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Don Smith: Is gay marriage mostly a wedge issue and a distraction? Is gay marriage a wedge issue and a distraction from more important issues such as war, economic justice, health care, and climate change? Or is it a legitimate, essential, and urgent issue of civil rights? 8 8 Comment Count
Roberta Seldon: Will Gay Marriage Stance Help or Hurt Obama's Chances of Being Re-Elected? President Obama's decision to support same-sex marriage could be detrimental to his bid for re-election.
Kissing Cops
June Werdlow Rogers: The Case of the Kissing Cops - A Flagrant Foul in Ohio? So the man in the "kissing cops" scandal gets to run away, but the woman is forced to stay back and remain around for the "firing squad"? Do differences in the workplace such as this still persist in the 21st century? Is this an example of a double standard? 9 9 Comment Count
Woman extending Hand
June Werdlow Rogers: Handshaking American Style with a Woman - A Soft Shake? Do American women receive handshakes different from men? 6 6 Comment Count
Rev. Dan Vojir: THE HELL HOUSE POLL This week, over 2 million people will attend Hell Houses, venues produced or sponsored by churches across the country. A Hell House displays "sinful acts" or bad "lifestyle choices." They graphically depict abortion, murder, rape, and suicide. Sometimes even the victims go to Hell. They have been criticized for causing severe emotional stress for children and young adults.

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