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OEN Call to Write About Activism and Advocacy Practices

We're adding some new categories to the OEN directory, with the hopes you'll fill them in with articles. Gradually, more and more groups of activists and advocacy organizations are getting the message that OEN is not just a news and opinion site. We're also a tool for making change happen, for advocacy and action. So we've added a new directory section, PRACTICES, under Top > Issues-Advocacy

We're hoping that you will begin writing about your work, your wisdom as change makers. These articles will not necessarily be about the latest polls on the presidential election. Instead, you will talk about how you do what you do to make a difference. You can write about basic steps you take, experiments you've attempted that have succeeded... or failed. The hope is to build an archive of discusssions of activism practice. We're also hoping and expecting that the comments for these articles and diaries will be as valuable as the initiating content that was posted.

The nice thing about this project is the overlap. Whether you are working on voting rights, women's rights or prisoner rights, the practices will often be the same. This way we can share our wisdom, experience and expertise and help each other move towards the greater goal of a better world.

Here's a partial list.  Remember, I just created these, so most of them are empty. The goal is to have hundreds of  how-to, experience, tips articles for each of them. These can also be very local.

Top > Issues-Advocacy > Practices       Tags:
• Action Pages • Blogging • Bottom-up • Civil Disobedience
• Connecting • Contacting Legislators • Demonstrations • Email
• Fundraising • Getting Arrested • Internet E-Resources • Interns Internships
• LTEs Letters To Editors • Management • Meetups Connecting • Mentors Mentoring
• Messaging • Mobile Phone Use • Non-profit Status • Organizing
• PR Publicity • Practices • Press Releases • Promotion Promoting
• Public Actions • Radio • Recruiting • Signs Signage
• Spin Languaging • Theater • Transparency • Video Youtube
• Volunteers • Websites

I encourage you to add to the tags/items in this list as a suggestion in a comment below or when you post an article. Remember to keep them general, across interests and issues.

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