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January 2006

Tuesday, January 31:

Amanda Lang: Invited SOTU Guest Activist Cindy Sheehan Arrested at Capitol

JGideon: Wisconsin Approves the Vote-PAD Assistive Device

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 31, 2006

Amanda Lang: Grand Old Party

Amanda Lang: Right-wing Pundits Get It WRONG! Russert, take a stat class

Amanda Lang: New Poll: If Bush broke the law, 50-39% margin of Americans believe he should be impeached for wiretaps

Amanda Lang: 'Deliberate' Neglect Laid to Bush In Policy on Katrina's Aftermath

Amanda Lang: With 60 Percent Disapproval, DeLay Says Constituents Are ‘Very, Very Supportive’

Amanda Lang: 53% to 41% Say Bush Needs Court Order to Wiretap - New NBC Poll

Amanda Lang: Progressive Think Tank to Cover State of Union Address Live On-line

Amanda Lang: Hamas rejects 'unfair' aid demand

Amanda Lang: US ex-postal employee kills six

Amanda Lang: Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps

Amanda Lang: Alito Expected to Be Confirmed Today

Amanda Lang: Qualifications of yet another Bush nominee questioned amid disaster

Amanda Lang: 'Long Road' to Afghan Stability

Amanda Lang: Iran warns West over nuclear row

Amanda Lang: IRAQ: A New Kind of Casuality

Amanda Lang: Coretta Scott King, 78, Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dies

Amanda Lang: Condi Rice: US 'won't repeat Afghanistan mistake'

Amanda Lang: UN Security Council to take up Iran nuclear issue - WMDs Round # 1 Iraq Remake Take 5

Amanda Lang: Nearly half of Iraqis support attacks on U.S. troops, poll finds

Monday, January 30:

Amanda Lang: Campaign Violations Lead Ariz. Court To Order GOP Lawmaker Out of Office

Amanda Lang: Amount of assets frozen by U.S. anti-terrorism units is declining dramatically each year

Amanda Lang: Another Child Death Hits NYC Aid Agency

Amanda Lang: Saddam to boycott trial

Amanda Lang: Oil execs REFUSE to testify at U.S. Senate hearing

Amanda Lang: Bush To Abortion Opponents: 'We Shall Prevail'

K. Brengle: *Breaking News: Alito Filibuster Dead

Amanda Lang: Pentagon Can Now Fund Foreign Militaries

Amanda Lang: UN unveils plan to release untapped wealth of...$7 trillion (and solve the world's problems at a stroke)

Amanda Lang: GOP To Bush: Come Clean On Abramoff

Amanda Lang: Pivotal moment arrives for Fed

Amanda Lang: Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Two Former Enron Executives

Amanda Lang: Western Nations to Wait and See on Issue of Aid to Hamas

Amanda Lang: Budget to Hurt Poor People on Medicaid, Report Says

Amanda Lang: Bush's Blatant Attempt to Obstruct the Abramoff Investigation Missed by Press -- Again

Amanda Lang: Pentagon Has Videos Of Sexual Perversion At Iraq Detention Centers

Amanda Lang: STUDY: Bush Backers More Likely Racists

Amanda Lang: Reid to slam Bush in pre-emptive strike ahead of State of the Union

Amanda Lang: Pentagon investigation of Iraq war hawk stalling Senate inquiry into pre-war Iraq intelligence

Amanda Lang: Treasury Dept. Crime Chief to Leave Post

Amanda Lang: Here We Go Again...Bush to say wants Iranians to have greater freedom

Amanda Lang: #2 Man Al-Zawahri Calls Bush a 'Butcher' in Video

AmeriPundit: Military Hides Cause of Women Soldiers' Deaths

Amanda Lang: Two Top Papers Ask: Is the Earth Heading for Doom?

Amanda Lang: Photographers Slam White House Use of Staged Pictures

Amanda Lang: Bush Speech to Outline Energy Alternatives

Amanda Lang: Religious Groups Get Chunk of AIDS Money to Sell Abstinence

Amanda Lang: Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year

Amanda Lang: ABC's Bob Woodruff and a cameraman seriously wounded by IED

Amanda Lang: Another Republican Congressman linked to Abramoff

Amanda Lang: Bush aide passed sensitive information to Abramoff

Amanda Lang: US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty

Amanda Lang: Blair in Secret Plot with Bush to Dupe U.N.

Amanda Lang: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed


Joan Brunwasser: Bush Boycotts his own Conference on Aging

Joan Brunwasser: Progressive Talk Show Hosts Pitch In to Support Filibuster

Joan Brunwasser: CodePink Boston: Man those Phones today to Filibuster Alito!

Joan Brunwasser: GOP Lawmakers: Bush should disclose Abramoff contacts

Sunday, January 29:

Mary of AB Progressives: *For Alito filibuster proponents, "Faxaway" tool converts emails into faxes (1 comments)

Sheila Parks: *In conference call with bloggers, Sen. Kennedy urges you to keep up the phone calls/faxes

Chris Floyd, Moscow Times: Insight into the Power behind the Electronic Voting Machine Corporations

Rob Kall: Zogby People’s Poll Issue Questions on voting, ballots, elections, election reform

Joan Brunwasser: All dressed up with no place to go? Here are Senators' local numbers. Ready, set, go!

Saturday, January 28:

Amanda Lang: Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein

Amanda Lang: No Child Left Behind Joke -- Left Behind to Be Killed While In Childrens' Services

Amanda Lang: Bush Attending Annual Alfalfa Club Roast -- long known for discrimination against women

Amanda Lang: A World Made Safe for Nuclear Violence, Again

Amanda Lang: Bush New Powers: WH Officials do not have to talk about failed Katrina response before Congress

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 28, 2006

Amanda Lang: Katrina Investigation Reveals Bush Administration’s Inability to Keep Americans Safe

Amanda Lang: Fatah protests rock Gaza

Amanda Lang: Mixed U.S. Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos

Amanda Lang: Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

AmeriPundit: U.S. Army detained suspects' daughters, wives as leverage

Friday, January 27:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 27, 2006

Rob Kall: 85% of Democrats are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports impeachment. (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Project Censored Top 25 Censored Stories of 2005

Joan Brunwasser: Abramoff Prosecutor Coincidentally Appointed to Federal Judgeship

Rob Kall: All The Questions On the OpEdNews.Com/ Zogby People's Poll (1 comments)


Rob Kall: *OpEdNews.Com/ Zogby People's Poll (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Pentagon Whistleblower Suspended by Pentagon Oversight Committee

Joan Brunwasser: Sign Petition for Alito Filibuster Today

Joan Brunwasser: Chicago-based Buzzflash has heard a rumor that Obama is Opposing Filibuster


Joan Brunwasser: Alternet Interview with Mark Crispin Miller

Amanda Lang: Bush Mine Safety Administrator Walks Out of Senate Hearing

Amanda Lang: K Street's New Ways Spawn More Pork

Amanda Lang: Broadcaster says serious news at risk

Sheila Parks: *Do the Math: 1 form=12 faxes. Contact 12 key senators at one time

Thursday, January 26:

Amanda Lang: Studio that scrubbed Abramoff/Bush photo earned $140,000 from 2004 campaign

Amanda Lang: Muslim Leaders Express Qualified Acceptance of Hamas Victory

Joan Brunwasser: Political opposites aligned against Bush wiretaps

Joan Brunwasser: Mobile Impeachment Billboards to Circulate through Nation's Capital

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 26, 2006

Amanda Lang: In D.C., Abramoff scandal cools free lunches

Amanda Lang: ACLU Releases Government Spying Photos

Amanda Lang: Bush Abramoff Photos for SALE Deleted for GOP Celebrity Photographer Site

Amanda Lang: Spokesman says Abramoff won't release, sell photos of himself with President Bush, as Democrats plan

Joan Brunwasser: Sen. Kennedy Supports Alito Filibuster

JGideon: Georgia: Concerned Voters Call For State To Fix Voting System

Amanda Lang: EXCLUSIVE: Report Finds Future of Army In Danger; Rumsfeld Responds By Blaming Clinton

JGideon: New Mexico: County Clerks Balk As Paper Ballot Legislation Moves Forward

JGideon: Rep. Fitzgerald (R-PA) To Introduce Bill To Delay HAVA Deadlines Until November

Joan Brunwasser: Fax to Filibuster Alito!

Amanda Lang: Senate GOP seeks to force vote on Alito

Amanda Lang: West reacts warily to Hamas victory

Amanda Lang: Prosecutors Investigating: Did DeLay Use Abramoff And Scanlon To Take Down House Speaker Livingston...

Amanda Lang: Reports Cite Incursions on U.S. Border

Amanda Lang: Fatah opposes joining Hamas-led government

Amanda Lang: U.S. Military Releases Five Iraqi Women From Custody

Amanda Lang: Germany hails Iran's possible nuke cooperation with Russia

Amanda Lang: GOP appears eager to portray the challenge to presidential authority as weakness on securit

Amanda Lang: Bush stresses support for ‘no torture’ law -- then why 'insert' himself a loophole!

Amanda Lang: GOP congressman takes Google to task on China

Amanda Lang: Bush says he'll cooperate with Abramoff probe

Amanda Lang: Bush Response To Greenwald Expose Is Contradictory and Inaccurate

Amanda Lang: Bush Backs Away from Abramoff Photos -- Has Lie for Everything

K. Brengle: Breaking News--Kerry to Filibuster

Amanda Lang: Defense Contractor Sentenced to Probation

Amanda Lang: Dems Tim Johnson & Ben Nelson Support Alito

Amanda Lang: US military stretched to breaking point

Amanda Lang: Democrats prep effort to force White House on Abramoff contacts

Amanda Lang: Top U.S. General Says Army 'Stretched'

Amanda Lang: "Terrorist Group" Hamas Wins Palestinian Elections... *Be Your Own Hero, Demand a Filibuster Now

Joan Brunwasser: Senate Dems not feeling pressure from constituents on Alito: CALL TODAY!

Joan Brunwasser: NYT Editorial: Filibuster Alito!

Joan Brunwasser: Convicted Felon Jeffrey Dean Programmed Mail-in ballot systems and software for Diebold

Wednesday, January 25:

Joan Brunwasser: Drive out the Bush Regime! Rally During the State of the Union Address

The World Can't Wait: Drive out the Bush Regime (2 comments) *FILIBUSTER ALITO NOW! Demand a united Democratic fight!

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 25, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: Vote-PAD: The Simple Voting Device that may save American Democracy!

Joan Brunwasser: Bucks group files suit over paper backups for voting machines

Joan Brunwasser: Joint Press Conference of Coalition for Voting Integrity and Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick

Joan Brunwasser: MoveOn makes it easy to write a letter to the editor about Alito's nomination

Sheila Parks: *A 'No' Vote is a 'Yes' Vote unless there's a filibuster: Call Senators Today!

JGideon: Touchscreen Voting Increases Election Costs in North Carolina

Rob Kall: Investigators Say White House Is Crippling Katrina Response Inquiry

Joan Brunwasser: Attention all Election Fraud Bounty Hunters!

Rob Kall: newly-elected Shiite majority will soon impose Islamic Sharia law

Tuesday, January 24:

Joan Brunwasser: NY Times: NY 'Dead Last' in Voting Reform

Sheila Parks: *Five Republican senators not committed to vote for Alito. Keep their phones ringing on Wednesday! (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 24, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: Diebold Blocks Alaska Voters From Viewing Election 2004 Results, Data!

JGideon: New Mexico: Not Paper Trail, Not Paper Record - Paper Ballot!

JGideon: Maryland: In Response to Florida Diebold Hack, Lamone Expresses ‘Great Concern’ about Threat to Maryland

Joan Brunwasser: CNN: Bush tells abortion foes "We will prevail"

Joan Brunwasser: Largely unregulated, the teen rehab industry has scarred thousands of kids for life

Joan Brunwasser: White House Caught in Lie About 2001 Abramoff Meeting

Joan Brunwasser: Administration preparing for Impeachment Hearings, says Insight, Conservative Mag

Joan Brunwasser: White House was Told Hurricane Posed Grave Danger: NYT

Joan Brunwasser: Mainstream Media Already Have Alito on the Bench


Joan Brunwasser: Yolo County, CA, rejects electronic voting machines

Monday, January 23:

Amanda Lang: WH Propaganda: Spygate Becomes Terrorist Surveillance Program

Joan Brunwasser: "I Saw it Hacked" Diebold in Florida

Amanda Lang: Earle Subpoenas Former DeLay Campaign Aide

Amanda Lang: GA Voting Scandals

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 23, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: Red States Itching for Abortion Fight

Amanda Lang: George W. Bush's Overall Job Approval Rating Returns to Record Low

Amanda Lang: Playing With 'Toy' Americans, Bush Once Again Declares Himself Emperor

Amanda Lang: W.Va. Senate Passes New Mine Safety Rules

Amanda Lang: Photos show Bush, Abramoff buddy-buddy

Amanda Lang: More questionable practices by Halliburton in Iraq

Amanda Lang: Fatah attacked for taking US funds

Amanda Lang: McCain slips into poll position over Clinton

Amanda Lang: Ney hosts 'dozens' of lobbyists in spite of Abramoff scandal

Amanda Lang: Photograph shows Bush meeting now-Governor of Marianas Islands, who helped Abramoff get millions

Joan Brunwasser: Jason Leopold: Fitzgerald Eyes Plame-Niger Conspiracy

Rob Kall: Gingrich Said Democrats Think They “Run The Plantation”

Joan Brunwasser: Washington Post: Politics Alleged in Voting Cases

Rob Kall: 7 Termer McCloskey (helped write Endangered Species Act) to Run Against Pombo (most anti environment member of congress)

Rob Kall: Bush nominee broke law

Sunday, January 22:

Joan Brunwasser: Diebold fate hangs on whether its voting software can be fixed

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 22, 2006

AmeriPundit: Halliburton Cited in Iraq Contamination

JGideon: Making Diebold "Okay" For Pennsylvania

Joan Brunwasser: Durbin tells paper filibuster of Alito possible

Amanda Lang: When George Met Jack

JGideon: Diebold's Letter To Pennsylvania: A Rebuttal

Amanda Lang: Bush and Abramoff—Say Cheese?

Rob Kall: Group Seeks Souter Eviction As Protest

EmailToCongress.ocom: *Nightmare on Frist St. (Supreme Court edition); Take Action Now!

Amanda Lang: Assclowns of the Week: “Just Do It” Edition

Amanda Lang: CIA Role a Mystery at Court-Martial

Amanda Lang: Supreme Court changes give anti-abortion activists more optimism of a Roe v. Wade reversal

Amanda Lang: Iraq Insurgent Attacks Kill at Least 13

Amanda Lang: Cannon defends loan exposed in Web report

Amanda Lang: NYT's Frank Rich hits Dems for 'ineptitude' in Alito hearings

Joan Brunwasser: Al Gore to Run in '08, predict Buchanan, Blankley and Clift

Amanda Lang: U.S. accused of spying on those who disagree with Bush policies

Amanda Lang: Fla. Election "Thief " Senate run: GOP Rallies Around Harris for Senate

Amanda Lang: Houston TV Station to Air Anti-DeLay Ad

Amanda Lang: That Time Again -- The GW Bush Official Lie Fest -- Another Orange Cake 'State of Emperior' Address

Amanda Lang: Pakistan's Push in Border Areas Is Said to Falter

Amanda Lang: Israeli Hints at Preparation to Stop Iran

Rob Kall: The Other Big Brother

Black Box Voting: *Action Alert! Help Monitor the 2006 Elections

Rob Kall: Washington Post: As Elections Near, Officials Challenge Balloting Security

Joan Brunwasser: Wash Post finally reports on Diebold Hack & other electile dysfunctions

Saturday, January 21:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 21, 2006

JGideon: Virginia: Paper Ballot Bill Scheduled for Senate Hearing

Sheila Parks: *Action Alert! Call these Senators on Monday! Filibuster Alito!

Joan Brunwasser: Arizona Election Fraud Cover-Up

Joan Brunwasser: American Blackout: New Must-See Movie At Sundance Festival Soon

JGideon: California: How Yolo Citizens Will Vote in 2006 - Vote-PAD

Amanda Lang: Frist Brags that Alito is the Democrats' "nightmare"

Amanda Lang: Libby's lawyers seek reporters' notes

Amanda Lang: Rove admits GOP will play politics with 'war on terror'

Amanda Lang: Senate GOP wants Reid staffer fired

Amanda Lang: In opening statement, Democrat takes on warrantless wiretaps

Amanda Lang: Congressman, law scholar urge House to consider impeachment inquiry at hearing

Amanda Lang: Rove camp 'frustrated' by uncertainty in CIA leak case

Rob Kall: Frist calls Alito Democrats' "worst nightmare"

Friday, January 20:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 20, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: How to protect your vote: here's one way

Joan Brunwasser: Popular Science: Sorry, your vote has been: lost, hacked, miscast, recorded twice

Sheila Parks: *Action Alert! Call these Senators today about Alito!

Amanda Lang: Why is John McCain so supportive of Bush and Cheney after being so viciously attacked by them in the 2000 campaign? BLA

Amanda Lang: Cheney Says Domestic Surveillance Vital - Yet Wouldn't Allow Americans To See Who Was In His Energy Committee

Thursday, January 19:

Amanda Lang: While You Were Sleeping -- K Street phones Wall Street

Amanda Lang: Gonzales makes legal case for U.S. domestic spying

Sheila Parks: *Action Alert: Pick A Senator, Any Senator

Amanda Lang: Justice Dept. Declares Congress Gave Legal Rationale on NSA Spying Efforts By Placing Bush at his 'Zenith' of Authority

Amanda Lang: Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal

Amanda Lang: The congressman & the hedge fund

Ellen Theisen: Yolo County, CA chooses the Vote-PAD

unknown author, submitted by Mark Crispin Miller: *Action Alert! Email the NY State Board of Elections

Rob Kall: Yahoo Gave Search Data To Bush Administration Lawyers. Google Refused

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 19, 2006

JGideon: The Harri Hursti Hack and its Importance to our Nation

JGideon: Vote-PAD Rocks the Disabled Vote

AmeriPundit: Pastors bring Blackwell to Hartville

Amanda Lang: Democrats want ethics committee to probe 'day trading' allegations

Amanda Lang: Bush & Rice poised for radical reform of foreign aid

Amanda Lang: Housing Market Expected to Drag Down Economy in 2006

JGideon: Chaos in Connecticut

Amanda Lang: Sen. Leahy to Oppose Alito Nomination - but will Frist allow him on Senate floor?

Amanda Lang: Feds after Google data

Amanda Lang: Democrats 'Ethics Plan' would prohibit all gifts from lobbyists

Amanda Lang: Senate 'Nazi' Frist Not Allowing Senators To Speak On The Senate Floor About Alito...

Amanda Lang: Vatican Backs Darwin

Amanda Lang: Bin Laden warns of US attacks

AmeriPundit: Ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray Blasts U.S., British Support of Torture by Uzbek Regime

Sheila Parks: *Action Alert! Call Al Gore today! (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Washington Post ombusdman says she will no longer reply to critics?!

Amanda Lang: Congressional Agency Questions Legality of Wiretaps

Amanda Lang: Memo points to more 'rendition' flights

Amanda Lang: Group sues to block electronic voting machine

Amanda Lang: Until Yesterday, White House Frequently Discussed “Staff-Level Meetings”

Amanda Lang: BREAKING: Rep. Slaughter says Bill Frist and Tom Delay had day-traders working out of their offices

Amanda Lang: Texas Dems Criticize Contract With Lobbyist

Amanda Lang: Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up

Wednesday, January 18:

Joan Brunwasser: CA: San Mateo County Officials Pitch All-Mail Ballot Plan

Joan Brunwasser: Take Action! Oppose Alito

Amanda Lang: Ex-FEMA director Brown now takes blame for Katrina failures

Amanda Lang: Prosecutor seek to reinstate 'criminal conspiracy' charge against DeLay

Amanda Lang: Two Dramatic Ambushes Kill 11 in Iraq

AmeriPundit: Candidates for GOP House Leader Also Have Ties to K Street

Amanda Lang: 'Butcherer' Bush Meets Victims of 'Butcherer' Saddam

Amanda Lang: Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming

Amanda Lang: Tribal Council Rejects 'Tainted' Donation

Amanda Lang: Defense Seeks Mistrial in Soldier's Case

Amanda Lang: You "Taint" Seen Nothing Yet!! Best News Clip of the Day

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 18, 2006

Amanda Lang: Ethics? Within 7 months, 3 Sept. 11 workers die - Bush EPA quiet - then & now

Amanda Lang: Iraq Rebuilding Funds Go Untraced

Amanda Lang: News outlets falsely reported that GOP ethics reform plan would ban lobbyist-paid travel

Amanda Lang: Ohio's Blackwell tells religious leaders to ignore IRS

Amanda Lang: Crucial abortion battles expected on state level

Amanda Lang: Army hopes higher bonuses will attract recruits - $8 trillion Natl. Debt? Who's paying?

Amanda Lang: Iraq detainees to be freed early to help secure journalist's freedom

Amanda Lang: Gunmen, Car Bombings End Week-Long Lull in Iraq Violence

Amanda Lang: Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist Billing Clients for Face Time with G.W. Bush

Amanda Lang: More Democrats ready for unofficial wiretap hearings Friday

Amanda Lang: Democrats propose Congress-lobbying reforms

Amanda Lang: GOP Congressman made personal loan to bank president shortly before bank extended him $250,000-plus loan

Amanda Lang: Paying Students to Spy on Professors - No Child Left Uncorrupted by Fundamentalist 'Hate' Conservatives

Amanda Lang: Obama Backs Clinton's Criticism of GOP -- They Do Run Senate Like 'Plantation'

Amanda Lang: McCain: Earmarks Soar Under GOP Rule

Amanda Lang: Foxes Propose Henhouse Reform

Amanda Lang: US budget deficit will run into $400 billion in 2006

Amanda Lang: Weak Tech Earnings Push Stocks Lower

Amanda Lang: Consumer Price Index Rises 3.4 Percent

Amanda Lang: Supreme Court Dodges Big Abortion Ruling - The "Undue Burden on Women" Issue

Amanda Lang: Supreme Court Affirms N.H. Abortion Restrictions

Amanda Lang: Rights Group Says Abuse Was Bush Admin Strategy All Along

Amanda Lang: Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq

JGideon: Ehlers' Chairmanship: An Opportunity for Election Reform?

Amanda Lang: Cheney Seeks Arab/Muslim military force to deploy in Iraq to replace US troops

Amanda Lang: White House Restarts Push for more Nuclear Power

Amanda Lang: Chief Justice Roberts Questions McCain-Feingold Limits

Amanda Lang: Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents Bring Suicide Terror to Country

Amanda Lang: GROUPS ACCUSE ARMY OF MISLEADING PUBLIC - Lied about Depleted Uranium Use

Amanda Lang: Natl Debt Clock over $8 Trillion - So Tell Bush to Shut Up About 'Good' Economy

Amanda Lang: New Jersey Suspends Death Penalty

Amanda Lang: Chavez Summarizes 2005, Accuses US of Interference

Amanda Lang: White House Silent on Abramoff Meetings

Amanda Lang: 2002 State Dept. Memo Doubted Uranium Sale Claim

Amanda Lang: Risen Gave Times A Non-Disclosure On Wiretap Book

Amanda Lang: State Dept. doubted Niger docs long before claim emerged in Bush State of the Union

Amanda Lang: Wash. Post gave prominent play to right-wing Murtha smear; ignored more credible issue raised by progressive groups

Amanda Lang: Media repeated Gonzales's false claim that Gore speech was "inconsistent" with Clinton administration policies

Amanda Lang: White House conceals details of Bush's relationship with tainted lobbyist

Amanda Lang: Loophole in GOP Lobbying Bill Leaves Wiggle Room

Amanda Lang: Assoc. Press Slaps Down Bush Lies -- Update 15

Joan Brunwasser: Pres. of Bob Jones University shares his vision with W

Amanda Lang: Leading Conservatives Call for Extensive Hearings on NSA Surveillance; Checks on Invasive Federal Powers Essential

Mark Crispin Miller: Good News from Washington State

Amanda Lang: Pakistan: No more U.S. air strikes

Amanda Lang: Missile brought down US chopper in Iraq

Amanda Lang: Maoists back Nepal rally

Amanda Lang: Abbas ready to meet Olmert

Amanda Lang: Lawmakers Jockey for Ethics High Ground

Amanda Lang: "Ohio is 'exhibit A' in the Republican culture of corruption"

Amanda Lang: Nigeria militants say targeting more oil companies

Amanda Lang: Abductors threaten to kill US journalist in Iraq

Amanda Lang: EU3 draft opens door to UN sanctions on Iran

Amanda Lang: France Rejects Iranian Request for Talks

Amanda Lang: Sell-Off Shuts Down Tokyo Stock Exchange

Sherole Eaton: The Story of an Ohio 2004 Whistle-Blower

Tuesday, January 17:

Joan Brunwasser: Bush refuses to return Abramoff's tainted cash

Joan Brunwasser: New poll shows DeLay falls way behind Lampson

Joan Brunwasser: What's Wrong with the Economy?

Joan Brunwasser: Justices refuse to hear anti-war protester appeal

Joan Brunwasser: New Yorkers question the reliability of electronic ballots

Joan Brunwasser: Hanging Chads Much Better Than Easily Hacked Machines

Amanda Lang: Gore responds to White House 'hypocrisy' comments

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 17, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: Black Box Voting Forums: Diebold Online Demo Fails the Test!

Amanda Lang: Investor Rage -- SEC Seeks More Disclosure on Execs' Pay

Amanda Lang: Iran Offers to Resume Nuclear Talks - Some minor officials react

Amanda Lang: Al-Jazeera asks to see Bush 'bombing' transcript

Amanda Lang: Lawyer: Torture Method That Killed General Got OK by US Pentagon/Army Officials

Amanda Lang: Sen. Kennedy Severs Ties to Harvard Club

Amanda Lang: World Powers Split Over Iran Nuclear Program

Amanda Lang: Sen. Clinton compares GOP-run House to a ‘plantation’ - Doo Da Doo Da

Amanda Lang: Gore Kicks Some AWOL/Thief-in-Chief Butt & White House Unhappy!!

Amanda Lang: Mining for kids: Children can’t “opt out” of Pentagon recruitment database

Amanda Lang: American who advised Pentagon says he wrote for magazine that found forged Niger documents

Amanda Lang: Pakistan blamed for Afghan attacks

Amanda Lang: Iran urges new nuclear talks

Amanda Lang: Islamists gain ground from American push for Mideast democracy

Amanda Lang: USAID Paper Details Security Crisis in Iraq

Amanda Lang: IRAN: Speaking Softly, Carrying No Sticks

Amanda Lang: Reid To Introduce "Honest Leadership Act," Includes "Jack Abramoff Rule"...

Amanda Lang: Trent :Lott Hopes for Old Job Back

Amanda Lang: Groups Sue to Stop Domestic Spying Program

Amanda Lang: Another high-tech CIA screwup and sanctioned murder of innocents

Amanda Lang: Moscow Not Ready to Back Iran Strategy

Amanda Lang: Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Suicide Law

Amanda Lang: Senate Democratic leader bans staff from accepting lobbyist gifts

Amanda Lang: FBI Complained About NSA Spying After 9/11

Amanda Lang: Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Home Purchased Armor or Lose SGLI Death Benefits

Kathy Dopp: The Gun is Smoking: 2004 Ohio Precinct Level Exit Poll Data Show Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount

Rob Kall: Group Seeks I.R.S. Inquiry of Two Ohio Churches Actively Campaigning for Blackwell

Monday, January 16:

Sheila Parks: *Contact Kennedy, Feingold and Inouye to filibuster Alito

Joan Brunwasser: Alabama Remembers Black Soldier's Defiance

AmeriPundit: Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 16, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: Cronkite: Time for US to Leave Iraq

Sibel Edmonds: NSWBC Lauds the Recent Nonpartisan Speech by Al Gore & Calls for New Whistleblower Legislation

Rob Kall: Dumping Lieberman: Are Connecticut Democrats ready to replace Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the primary election?

JGideon: Virginia Voting Rights Groups Launch Legislative Action

Joan Brunwasser: Wash Post ombusdman repeats lie that Abramoff "made substantial campaign contributions to both major parties"

Amanda Lang: GOP Hopes Ney Removal Will Aid Reform

Amanda Lang: Rice Wants Iran Vote As Soon As Possible

Amanda Lang: Americans Honor Martin Luther King

Amanda Lang: Marine Sentries Leave US Naval Acad. Ending 155-yr Tradition Due to Bush's Iraq Troop Shortage

Amanda Lang: Group Seeks I.R.S. Inquiry of Two Ohio Churches

Amanda Lang: GA: Ralph Reed Going Down With Abramoff Scandal

Joan Brunwasser: Advocates urge adherence to NC voting code review

Joan Brunwasser: Miami Herald: Paperless Voting opens door foe election stealing

Sunday, January 15:

JGideon: Election Center: The Fox Guarding the Henhouse Updated

Amanda Lang: Jeb Bush's Florida Teen Crime Highlights Daily News

Amanda Lang: Embattled GOP Leader Ney To Step Aside

JGideon: Top five Voting News Stories - January 9-15, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: New Mexico, 11 other states oppose Bush's change to 'toxic release inventory' plan

Amanda Lang: Gov.'s Top Aides' Pay Bolstered by Donors

Amanda Lang: All Iraq Reconstruction Money Gone - And Nothing to Account for It

Amanda Lang: Abramoff Emails Revealed: GOP Ohio's Rep. Ney Got Paid for Doing Favors!!

Amanda Lang: The drone, the CIA and a botched attempt to kill bin Laden's deputy

Amanda Lang: US Big Game Hunters Linked to Dictator, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe

Amanda Lang: Iran says to hold conference on scale of Holocaust

Amanda Lang: Chile Votes -- Socialist, MD, First Woman - Expected to Win Presidency

Amanda Lang: Records show Army ended prisoner detainee abuse probe early

Amanda Lang: US senators say military strike on Iran must be option

Amanda Lang: Iran wants diplomacy not threats in nuclear impasse

Amanda Lang: US Threatened by Russia & Spain's Sales of Boats, Helicopters & Weapons to Venzuela's Chavez

Amanda Lang: Saddam Trial Judge Resigns - Cites Too Much Govt. Intervention

Amanda Lang: Support for DeLay erodes at home, poll finds

Amanda Lang: Boy shot by police at school brain dead in FL

David Swanson: *Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: US Attemps to Kill Osama's 4th or 5th No. 2 for 10th or 11th Time Missing Mark Again

Amanda Lang: New Zogby Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping

Amanda Lang: Laura Bush says the American people expect to be spied on...

Amanda Lang: Blunt Falsely Denies Paying Hundreds of Thousands to Abramoff Firm

Amanda Lang: Now Specter is calling 'impeachment' a REMEDY

Joan Brunwasser: Your tax dollars at work: NSA Used City Police as Trackers

Joan Brunwasser: Washington Post: A General's Dishonor

Amanda Lang: Ethics Committees Won't Commit to ANY Investigative Action

Amanda Lang: Lawmakers Seeking House Post Tout Reform

Amanda Lang: Senators Defend Airstrikes in Pakistan

Amanda Lang: Senators Support Penalties Against Iran

Amanda Lang: N.J. Casinos Get Pass on New Smoking Ban

Amanda Lang: Iraq Soldiers Speak Out Supporting Murtha...

Joan Brunwasser: Think Progress: Spector says If Bush Broke the Law with Warrantless Spying, Impeachment is a Remedy

Amanda Lang: Murtha: Voter Pressure in Nov. Could Force Bush To End War

Amanda Lang: New Report:: Blunt Plugged Into DeLay's Fundraising Machine...

Amanda Lang: Blunt Says He Has Votes to Succeed DeLay

Joan Brunwasser: Dem Candidate for Ohio Sec of State says it's time for honest elections

Amanda Lang: Delay's Re-election Odds Might Be Worse Than Dead Guy Who Beat Ashcroft

Amanda Lang: 14 Dead in Old Iraq

Saturday, January 14:

Joan Brunwasser: Zogby Poll: Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 14, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: NM Gov proposes paper ballots

Joan Brunwasser: ES&S Reneges on Agreement with Leon County

Joan Brunwasser: Voting Expert says Ballots from primary (AZ) should be examined

Amanda Lang: Ashcroft stakes out lucrative new ground

Amanda Lang: New York Times 'disconnects' public e-mail addresses for its columnists

Amanda Lang: Cingular Wireless fights back against cellphone record websites

Friday, January 13:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 13, 2006

Amanda Lang: Decorated Hero Rep. Murtha Gets "Swift Boated" Responds

Amanda Lang: Hastert Trying to Force Ney Resignation fas Chair of House Admin Committee

JGideon: Florida: ES&S Betrays Agreement with Ion Sancho

Amanda Lang: Iran Threatens to Cut Ties with UN & IAEA

Amanda Lang: Democrats May Delay Alito Nomination Vote

Amanda Lang: Bush Rejects Call to Shut Gitmo Prison

Joan Brunwasser: Defaming DeLay?

Amanda Lang: Democrats' plan might ban all lobbyist gifts

Amanda Lang: Pentagon Advises Troop Families to "Laugh" Away War Stress

Amanda Lang: GOP Taps Santorum - Who Received Most $$ from Lobbyists - To Reform K Street

Joan Brunwasser: Pacific Research Institute Carries Fresh Water for Electronic Voting Machine Industry

Amanda Lang: Delay May Fall Victim to His Own Hand-Crafted Texas Redistricting Plan!!

Amanda Lang: Wall Street Bonuses to Hit Record $21.5 Billion in 2005

Amanda Lang: Threat to Intelligent Design - Scientists Finally Figure Out How Bees Fly

Amanda Lang: President Wants Wiretap Hearings So He Can Publically Accuse Dems of Being 'Unpatriotic'

Amanda Lang: Texas Governor's Election Becomes Free-For-All - Everybody Is Running

Amanda Lang: GOP 'Republican Gov Assoc' To Give Back Half-a-Million of Abramoff Donations

Amanda Lang: DeLay Faces Viable Republican Challenger for Re-election

Amanda Lang: 12 States AGs Oppose Bush Plan on Pollution

Amanda Lang: SWAT Team Shoots Armed Fla. 8th-Grader

Amanda Lang: OPEC Nations High Record Windfalls Distorting U.S. Interest Rates

The Pen: Stop Being A Whiny Defeatist and STOP ALITO

Amanda Lang: Maj. Gen. Envokes His 5th Amendment Rights in Military Torture Cases

Amanda Lang: China and India forge alliance on oil

Amanda Lang: National uniform driver's license law is 'nightmare'

Amanda Lang: MCGOVERN: Proof Bush Deceived America

Amanda Lang: Clinton secures Aids drug deal

Amanda Lang: Allow Jerusalem vote, US urges Israel

Amanda Lang: US helicopter shot down in Iraq say witnesses

Amanda Lang: Iran threatens to block inspections

Amanda Lang: Maryland Sets a Health Cost for Wal-Mart

AmeriPundit: Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

Amanda Lang: Bush Admin. Launched Secret Smear Campaign Against Murtha...

Amanda Lang: Senator wants answers on Pentagon spying

Rob Kall: Bush Wired for Alito Remarks

Rob Kall: Bush Admin. Launched Secret Smear Campaign Against Murtha

Thursday, January 12:

AmeriPundit: US Lifts Longtime Drilling Ban on Alaskan Wildlife Habitat

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 12, 2006

Rob Kall: Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"

JGideon: New Mexico: Richardson Calls For Paper Ballots Statewide

Amanda Lang: PELOSI: Must KILL, "K Street" Project

Amanda Lang: Capitol Campaign to Remodel the Lobby

Amanda Lang: Democrats close ranks in opposition to Bush high court pick Alito

JGideon: Department of Justice Threatens To Sue New York State

Amanda Lang: Former CIA general counsel tells House Intelligence Bush didn't have wiretap authority

Amanda Lang: EXCLUSIVE: Attorney General Gonzales Called to Testify at Congressional Hearings on NSA Spying!

JGideon: New Jersey: Mandatory Random Manual Audit Bill Introduced in State Senate

Amanda Lang: Gore to deliver scathing speech Monday on 'constitutional crisis' in Washington

Amanda Lang: Alito Leaves Door Open to Reversing 'Roe'

JGideon: Accessibility For All Voters - Has It Arrived?

Amanda Lang: Documents show extent of ties between Abramoff and Bush appointee

Amanda Lang: Proof of CIA Prisons 'Could Create a Firestorm'

Amanda Lang: MAJORITY LEADER RACE - Blunt-64, Boehner-35

Amanda Lang: NSA Warns Wiretap Whistleblower Not to Testify Before Congress

Amanda Lang: US Army its own worst enemy: British officer

Amanda Lang: Poster: Statement of CAP Group Alito Claimed Memberhip in on Resumes thru out Career

Amanda Lang: Poll: Iraq won't be governing itself soon

JGideon: PACE New Mexico and others join the Lopategui vs. Vigil-Giron lawsuit.

Joan Brunwasser: New Orleans Residents Given Four Months To Rebuild

Wednesday, January 11:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 11, 2006

JGideon: Connecticut State Officials Attempt To Change the Subject

The People's Email Network: *Email Congress Now! Stop Alito!

JGideon: Colorado: County Clerk Postpones Purchase of New Voting Equipment

Amanda Lang: Backstage Drama Abounds at Alito Hearings

Amanda Lang: Dems link Alito with conservative Princeton group

Amanda Lang: Blunt, DeLay shared connections to lobbyist Abramoff

Amanda Lang: Poll finds few captivated by Washington lobbyist scandal

Amanda Lang: Race to Replace Delay: Immigation Vote Stirs Concerns About Boehner (R-OH)

Amanda Lang: Alexander Strategy Groupers Find Life Hard Following Abramoff Scandal Break

Amanda Lang: Justices Reinstate Calif. Death Sentence

Amanda Lang: Lawmakers Steer Tainted Cash to Charities

Amanda Lang: Spurious attempt to tie Iran, Iraq to nuclear arms plot bypassed U.S. intelligence channels

Amanda Lang: Former NYTimes Reporter Rosenbaum Thought Drunk - EMTs Delay Treatment

Amanda Lang: Bush Warns Dem Critics to Not Criticize His Screwed Up War During Elections

Amanda Lang: Bush Stutters Through Strange Alito Press Conference

Amanda Lang: Timid Dems Without a Clue or Softballing Alito?

Amanda Lang: Extreme Makeover: House Republicans Considering Travel Ban

Amanda Lang: China Set To Reduce Exposure To Dollar

Amanda Lang: Democrat fears Alito may ban abortion

Amanda Lang: Democrats Say Alito's Answers Inconsistent

Amanda Lang: EPA to Lower Fuel Economy Ratings for 2008

Amanda Lang: Cuban-Americans Lash Out at Republicans

Amanda Lang: Conyers Asks & Utmost Authority on Constitutional Law Responds

Amanda Lang: Unforgivable: That Clinton, Other Congressmembers, Pentagon, White House, Media & Public Forgot About Lack of Armor

Amanda Lang: Boehner & Blunt 'no-goes' in GOP leadership race -- GOP not in OZ anymore

Amanda Lang: Wash. Post neglected to note Brownback's conflicting statements on political tests for Supreme Court nominees

Amanda Lang: Blitzer double standard: CNN host suggested Kennedy, but not Frist, was prejudging Alito nomination

Amanda Lang: MSNBC's Alito hearing coverage skewed right well into the night; NBC's Today picked up trend the next morning

Amanda Lang: Israeli Cabinet to Decide Palestinian Vote

Amanda Lang: I was scapegoat for Bush, Bremer claims

Amanda Lang: US warns Iran as nuclear row escalates

Tuesday, January 10:

Amanda Lang: Bush Texas Two-Stepping Away from Delay and Abramoff

Amanda Lang: TIME: Bush trying to round up all photos, links of President with Abramoff

Amanda Lang: Former Ney (R-OH.) aide resigns from law firm

Amanda Lang: NSA Inspector Gen. Ordering Probe of Domestic Spying

Amanda Lang: NSA Whistleblower Tice Admits to Being NYTimes Source

Amanda Lang: Full testimony of Guantanamo Bay prisoner

Amanda Lang: ASK ALITO: Amnesty International releases accounts of Gitmo abuse, torture

Joan Brunwasser: James Ridgeway: Alito's "Coaches" May Have Violated Senate Ethics Code

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 10, 2006

Amanda Lang: Christian right sees Alito appointed judge as saviour of religious America

Amanda Lang: Federal Program to Reduce Oil Consumption Increases It

Amanda Lang: ALITO ENTERS HIS OWN SPIN ZONE or "I was a middle-aged legal whore..." by Sam Alito

Amanda Lang: U.S. Healthcare Tab Grows Faster Than the Economy

Amanda Lang: New biometrics group focuses on frequent fliers

Amanda Lang: The Alito Myths

Amanda Lang: Swiss claim proof that CIA ran Europe jails

Amanda Lang: CLAIM: Israelis plan pre-emptive strike on Iran

Amanda Lang: National Security Agency mounted massive spy op on Baltimore Quakers, documents show

Amanda Lang: ?Abramoff, Ohio 2004 Election Chaos, and Ney Former Staffer on Diebold's Payroll While Working for White House?

Carol Wolman: Minutes- East Bay Impeachment Meetup- 2-9-06

Amanda Lang: "Fall Guy"? So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go? $ 8 bn a lot to "fall" on...

Amanda Lang: Abduction of American Reporter in Iraq Blacked Out By U.S. News Outlets

AmeriPundit: Bremer Claims He Was Used as Iraq 'Fall Guy'

Amanda Lang: Report: IRS Holds Fraud Suspects' Refunds Without Notification

Amanda Lang: China seals $2.3bn Nigeria oil deal

Amanda Lang: Report: Genetically-modified crops fail to deliver

Amanda Lang: Iran reopens nuclear research plant

Amanda Lang: British men who outed Bush face trial over "Jazeera bombing" leak

Amanda Lang: Torture Advisor: Bush Can Torture Detainee's Child - Even Crush Its Testicles Legally!!!

Amanda Lang: Bush predicts more Iraq death & sacrifice in 2006: So why don't he & twins go do It?

Amanda Lang: NYT Curious Silence in Report Risen's book that details NSA eavesdropping

Amanda Lang: The 2 Delay Replacements Face Their Own Lobbying Network Landmines

Amanda Lang: USA TODAY/CNN GALLUP POLL: Numbers Bad for George

Amanda Lang: POLL: Congressional Scandal Spells Trouble for Incumbents - GOP & DEMS

Amanda Lang: BUSH TIED TO ABRAMHOFF..Bush removal of US Attorney ended 2002 investigation of Abramoff

Amanda Lang: DeLay helped put the brakes on a federal probe - See Congressional Record!

Amanda Lang: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail -- Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime.

Amanda Lang: Time: FBI email says Abramoff case 'far from over'

Amanda Lang: Bush-Authorized Spying Spills Into Alito Confirmation Hearings

AmeriPundit: US Troops Seize Award-Winning Iraqi Journalist

Rob Kall: Alito Testifies That He Believed Roe Was Wrongly Decided

Amanda Lang: Leaked memo indicates Democrats will focus on Abramoff as keystone of 2006 efforts to retake Congress

Amanda Lang: Lobby Firm With Ties To Delay, Abramoff Is Scandal Casualty--Alexander Strategy Group to Close Doors

Amanda Lang: From Big-Time Lobbyist to Object of Derision

Amanda Lang: Abramoff broke, lonely, New York Times will report

Joan Brunwasser: DuPage County Elections paid $30,000 to Republican political consultant

Joan Brunwasser: Needs not met: New voting machines miss mark, disability advocate says

Joan Brunwasser: Elections Will be Focus as MD. Lawmakers Return

Monday, January 9:

Joan Brunwasser: You Go To War with the Army You Have... by Eric Alterman

Joan Brunwasser: Great News for Pennsylvanians!

Rob Kall: New call to impeach Blair over Iraq

Joan Brunwasser: Another Class Action Suit Vs. Diebold, Inc., Officers & Director

Rep. John Conyers, Ranking Democrat on House Judiciary Committee: Check it out! Conyers Report on Ohio 2004

Rob Kall: Two Major Contenders in Race to Lead House Republicans

Joan Brunwasser: Huffington Post: The Next Abramoff Shoe To Drop

Joan Brunwasser: Howard Dean Sets Wolf Blitzer Straight: Not a Single Democrat took Abramoff $

Sunday, January 8:

Marji Mendelsohn and Janice Weiss, co-founders *ACTION ALERT! RED ALERT IN OHIO!


Rob Kall: Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 08, 2006

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA): *150 "Out of Iraq" events held yesterday

AmeriPundit: So... we only spy on "our" enemies?

Joan Brunwasser: Delay Blocked Federal Investigation of Crony

Joan Brunwasser: Wall Street Journal: Ministers Say They Blessed Seats Ahead of Alito Hearing

Rob Kall: Pentagon Study Links Fatalities to Body Armor

the web: *Twenty Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

Rob Kall: Poll: Two Thirds of Republicans Are Stupid Fascist Idiots

Joan Brunwasser: Oakland: Use Mail-in Voting Instead of Electronic Voting Machines

Joan Brunwasser: Iraq War could cost US over $2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economist

Saturday, January 7:

Amanda Lang: Officials Focus on a 2nd Firm Tied to DeLay

Amanda Lang: Homeland Security opening private mail

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 07, 2006

Amanda Lang: Reaction to DeLay Announcement

Amanda Lang: Your phone records are for sale -- NO SH*T! -- $110 that's all

Amanda Lang: DeLay's letter to House Republican Conference

Amanda Lang: Germany's Merkel says Guantanamo should be shut down

Amanda Lang: A Tribe Takes Grim Satisfaction in Abramoff's Fall

Amanda Lang: Tigua tribe of El Paso wants Abramoff campaign contributions - why is their money being given to charities?

Amanda Lang: States Intervene After Drug Plan Hits Early Snags

Amanda Lang: AP Poll: 56% Say U.S. Needs Warrant to Snoop

Amanda Lang: Ney likely to be indicted

JGideon: Pennsylvania: Westmoreland County Voters Sue For Right To Choose Their Voting System

Amanda Lang: DeLay Steps Down as House Majority Leader

Amanda Lang: Rebels in G.O.P. Call for DeLay to Be Replaced

Amanda Lang: IRS tracked taxpayers’ political affiliation

Amanda Lang: Stupid Is, As Stupid Does -- NSA chief not concerned by congressional inquiries

Rob Kall: Alito Was Dues Paying Member of Racist, Sexist Organizqation

Rob Kall: Disgraced Congressman 'Wore a Wire'

Friday, January 6:

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 06, 2006

Amanda Lang: Iran's abrupt no-show stuns atomic negotiators

Rob Kall: Freeway Blogger; Can You Spell IMPEACH?

Amanda Lang: China hints at shift away from dollar -- Spells trouble for US

Amanda Lang: Tyco Acknowledges $1.6M Link to Abramoff

Amanda Lang: Bremer says U.S. did not expect insurgency in Iraq - NeoCons a Bit Slow on the Uptake?

Amanda Lang: Extra Body Armor Could Have Saved Many Marines' Lives

Amanda Lang: REPOST: House GOP Silences Medicare Cost & Fraud Inquiry

Amanda Lang: Seniors encounter problems with Bush Medicare drug benefit

Amanda Lang: Report Questions Legal Basis for Bush's Spying Program

Amanda Lang: AP Poll: Congressional Democrats Favored

Amanda Lang: Howard Dean Breaking All Fund-raising Records for Non-Election Year

JGideon: Virginia: Bi-Partisan Legislative Panel Recommends Paper Ballots and Audits

Amanda Lang: House GOP Calls for DeLay Replacement

Joan Brunwasser: New info may take out Diebold touchscreens

Amanda Lang: New AP-Ipsos Poll on Bush, Congress Results -NOT GOOD!

Amanda Lang: US sees coalitions of the willing as best ally - Wants to chuck UN & NATO in huge policy shift

Amanda Lang: Dec Job Numbers Well Below Expectations, Yet Bush Stumps, Rah-Rahs Economy

Amanda Lang: MUST SEE: New Bush Domestic Spying Ad

Amanda Lang: Albright Riled By Bush's Iraq Spin at Former Cabinet Members Meet-up

Amanda Lang: Murtha Denies Causing Recruitment Woes

Amanda Lang: GOP To Screw Up the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

JGideon: New Mexico: Agreement Reached On Voting Machine Purchase Freeze

Amanda Lang: Medicare Officials' Attendance at Lavish Contractor Meetings Probed

Amanda Lang: The Cost of The War

Amanda Lang: The Other Mega-Scandal - Two Congressmembers in the Cross-Hairs

Amanda Lang: Bush Recess Appointments Meet With Protest

Amanda Lang: Khaddam plans to topple al-Assad

Amanda Lang: India, Pakistan to reopen rail link

Amanda Lang: Sharon condition 'critical but stable'

Amanda Lang: Al-Zawahri claims Muslim victory in Iraq

Rob Kall: If You Were Reading OpEdNews in November 2004, then You Knew About Abramoff and the Indian Casinos That Long Ago

Amanda Lang: 11 U.S. Troops Killed in One Day in Iraq

Amanda Lang: White House Slams Pat Robertson Over Sharon Remarks

Amanda Lang: NSA: Amanpour, other CNN reporters not targeted for surveillance

Amanda Lang: Delay Probe Broadens To Include Election Spending

Amanda Lang: Almost Time To Sing Taps for Delay - Senate Awaits Leadership Shakeup

Amanda Lang: House Democrats Increase Pressure on Bush's NSA Domestic Spy Program

Rob Kall: Arrested for Soliciting Homosexual Sex: Fundamentalist Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Thursday, January 5:

Joan Brunwasser: New Wisconsin Election Bill Not as Positive as Originally Reported By Activists and Others

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 05, 2006

Amanda Lang: Democrats to Delay Alito Confirmation Vote

Amanda Lang: New Orleans: 9th Ward Residents & Bulldozers in Standoff

Amanda Lang: Intl. Monetary Fund (IMF) Occupies Iraq, Riots Follow

Amanda Lang: 7 US Soldiers Among 132 Killed in Iraq Bombings Today

Amanda Lang: Congressmembers write White House, ask if reporters were bugged - 21 + Conyers

Amanda Lang: NSA Whistleblower Asks to Testify before Congress on Spygate

Amanda Lang: Secretive military unit sought to solve political WMD concerns prior to securing Iraq, intelligence sources say

Amanda Lang: Pat Robertson 'said Sharon being punished by God'

Amanda Lang: Media reports wrongly conflated political contributions with illegal influence peddling in Abramoff case

Amanda Lang: CNN's Henry falsely claimed Sen. Dorgan took money from Mr. and Mrs. Abramoff then returned it

Amanda Lang: Abramoff's plea renews focus on Hastert's '03 casino letter

Amanda Lang: NBC confirms it's investigating whether Bush spied on CNN's Amanpour

Amanda Lang: Abramoff tribal clients donated thousands to state lawmakers

Amanda Lang: Bush to Give Up $6,000 In Abramoff Contributions but Received Over $100,000

Amanda Lang: Sharon Unlikely to Return to Power Following Massive Stroke

Amanda Lang: Florida Strikes Down Nation's First Statewide Voucher Program

Amanda Lang: Lobbyist's Guilty Plea Seen as Threat to DeLay Return

Amanda Lang: US plans Afghan jail for terror suspects

Amanda Lang: Bush Appointments Avert Senate Battles

Amanda Lang: IRAQ: 120 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers die in bombings

Amanda Lang: Blast hits Afghan town during U.S. envoy's visit

Amanda Lang: INTELLIGENCE: Preying On Fear

Amanda Lang: Alito Rally Pastor Received 'Faith-Based' Funds From Bush Administration, Watchdog Group Reports

David Swanson: 130 Out of Iraq Events on Jan. 7

Rob Kall: Americablog: Hardball's Chris Matthews, FOX's Tony Snow and Britt Hume helped raise money for shady Abramoff charity

Rob Kall: Top US Native American court upholds first gay marriage

Joan Brunwasser: WI: Electronic Voting Machines Must Be Open-Sourced

Amanda Lang: Justices Order Padilla Terror Case Moved to Civilian Court

Amanda Lang: Judges Were Unaware of Eavesdropping -- Surveillance Court (FISA) Is Seeking Answers

JGideon: New Mexico: State Halts Purchase of Sequoia Edge

Wednesday, January 4:

Amanda Lang: Anti-Gay Activist Okla. Pastor Nabbed in Male Prostitute Sting

Rob Kall: Bush could bypass new torture ban

Amanda Lang: US blunder aided Iran's atomic aims, book claims

Joan Brunwasser: The $4billion industry that is America's guilty secret

Joan Brunwasser: WI Gov. signs bill requiring voting machines to produce paper trail

Joan Brunwasser: Unexpected Extra Voting Machine Costs Will Require Study

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 04, 2006

Amanda Lang: $20,194,000 Is The Amount Bush Pioneer Abramhoff Stuffed into Secret Accounts

Amanda Lang: Bush Linked to Abramhoff - Call for 'transparency' of Pioneers and Rangers Fund-Raising Roles

Amanda Lang: Ashcroft's lobbying firm helps Israelis on Korean weapons deal

Amanda Lang: Sharon undergoing surgery after stroke

Amanda Lang: Insurgents burn 19 fuel tankers north of Baghdad

Amanda Lang: Dems on Intel Committee told Bush NSA briefings broke law

Joan Brunwasser: Connecticut Announces It's Ditching Electronic Voting Machine Plans for 2006!

Amanda Lang: Israel's Sharon Suffers Massive Stroke

Amanda Lang: Chris Matthews on Abramoff scandal: "It's not going to be part of a larger story of Washington this year, I think"

Amanda Lang: EXCLUSIVE: Bush ignored explicit warnings in 2002 about mine safety

Amanda Lang: BREAKING: Abramoff says he could implicate 60 lawmakers

David Swanson: What the Republicans Really Do Not Want

Amanda Lang: Israel's Sharon Rushed to Hospital

Amanda Lang: 'Corruption ... very extensive'

Amanda Lang: Iraq Wants U.S. Choice Out as Chief Of Brigade

Amanda Lang: IRAQ: Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 42 During Iraq Funeral Procession

Amanda Lang: GOP Leaders Seek Distance From Abramoff

Amanda Lang: "5 Deferrments" Cheney Defends Illegal Eavesdropping

Amanda Lang: Video Report on Abramoff-Email Trail-mix

Amanda Lang: Poll: Half believe Congress is dirty

Amanda Lang: 70% would oppose Alito if he would overturn Roe

Amanda Lang: Bush Assistant Labor Secretary worked on troubled Abramoff accounts worth millions of dollars

Amanda Lang: Hardball's Chris Matthews, FOX's Tony Snow and Britt Hume helped raise money for shady Abramoff charity

Amanda Lang: Bush could bypass new torture ban- He Gutted McCain Bill

Amanda Lang: Russia and Ukraine strike deal to end gas dispute

Amanda Lang: Report says Iran seeks nuclear bomb: paper

Amanda Lang: Last year deadliest for journalists since 1995- (RSF)

Amanda Lang: Syria ready for UN team to meet Shara: diplomats

Amanda Lang: Palestinians Enter Egypt After Border Smash

Amanda Lang: Timeline of Key Events in the Abramoff Investigation

Amanda Lang: Abramoff to Plead Guilty in Fla. Fraud Also

Amanda Lang: Bush Administration Ignored Mining Safety [Just like levees!]

Amanda Lang: McClellan Indicates Administration Won’t Cooperate With Congressional Hearings On Domestic Spying

Amanda Lang: Lobbying Plan Was Central to GOP's Political Strategy

Amanda Lang: Tremors Across Washington as Lobbyist Turns Star Witness

Amanda Lang: Bush to Give Up $6,000 Linked to Abramoff

Amanda Lang: STUNING: Community Heartbroken Over Miners' Deaths After Mistakenly Reported Alive

Joan Brunwasser: Abramoff: The House That Jack Built

Black box voting: Hold on to your lugnuts (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Rescuers find 12 trapped US miners alive

Amanda Lang: A Congress Fearful of Abramhoff Ties Has Campaign Contribution Refunds Flying Out of DC

Rob Kall: 12 miners found alive

Tuesday, January 3:


Amanda Lang: NYT sources: Times plans new splash on NSA surveillance

Amanda Lang: EU holds emergency talks on Russia-Ukraine petro rift

Amanda Lang: Intelligence Panel Had Clue About Bush's Domestic Spying

Amanda Lang: Board Rescinds 'Intelligent Design' Policy

Amanda Lang: Bush Pushes for Patriot Act Renewal

Amanda Lang: Families Are Told Body Found in W.Va. Mine

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For January 03, 2006

Amanda Lang: GOP 'TURNCOAT'

Amanda Lang: Efforts to Find Miners Become Desperate

People for the American Way (PFAW): *Action Alert: "Stop Alito" Phonebank in NY City on Thursday

Amanda Lang: Scott McClellan's (Bush Press Sec.) MOM to Run for Texas Governor as Independent!!!

Joan Brunwasser: The Twin Crises of 2006

Amanda Lang: ITALY - Prove Christ exists, judge orders priest

Amanda Lang: Howard Dean Calls on Bush to Return Abramoff Campaign Cash

Mark C. Miller: Democracy at Risk in NY Right Now

Amanda Lang: Firm knew Abramoff was paid by ex-DeLay aide before scandal broke, associates say

Amanda Lang: TEXT: Abramoff Plea Deal to Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, and Tax Evasion - January 3, 2006.

AmeriPundit: National Security Agency Whistleblower Warns Domestic Spying Program Is Sign the U.S. is Decaying Into a “Police State"

Amanda Lang: Pentagon PR Firm Also Paid Sunni Religious Scholars for Favorable US Articles

Amanda Lang: Iraq oil exports hit post-war low

Amanda Lang: POLL: Bush Numbers Drop Significantly Among Military's Professional Core

Amanda Lang: Murtha wouldn't join military today

Amanda Lang: US Society Marked by Reality of War

Amanda Lang: Official says U.S. strike kills 14 in Iraqi family

Amanda Lang: 2 Said Killed in U.S. Copter Crash in Iraq

Rob Kall: Answering Back to the News Media, Using the Internet

Amanda Lang: Bush pulls the plug on Iraq reconstruction

Amanda Lang: W VA: Mining Exec 'Very Discouraged' by Air Tests

Rob Kall: Israel arrests Palestinian candidate

Amanda Lang: G.O.P. Lobbyist Abramhoff to Plead Guilty in Deal With Prosecutors

Amanda Lang: Anti-gay group disrupts funerals of slain soldiers

Joan Brunwasser: Kerry Positioned for '08 White House Bid

Monday, January 2:

AmeriPundit: Gov. Bush taps Limbaugh investigator for county judge

Joan Brunwasser: Will Your E-Vote Count? By Cheryl Gerber

JGideon, VotersUnite.Org and VoteTrustUSA.Org: 'Daily Voting News' For January 02, 2006

Rob Kall: Casey Lead Weakens As Santorum Gains

John Gideon, VotersUnite.Org and VoteTrustUSA.Org: 'Daily Voting News' For January 01, 2006

Joan Brunwasser: Billions in Iraq Reconstruction Money Diverted for Other Uses

David Swanson: *ImpeachPAC Forms Citizens Impeachment Commission

Jason Leopold: Bolton Testimony Revealed Domestic Spying on Up to 500 US Citizens

Joan Brunwasser: Safire Recalls How He Was Victimized in a 'Leak' Probe

Sunday, January 1:

Rob Kall: Bush Attorney General Refused to OK Wiretaps

Amanda Lang: Europe uneasy after Russia cuts Ukraine gas supply

Amanda Lang: Bush defends eavesdropping amid calls for testimony

Joan Brunwasser: PA: Voters Announce 10-County Citizens' Coalition for a Voter Verified Paper Ballot

Amanda Lang: The Price of Katrina Hospitality - States Take On Financing of Refugees

Amanda Lang: Taiwan's President Calls for Increased Arms Purchases

Joan Brunwasser: NYT: Justice Deputy Resisted Part of Spy Program

Joan Brunwasser: Canadian candidates: Electronic Voting Machines Let Us Down

Joan Brunwasser: White House Says Web Site Counts Visitors

Amanda Lang: Liar in Chief Bush Defends Domestic Spying Program

Amanda Lang: AWOL in Chief: Bush Begins 2006 Visiting Wounded Troops

Amanda Lang: Ethiopia condemns aid pull-out -- Tough-love: Clean Up or Die but the Dying Aren't The Killers

Amanda Lang: Schumer Seeks Motive in U.S. Spy Probe - Congress Trying to Explain How Spy Prog. Got Pass Them

Amanda Lang: Trucks start rolling as Iraq tackles fuel crisis

Amanda Lang: Insurgents Explode 12 Car Bombs in Iraq

Amanda Lang: After Botched Katrina, Government Prepares for Next Big Disaster

Amanda Lang: 2005 Year-End Report on Federal Judiciary - Supreme Ct. Chief Justice Roberts

Amanda Lang: CHAD: Parliament defies World Bank, scraps ‘future generations’ oil fund

Amanda Lang: US forces step up Iraq airstrikes

Amanda Lang: White House Says Justice Dept. Probing 'NYT' On Its Own

Amanda Lang: No relief for oil prices in 2006

Amanda Lang: Report: U.S. preparing NATO for possible strike on Iran

Amanda Lang: Roberts Writes of 'Financial' Threat to Independence of Federal Courts

Amanda Lang: NSA Gave Other U.S. Agencies Information From Surveillance

Amanda Lang: Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Debuts

Amanda Lang: Justice Dept. opens probe on domestic spying leak

Amanda Lang: Russia starts cutting off Ukraine gas

Amanda Lang: Multi-Millionaire Roberts Wants Raises for Federal Judges

Amanda Lang: Insurgents Explode 8 Car Bombs in Baghdad

Amanda Lang: Blood Flows With Oil in Poor Nigerian Villages

Amanda Lang: Officials at U.N. Seek Fast Action to Reform Human Rights Panel

Joan Brunwasser: The Seattle Times: All-mail Voting May Cut Fraud

Joan Brunwasser: A Ban on Electronic Voting Machines?

Joan Brunwasser: Two Taxes on Wealthy Expiring on January 1


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