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9/11 NIST: Heavy Dust Brought Down Twin Towers - Debate Hosted by Larry King

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The following is the transcript from the debate:

Our Debate Tonight: Did Heavy Dust Bring Down The Twin Towers on 9/11? Hello, I’m Larry King and I have been chosen to moderate this very interesting topic of debate tonight. The debate will be about Heavy Dust and was it responsible for the incredible collapses of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Only one of our debaters is here right now as the other is running a bit late but should be here momentarily. Ok, let’s get started.

LK: Sir, you are here representing the National Institute of Standards and Technology, otherwise known as “NIST.” What is your name sir?

?: Well Larry, I’d rather not give out my name as I am really here representing all of the fine scientists at NIST that studied just what happened to the Twin Towers on 9/11 and I don’t want to be given any undue credit. So let’s not give out my name.

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LK: Very well then, how about we call you Mr. Generic NIST? We’ll refer to you tonight as GNIST. Why don’t you tell us how this debate came about and start presenting your side of the issue. I’m told your opponent will be here shortly and is able to listen in so he won’t miss anything.

GNIST: Larry, you had a debate last week between Willie Nelson and Bill Maher that brought a very large number of inquiries about the collapse of the Twin Towers. Many questions came in asking how dust could have caused the collapses. They said that we, NIST, claimed it was all of the weight from the highest 20 or so stories that entirely pummeled both buildings. Well, we did pretty much make that claim that it was indeed all of the weight of the approximately top 20 per cent of the buildings.

Now, Willie Nelson comes on your show and makes what would seem to have been a very astute observation. He said that as the Towers collapsed, virtually everything was being turned into fine floating powder, or dust, right from the very beginning of the collapses. And he was correct. It is well known that not just all of the concrete, but all of the filing cabinets, chairs, computers, telephones, and everything else, including all of the people, were pulverized into all of that fine floating dust/powder that covered Manhattan inches deep. Then he said, he couldn’t understand how all of the weight that was being instantly transformed into fine floating dust could -- “squish” was the word I think he used -- how floating dust could squish through the entire building? But “squish” it did. The reason I say Willie made a “seemingly astute obervation” is that on the face of it, it does seem to be a bit ludicrous that dust could crush, squish if you’d like, the entire building. But you have to look behind the face Larry. This wasn’t ordinary dust, it was dust made from concrete. And what everyone needs to understand is that concrete dust is Heavy Dust...... Concrete dust is Heavy Dust ... Concrete dust is Heavy Dust. Now I hope your viewers let that sink in right away and don’t ever question the fact that .... Concrete Dust is Heavy Dust. All of us at NIST thought it very important to get the word out ... Concrete dust is Heavy Dust ... before everybody started thinking that Willie Nelson might be right: floating fine dust can’t push its way through 90 floors of heavily steel reinforced construction that was meant to withstand eathquakes, hurricanes, and the impacts of great big airplanes. And just to further my point of how heavy concrete dust is Larry, those Towers collapsed WITHOUT SLOWING DOWN and they did it, like Willie said, about as fast as a falling apple -- what we like to call “free-fall” speed. How is THAT for proving just how heavy concrete dust is?

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LK: I have to agree that must have been very heavy dust. I understand your opponent for tonight’s debate has arrived. Have him come in and sit down. Thanks for getting here Timmy. When I spoke with you on the phone I thought you’d be a little taller. -- Can we get something for Timmy to sit on? All I can see is the top of his head. -- There, now I can see you. I thought you were ten years old?

TIM: I am, Mr. King. I’m just a little short for my age.

GNIST: Larry, is this some kind of joke? NIST is debating a ten-year-old?

LK: That’s right Mr. GNIST. I guess you didn’t get our debate brief. Tim here, says he has heard that it would insult the intelligence of a ten-year-old, after looking at some of the evidence, to not be able to figure out that 9/11 wasn’t what they say it was. Well, Timmy heard the great Willie Nelson talking about this dust stuff, and he called in and asked to debate someone. Isn’t that about what you said, Timmy?

TIM: Yes, Mr. King, I didn’t want my intelligence to be insulted.

LK: Ok, Timmy, Mr. Generic NIST scientist made some pretty strong arguments about how heavy concrete dust is. Timmy, don’t you agree?

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TIM: No sir. Mr. Willie Nelson was right; floating fine dust -- its actually been described as fine powder -- is not very heavy. And Mr. Bill Maher tried to change the subject when Mr. Willie made that point about dust in his debate. I guess Mr. Maher’s intelligence wasn’t insulted.

GNIST: Excuse me Larry, I don’t think Timmy here understands just where this dust came from. You’d better break it to him. Let him know it came from CONCRETE!! And CONCRETE dust is HEAVY(!!) dust.

LK: You got that Timmy? Concrete dust is Heavy dust.

TIM: Yes sir, Mr. King. I heard what Mr. GNIST said. But I don’t care if the dust came from Jupiter, it was FLOATING. And most of it wasn’t even floating down. It was floating up, left and right, forwards and backwards. Mr. King, with all due respect to Mr. GNIST, floating fine dust doesn’t push down very hard; floating dust can’t squish massive buildings. After all, Mr. King, before everything became floating dust, it was concrete, and desks, and tables, and chairs, and telephones, and computers and people. And those buildings had been holding up all of that weight, including all of the steel, for years. I don’t think that all of that massive steel suddenly gave up and yelled, ”HELP! this floating fine powder is so heavy I can’t hold up any longer!” So as you can see Mr. King, it makes absolutely no sense, common sense or scientific sense, that the weight -- which was becoming instantly transformed into those huge clouds of pulverized fine floating dust flowing everywhere from the very get go, and thus was no longer "weight" -- could cause those huge buildings to collapse all the way into the basement. You could say the weight was no longer "weighty." The weight had started to float.

LK: That was pretty good Timmy. I see what you mean about floating dust, concrete or otherwise, not pushing down very hard. Its like the weight was instantly becoming non-weight so to speak . So where was the weight to squish -- I like that word "squish" -- the entire building?

TIM: You got it Mr. King.

LK: It certainly doesn’t seem that floating dust would be very good at squishing big buildings. When we get back from our break I’ll ask what Mr. GNIST has to say about Timmy’s argument.


LK: Ok, we’re back. Mr. GNIST, little Timmy here seems to be squishing YOU, ha ha, I mean, Timmy seems to be holding his own. How does NIST come to the conclusion that floating concrete dust is heavy enough to crush the biggest of buildings?

GNIST: Well Larry, during the break I made a quick call back to NIST headquarters to see if there was anything I could add. And silly me, Larry, I left out perhaps the most important point of all; I didn’t explain WHY the concrete dust was so heavy. Larry, its not only that concrete is heavy, the Twin Towers were built with what we call, Heavy Concrete; making it even heavier. Its like Heavy Water, Larry, there is an extra atom or two in the mix.

LK: And you think an extra floating atom or two made all of the difference and crushed the buildings?

GNIST: Yes, Larry. I’m afraid that’s the best we can come up with. But pretty innovative nonetheless, don’t you think?

LK: I agree. Pretty innovative. Thank you everyone. That ends our debate. I think you will all agree that this was a very good debate. I want to thank you for coming on Mr. I-think-I-understand-why-you-didn’t-want-to-give-your-name, GNIST, and little Timmy. Good Night.

TIM: Mr. King, could I ask Mr. GNIST one thing before we go?

LK: Sure, Timmy, but make it quick.

TIM: Mr. GNIST, I’m sure you and all of your fellow scientists back at NIST must have thought this through if you were honestly trying to figure out how both Towers collapsed. And, as Mr. Willie Nelson said, they both collapsed in EXACTLY the same fashion even though the second Tower wasn’t even hit in the center. Mr. GNIST, you admit nearly everything in both Towers was pulverized into fine powder. Why didn’t the concrete break up into chunks instead of becoming fine powder, microns thick; thinner than the hair on the top of my head? And sir, how do you PULVERIZE CARPETING? There was a lot of carpeting in both Towers but all of it was pulverized. I had my dad pounding on carpeting with his sledge hammer for hours and it didn’t pulverized. And sir, how many filing cabinets would you suppose were in those two 110 story tall office buildings? There must have been thousands. I understand they only found ONE smushed filing cabinet. All of the others had been pulverized along with everything else. Mr. GNIST, if you guys back at NIST would honestly think about it, you ought to be able to figure out that something else was going on other than a simple collapse. Mr. GNIST, would your floating concrete dust pulverize carpeting?

LK: Quickly, your response.

GNIST: Timmy, you have to remember, concrete dust is heavy, very heavy, dust.

LK: That’s your answer?!? My goodness. Good night every one.


LK: Thanks for coming on you two. How do you think it went, GNIST?

GNIST: Well, I think I’m starting to understand now, just why the government asked us to only investigate the collapse initiation and not the collapse itself. I think we should have left this one alone and hoped it would have just blown over -- kind of like the dust.

LK: Timmy, why were you late tonight?

TIM: My dad, while driving me over here, kept mumbling to himself something about, “if floating dust couldn't have caused the collapses, why did they collapse?” And he got lost. When we got here, I told him everyone should ask themselves this question. And for those asking themselves about whom to believe, you can look at both sides and then simply use your own common sense. You don’t have to be a NIST engineer. In fact its probably better if you’re not.

LK: Timmy, you’re a pretty smart kid. How did you figure all of this dust stuff out?

TIM: I didn’t, Mr. King, I got it all from my little sister. She was actually the one who watched Willie Nelson’s debate with Bill Mahre and she knew right away Willie was on to something. And you should hear what she has to say about all of the molten steel that was underneath both Towers AND WTC7 -- which wasn’t even hit by an airplane -- for weeks after all three collapsed. They ignore it because it can’t be explained away. After all, fire can't even come close to melting steel. Maybe Mr. GNIST can come back and debate this with my little sister.

GNIST: Honestly Larry, I don’t think I’ll be able.....

TIM: Well how about Bill Maher?

LK: I’ll give Bill a call. Timmy, have you read any good books lately?

TIM: Boy, HAVE I!! I stayed up all night reading this new book “The Shell Game.” Its a political action thriller and I couldn’t put it down. It was exciting reading. I learned a lot about “Peak Oil” -- the end of oil -- and that there were “stand down” orders on 9/11. Now I understand why my older brother who’s in the Air Force wasn’t allowed to take off to protect our country. Mr. King, you are in the media; why can’t I learn any of this by reading the newspaper or watching CNN or any news show for that matter? What could be more important than the world running out of oil and stand down orders and dust collapsing big buildings? Don’t they think we can take the truth? It makes you want to think that the corporate controlled media really won’t cross the government. Everybody is afraid of being called a “conspiracy theorist.” But I’m proud of it Mr. King, and so is my sister. And my father is too after pounding carpeting all day long. After all, we figured out this conspiracy is really true and what we've been told is just a great big lie. It really is easy to figure out once you open your mind and start looking. And we also figured out it looks like they are getting ready to do it again. And it will be just like the President said, the next one will make the first 9/11 “pale by comparison.” But just like the first 9/11 Mr. King, the real culprit won’t be al Qaeda.

Get the book. Read the book. Watch the trailers at:
The Shell Game by Steve Alten

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