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Lance Ciepiela: Obama to Putin - Russia breaking international law in the Ukraine

Obama to Putin - Russia breaking international law in the Ukraine but no law broken if the United States does the same.

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Kevin Anthony Stoda: Best Place to Send the dangerous Guantanamo Prisoners The vast majority of Americans currently want the Guantanamo Prison closed and all prisoners either freed or relocated. One congressman from Georgia has vehemently claimed recently that he wants to keep the status quo. Other Americans think that the prisoners who are dangerous should be moved to Georgia. The suggestion has been made to close the School of Americas and to use that building for the 60 or so so-called dangerous 10 10 Comment Count
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Lance Ciepiela: Attorney General is Duty Bound to Enforce the Verdict - Do You Agree? Found guilty of crimes against peace, war crimes, and torture - George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes II, Jay Bybee, John Yoo, and the Attorney General, who believes that "no one is above the law", is duty bound to enforce the verdict and prosecute the tried and convicted war criminals to the fullest extent of the law - do you agree? 14 14 Comment Count

Lance Ciepiela: What if the Constitution no longer applied? What would you do? What if congress, by the laws they passed, and the president, by executive orders, meant, in effect, that the Constitution no long applied? What would you do? 20 20 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: Hold Cheney/Bush Accountable For Their Credible Crimes-Do You Agree Credible crimes have been committed by Cheney/Bush while in office and they should be brought up on charges and brought to justice. 14 14 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: Pelosi:Faithful Bush Insider-Do You Agree House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked every attempt to hold Bush/Cheny accountable to the rule of law and the Constitution. She is a faithful Bush insider? Do you agree? 18 18 Comment Count
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Kevin Anthony Stoda: Closing down the Revamped School of Americas On Friday, May 22, 2009, Representative Jim McGovern will introduce the Latin America Military Training Review Act. This bill would suspend operations at the old School of the Americas , i.e. where torture is taught (and militarization of Latin America is supported )and set up a commission to investigate the abuses tied to it. Should Congress close down this military training facility in Ft. Bennings, Georgia? 4 4 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: America Should Investigate the Bush/Cheney Torture Program-Do You Agree? Bill Moyer and guests discuss the pros and cons of investigating Bushco's torture program. Should America really investigate torture or just move on? 20 20 Comment Count
Rady Ananda: The Great Swine Flu or the Great Flu Swindle? How serious should we take mainstream media's hysteria about 0.00000189 of Mexico's total population contracting swine flu? Are we being duped into dangerous vaccinations or martial law? Are we under attack by misanthropes? And why can't MSM get their facts straight? 71 71 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should individual CIA agents be brought to trial? What do you think? Should the CIA agents be investigated and prosecuted? 28 28 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: George W. Bush Should Be Detained and Arrested for War Crimes? Travel will be limited for top Bush luminaries, including Bush himself. Europe is definitely not in the cards, but what about Canada. Would Canada stand up and detain George W. Bush for the purpose of arresting him for war crimes? 25 25 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: It is time that Obama investigates and prepares to prosecute those promoting torture It is necessary that a special prosecuter to investigate the crimes of the past 7 years in order to really put the end to torture and illegal things like rendition. Until this prosecution is taken place, AMERICA cannot move forward. We do not want justice in America and elsewhere to depend any more on who is in the White House. 15 15 Comment Count
Mad Jayhawk: Torture? What would you do with the individual captured after the recent attacks in Mumbai. A 'what if' poll. 14 14 Comment Count
Michael Bonanno: Please rate "Shock And Awe" ...one of the candidates for the presidency is still in shock and awe mode while the other has a word for that mode. 2 2 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: Did Bush Comply With "Authorization to Use Military Force"? Did Bush comply with the "Authorization to Use Military Force" Resolution when he attacked Iraq without UN Security Council approval? 9 9 Comment Count
Kevin Gosztola: Should activist, citizen, and advocacy groups go to the DNC or RNC to protest? I believe this poll will help us have an important discussion and would greatly appreciate hearing from members of the OEN community and others on this. 27 27 Comment Count
Kevin Gosztola: Should there be a massive anti-war march at the Democratic National Convention? Anti-war leaders do not know if they should have a mass march or little marches at the Democratic National Convention. Help them decide. 17 17 Comment Count
Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Should The Catholic Church Excommunicate Justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas? Since, in my opinion, the below have not only acted with sycophantic accord with the powerful, corporate wealthy and in the best interests of encouraging a fascist dictatorship, and have done incredible harm to our Constitution and people, since they are CATHOLIC; Should The Catholic Church Excommunicate Justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas? 35 35 Comment Count
Richard McGinn: Why does the United States use torture? People often wonder why totalitarian governments tend to use torture to investigate crimes and to gather intelligence from prisoners of war; and many wonder why the US has followed that same path in conducting the "war on terror". 20 20 Comment Count

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