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The Truth of Genesis: Rep. Paul Broun Is Just Another Creationist Clown!!

By       Message Herman Cummings     Permalink
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It is so easy to criticize something, but your words have more meaning if you offer something better to replace it. There have been so many false and weak attempts to "balance" public education with an opposing view to evolution, which unfortunately, has been either the false teaching of Creationism, or the inept teaching of Intelligent Design. Look at Louisiana, with their passage of an education bill a few years ago. In what way has it ever helped any student in the school system? All the state legislature did was "half-step", without any meaningful purpose.


What is a creationist? A creationist is a person that is persuaded that this universe, our planet Earth, and all life on Earth, was and is the creation of a Deity or supernatural being. It's a person that believes in Creationism. Creationism is a misguided set of false and foolish doctrines loosely based on a belief that a Supernatural Entity created or caused our existence to come into being. Within the Creationist arena, there are various "denominations" derived from the book of Genesis, all of which are currently a misunderstanding of the text.

What is a clown? A clown is a performer whose actions, appearance, and/or speech is contrived to make others laugh at the performer. Often, it is synonymous with the term "court jester". A comic is a performer that entices you to laugh at someone or something else. A clown generates humor from self-deprecating actions to the delight of, or scorn from, their audience.

What is a "creationist clown"? It is someone that outwardly pretends to believe the Genesis text, but instead is in a delusion within a doctrine that is contrary to what Genesis teaches. They have their own belief system of what they think Genesis says, and don't really care about what the truth of Genesis is. Also, it is a person that will only give lip service to the teaching of Genesis, making a good amount of noise against the conclusions of science, but stops short of offering anything of substance in opposition to the theories of science. They are solely a big bag of wind, with only the desire to get noticed, but with no desire to actually do anything about what they are speaking against.

Do the above descriptions remind you of the elected creationist officials that have recently made the news? Remember the state legislatures in Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, the commissioners of Brunswick County in North Carolina, and the Indiana state legislature with Sen. Dennis Kruse? I wrote to all of them. What about the Oklahoma senate (SB 554), New Hampshire legislature (Sen. Gary Hopper), the Alabama house (HB 133, Rep. Blaine Galliher), and who can forget the "klowns of Kansas" state board of Education of 2005, who chose to publicize the "Flying Spaghetti Monster", and ignore the "Observations of Moses"?

None of the above had any intent on correcting or changing public education, and teaching the truth of our origins in public schools. They were all "clowns and hypocrites". The latest to do their silly dance is U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, of Georgia. He made headlines by boldly saying that the evolution and Big Bang theories were "lies from hell". But he too is a clown.

If you are going to say that something is wrong, why do you refuse to say what is correct? Did somebody ask him to throw his hat into the arena of origins? Since he did, why did he fail to follow up with something to replace that which he said was a lie? He had the opportunity! I gave it to him. I faxed to all of his offices, both in Washington DC, and three places in Georgia, asking him to take the next step and proclaim the truth to the people. I offered to show him the 62 minute PowerPoint presentation called the "Observations of Moses", so that he could back up what he had earlier said. Yes, I know the federal government can't tell the local school districts what to teach. But he could make suggestions.

Do he respond? Well, one of his aides responded, and I gave them more information, proving that I actually had the goods. I specifically wanted the congressman to both see and hear the truth of Genesis chapter one, and asked that arrangements be made. Can you guess what happened? I never heard from them again. So once more, just like another "creationist clown", Rep. Paul Brown made a lot of noise, but had no backbone to support his overtures.

There are so many hypocrites that will just talk about supporting an opposing view to evolution, to be taught to students. But when that (valid) "opposing view" presents itself, those "clowns" take off their make-up, get dressed into their civvies, and go hide in the audience, leaving the work undone.

So the next time you hear or read of a clown "mouthing off" about the pitfalls of only teaching evolution, rest assured that if they don't follow it up with something to replace or add to it, they are just being a jester, and an awful one at that.

Herman Cummings


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Author of the book, "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!", and promoter of teaching "the Observations of Moses".
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