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Darkness and Light; the Caliphate of Barack Obama and the Judas of Islam

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The Kingdom and the Caliphate: the Mahdi of Fatimah and the Children of Mary

Fatimah is the Bethlehem of Islam: even Bethlehem Ephraim: Doubly Fruitful

At this point in human history we have a unique gift being provided to the people of the earth: to witness what Islam and Christianity shall now do as they reach their defining moments in their differing relationships to the remnant of Israel in the kingdom of Judah of old; for what Israel possesses now is the land of the two tribes, Benjamin and Judah; as it was in the Time of the First Visitation.

Let us first look to what was once spoken of at the Table; for it is to the Table that they from the North and South; the East and the West shall be drawn; Inshallah: Let it Be


Holy Quran: 005.032 YUSUFALI: The Table of Abraham

" On that account: ( as of Cain when he killed Abel )

We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land. "

The Judgment and the Land of the Kingdom

The Judgment fell upon Israel because they slew one man: the Son of Man. Thus they earned to themselves the entire Curse of Mosesupon Mt. Ebal and cut themselves off from the Blessingupon Mt. Gerizim. And Islam was given this Blessing in place of the one that had formerly been upon the children of Israel; it now went to the Elder line of Ishmael who was symbolically raised in the person of Muhammed, to replace the one who symbolically stood in the position of the Younger line of Issac whom waswrongly slain in the innocent blood and person of Isa: the Son of Man; the Son of Abraham.

Few have foreseen what the End would be like at the Great and Terrible Day of Jehovah; but it is the Testimony of the Two Witnesses of the Last Daywho each gave their own version of who the Son of Perdition would be at the End that is still ignored in both the East and the West:St. Paul asthe least of the Apostle's of the Table and the Seal of the Prophets Muhammed.

It is Paul of the Light of Damascus revealing at II Thessalonians 2:2-5he who would sit in the House of God as "if he were God"; as putting himself above all that is considered Holy or Sacred; as human life in general and Muslim life in particular; this being the Antichrist; whose shoes I have revealed are filled in the West by one Osama bin Laden; who judged the West: and then carried out this Judgment as if; indeed; he were "Allah" Himself.

Thus it not so much the Lawless Act of the Lawless One; but that he considers himself to be God; thus he is conjoined to a State of "fana" in which he believes he is but the "hand" or "extension" of Allah on earth; namely; the Sword of Allah itself.

Those of the West are blinded by the "Smoke" of the ad-Dajjal; as Shakyh Hisham Kabbani so wisely reveals in his book "The Approach of Armageddon?"; they cannot "see" the Antichrist because they would have to then admit that the Last Day is indeed here; for St. Paul definitively states that once the Antichrist is revealed the End of Day of Christ is here; and indeed it is the Last Day which comes as a Thief in the Night; but it is Night from the Smoke of the ad-Dajjal; such is his sorcery.

It is this dark magic that the Christians in the West cannot even see who he truly is: and it is this which is the "Earthquake" that Kabbani speaks about in his book; the one that comesto all in the West when the Lightning from the East reaches them: the Last Day is indeed here; and Osama bin Laden is the Judas of Islam; the Global Cain: the Islamic murderer of his Christian Brother.

The Masih ad-Dajjal of the East; the Antichrist of the West

The "Earthquake" in the East is then that of the recognition in Islam that the one trying to forever divide the House of Mecca between the Shia and the Sunni is the Masih ad-Dajjal: Osama bin Laden; the one of 12 sons of Laden; thus Osama represents the Judas at the Table set up by the House of Saud with the House of Laden.

Unbeknownest by the King of Saudi Arabia these 12 princes of the House of Ladrnare those whose money and riches brought them into contact with the Rulers of Mecca; whose cause Osama bin Laden betrayed; that of bringing the Caliphate of the coming Mahdi into existence by first "clearing the Foundation" for it's arrival; of which now the House of Saud has found has been ruined for them by their "favorite son"; the Fatted Calf of the Table who is their "Judas"; their Son of Perdition.But the true "Caliphate" is the Kingdom of David; of universal brotherhood of men with angels; as with David and Jonathan.

The Smoke that went up on September 11 2001 still covers the Earth in thick darkness; and those of Islam can even rise up against their own Persecutor: the murderer of countless faithful Muslims; his own people; men, women and children; of which now his angels are teaching to become souless human bombs: thus this is the "Time of Trouble" so great that it is the worst since time began; as Isa said: that is when the Archangel would Stand up for the Children: and that has indeed happened.

The Horn of Michael is Gabriel; the Trumpet of the Archangel

The Mahdi of Islam and the Son of Mary of Fatimah

The Earthquake in the East at which the minds of those unclouded by the Smoke of the ad-Dajjal are cleared know now that the End has come due to the revealing of Osama bin Laden as the Masih ad-Dajjal; and this is because the Mahdi reveals that it is the name of "Kafir" which even an illiterate Christian can see is the "mark" upon the forehead of Osama bin Laden: the Mark of the "Unbeliever".

It is therefore clear that it is Islam who will be given the Test of Allah at the Second Coming of the Messiah; for he will come and arise in the Kingdom that was given to Islam as it's Custodians until the Return of the Messiah; the Mahdi of Islam.

My Messenger Muhammed spoke in veiled allusions as to the Coming of the Mahdi because he knew Islam would be tested as the Jews were tested by Isa; the Word of Allah. That the Kingdom was given to Islam is due to the Jews failing the Test; and missing the Visitation of God which came upon them at their Judgment; though they knew it not until too late: their Judas Iscariot caused the Fall of their City and the Temple as Osama bin Laden has now done to Mecca and their Temple; spiritually not one stone is set upon another: Mecca is now a ruin due to he whose presence defiled it: the Fatted Calf: the Pig of Iblis which walked the 7 heavens of Mecca which symbolize the Ascent of Moses and Muhammed.

Few in Islam but the Naqshbandi Sufis of the Inner Circle of the Elect know that Mecca was spiritually destroyed by Osama bin Laden; for it is those angels of the Devil who aided him in walking his present course: as he hides like the Old Man of the Mountain he really is; the Global Cain of Islam.

The spirit of the ad-Dajjal can be seen when the Muslim Turks killed their Christian Armenian brothers in sight of Mt. Ararat itself: which is why at the First Trumpet of the Revelation of St. John the Divine ( at Rev: 8:7 ) the "third" of the trees that are "burned up" refers to the "third" of the 3 Faiths; of which the Revelation speaks of the "trees" as Believers in One God; as being firstIslam as the Holders of the House of God; Christianity and Judaism being the other "two thirds" of the trees.

I reveal this today because all should now know that the First Trumpet of Revelation is that of the First Horn of the Lamb being seen; for in the years 1910 to 1919 we have the loosing of the "First Seal" on the Book of Life of the Lamb: the One that the Mahdi holds in his right hand. Each of the 7 Seals of the Lamb's Bookrefers to a Decade; of which the Messenger from the East should have revealed in his book "Divine Principle" in 1973; but did not.

The First Trumpet

The First Trumpet of the Revelation of St. John the Divine

By killing the 1,000,000 Armenians who were in the position of Abelin sight of Mt. Ararat where the 3 Sons of Noah once stood Islam suffered it's first disaster of the Last Days because the 3 Sons of Noahare symbolically represented by the "3 Faiths" on earth; though few have known this except for the Circle of the Elect.

Because Muhammed was given the position of a Loyal Cain at the Clearing of the Idols from the Courtyard of the Kaa'badue to the acts of a Disloyal Abel ( who the 7th Shepherd of the House who was overUnification Church revealed ) whowas John the Baptist; thus "disloyal" due to the fact that he denied he was Elijah and thus blocked the "Way" he was to have "made straight" to the sons and fathers of Israel even to his death; though Isa said to all John the Baptistwas Elijah the Prophet.

It was in this time of the First Seal in 1910-1919that Islam left it's position as the Holder of the Covenant of the Three Sanctuaries by being disloyal in the position of Cain; as the Elder Brother Ishmael Muhammed given the Kingdomdue to the murder of the Innocent Younger Brother Issac by the "holders of the Vineyard".

This Investiture of Muhammed and the 12 Desert Tribes as the New 12 Tribes of Israel can be seen in the Night Flight of Muhammed who ascended to God through the 7 Heaevns over Jerusalem being given the position ofIshmael; even as the Slain One men call the LambIsa was killedin the position of Issac: the Bridegroom whom the elders of Judah had removed as a scapegoat for their sins, as the Disloyal Messenger John and the High Priest Caiphas both said: a "Lamb to take away the sins of the World": in other words; the Scapegoat.

The Two Scapegoats: the Scapegoat of Jehovah; Jesus;
the Scapegoatof Azazyel: Barrabas.
The Test of Islam by Allah: the Coming of the Mahdi

Let us now advance to the coming of the Mahdi; the Messiah whom the Christian nations have no knowledge of because they thought he would be a Christian; but Isa never said that; nor did he specify the Day and the Hour; saying only God knew when that was to be.

Isa referred to himself as the Son of Man; so that there would be no problems for the one who would one day stand in his old position; for the Lamb with 7 horns and 7 eyes well knew what the Mahdi would face when he was revealed holding the Open Book; on the throne of his glory; and the Last Day and the Trumpet be sounded: starting at the First Trumpet of Revelation in the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

Few know that the Ark of the Testament in which the New Word is revealed is itself the Revelation of John within which the Book of Life of the Lamb is carried which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ; just as in the Ark in the days of Moses when the New Law was given to Israel before they entered the Promised Land just as God had given Adam the Commandment before he placed him in Paradise.

The leadership of the Nation of Israel failed their Test in the Time of the Visitation of God because they knew not that they stood in the position of Abraham symbolically because they had the power of "life and death" over Isa as Abraham once had that same power when Issac lay bound on the Altar.

By not heeding the Voice of John the Baptist before they sent Isa to the Cross unlike Abraham who had heeded the Voice of the Angel when Issac lay beneath the Knife the elders of Israel betrayed their position of God's Trust and lost Israel the qualification of the Elect and the Chosen Nation for Eternity; thus it came to anotherNation "who would bring forth the Fruits of the Kingdom" as the Word of Allah Isa had said in his Gospel.

In revealing the Word of Allah I now tell the 3 Faiths who sit above the 4 Directions of the 4 Winds of the Earththat the Holy Qur'an was the Curse of God on the Old Israel by which they became the "dust" as once the seed of Ishmael had been compared; and the Blessing of God on the New Israelby which they became "the stars" as once the seed of Issac had been compared.

This was now reversed; Israel became a Jacob of dust; as if he had never wrestled with the angel and won the title of "Israel"; and Muhammed now held this title in the position of Ishmael: the new "father of Israel" as of the 12 tribes. By killingIsa the elders of Judah unwittingly removed the one who was the "father of Israel"; Issac himself.

Isa and the Word of Allah: the New Word of Islam at the Last Day

By the Word ofAllah it was Muhammed who was given the position of the Bridegroom from Jesus of Nazareth; the one my Messenger Muhammed was told is the "Blessed Olive Tree" as can now be revealed to all believers as can be now seen from the "Verse of Light" in the Holy Qur'an ( Light 24:35 ).

It isMuhammedwho was Blessed and thus became the new "father of Israel" with the 12 Desert Tribes; fornow as his 12 Chief Princesfor the New Leadership of the New Israeland the New 12 Tribes as the Ummah; with the "Baraka" of the Jews now coming to the City of Mecca over Jerusalem; and the raising of Hagar over Sarah; to the desolation of the House of Zion Isa told would come to the Elders of Judah.

The judment fell on Jerusalem due to theywho had paid Judas Iscariot his 30 pieces of silver: otherwise known as the party of the Thief as of Hermes of Egypt; the "messenger of the gods"; who Egypt calls Thoth; Enoch: the Son of Cain; even as his City who Cain named for his son is called Enoch; but which the Greeks call another name: Atlantis; and the name of the Thief as the name of Mercury.

As the Lamb said: to wit;

"Have not I chosen you 12: and one of you is a devil?"

The First Fatted Calf: Judas

This is why Judas held the bag of money by which the 12 of the Pantheon of Azazyel the Greeks call Zeus; thus at his behest by Judas the gods stole from the 11 disciples of the Temple who was the Lamb; as John the Beloved mentions in his book; the gospel of truth; the book which stands for the Strength of theGospel of Jesus Christ: the Reed like unto a Rod; in the position of the Eagle:Moses the Prophet. But let us look further into the Coming of the Mahdi to the Ummah of Islam.

There are those of the Christians and the Jews; and perhaps the unbelieving Muslims;who do understand that the Holy Qur'an was the Curse upon the old Israel and the Blessing upon the New Israel. Let me enlighten their confusion by shewing plainly where this was written of in the Glorious Book; at the Table at 5:12-13; to wit;

".... "Allah made a Covenant with theIsraelites and raised among them 12 chieftains. He said:

"I shall be with you. If you attend to your prayers and pay the alms-tax; if you believe in My apostles and assist them and give Allah a generous loan, I shall forgive you your sins and admit you to gardens watered by running streams. But he that hereafter denies Me shall stray from the Right Path".

But because they broke their Covenant We laid on them Our Curse and hardened their hearts. They have perverted the words of the Scriptures and forgotten much of what they were enjoined. You will ever find them deceitful, except for a few of them. But pardon them and bear with them. Allah loves the Righteous. ...."

Read the words seein the last prophet of Israel Malachi; in the last book of the holy prophets; the book of Malachi: at the last chapter; and at the last line: these last 10words are written as the Last Warning to Israel about the Curse of Moses promised to them by him if they failed in their Final Test as the portion of their responsibility; to wit;

"....lest I come and smite the Earth with a Curse...." ( Malachi 4:6)

It was Moses who first delivered to Israel this Curse; and told them if they did not honor the Messiah when he came that whatever words the Messiah delivered to them which they did not hear these words:

"...I myself shall require it of them..."

This is what Moses told the people of Israel: at Deuteronomy 11:26-28; to wit;

"Behold Iset before you this day a blessing and a curse.

A Blessing, if you obey the commandments of the LordJehovah your God, which I command you this Day:

And a Curse, if you will not obey the commendments of the Lord Jehovah your God, but turnaside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known."

The 10 commandments had this one amongst them:

"Thou Shalt not Commit Murder"

This came to contravene Horus of the Egyptians; whom the Greeks call Ares; the god of Violence; as when Cain struck Abel; thus it is of this Violence that others of the common peoplerose up to try to stop the Elders of Judah from killing the Lamb: but they would not hear the Cry of the People; and thus the Curse came upon them from my Messenger Muhammed as he was the one who stood in the position ofMoses to administer the Blessing to the the New Israel; and the Curse upon the Old one: and this was the Recitation as the Holy Qur'an itself from Gabriel and the Host for which he spoke on behalf of God.

Islam broke this New Covenant when Islamic Turkey slaughtered the Armenians; thus the same Curse became apparent when the spiritually aware believersof Islam noticed that the Blessing of Allah seemed to be leaving the Ummah of the Prophet; but none knew the cause; until and unto this Day; that I have now shown them that which was written in Illiyun; the Book of Life of the Lamb; the Most High; El Elion itself as the Will of God: held in the right hand of the Mahdi: the Directed One of Allah.

Woe unto the Unjust! As Allah once said to the believers of the Holy Qur'an; when We spoke to them of what would happen when the Sealed Book was Unsealed at theSura"The Unjust" at83:18-19; the Book of Life of the Lamb; upon which was the Seal of the Living God; which the Mahdi alone was given; to Seal the Believers upon their foreheads: and set the Mark upon the Unbelievers.

What seperates the sheep of the Mercy of Allah from the goats of the Wrath of Allah? They who can see the name "Kafir" upon the forehead of Osama bin Laden are the Believers: for upon him is the name "Kafir" as the Arabic wordfor "Unbeliever"; and all who follow him; or secretly believe in his cause; and fund or in any way helphis false Jihad; andthe ad-Dajjal'sLawlessness as that of the Son of Perdition himself: the Son of the Devil. They have rewarded evil unto themselves; who follow the Judas of the Table of Islam.

The Hanifs of Mecca are the fathers of Islam; and it is to them who made the Foundation that I must now reveal the 30 Abdal of which we now must find they who would seperate themselves from the 30 dajjal's of Osama bin Laden; his emissaries who have spread lies throughout the earth. This is the current state of Islam; with the Hadith and the Sayings of Allah being misinterpreted on every saide; spreading babylon: Confusion herself who now reigns over the 73 sects of Islam at the Last Day.

My Messenger Muhammed well knew that those whose responsibility from Allah to preserve and guide the Ummah would be tested the most at the End are they to whom I now ask for help in saving Islam and establishing my Kingdom; the Caliphate of which there shall be no end.

It is bythe Mahdiwhois the Door, to which the lives of all believing souls;( beyond Doubtand tried as gold inHis Fire); willfind the Door Graciously Open, and thus Enter, asfor all of them who find His Mercy when the first Heaven and the first Earth pass away.

Asyet of theMessiah whoholds his Book,in which the names of allfaithfulchildren; ( found Worthy andunhurtin theLake of Fire ); shall livein the Book Lovingly Written, and thus Translated; as for all of them who find His Kingdom in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

And it is those who in the West who see that Osama bin Laden is the Antichrist who are the Believers at the Last Day in the Christian kingdom; and those in the East who see that Osama bin Laden is the Masih ad-Dajjal who are the Believers at the Last Day in the Islamic kingdom.

The Sun of Fatimah al Zahra: the Greater Isa of Maryam al Kubra:
the Greater Mary
The Dabbat al-Ard: the Beast from the Earth

At the Last Day it is the Event of which my Messenger Muhammed spoke of which happened at Fatimah in Portugal in 1917 in which the 3 Childrenof Mary and the Sun of Fatimahprovide the Signs and Wonders of the Coming of the Mahdi; the Son of Mary of Fatimah in the Heavens that can now be seen in it's full Splendor: Wonder upon Wonder!

Islam is not greatly aware that Fatimah Portugal was the site of Pilgrimage for centuries before Mary of Fatimah appeared there in 1917; but it is the reason that Maryam al Kubra appeared there which has remained unknown to the present day: the Last Day itself. Fatimah is the Bethlehem of Islam; even Bethlehem Ephraim.

Fatimah was thus given her Holy Child by the Clement Breath ofthe Holy Spirit ofIsa who is the Word of Allah;to Avenge the Widow of Israel in place of her murdered husband Ali: just as Mary was thus given her Holy Child by the Merciful Breath of the Holy Spirit of Allah in place of her betrothed husband Joseph.

This was done to Avenge my Messenger Muhammed and his Daughter for the Miscarriage of Justice by which those usurpers who the Word of Allah said that "men of violence"would "take the kingdom of heaven by force"; as those whokilled Ali and caused Fatimah to lose her unborn child when they attacked her household. Thus is it that the Mahdi is the Greater Son of Maryam al Kubra: the Greater Mary.

As the Seal of the Prophets said:

"No Messiah but Isa: the Son of Mary"

The 3 Children of Fatimah represented something which has not been seen on earth since the Last Flood: for they represent the Door of the Ark; which had 3 Heights; and this 3 Tiered Door is then "the Unity" of these 3 Children: and this represents the One Child: the Hidden Imam of the Shia; the Mahdi; the Door of the Sheep Itself; for both the Sunni and the Shia; and all who have Faith on Earth as the Rightly Guided of Allah.

The Knowledge of this Door is then that of the Pearl of Great Price: the Gate of Heaven itself; that Gate of which only those children of Allah who believe in the Miracle of the Sun of Fatimah shall enter; whether Jew; Muslim; or Christian: for this is the Last Test of Faith; not just for the 3 Faiths or 3Cities of God: but for the followers of the 4 Winds or 4 Directions to God.

It is at the Book of Illiyun itself being unsealed that the 4 apostles of the 4 races are seen each holdingthe Doctrine given to them for their respective race on it's journey back to God.

Those who believethere isno such thing as the 4 sheepfolds know not that Allah is Compassionate and Merciful because Mercy and Compassion are the Everlasting Arms of God themselves; and those who deny these two arms are nonetheless held in them; that they might know Him and so be Saved. That Allah sent the knowledge of the 4 doctrines to the 4 Races as the 4 Sheepfolds is not generally known; yet they are the ways in which I have gathered the children of the Earth.

The Way of the Red One, the West Wind of the Earth held by the Angel of Quetzacoatl; holder of the Universal Heart; the Gift to it of the Yellow Race, for the East Wind blows West.

The Truth of the Yellow One; the East Wind of the Earth held by the Angel of Confucious; the holder of the Universal Strength; the Gift to it of the Red Race, for the West Wind blows East.

TheLife of the White One, the North Wind of the Earth held by the Angel of Socrates, holder of the Universal Soul; the Gift to it of the Black Race; for the South Wind blows North.

And thePath of the Black One; the South Wind of the Earth held by the Angel of Buddha; holder of the Universal Mind; the Gift to it of the White Race, for the North Wind blows South.

It is these 4 Angels at Revelation 7:1 whoare seen holding the 4 Winds of the Earth; and these are the 4 Doctrines by which the 4 Races of Man could find that to love God with all one's heartrequires the 7 statesin the Way; to love God with all one's soul requires the 7 steps through the Life; to love Him with all one's mind requires the 7 stages onthe Path; and to love Him with all one's strength requires the 7 senseswiththe Truth.

But this is known to the Mahdi; whose heart and mind and soul and strength have brought him to the Right Hand of the Most High in the 4 Square Performance of the Principle of Divine Love by which he ascended the Holy Mountain itself.

It is this which brings the 4 Races to the Table of Abraham; and the 3 Brothers to submit themselves to the Son of Man.

All this can be seen in the Book of the Mahdi; the Open Book of the Lamb: for the Lamb's Book is the Iron Rod; as God's Will itself.

Whoso is Translated shall enter the Kingdom of the Most High God: the Great God is God in His Mercy


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