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Vaccination Policy

OEN has a very open policy for publishing articles on topics that are often overlooked by the mainstream media. Over the last several years OEN has published a number of articles calling into question the safety of modern vaccinations against various diseases. In light of new revelations concerning the fraudulent behavior of Andrew Wakefield with regard to the MMR vaccine and links to autism, OEN publicly disclaims any validity to allegations against MMR vaccinations, and other standard childhood vaccinations for serious and deadly diseases.


Vaccinations against diseases like polio, smallpox and measles have prevented hundreds of millions of illnesses and deaths, and in the case of smallpox have literally eradicated the disease from the human population. The evidence for the efficacy of vaccinations is overwhelming, and the incidences of serious side effects are rare when compared with the number of people vaccinated around the world each year.


OEN will no longer publish articles that call for avoiding important childhood vaccinations, including MMR, smallpox and polio. This is a topic that every person should discuss with their doctor, rather than making the decision based on articles posted on the internet. OEN welcomes articles that bring to light new information on drug safety (or lack thereof) as evidence becomes available, but we will not pursue the discredited links between MMR vaccinations and autism. 

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