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Rules Regarding self/other Commercial Promotion

Our site policy does not permit promotion of businesses or services in bios, or other content. A bio is  a place to describe a bit about who you are and your interests, not where you put a link to website where you sell things or services. It is acceptable to include a link to your blog or your content site but not a site that is strictly commercial, selling products or services.

Posting of links to your commercial site, or someone else's commercial site, unless essential to the article, will be considered abuse of our commercial promotion policy.

We routinely delete links and ban new members who come to the site hoping to get a free, easy link to their site. If you are banned for commercial posting on this site, you wil also be banned on all other sites supported by populum.com

That said, we welcom links from writers to their blogs and from activists to their non-profit organizations. When we see links to sites selling weight loss products, SEO services or things like that, we will automatically remove the links, any content posted and ban the poster.

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