedented $1.8 Million Review of Voting Systems with UC

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 9, 2007

Greg Palast: *Naked neo-cons: Perjury and the Big, Bad Wolfowitz (1 comments)

Michael Richardson: Black Panther Ed Poindexter gets hearing over 911 tape in 1970 bombing murder

Rob Kall: Rep. Obey Rips Kucinich A New One During War Funding Discussions

Rob Kall: Pope warns Catholic politicians who back abortion; Go ahead and Excommunicate Them

Timothy V. Gatto: General Says Stop The War!

Roman Bystrianyk: Another consequence of global warming – ocean dead zones

Russ Wellen: Russia Plans to Launch Nuclear Reactors -- Literally, into the Seas

Joan Brunwasser: Holt Election Reform Bill Passes Out of Committee, People for the American (PFAW) Still Misleading Public About It (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Sad day in DC: House Admin Committee Unanimously Votes to Dismiss 4 of 5 Federally Contested 2006 House Elections

Tuesday, May 8:

Michael Leon: Report Issued on PTSD Cost to Mixed Reactions

Rob Kall: / World / US & Canada - White House struggles to fill senior posts

Rob Kall: SEC accuses couple of illegal Dow Jones stock trades (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 8, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Kansas City paper, whitewashers of Landmark GOP 'Voter Fraud' Expose, Represented by MO Law Firm at Heart of "voter Fra

Joan Brunwasser: Just in: Feingold to propose legislation to end war, cut off funding

Press Release: June 1, SUNY New Paltz: The Future of Democracy in the Current American Election System

Greg Palast: *RFK: Rove And Rove's Brain, 'Should be in jail,' Not In Office (6 comments)

Amanda Lang: U.S. colonel shot while surveying Baghdad wall (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Sunni demand could unravel Iraqi government

Amanda Lang: Probe launched into missing Transportation Security Agency hard drive

Amanda Lang: White House and Kansas governor argue over tornado response then back down | (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Dem Leaders Brief Party on New Iraq Plan (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Pentagon Tells 35,000: Prepare to Deploy in Fall '07

Gustav Wynn: Breaking: Chevron dirty in oil-for-food scam, Condi implicated

Mark Herpel: eCache : Anonymous Digital Bearer Certificates (1 comments)

Russ Wellen: Six Intending to Wage Personal Jihad on Fort Dix Arrested (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: European Leaders Increase Pressure For Wolfowitz to Resign

Rob Kall: Republican quotes KKK founder on House floor

Amanda Lang: Congress probes allegations of politicized hiring

Joan Brunwasser: House Admin Committee Set to Dismiss Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney Election Challenge According to Curtis Campaign

Monday, May 7:

Joan Brunwasser: RFK: Rove And Rove's Brain, 'Should Be In Jail,' Not In Office

Joan Brunwasser: ACORN takes control of High-Level GOP Front Group ACVR's Internet Domain Names!

Joan Brunwasser: Congress urged to address security and reliability of voting machines

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 7, 2007

Julie Jacobus: Clint Curtis (FL) needs your help today! House Admin Comm is ready to dismiss Congressional Challenge

Amanda Lang: White House continues search for war czar

Dave Lindorff: The Great Oil Robbery (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Gingrich To Conservatives: Don't Talk About Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed, Attorneys, Or Bush (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Kansas Governor: Iraq War Is Slowing National Guard's Tornado Response

Amanda Lang: DoJ Finds "Unwritten Exception" for Pre-Election Voter Fraud Indictments

Amanda Lang: Kansas Tornado Clean-up Equipment in Iraq

Amanda Lang: Congress considers broadening Justice Department inquiry

Amanda Lang: Iraq's oil production falls short of goals

Peter Dearman: China aghast at 'sacrifice' of 288 pupils (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: New Orleans Levee Repairs by Corps Show Signs of Flaws

Rob Kall: Wall Street Journal Facing Reality-- Bush's Surge is Failing

Michael Leon: Fight Is on to Free Wisconsin Vet (1 comments)

Sunday, May 6:

Rob Kall: Children of Iconic Republicans May Vote Dem

Rob Kall: Giuliani Team Whines About Keith Olbermann

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 5 and 6, 2007

Amanda Lang: Guilliani's Camp Complains About Olberman (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Lamone Deposition Made Public -

Amanda Lang: Al-Qaeda No. 2 mocks American 'failure'

Amanda Lang: Violence across Iraq claims another 59

Amanda Lang: White House Politicization of Federal Agencies

Amanda Lang: Memorial honoring fallen soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan runs out of room

Edward Rhymes: 400 Years And Counting (11 comments)

Saturday, May 5:

Amanda Lang: Discharged gay sailor is called back to active duty

Amanda Lang: Deployed Troops Battle for Child Custody

Rob Kall: Breaking: RF Kennedy, Jr. Says USA Griffin Under Investigation

Amanda Lang: Poll: Bush Hits All-Time Low Approval (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Report: Kenya Airways 737 crashes

Amanda Lang: Bush Vows to Veto Abortion-Rights Bills

Friday, May 4:

Evelyn Pringle: Doctors Fail to Recognize Life-Threatening Serotonin Syndrome (3 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 4, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Colorado election IT manager selling "voter data" to GOP candidates (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Waxman to Rice: Step Back

Amanda Lang: Clinton Proposes Vote to Reverse Authorizing War

Amanda Lang: Pelosi considers Iraq proposal challenging Bush

Amanda Lang: Ex-aide could be liability for Rep. Doolittle

Amanda Lang: Republicans walk tightrope over war

Amanda Lang: REPORT: GOP Candidates Run From Bush Record

Amanda Lang: Cummins Confirms That Justice Dept. Used Pregnancy As Excuse To Appoint Griffin

Amanda Lang: Miller's 2005 Transportation Bill Earmarks Benefited Longtime Business Partner

Amanda Lang: Conservatives Are Cracking On Iraq

Amanda Lang: Anti-war planes buzz GOP debate.

Amanda Lang: Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Bush's 'Iraq surge' architect resigns

Amanda Lang: Deployments strain troops' mental health

Michael Richardson: Guam, only current U.S. colony ever occupied by foreign troops; 3rd in a 21st Century American Colonies series

Amanda Lang: Groups believe impeachment is 'more on the table than people think'

Dave Lindorff: Clinton, Byrd Calling for Revokation of Wrong AUMF

Amanda Lang: Rove's Role in Prosecutor Firings Testimony - Coach

Christa Brown: Sex abuse victims turn focus to Baptists

Susan Galleymore: Resistance R Us - Then ... and Now

judeedee: Military investigators detail case against jailer in Iraq

Miriam Raftery: Group Places Impeachment Cards on Pelosi Dinner Table (1 comments)


Thursday, May 3:

Rob Kall: Jason Leopold: Leahy Subpoenas Rove's Plame Emails

Rob Kall: Report Shows Increased Military Spending Slows Down Economy

Dave Lindorff: Action Alert 2: Vote Now at MoveOn to Support Impeachment!

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Jane Stillwater, from Baghdad to Berkeley; honest Pres. Candidates and Reality

Joan Brunwasser: Florida Moves to Paper Ballots!

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 3, 2007

Rob Kall: Former Top Justice Official Praises Performance Of Fired Prosecutors

Rob Kall: Going to Canada to Avoid Iraq, Not Like the Viet Nam Years

Rob Kall: Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable

Amanda Lang: New Bush Admin Investigation: Lawmakers Wants VA to Explain Bonuses (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: VA awards bonuses to senior officials involved shorting budget, vets health care

Amanda Lang: Hefty bonuses for senior VA officials

Mark Sashine: A Real Anti-Semite In Sunny California

MikeHersh: PDA Gathers 100 State Leaders and Activists to Discuss Progress in Maryland

Amanda Lang: White House Asks Reporters to Wear 'Tony Snow' Cancer Bracelets

Amanda Lang: Justice Department's Former No. 2 Official Praises Fired Prosecutors

Amanda Lang: U.S. says leading al Qaeda figure killed in Iraq

Amanda Lang: Iraq Insider: Analysis of House Vote on Veto Override, 222-203

Russ Wellen: Ten-Point Nuclear Policy Platform for '08 Candidates Unveiled

Press Release: Action Alert! Take 10 seconds to let Florida House know your concern about electronic voting

Rob Kall: Cindy Sheehan's Least Favorite Dem-- Hillary Clinton (3 comments)

Michael Leon: Vet Imprisoned for Seeking Benefits (3 comments)

Wednesday, May 2:

Rob Kall: Bush's Definition Of Iraq Success Called "Naive" By Cheney And "Frightening" By Giuliani (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: High-Level White House/DoJ Operative Thor Hearne Hired a High-Level White House/DoJ Operative to Put out Fire in Missour

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 2, 2007

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment: They Think They Can, They Think They Can... (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: 4,000 U.S. soldiers arrive in Baghdad

Rob Kall: Joan Baez banned at Walter Reed hospital (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Interior Official Steps Down Over Rules Violation

Amanda Lang: Bernanke raps economic isolationism

Amanda Lang: Circuit City's Job Cuts Backfiring, Analysts Say

Amanda Lang: Military taps YouTube to promote its view of Iraq - Uncle Sam latest internet predator

Michael Richardson: Democrats tighten noose on Nader and Greens in punitive attack on "Third Party" candidates (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Sen. Hatch & Liberman introduce legislation to give D.C. vote & Utah new seat in House

Amanda Lang: K Street just can't get enough Democrats

Amanda Lang: Ethics head says Wolfowitz broke rules

Amanda Lang: Bush "not going to allow public opinion to interfere with what he thinks is right for US"

Amanda Lang: Baghdad's infrastructure in ruins, its citizens must be creative to survive

Amanda Lang: Uphill battle for Bush wiretap plan

Rob Kall: Dell ends Microsoft's grip on its computers

Rob Kall: Injured governor Corzine pays seat belt fine

Rob Kall: Israeli Prime Minister Fights for Political Survival

Joan Brunwasser: Police fire rubber bullets, tear gas into crowd at LA immigration rally (1 comments)

Anai Rhoads Ford: Anorexia May Strike Twice (1 comments)

Tuesday, May 1:

Amanda Lang: Giuliani Assails Venezuela's Chavez (2 comments)

Press Release: State of Florida needs to account for $40 million in mystery HAVA funds

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For May 1, 2007

Joan Brunwasser: Tom Feeney Writes Op/Ed on Scotland Golf Junket with Jack Abramoff, Fails to Include Words 'Golf' or 'Jack Abramoff'

Amanda Lang: UPDATE on Murdock purchase of WSJ/Dow Jones - Bancroft family opposes sale of Dow Jones (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Pentagon study says oil reliance strains military of 'lifeblood' - IT'S OIL SUPPLIES??

Amanda Lang: Venezuela pulls control from Big Oil

Amanda Lang: Bush downplays Iran breakthrough

Amanda Lang: Controversial US Attorney Delivered "Voter Fraud" Indictments Right on Time

Amanda Lang: Gonzales Redux - Back in the Hot Seat

Amanda Lang: Republicans Buck Bush On Iraq Benchmarks As War's Unpopularity Threaten GOP Seats in 2008

Amanda Lang: Tom Feeney Writes Op/Ed on Scotland Golf Junket with Jack Abramoff, Fails to Include Words 'Golf' or 'Jack Abramoff'

Amanda Lang: Wolfowitz Lied About Ethics Panel Approval of Girlfriend Graft

Amanda Lang: Bush Interior Official Quits Ahead of Congressional Hearing

Amanda Lang: ABC: Reports Of Masri's Death False, "Part Of A Misinformation Campaign"

Amanda Lang: New Justice Dept. logs suggest more White House engagement in Attorneys firings

Amanda Lang: Help Put the GOP Candidates on the Record About Domestic Spying, Torture, Passing Laws No Body Reads, ETC.

Amanda Lang: FLASHBACK: In 1999, Bush Demanded A Timetable

Amanda Lang: Leahy Blasts Gonzales Over "Highly Troubling" New Secret Memo

Amanda Lang: Secret Memo Orders By Gonzales Delegated Extraordinary Powers To Aides

Amanda Lang: Turkey's highest court annuls presidential vote amid battle over role of Islam in politics

Amanda Lang: Tenet: "Will Never Give That Medal Back"

Amanda Lang: Reid and Pelosi sign bill, Bush to veto tonight.

Amanda Lang: Bush Killed Proposal to Clamp Down on Student Loan Industry Abuses

Amanda Lang: Chavez: Venezuela to exit IMF, World Bank

Amanda Lang: DeLay's PAC closes shop

Amanda Lang: Lawyers lobby House Speaker, members to overhaul military commissions bill

Amanda Lang: House panel subpoenas former Gonzales deputy

Amanda Lang: Feinstein proposes plan to close Gitmo

Amanda Lang: A Bush appointee goes after the White House

Amanda Lang: WSJ Union Upset Over Murdocks' Bid for Newspaper - 'A Disaster'

Amanda Lang: Rupert Murdock's News Corp. Bids $5B for Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones


Dr. Michael P Byron: Misunderstanding Global Warming: Alexander Cockburn versus Global Warming. (16 comments)

Devlin Buckley: Pakistani-Based U.S. Proxy Linked to Liquid Explosive Plot (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Florida paper charges Feeney "owes public answers, now" concerning Abramoff dealings

Joan Brunwasser: Toon of the Moment: 'False Prophets' of the Iraq War

Rob Kall: Breakthrough Gay Advances in Past Three Weeks

jerry lanson: An American Shadow Over France's Election?


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