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Kevin Anthony Stoda: Who shares more fake news? I'd like for you taking the poll to identify the biggest sources of Fake News in the World today. In addition, in the comment section, add what you think should be done to reduce the influence of fake news. 10 10 Comment Count

James Quandy: Has Technology Improved Your Life?

To ascertain from OEN users how they feel the stunning advances in technology have impacted the actual quality of our lives.

24 24 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Is NSA better able to interpret and apply constitution than me?

Doe the evidence currently show that the NSA is better able to interpret and apply constitution than me?

2 2 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: The Real Obama's Bent on Killing Innocent People with Remote-controlled Drones - Do You Agree? Sadly, President Barack Obama is rather promoting their (drones) use, making the world an even more dangerous place. These weapons could come to haunt the U.S. itself in the future. They don't increase U.S. security in the long run. They rather reduce it. Nobody should have the right to kill just anybody, anywhere in the world - this is the stuff of tyranny. 9 9 Comment Count
OccupyResearch Slays Propaganda
Gustav Wynn: Is Perception of OWS Accurate? Test Your Knowledge... Is OWS unhinged or righteous? OccupyResearch released in an email this week preliminary results from 3 waves of internal surveying starting in early December. Can you guess how many out of 4,362 responses used a variation of 'anarchism' describing themselves in an open-ended question? 3 3 Comment Count
M. Wizard: Has Technology Made this a Better World? Has the recent technological revolution really made our lives better? 6 6 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: Video - Is the United States a Police State? Is the astonishing rise of a globally based Homeland Security apparatus noted for the unprecedented linkage of military forces, civilian contractors and federal, state and local police agencies, out of control? 8 8 Comment Count
Corrina Clark: Should Facebook develope a child safe network and child safe profiles? to get an idea on how many people are interested in child safe social networking please read this article before adding your vote on the poll. 1 1 Comment Count
Aurora: Should Progressives Form Their Own Party? Should Progressives think more seriously about starting a Progressive Party, or equivalent? Or is the system too 'shot' for that to make a difference? Or do other reasons preclude success? 46 46 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: H.R.3679 - Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act To prohibit the Fede the Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act of 2009. It's called the ACORN Act. What that would do would be to “prohibit”—and this is a quote—“prohibit the federal government from awarding contracts, grants or other agreements to providing any other federal funds to or engaging in activities that promote certain corporations or companies guilty of certain felony convictions.” 6 6 Comment Count
Mystic Wizard: Does Being Politically Progressive Make One A Good Person? Does being progressive mean that we are good people? 7 7 Comment Count
Don Smith: Poll: How's the mix of stories on OpEdNews? Is it over-edited? Under-edited? Blogs push the envelope of the news, giving voice to alternative and down-trodden viewpoints. Blogs thereby serve a useful function. The trick is to find a good balance between mainstream and alternative. Too much editing is as bad as too little editing. How does OpEdNews stand in this regard? 37 37 Comment Count
Don Smith: Poll: What is the most likely scenario for the future of America? America must deal with a host of problems: economic decline, resource depletion, reckless militarism, population growth, epidemics, rampant corruption, poor education, increased competition from overseas, environmental damage, economic inequality, religious extremism, and bigotry. What do you think is the most likely scenario for the future of America? 10 10 Comment Count
Mad Jayhawk: Tax on Internet Purchases Are you in favor of tax free internet shopping? 13 13 Comment Count
Mystic Wizard: Has Technology Improved Your Life? This poll's intention is to find out how technology has personally affected people: psycholgically, emotionally and spiritually. 16 16 Comment Count
Mystic Wizard: How Good or Bad Are People? Are people good or bad? 21 21 Comment Count
Virginius "gin" Arnold: What is OpEdNews and what can it be? Do you see OEN as entertainment and a place for information only or could it be something much bigger?
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should atomic energy be part of the Obama plan? Should Economic Stimulus Bill Include Billions for Nuclear Power?A coalition of environmentalists state that nuclear power has no place in the economic stimulous bill. 19 19 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should non-profit cooperative groups and workers be supported more in 2009? In the wake of other depressions in the last two centuries, workers have organized cooperatives and have even taken over firms. Currently little has been done in this depression to empower labor in terms of taking over badly run firms--in the banking sector, auto sector, finance sector, newspaper sector, etc. What do Americans need to do in January 2009 to empower workers to control more of their lives?
Lance Ciepiela: LBJ Was Behind the JFK Assasination? Do You Agree? The "Big Event", code words for the JFK hit, is laid at the doorstep of LBJ. 23 23 Comment Count
Ferdinand: What do you think will happen in 2012? A poll for anyone who thinks outside of the box, questions the nature of reality, and doesn't mind the term "conspiracy theorist" 4 4 Comment Count
Alan17b0: Streaming Ad at Top of Main Page What do you think of the streaming ad at the top of the OEN main page? 11 11 Comment Count
Ben Kall: Do you support racists and propagandists, I mean big media? do you still subscribe to cable TV 15 15 Comment Count
Gabe Shames: Are 'Chemtrails' a form of Government suppression? Have you heard of the supposed difference of regular airplanes excreting contrails (the short-duration line of exhaust) and what many are arguing are 'chemtrails?' Chemtrails are supposedly longer (continue instead of fading) and sometimes expand outward to unprecidented widths. Those in favor of the chemtrail theory often say they are purposefully sprayed by government-issued planes to control populations. What do you think? 24 24 Comment Count
Kevin Gosztola: What issue will Obama move to the center right on next? Obama's ever-increasing impulse to be on the center right of as many issues as possible could potentially be detrimental to progressives/liberals who think he is no match for McCain in November. Many are already calling his moves a sign that he suffers from a "character flaw." What issue will he move to the center right on next? 5 5 Comment Count
Rady Ananda: Lever Voting Machines or Computerized Systems? Which voting system do you trust more? 1 1 Comment Count
PrMaine: Listen to the Radio? Do you still listen to the radio or have you turned to other programming? 13 13 Comment Count
Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: SHALL WE ALLOW H.R. 5889, The Orphan Works Act of 2008, TO PASS? PLEASE VOTE TO PASS OR REJECT THE H.R. 5889, The Orphan Works Act of 2008. IT IS ABILL THAT ALLOWS ANYONE TO IGNORE AND PROFIT BY THE COPYRIGHTED WORKS OF ALL ARTISTS. 3 3 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: What Really Happened to WTC 7? WTC 7 was not hit by an aircraft on 9-11 but the 47 story tall concrete and steel skyscraper "buckled" at the top, penthouse first, then came straight down into it's own footprints at free fall in a mere 6.5 seconds. This buidling was never even mentioned in the 9-11 Commission Report, and neither NIST nor FIMA have officially explained the collapse itself. So what really happened to WTC 7? 15 15 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: What Really Happened on 9-11? Lacking an official scientific investigation of 9-11, serious doubts remain about the official story stating that the planes, fires, and hijackers caused all 3 world trade center buildings to collapse straight down at free fall. 40 40 Comment Count

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