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Today's News of Trayvon Martin and "Born In The Wrong Country"

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This article speaks of how this story of Trayvon Martin reeks of the injustices that Born In The Wrong Country talks about, and why millions of Americans need to read this book. It brings to light that the racism which is what the Trayvon Martin murder is about is not new; the difference is that this time it is carried out by a 28 year old White Hispanic on a Neighborhood Watch, with no any affiliation the police department.


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Today's News of Trayvon Martin and
"Born In The Wrong Country" By Milton Lee Norris

Why looking at and watching today's news and reading "Born In The Wrong Country" is so important today, and why millions of Americans need to read this book.

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Trayvon Martin
President Obama and the Presidential election of 2012
Slavery in the United States
Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation
Police shootings
Child abuse
Sexual abuse of young boys, especially in the Catholic Church
The real truth about American History
The Republican Party debacle regarding Stolen elections
The Republican Party fiasco -- Former President Bush's pre-emptive
strike on Iraq
The Republican Party mess - thievery, robbing the poor in order to
give more tax breaks to the rich
The Republican Party anarchy -- $9 billion dollars gone missing
<click here;

For now let's talk about Trayvon Martin , a 17 year old African-American Person of Color, who was shot and killed on February 26, 2012, not February 26, 1862, or 1962 or even 1982, but in 2012 , in Sanford, Florida. I would like everyone to keep this in mind while continuing to read this article; it is very important.

First off, bigotry must defined by what it is, racism; it seems that Sanford, Florida needs a reality check. It's bad enough that in many parts of our country, that African-American People of Color can still be shot and killed by Police Officers, many of whom are White and get away with murdering mainly African-American Men of Color and other Black men. A most famous case in point was the slaying of Amadou Diallo aka Ahmed. <>;

Other occurrences can be found at the following:
<click here;

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There have been far too man Black men that have been shot and killed by police officers in this country; and one can look up a plethora of unarmed shootings of Black men. With the way the investigation of Trayvon Martin is going, it seems that other people may be able to do the same without any judicial recourse; this is unconscionable.

This crime has been like taking a knife and pushing it into the hearts of many Americans, because after a month no arrest has been made even though the Police Department knows who committed the crime. Justice seems elusive because one man, who was part of a neighborhood watch, was able to shot and kill a teenage boy because he didn't like the teenager looks and felt that he was up to no good. The fact that someone was allowed to shot and kill a young boy for no good apparent reason, and then not be arrested or not even have their gun taken away is really scary; it's insane; no charges have been filed against this man. Simply put this was an act of murder, and when I hear of these things going on in my country, our country I ask myself the same question that I asked in my book, "Born In The Wrong Country;" where had slavery gone? I say had because many acts, which precipitated during slavery still exists in our country. When laws of justice don't seem to apply to those who impetuously go after the African-American People of Color, then something is evidently flawed and lacking; America really needs to read to read "Born In The Wrong Country."

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a person on the Neighborhood Watch; this wasn't any accident; this was a gruesome and intentional crime. I think that most Americans would have thought that this kind of violence, in the form of what appears to be a cold blooded murder in the south would have ceased. Is it too much that we ask that the Sanford, Florida Police be made accountable for their zealous actions and inactions; and is it also too much for us to ask that George Zimmerman be charged in this alleged murder of which he is known to have plugged the trigger and fired the fatal shot killing Trayvon Martin? Is it really too much to expect that his gun, which he still has be taken away from him, and that he be made accountable for what seems to be a flagrant abuse of the neighborhood watch patrol? It is my understand that in a police shooting, at least the gun is taken away while the investigation continues, but when you take the word of a shooter because he said that he felt threatened, what's to say that this perpetrator won't shoot someone else?
<click here;
"".His killer, George Zimmerman, remains free with his gun. This is Democracy Now! """

As I watch and continue to hear the story about this 17 year old young man I am sickened, because with the leaps and bounds that our country has supposedly made in race relationships, I wonder are those leaps and bounds over exaggerated? When I look at the times that an African-American Person of Color is shot and killed by some Police Officer, because they thought the person in question had a weapon of some sort, but did not makes me angry, especially when that Police Officer or Police Officers goes free for killing yet another Black man. America read my book "Born In The Wrong Country;" it's about the injustice and the double standard of justice that seems to apply when speaking about African-American People of Color or the Hispanic population.

Although Zimmerman claims to have been hit by Martin, ""The neighborhood watch captain who says he shot Martin after he was punched in the nose, knocked down and had his head slammed into the ground."
<click here=16022897#.T3SBQSKF_9J>

Though led away in handcuffs by the Police, """.Zimmerman was not arrested although ABC News has learned that the lead homicide investigator filed an affidavit urging Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The prosecutor, however, told the officer to not file the charge because there was not enough evidence for conviction." Was Zimmerman put in handcuffs to appease his parents, relatives, friends, and the rest of America? If so I'm sure that dramatic display did nothing to appease anyone, let alone his parents.

Another report has Zimmerman claiming to have said that, "". George Zimmerman claimed to police that he was pummeled and had his nose broken by Trayvon Martin just before he pulled his gun and shot the teenager to death, a Sanford Police Department surveillance video shows no apparent signs that he had been in a fight of the kind he described."
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None the less George Zimmerman remains free and Trayvon Martin is dead. This story wreaks of the kind of injustice that Born In The Wrong Country talks about. The murders that were carried out in the south in the fifties and sixties, while bystanders said nothing and the perpetrators of those crimes were never brought to justice, all because the Police remained blind to justice for a black man. It is high time that America stopped claiming to have amnesia and start coming forward with the truth.

Born In The Wrong Country is a riveting book by Milton Lee Norris, who is an African-American Person of Color, a gay man and who has been an epileptic for nearly 50 years. When it comes to speaking his mind he's uninhibited.

"Born In The Wrong Country" is about being made to feel unwelcome in your own country. These are the words that really describe much of what Born In The Wrong Country is about. How can one feel welcome in his or her own country, when that country or state doesn't seem to look after the welfare of their people, where prejudice is running rampant, where brothers and sisters fall dead to a Police Officer's gun, where the justice that some Americans might enjoy doesn't apply the same way when it comes to the justice of the African-American People of Color, then how welcome can we feel?

"But You're Different," is a chapter which you're probably guessing deals with racism on some level, one being White against Black and other minorities; and another which deals with our homophobic society, which is troubled with the prejudices toward gay men and women, gay children, and all of our Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender people in our country.

"Rude People," which speaks of the sexual abuse of little boys, which on so many levels was and is done by Priests in the Catholic Church.
"If It's Done Out of Love," is a about not judging, a plea for friendship, love and attention, and of gay people's needs, which is written in poetic form.

"Let Us Not Lose Focus on Saving Lives," is a chapter which deals in part with children who are alike from different parts of the world, and how coming together in a classroom affected some Black children growing up in the fifties and sixties, children who were born and raised here, but were treated differently than those new classmates. This shows the cold discrimination that many African-American Children of Color faced in some of their classrooms from some of their teachers; it's a view of favoritism and racism that you won't find in your American history books.

These are just a few of the topics of Born In The Wrong Country ; Modern-Day Slavery , and what the author speaks of as being Medical Terrorism are some of the other topics that are discussed, a long with spirit of the place, love and growing. Passion and Remembering Slavery, White Man's Cruelty, Stolen Children are two chapters, which are of utmost importance in Born In The Wrong Country . Today we're all reminded of stolen children when another child is kidnapped; it's not just about the slavery of yester years; it's a new kind of slavery.

The connection between Trayvon Martin's murder and Born In The Wrong Country is quite clear. Born In The Wrong Country speaks of similar issues of injustice that have plagued our country for a very long time; stories like his should shock and shame America to change its code of injustice; after all it is 2012.

On The Political Side
Let's focus on a few things by moving more to the political side. First of all our country is a mess; we need to continue addressing every problem that every American faces, and to start we need to address our human rights issues because ignoring them does nothing to bring about change, a cure or justice. Prejudice and discrimination doesn't bring out the best of either race, Black, White or other, but it did bring about something that wasn't talked about or should I say wasn't talked about nearly as much until President Obama took office.

When this first Black President took office, then America began to see those deep underlying prejudices erupt, though many didn't say the word; I do, prejudice. If we don't bring more shame to our problems, like race relationships, gay rights issues and religious rights, then we don't stand a chance to correct them.

When a person has cancer we don't say that he or she has a broken toe; when a person has Alzheimer's Disease we don't say they have a heart problem; and when a person is an epileptic like me, you don't treat people like me for lung cancer; the same should be said with what is ailing America; we need to be truthful. America is one of the most racist places on earth and this goes for both Black and White. The only person that I see that is concerned enough, brilliant enough and willing to help all Americans as human beings and in America is President Barack Obama, which is why when reading Born In The Wrong Country you will see that the one that's got America's back is not Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum and most definitely not Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul; and it is not the Republican Party now; and it wasn't the Republican Party in the previous administration either.

With the recent news that's been garnishing many of the headlines in the media all across our country; it would seem quite evident that there is much work to be done on race relationships. These are a few of some of those headlines:

Trayvon Martin case: Florida's license to kill
Our view: The shooting death of Trayvon Martin shows the folly of Florida's lax gun laws

<click here,0,3940355.story>
<click here;

Florida Police Chief Steps Aside in Fatal Shooting
<click here;

Trayvon Martin protests: Million Hoodie March, demonstrations across US call for justice

Trayvon Martin's shooting death in Florida brings up questions of law, justice, race and guns: A Closer Look
<click here;

There are many more headlines about protests of what seems like a very biased case against race. The murderer is a White Hispanic; and the dead person is a 17 year African-American Person of Color. What makes this case more troubling is that a police officer didn't shoot and kill this unarmed teenager, but a neighborhood watch person, with a gun, which he was licensed to have in Sanford, Florida, but licensed to carry, should not have been a license to kill. This 28 year man who killed Trayvon Martin just seemed to be a little too eager and he didn't listen to the police when asked was he following him and he said yes; they told him that you don't have to do that.

<click here;


"On the tapes Zimmerman reports "a real suspicious guy" to the police dispatcher:

<click here;

<click here;

""""..Well, The Daily Beast reports that the 28-year-old Zimmerman moved to Florida with his family from Virginia around a decade ago. Zimmerman apparently wanted to be a police officer; he attended Seminole State College, which has a law and public safety program.

In 2008 he applied to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office program for citizen law enforcement. It's not known what happened with that application, but perhaps it was derailed by a pair of incidents in 2005 -- he was arrested for a bar brawl and was cited for domestic violence.""""

<click here=home&position=recent>

When the headlines shifted to President Obama's take on this murder, he commented on by saying, " "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon, " President Barack Obama chose a highly personal way to join the heated national debate over the death of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager shot to death by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida.".."
And of course one of the Republican Candidates had to comment on President Obama's words negatively. The headlines of the New York Daily News blasted the following:

"Conservatives blast President Obama's remarks on Trayvon Martin: He's race baiting!"
"Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said Obama and his comments were 'disgraceful'"
click here
Some others accused President Obama of race-baiting.

"Several right-leaning pundits and politicians are blasting the commander-in-chief's remarks about the killing of the unarmed black teen, going so far as to say the President is race-baiting."

What I'd like to know is when is someone in his own party going to have the audacity to speak up on his behalf, be it Black or White and stand up for our President? It seems like there is too much jealousy and bickering that appears to take precedence over much of what is going on, rather than putting their egos and arrogance aside and dealing with matters at hand.

These are more reasons that America needs to read "Born In The Wrong Country." It seems that ever since President Obama won the National Election in 2008 that the standards, which have been set for this Black President has been different than any other President. He's our first African-American Person of Color to become the President of this Nation; he is not our nations' first President. He is often accused of playing the race card, but hasn't America has been playing the race card every time it suited them and that is prejudice; it's the kind of prejudice that I equate with what I call the United States of Amnesia, because many fail to admit their short comings and admit how they view Black as opposed to White, along with slavery, the poor, health insurance, housing, jobs, education and many other issues.

Reading and watching how these issues are unfolding in the media should sound off an alarm in America; it should definitely sound an alarm to the African-American People of Color as a whole; along with police brutality and shootings based on so-called mistaken identity, which seem to be targeted against Black Americans, mainly men; that in itself should sound off an alarm that things aren't right in our country. Sure there aren't jobs, but there are far less jobs for the African-American People of Color; compared to Whites, our unemployment figure is much higher; the rate of unemployment for African-American People of Color is around 17 percent or higher.

"""".Official unemployment for African-Americans exceeded 17 percent in January 2010, nearly twice that of whites and 6 points higher than the nation as a whole""" <click here;

The statistics of unemployment between Blacks and Whites, without degrees and with degrees shows that this is only one part of the equation and only one part of the Human Rights Issues that needs to be fixed. I speak of this discrimination and racism in my book "Born In The Wrong Country." I speak of the problem of being poor and a minority in this country, which includes all poor people because today poor is poor, and whether we like it or not America is treating poor Whites, poor Blacks, poor Hispanics and other minorities that are poor more the same than not; they're all in our soup kitchens. <click here;

Unfortunately when it comes to jobs, statistics have Blacks lagging behind in finding jobs; this is a fact and must change.

In "Born In The Wrong Country" I speak of this injustice on another level; I speak of the injustice and unwelcoming of the African-American People of Color after slavery, and how we've felt and feel while watching others come from others European countries and other parts of the world and being given carte blanche treatment. When they come applying for political asylum, many are given jobs, housing, medical assistance, while getting a monetary stipend, while the African-American People of Color that were born and raised here, struggle for some of these same jobs, housing and education, in order to put food on their table, pay rent and other bills. There is something that has been wrong with this equation for a very long time.

Until President Obama took office the Bush Administration wasn't doing anything to help the poor, Black, White, Hispanic or other minorities, except allowing them to serve in our Voluntary Military, where many lost their lives because of the lies perpetrated by the Bush administration. Because of this blatant lie regarding weapons of mass destruction, a pre-emptive strike on Iraq was made by the United States, which started a war killing many U.S. Soldiers; and for these soldiers it was like playing a game of Russian Roulette. U.S. Military deaths in the Iraq War totaled 4,191 as of 11/07/2008 and over 30,000 were wounded; at the same time the Bush Administration was giving a tax break to the rich, which only served to steal more from the middle class and poor people in our country.


When it comes to other issues Born In The Wrong Country points out ""..There is as much controversy about embryonic stem cell research, known as ESC, as there is about adult stem cell research, known as ASC."
"""""..Religion has now become the issue that this country is willing to use as its shield when explaining its views against ESC, but when it comes to genocide in African, where Blacks are being murdered by the hundreds of thousands, they remain on the sidelines, and so does the money that has been pledged to those countries. They then leave religion out of it because these mass murders only have to do with the elimination of Black people, people of color, so once again religion becomes the john of this country that is used as a pimp, rather to sell its material beliefs, and then collect the rewards""""

Our country hasn't even acknowledged what they did during slavery as being a crime against humanity, so what does that tell you? Does our government expect the African-American People of Color to forgive and forget, when they haven't even acknowledged slavery against the AAPC as a crime, when it looks like they condoned and condone what continued to occur to the AAPC throughout slavery and after slavery, which was another kind of slavery, in the form of murders, hanging, lying, rape, castration and hysterectomies of the Black women without consent, cheating, injustice, unfair job discrimination, unfair housing, unfair schooling, unfair law enforcement and unfair practices in the Churches across the United States, at least in the Episcopal Church. The Church is supposed to be considered God's house but in many Churches, if you couldn't afford to buy a pew then you weren't allowed to sit in that pew in God's House.

Another take on this would be that our government allowed The Catholic Church to continue raping and molesting little boys; the Church really did nothing to stop it and neither did our government; they turned a blind eye to what was going; and as the saying goes if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem; the same can be said with the Church and State, i.e. government.

On the other side the Church really didn't have any say about former President Bush lying and putting our country at war with Iraq, which caused thousands of deaths and injuries. As cruel as this will sound, it's like there's a silent secret agreement, which says, if you let me have some boys, then I'll let you have some wars and we'll be even. Neither one of them have any thing to do with God when certain actions aren't taken; yet when it comes to who I can sleep with or marry then both the Church and State want to act like they are God-like and God fearing, when both have contributed to the murder our children. Born In The Wrong Country speaks of the hypocrisy of the Church and State, and the arrogance of our government along with the arrogance of the Church.

What can be more arrogant and sadistic than to continue molesting and raping little boys, and then to allow their fathers and some mothers to be murdered in some man made war? In another country our soldiers fight for some other people's freedom, yet when many do return many of them aren't able to support what is left of their families. So many thousands have been injured that life with their families will never be normal; and then many aren't able to get jobs to support their families, put food on the table, rent or buy a house in a certain neighborhood, or get a decent job for which they're qualified if they are a minority, and yet it seems that the Church and State have struck a deal which is probably comparable of making a deal with the devil, but many call themselves Christians.

Today we're struggling to keep our own teenagers alive in this country; justice for Trayvon Martin has not been reached. Born In The Wrong Country speaks of these issues and more like them; America help thyself and keep America strong by fighting for the human rights of all children, all men and women. It is time that freedom rang true, but it will never ring true until we shame America into telling the truth about the injustices in America; and it will never ring true until America tells the true history of all of its people no matter if they are Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, East India, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual or Transgender, and others.

Justice needs only the courage to tell the truth and be honest to those that it nurtures. Integrity must lead a nation if it is to continue to lead its people. By denying that racism exists in America is the wrong platform for anyone or any politician to stand on; denying the truth of what exists only serves to weaken that person and nation, and will continue to only serve as an injustice to the American people.


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One might say that writing has become my fondest passion; it is a love that always gives, and one that I feel comfortable sharing. I write because writing has become the voice in which I can speak to many people, share experiences, stories and (more...)
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