Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should Petraeus have been prosecuted under the Espionage Act?

With prosecutions of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou and several others, the Obama administration is by far the most aggressive in history when it comes to punishing leaks. However, recently, the Obama administration failed to aggressively prosecute David Petraeus, the retired four-star general and former head of the CIA. How does this sit with you?

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Spying on Americans elicits many questions but few answers
Lance Ciepiela: Spying on Americans Elicits Many Questions but few Answers - do you Agree?

Spying on Americans elicits many questions but few answers - do you agree?

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Kevin Anthony Stoda: What percentage of USA budget should go to Military and Security? The budgets for past DOD expenses, past wars, budget for DOD this year, moneys for the current NSA, the current CIA, Homeland Security and Secret funds for black operations total more than 65% of the official budget annually. Should America have a cap on such spending? 12 12 Comment Count

Kevin Anthony Stoda: How trustworthy has Keith Alexander, the head of the NSA, proven to be over the past few years? Keith Brian Alexander is a four-star general in the United States Army who currently serves as Director of the National Security Agency. How trustworthy has this head proven to be over the past few years? 10 10 Comment Count

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Best Place to Send the dangerous Guantanamo Prisoners The vast majority of Americans currently want the Guantanamo Prison closed and all prisoners either freed or relocated. One congressman from Georgia has vehemently claimed recently that he wants to keep the status quo. Other Americans think that the prisoners who are dangerous should be moved to Georgia. The suggestion has been made to close the School of Americas and to use that building for the 60 or so so-called dangerous 10 10 Comment Count
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Lance Ciepiela: H.R. 198 Let's Repeal Authorization to Use Military Force? Sponsored by the fierce anti-war Representative from California, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), HR 198 was proposed on January 4, 2013 by five US Representatives. Currently, the House Bill has nine co-sponsors including eight Democrats and one Republican. 4 4 Comment Count
M. Wizard: Who is Most Responsible for Our Current State of Affairs? The poll seeks to ascertain what group the OEN readers feel is most responsible for the state of our union. 4 4 Comment Count

Rob Kall: Has President Obama Played a Role in the Coordination of OWS Evictions Across the USA? Reports are coming in that the FBI and Homeland Security have played a role in coordinating and planning eviction strategies in major OWS cities across the USA. 19 19 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: Video - Is the United States a Police State? Is the astonishing rise of a globally based Homeland Security apparatus noted for the unprecedented linkage of military forces, civilian contractors and federal, state and local police agencies, out of control? 8 8 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: How likely is the next Ghadaffi Terrorist Attack? With no exit strategy in sight, the USA opened a fourth war front with the attacks on Libya. How likely is it that this war will increase terror attacks in Europe and/or North America? 10 10 Comment Count
June Werdlow Rogers: Can Walking Away be Courageous? When we think of courage, it usually is in the context of moving toward a difficulty. But can a decision like the one made by Marisol Valles Garcia, the former police chief of a violent Mexican border town seeking asylum in the U.S. be regarded as courageous? 3 3 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: By what percent does the the USA need to cut its Defense and War Budgets? By what percent does the DOD need to see its budget cut in this coming decade? 15 15 Comment Count
Dan Vojir: Should Rev. Terry Jones Be Charged With Treason? The act of aiding and abetting the nation's enemies has always been considered treason. Endangering our troops in Afghanistan certainly aids the Taliban, but should inciting violence by burning a book considered to be holy by the enemy be considered treason? In the case of Rev. Terry Jones, some people think that the right of free speech should take precedence. What do you think? 18 18 Comment Count
Ending the Imperial Presidency of Bush Jr
Lance Ciepiela: Abolish the Tools of the Imperial Presidency? Do you agree? The tools of the imperial presidency remain intact as if waiting for the return of the next monarch. 10 10 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: How afraid are you of the rise of White Power, National Socialists? White Power, National Socialists, and other right-wing militia groups have shown increased power in the USA in the past years. How afraid are you that many more attacks, like the one on the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, await America during this coming decade? 15 15 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: H.R.3679 - Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act To prohibit the Fede the Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act of 2009. It's called the ACORN Act. What that would do would be to “prohibit”—and this is a quote—“prohibit the federal government from awarding contracts, grants or other agreements to providing any other federal funds to or engaging in activities that promote certain corporations or companies guilty of certain felony convictions.” 6 6 Comment Count
Jay Janson: Responsibility for Children Killed by U.S. Military and Allies Poll: Readers Feel How Much Responsibility for Afghani/Pakistani Children Killed by U.S. and Allied Military Action in Their Countries? For the sake of maximum possible poignancy, let's restrict the question to only the children killed by U.S. and allied military, not their parents, or uncles and aunts, or grandparents deaths. Poll question choices: 4 4 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should Americans be allowed to withold taxes for military spending? Real democracy requires that all stakeholders be empowered. The USA system of allowing the military and CIA unlimited power is as bad as an imperial presidency. A rebalancing between citizen stakeholders is essential NOW 24 24 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should bright young Americans join the US State Department? Howard Zinn, in recognition of the passing of Robert McNamara (the architect for the Vietnam War escalation in 1965), stated to much focus is on in terms of intellectual intelligience in encouraging people to decide to work in the State Department (in Defense or Homeland Security)? Moral Intelligience, however, is not encouraged there. Would you advise America's youth to seek work outside the State Department if they 4 4 Comment Count
Bia Winter: Should Obama close down the School of the Americas? The Honduran "coup" has the SOA's ugly pawprints all over it. Isn't it high time Obama issued a signing statement to close down this abomination? 12 12 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should Citibank become the Nations first government owned bank? Should Citibank become the U.S. nation's first government owned bank?In many countries, such as the economic powerhouse Germany, there are both national banks that the federal government maintains shares in and local state (Laender) partially owned banks. These are called Sparkasse, etc. 3 3 Comment Count
Oh: What is the best way to stop the "food safety" bills? Bills are before both houses which would effectively outlaw organic farming and backyard gardening. How can we save small agricultural initiatives? 31 31 Comment Count
Karen Fish: If George Bush did 911 where does that leave us? With regards to 911, the time has come to focus on the present and the future. 138 138 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: It is time that Obama investigates and prepares to prosecute those promoting torture It is necessary that a special prosecuter to investigate the crimes of the past 7 years in order to really put the end to torture and illegal things like rendition. Until this prosecution is taken place, AMERICA cannot move forward. We do not want justice in America and elsewhere to depend any more on who is in the White House. 15 15 Comment Count
Michael Bonanno: Is it a corporacracy or not? How strong are corporations? 14 14 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: Anthrax Attacks Were An Inside Job-Do You Agree The clues surrounding the attacks indicate an inside job at the government's highest levels. 46 46 Comment Count
Kris Malmquist: Are the Israelis Justified in Attacking Hamas in Gaza? Do you believe that the Israelis are justified in their recent attacks of Hamas police and security stations in Gaza or should they be pursuing peaceful means to settle the conflict with the Palestinians in Gaza? 25 25 Comment Count
Dave Kisor: Does homeland security make you feel safe? The disestablishment of the Department of Homeland Security 11 11 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: 9/11: Total Proof Bombs Were Planted-Do You Agree? Bombs were planted and detonated to bring down the WTC on 9/11. Do you agree? 50 50 Comment Count
Steph Fauxco: Will Sarah Palin say "Alaska" more times than "Hero" tonight? Palin, debate, Funny Poll, Alaska, Hero 3 3 Comment Count

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