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#1 9/25/2019 Wayne Coste on the Pentagon (Michael Morrissey) Did a large airliner hit the Pentagon on 9/11?3 3 Comment Count
#2 9/25/2019 If the attack on Saudi Arabia was a false flag event who is the most likely state actor to have perpetrated it? (Cactus Pat) If the attack on Saudi oil facilities was a false flag whom do you think did it?
#3 9/20/2019 If the attack on Saudi Arabia was a false flag event who is the most likely state actor to have perpetrated it? (Cactus Pat) If the attack on Saudi oil facilities was a false flag whom do you think did it?2 2 Comment Count
#4 7/3/2019 Trump's Re-election? Did the Federal Reserve Already Decide the 2020 US Election? (Lance Ciepiela) The Federal Reserve has raised the interest rates and also IS selling off it's balance sheet (QT) which restricts the money supply and could cause a recession or stock market crash and Trump losing his bid for reelection in 2020. Do You Agree?1 1 Comment Count
#5 5/7/2019 Should Dems start impeachment proceedings against Trump? (Don Smith) Should Democrats launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump?2 2 Comment Count
#6 11/28/2018 What do you plan to do with your protest check from George Soros? (Don Smith) Many of us have received protest checks from George Soros. What do you plan to do with yours?3 3 Comment Count
#7 8/22/2018 Will Impeaching Trump Before the Midterm Elections Help The GOP? (Rob Kall) Now that the sh*t has hit the proverbial fan for POSPOTUS Trump, will the GOP mitigate damage if they impeach Trump before the midterm elections?9 9 Comment Count
#8 7/22/2018 How many of you had expected a physical attack on America prior to 9-11 in 2001? (Kevin Anthony Stoda) In 1964, Malcolm X used the term "chicken comes home to roost" to talk about the scandal many Americans saw with the assassination of JFK. After that time, many media watchers and historians have agreed to some degree with what Malcolm X suggested. Similarly, thousands or perhaps millions of Americans anticipated that there would be an attack on American soil in their lifetimes. This contrast with Big Media's 9-11 message20 20 Comment Count
#9 6/2/2018 Will Donald Trump win reelection in 2020? (Don Smith) Despite Democrats' and progressives' belief that Trump is a danger to democracy and the world, Trump's poll numbers are on the rise and there's a chance that he will be reelected. Do you think Trump will win reelection in 2020?5 5 Comment Count
#10 3/21/2018 How many more Mai Lais have there already been for USA forces since March 1968? (Kevin Anthony Stoda) Many Americans--especially formal soldiers are indicating that there have been Lai Lai-style massacres over the decades. ""Well, 504 civilians, noncombatants, were mowed down by soldiers. As you said, it was horrific, but it was not an isolated incident. It was part of the culture of the war that had been created and fostered and was largely a product of the Pentagon's insistence" --noted Ron Carver.3 3 Comment Count
#11 8/16/2017 "So important to audit the Federal Reserve - Donald Trump? (Lance Ciepiela) #AuditTheFed - "Trump expressed interest in passing such legislation multiple times during the 2016 campaign cycle.19 19 Comment Count
#12 8/10/2017 How should we deal with Trump supporters and conservatives? (Don Smith) How should we deal with with Trump supporters and conservatives? The answer may vary depending on whether the Trump supporters are extended family members, strangers online, or coworkers.13 13 Comment Count
#13 8/3/2017 What Do You Think? (Ron Madden) How would you describe your personal/political/religious beliefs?13 13 Comment Count
#14 3/17/2017 Do you care? and want to see Trump's tax returns from the past 30 years or more? (Kevin Anthony Stoda) Do you want Trump to lay his tax information open for public viewing as soon as possible?13 13 Comment Count
#15 3/3/2017 Who shares more fake news? (Kevin Anthony Stoda) I'd like for you taking the poll to identify the biggest sources of Fake News in the World today. In addition, in the comment section, add what you think should be done to reduce the influence of fake news.10 10 Comment Count
#16 2/13/2017 Are You Leading a Meaningful Life? (Ron Madden) A poll asking whether or not OEN users feel that they are leading a meaningful life.6 6 Comment Count
#17 1/28/2017 How long do you think Trump will last in office? (Don Smith) How long do you think Trump will last in office?14 14 Comment Count
#18 11/25/2016 Would you change your vote to support Hillary? (Daniel Geery) No matter whether you voted or not, would you change your vote (or still vote) for Hillary, now that you've seen more of Trump?6 6 Comment Count
#19 11/22/2016 Will Donald Trump Read the U.S. Constitution By Inauguration Day? (Ron Madden) Will President-Elect Donald Trump have read the United States Constitution by Inauguration Day?1 1 Comment Count
#20 11/4/2016 What is "Success"? (Ron Madden) How do you measure one's "success" in life?3 3 Comment Count
#21 10/17/2016 Hillary or Trump? (Lance Ciepiela) Do you think we would be better off under Hillary or Trump?17 17 Comment Count
#22 10/16/2016 Do You Believe The Russians Are Feeding WikiLeaks Clinton/Podesta Emails? (Rob Kall) We face a very dangerous time where the Clinton/Obama Democratic party has returned to McCarthyistic red-baiting as an attempt to seal the multi-leaking narrative of lies, abuses of our justice and legal system (not prosecuting Hillary) and deceptions it has perpetrated.20 20 Comment Count
#23 10/14/2016 Is Obama responsible for Saudi War in Yemen? (Kevin Anthony Stoda) Yemeni journalist Nasser Arrabyee claims, "The big criminal is Obama himself. This is how Yemenis see to the situation, because every Yemeni believe that Saudi Arabia would not have done that at all, would not have done a war in Yemen, without the approval of Obama. And it is very clear to everyone that Obama wanted to appease the Saudis after the Iranian nuclear deal."5 5 Comment Count
#24 8/17/2016 Should progressives try to reform the Democratic Party, or is it hopelessly compromised? (Don Smith) Many progressives think the Democratic Party is beyond repair and so choose to support third-party candidates or to work with advocacy groups. But this year Bernie Sanders came tantalizingly close to winning the Democratic Party nomination. If more progressives participated in the party, it could return to its root in the labor movement. Do you think its worthwhile working inside the Democratic Party?14 14 Comment Count
#25 6/27/2016 If Warren is Hillary's running mate, would you vote for the ticket? (Don Smith) Would you vote for a Hillary-Warren ticket?16 16 Comment Count
#26 6/6/2016 After June 7 Super Tuesday Will You Switch to Hillary or Stay With Bernie? (Rob Kall) What will you do after the California, NJ, etc. election day?12 12 Comment Count
#27 5/16/2016 Would Balanced Voting Affect Your Vote in November? (Paul Cohen) Would your vote change in November if you had the opportunity to vote AGAINST a candidate rather than only being allowed to vote FOR some candidate.1 1 Comment Count
#28 4/15/2016 Sanders' Statement on Clinton (Daniel Geery) Bernie Sanders has more that once articulated that he would support Hillary Clinton if he lost the primary. That appears to be a turn-off to many of his advocates, particularly the more ardent ones, based on articles I've read. Can one truly consider such a statement the spark of a revolution?21 21 Comment Count
#29 4/4/2016 The Degree Of Support For Gary Brumbacks "Alter America" Vision. (Daniel Penisten) Getting an idea of the percentage of agreement to Gary's ideas by listing percentages from 0% to 100%. Ask yourself which percentage comes closest to your approval level and indicate it.1 1 Comment Count
#30 3/11/2016 Ranked Choice Voting for President (Scott Baker) What is your order of preference for president among these 3 choices (listed alphabetically here): Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump? If we had Ranked Choice Voting, you could vote for more than one candidate for president, and your second and third choices etc. would be counted if your first choice failed to win a majority on the first round. The results might be surprising.4 4 Comment Count

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