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Kevin Anthony Stoda: Best Place to Send the dangerous Guantanamo Prisoners The vast majority of Americans currently want the Guantanamo Prison closed and all prisoners either freed or relocated. One congressman from Georgia has vehemently claimed recently that he wants to keep the status quo. Other Americans think that the prisoners who are dangerous should be moved to Georgia. The suggestion has been made to close the School of Americas and to use that building for the 60 or so so-called dangerous 10 10 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Do we need to require home economics in our local schools? "New scholarship in American women's history suggests that home economics was a progressive field that brought science to the farm home and women into higher education and leadership positions in public education, academia, government and industry." Do we need to offer and/or require home economics in our local schools? 7 7 Comment Count
Michael Morris: Students are rated #1 in Self Esteem, but #25 in Math! Who's to blame? America's children are rated 25th in math and 21st in science. Is it time to dump this education system and start a new one, or can the current system be salvaged? 10 10 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: How afraid are you of the rise of White Power, National Socialists? White Power, National Socialists, and other right-wing militia groups have shown increased power in the USA in the past years. How afraid are you that many more attacks, like the one on the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, await America during this coming decade? 15 15 Comment Count
Joni Greever: Will you be prepared for survival WTSHTF? Just in case - do you know how to live off the land if need be? Do you have your emergency kit ready? Can you survive? 5 5 Comment Count
Mystic Wizard: Of Our Three Most Recent Presidents, Which Is the Biggest Liar? Which President Is the Biggest Liar? 12 12 Comment Count
Don Smith: Poll: What is the most likely scenario for the future of America? America must deal with a host of problems: economic decline, resource depletion, reckless militarism, population growth, epidemics, rampant corruption, poor education, increased competition from overseas, environmental damage, economic inequality, religious extremism, and bigotry. What do you think is the most likely scenario for the future of America? 10 10 Comment Count
Bia Winter: Should Obama close down the School of the Americas? The Honduran "coup" has the SOA's ugly pawprints all over it. Isn't it high time Obama issued a signing statement to close down this abomination? 12 12 Comment Count
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Kevin Anthony Stoda: Closing down the Revamped School of Americas On Friday, May 22, 2009, Representative Jim McGovern will introduce the Latin America Military Training Review Act. This bill would suspend operations at the old School of the Americas , i.e. where torture is taught (and militarization of Latin America is supported )and set up a commission to investigate the abuses tied to it. Should Congress close down this military training facility in Ft. Bennings, Georgia? 4 4 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Time to reduce student loans to that of biggest banks:1% Alan Michael Collinge joins Reverend Jesse Jackson. Collings wrote The Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive Debt in U.S. History-and How We Can Fight Back. What do Americans and other borrowers think should be done IMMEDIATELY 24 24 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Still time and need to impeach President Bush and Cheney Congress needs to do its duty and impeach both President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney before they leave office for crimes against humanity and malfeasance in the office entrusted to them. It has been indicated that unless this is done now, generations will suffer for the current congress' timidity and poor judgment. 27 27 Comment Count
MedicalWhistleblower: Should Medical Whistleblowers Be Protected? Should Medical Whistleblowers Be Protected? 5 5 Comment Count
Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Poll: Does Sarah Palin Represent American Women? Does the Republican V.P. nominee represent American women? 27 27 Comment Count
Sherwin Steffin: Confident, Hopeful, Wishful, or Fantasy This poll asks for your assessment of the likelihood that America will eventually return to being the nation we all expected it to be. 12 12 Comment Count

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