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June 2005

Wednesday, June 29:


The USA: World's Biggest Prison (3 comments)

Bush to Tell Why He Sees a 'Clear Path to Victory' (3 comments)


Iraq Realities Force Bush to Respond (3 comments)

On day of Bush Speech, House Conservatives Gouge Vets (3 comments)


More Public Broadcast Programs Monitored by Tomlinson & Co. (3 comments)

Dems target pre-Iraq war intelligence (3 comments)

It's time for Rumsfeld to follow his own advice (3 comments)

Priests molested and raped children because Boston is ‘Liberal’ & ‘Academic’ (3 comments)

Index: Testimony From World Tribunal for Iraq (3 comments)

Just What Repugs Need! Lott eyes a comeback (3 comments)

Nonpartisan government watchdog to investigate White House contracts with media (3 comments)

The 'Disconnected President' Premiers on Primetime (3 comments)

Hard-to-Get Policy Briefings For Congress Are Now Online (3 comments)

Bloggers Go Mainstream to Fight Regulation (3 comments)

Reverend Billy Graham: Let Hillary ‘Run the Country’ (3 comments)

Gallup: Majority of Public Wants Bush to be Flexible on Supreme Court Nominee (3 comments)

Insurgents’ Slaying of top Shiite may stoke ethnic tension (3 comments)

Democrats Step Up Criticism of Halliburton Billing in Iraq (3 comments)

U.S. military helicopter crashes in Afghanistan (3 comments)

Joseph Wilson Responds to Decision in Plame Case (3 comments)

Ex-HealthSouth CEO found not guilty (3 comments)

'Downing Street Memo 'Has Lingering Effect (3 comments)

Halliburton Hearing Unearths New Abuse (3 comments)

Unrest 'could double' oil price -- $120 per barrel?? (3 comments)

Technology May Still Triumph -- How Brand X may help wireless (3 comments)

EU urges Iran to continue nuclear talks (3 comments)

When you don’t like the facts - just change them (3 comments)

Iraqi MP killed, bomber hits hospital (3 comments)

UN investigates crackdown by Mugabe (3 comments)

Lebanon eases work ban on refugees (3 comments)

UN and tsunami relief top OIC talks (3 comments)

Afghan school used as bomb factory (3 comments)

Pakistan rape victim wins first appeal (3 comments)

Egyptian politician pleads not guilty (3 comments)

Saudi Men and Women Petition Rights Body on Women Driving (3 comments)

NAFTA '3 amigos' to tighten security (3 comments)

Industry squeezed by soaring energy prices (3 comments)

Iran: The living fossils' vengeance (3 comments)

NASA 'fails' shuttle safety recommendations (3 comments)

‘Gold Star’ moms to admit non-citizens (3 comments)

Intellectuals damn US war on Iraq (3 comments)

China Economy Rising at Pace to Rival U.S. (3 comments)

EPA Proposal Would Allow Human Tests Of Pesticides (3 comments)

Saturday, June 4:

CORPORATE PENSIONS: Underfunding worse than thought, report says (3 comments)

Afghan violence undermines U.S. claims of stability (3 comments)

Crude surges past $54 on fears of supply shortages later this year (3 comments)

Mortar Blast Kills 3 Kids, Uncle in Iraq (3 comments)

Rumsfeld Warns Countries Not to Assist Zarqawi (3 comments)

Serious UK Nuclear Leak 'Went Unnoticed for Nine Months' (3 comments)

Police, Firefighter Unions Trump Schwarzenegger (3 comments)

Fewer and Fewer Latinos Willing to Die in Iraq (3 comments)

Tales of abuse in Guantanamo testimony -- Tribunal transcripts offer glimpse into prison (3 comments)

Conyers Demands Rumsfeld Answers on Secret Iraq Bombings and Downing Street Memo (3 comments)

FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat' Post Confirms (3 comments)

U.S. Army officers cite lack of troops in key region (3 comments)

Data contradict VA's explanation on disparity in veterans' benefits (3 comments)

Critics fear base closures will split U.S. -- Pentagon plan to expand in South raises concerns (3 comments)

Closings shifting military south (3 comments)

The Director of 'Working America' Defends Its Effectiveness in Response to Critics (3 comments)

Darfur: Arrest War Criminals, Not Aid Workers (3 comments)

D.R. Congo: Gold Fuels Massive Human Rights Atrocities (3 comments)

E.U.: Put a Firm Deadline to Independent Investigation in Uzbekistan (3 comments)

Young people hardest hit by HIV/AIDS pandemic, new UN report says  (3 comments)

Bahrain: Courts Try to Silence Women’s Rights Activist (3 comments)

Bullet database cracks '95 murder (3 comments)

New York Gun Control Laws Revisited: Two bills are drawing ire of state's gun enthusiasts (3 comments)

Northern Ireland--Royal Ulster Constabulary Policing Methods Raises Concern (3 comments)

Israeli Companies Suspected of Corporate Spying (3 comments)

Arthur Andersen conviction overturned (3 comments)

Bush Calls Human Rights Report 'Absurd' (3 comments)

FOIA Documents: US Paid Up to $25K per head for Gitmo prisoners (3 comments)

Bush faces GOP shift on stem cells (3 comments)

Bush denies losing clout, vows to press on (3 comments)

Cheney Offended (3 comments)

Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says (3 comments)

Iran tests new solid fuel rocket (3 comments)

Italians die in Iraq helicopter crash (3 comments)

Ex-FBI Official Says He Was 'Deep Throat' (3 comments)

Suspected Al Qaeda Loyalists Denied Bail (3 comments)

Probe: Boy Scouts Lied About Black Members (3 comments)

Major hurricane likely to hit U.S. in '05 –study (3 comments)

Dishonoring Veterans (3 comments)

Catholics Split on Embryo Issue (3 comments)

Police see al Qaeda link in Karachi mosque bombing (3 comments)

Kidnapped Governor in Iraq Found Dead (3 comments)

Iraqi president expects Saddam trial in 2 months (3 comments)

Hamas to boycott repoll (3 comments)

Sudan Arrests Second Medical Aid Official (3 comments)

A Summer of Discontent for Labor Focuses on Its Leader's Fitness for His Job (3 comments)

Transatlantic clash erupts over aircraft titans (3 comments)

De Villepin new French PM (3 comments)

European ideal 'not rejected' says Chirac (3 comments)

France's Chirac turns to ally and rival in new govt (3 comments)

Proposed closure of America's first submarine base riles Connecticut (3 comments)

Lawmakers Back Noncom Trust Fund for Public Broadcasting (3 comments)

China says journalist 'admitted spying' (3 comments)

Russia's Oil Magnat, Khodorkovsky jailed for 9 years (3 comments)

Russia agrees to pull troops from Georgia by 2008 (3 comments)

Iraqi journalists complain of censorship (3 comments)

Uzbekistan’s Growing Police State (3 comments)

French Voters Rewrite History (3 comments)

Depleted Uranium Bill Introduced into Congress (3 comments)

RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war (3 comments)

Battle for the heart of Europe (3 comments)

Congress Calls Truce on Women in Combat (3 comments)

British soldiers face war crimes charges (3 comments)

NATO compound attacked in Kabul (3 comments)

Mexican volcano erupts (3 comments)

Operation Lightning:  Bombers Target Iraq Police; Up to 30 Dead (3 comments)

NATO sends F-16s to disperse Afghan protesters (3 comments)

Musharraf sets bomb ticking among Iranians (3 comments)

Earthquake rocks Indonesia’s Aceh region (3 comments)

Earthquake Hits Central America (3 comments)

Moderately Strong Earthquake Rattles Japan (3 comments)

Supreme Court Decision Upholds Federal Law Protecting Rights Of Minority Faiths (3 comments)

AP: Gitmo Prisoners Told Panel About Abuse (3 comments)

French PM faces the axe (3 comments)

Many killed in Iraq double bombing (3 comments)

US tour beckons for Gorgeous George (3 comments)

US: Arrest of Sunni leader a mistake (3 comments)

US senators seek Uzbekistan inquiry (3 comments)

German Opposition Party Nominates Merkel to Challenge Schroeder (3 comments)

Factions Clash in Southern Somalia, At Least 15 People Killed (3 comments)

Four killed in Pakistan bomb attack (3 comments)

China Reneges on US, EU Apparel Export Duties (3 comments)

Revelry takes a holiday for war families (3 comments)

How Bush Treats Vets: Unceremonious End to Army Career (3 comments)

 Long Jailings Anger Iraqis (3 comments)


Woman Sues Yahoo Over Nude Photos (3 comments)

Bombers Attack Iraq Police; Up to 30 Dead (3 comments)

Chirac Begins Shake-Up After EU Charter Blow (3 comments)

Euro hit by French 'No' vote (3 comments)

Hariri Bloc Sweeps Beirut Parliamentary Elections (3 comments)

Statement on Russian bases in Georgia is a concession - expert (3 comments)

Repercussions Across Europe After French Reject E.U. Charter (3 comments)

Iraq: Suicide bombers kill police officers (3 comments)

French 'No' stings leaders of France, Europe (3 comments)

Nuclear Brakes (3 comments)

Against BOTH Divorcing Partents Wishes Judge Orders Them not to Expose Son to "Non-Mainstream" Religions. (3 comments)

Setbacks pin 'lame duck' label on Bush (3 comments)

Experts: Petroleum May Be Nearing Peak (3 comments)

South Korean Students Hold Anti-U.S. Rally (3 comments)

Iraqi forces launch crackdown; al Qaeda defiant (3 comments)

‘Top’ General Myers defends treatment of Gitmo prisoners (3 comments)

Review May Shift Terror Policies -- U.S. Is Expected to Look Beyond Al Qaeda (3 comments)

House Speaker Hastert (R-Ill.) Directs Millions to Birthplace (3 comments)

Canada pledges aid to Palestineans (3 comments)

Demonstrators interrupt Rice's speech (3 comments)

Health Leaders Seek Consensus Over Uninsured (3 comments)

Iraqi Forces Target Insurgents; 21 Dead (3 comments)

The extraordinary pleas of Saddam's right-hand man (3 comments)

France votes on EU constitution (3 comments)

English priest stops Amazon logging giants in their tracks (3 comments)

Saudis look to change of direction from King Fahd's successor (3 comments)

Eleven UK Soldiers Face War Crimes Trial (3 comments)

Fla. County Urged to Ditch Voting Machines (3 comments)

U.N. Party Planners Wonder, Will Bush and Friends Attend? (3 comments)

Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution (3 comments)

U.S. Set to Test Missile Defenses Aboard Airlines (3 comments)

U.S. May Be Trying to Isolate N. Korea – Food Aid to be Cut (3 comments)

Saad al-Hariri headed for Beirut win (3 comments)

Yemeni preacher sentenced to death (3 comments)

Judge: Public Has Right to See Abuse Photos (3 comments)

In Darfur, Annan witnesses 'heart-wrenching' situation of displaced Sudanese (3 comments)

Egypt: continuing arrests of critics and opponents "chill" prospects for reform (3 comments)

McCain vs. Frist Over Secret Bolton Documents (3 comments)

Outrageous Outtakes (3 comments)

Amnesty International USA urges investigations of Rumsfeld, Gonzales, and other "architects of torture" (3 comments)

Rumsfeld Blames Global Media and Free Speech for U.S. Poor World Standing (3 comments)

U.N. Nuke Conference Offers No New Action (3 comments)

Microsoft Deletes Ralph Reed (3 comments)

Visits to U.S. Emergency Departments at All-Time High; Number of Departments Shrinking (3 comments)

U.S. sale of military weapons by Bush to countries once barred from making arms purchases increased sharply since 9/11 (3 comments)

Coalition Calls for First Step Toward Bush Impeachment (3 comments)

FCC Commissioner Decries 'Commercialization Of Media' (3 comments)

Inquiry finds Koran 'mishandling' (3 comments)

Anti-American Rallies Staged Throughout Mideast (3 comments)

40,000 Iraqis to Form Shield in Baghdad (3 comments)

Lebanese Muslims Protest Alleged Desecration of Quran (3 comments)

US helicopter shot down in Iraq (3 comments)

WTO Clears Iran to Start Membership Talks (3 comments)

North Korea denies plan for nuclear bomb test (3 comments)

Senate votes to delay Bolton nomination (3 comments)

Haiti: Obliterating justice, overturning of sentences for Raboteau massacre by Supreme Court is a huge step backwards (3 comments)

France heads for political earthquake in EU vote (3 comments)

US rejects Venezuelan extradition request of Cuban accused of airline bombing (3 comments)

Pakistani Suicide explosion at shrine kills 25 (3 comments)

Zarqawi reported taken refuge in Abu Shallal village (3 comments)

Kyrgyzstan: Say No to Return of Uzbek Refugees (3 comments)

Annan arrives in Sudan for talks with top officials, Darfur visit (3 comments)

N.Y. Court Rules Mayor Will Face Trial (3 comments)

Crowds, Delays Plague Start of Holiday (3 comments)

China Reports More Bird Deaths From Flu (3 comments)

CDC Adopts New Repellent Guidelines for Upcoming Mosquito Season (3 comments)

CDC Recommends Meningococcal Vaccine for Adolescents and College Freshmen (3 comments)

Actor Depp Arranges Shooting of Hunter S. Thompson's Ashes (3 comments)

Japan Says WWII “Imperial Army” Soldiers Found in Philippine Mountains (3 comments)

Soldier Acquitted of Killing Unarmed Iraqi (3 comments)

Bush's UN nominee, Bolton, slapped down en route to Senate (3 comments)

UN Warns Violence in Darfur Increasing (3 comments)

Iran gets European warning – Countries responsible for last two WORLD WARS & countless, millions deaths speak   (3 comments)

Attacks leave fifteen dead in Baghdad (3 comments)

Somali Government Split Over Relocation From Kenya to Somalia (3 comments)

Three More Killed as Anti-US Demonstrations Spread in Afghanistan (3 comments)

Anti-US protests spread in Afghanistan (3 comments)

Rwanda Rejects Calls to Help Repatriate Hutu Rebels (3 comments)

Wife Abusing Bolton Asserts His Independence on Intelligence (3 comments)

Mitterrand widow opposes EU constitution 'dictatorship' (3 comments)

"We're fighting a war on supplementals, and it's a hell of a way to do business…” (3 comments)

Under guise of providing aid to victims, asbestos lobby wins tens of billions of dollars…for Fortune 500 companies (3 comments)

Jose Padilla : U.S. Citizen Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 2 Years and 339 Days (3 comments)

A Bolton Nuclear Blunder? (3 comments)

New missile tested by N. Korea could reach U.S. base (3 comments)

Syrian intelligence moves to Palestinian camps in the Bekaa Valley (3 comments)

Clinton, Gingrich Unite on Health Care (3 comments)

A Nuclear Blunder? (3 comments)

Blair promises to step down before next polls (3 comments)

N Korea raises nuke stakes (3 comments)

Beijing rejects sanctions to squeeze North Korea:  'Strong-arm tactics' won't halt quest for nuclear arms, China says (3 comments)

IEA raises oil demand growth forecast (3 comments)

Polio Pounds Yemen (3 comments)

Bush Creates Jobs in Iraq --Prostitution Legalized -- muta'a a means of $$ for widows and orphans created by Bush/Blair (3 comments)


Dean Wants Sanders to Help Negotiate Peace Between Progs and Dems (3 comments)

Bolton forced wife into group sex (3 comments)


Four Dead, Scores Hurt in Anti-US Afghan Riot Over Reported Koran Abuse at Gitmo (3 comments)

USA probes desecration of Koran (3 comments)

U.S. Budget Focus Should Be Security, Not Weapons (3 comments)

Center for Defense Information (3 comments)

Foreign Policy in Focus (3 comments)

Report: Global economic outlook dims (3 comments)

Scores killed and injured in Iraq blasts (3 comments)

at least 60 killed (3 comments)

Japan rejects captors' demands in Iraq (3 comments)

Somali leaders deploy fighters (3 comments)

Bush put USA on high alert for terrorist attacks with only flimsy evidence to justify raising threat level says Tom Ridg (3 comments)

White House Uses Plane Scare Used to Deflect Damaging Statements by former Homeland Security Head (3 comments)

Pakistan's arrest of Libyan Al Qaeda suspect not as big a breakthrough as first thought (3 comments)


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