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OpEdNews Tips for Apple Mac Users

Some users have reported problems using the OpEdNews.com site with their Mac computers. 

I just got my first Mac and I have had no problems using it with OpEdNews.com

That may be because I downloaded and am using google Chrome. If you haven't tried chrome yet, I can tell you, it runs OEN great. 

I've spoken with Mac tech people and they agree Chrome runs great on Macs. 

You can add the OpEdNews Quick Link Browser Bar tool on your internet browser toolbar to make it really easy and twice as fast to submit a news story to OpEdNews from its original web page. Click on the link and just drag the link to your Chrome toolbar and then, when you see a story that you think OEN readers would like, just quick on the QuickLink browser bar tool and it will open a new window for submitting a quick link that already has the title and the URL for the article. Then, you can add a description of the article and there's a friendly widget for including an image from the article too. 

You can post as many quicklinks to news and opinion sites as you like. 
 If you are linking to an article you've written, or on your site, you may post one quicklink for each full article you post to OpEdNews.com

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