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Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should the Keystone XL Pipeline project and any similar projects be canceled?

John Nichols and other progressives note that time is now ripe to demand the canceling of the Keystone XL Pipeline and similar projects. Should the Keystone XL Pipeline project and any similar projects be canceled?

4 4 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Is it only the Republicans who are sabotaging the economy to win? The Republicans will sabotage the economy to win the Senate and defeat President Obama. What else explains risking another global financial meltdown? It's simply irresponsible. We cannot reward putting personal power ahead of national interest - and you have the ability to stop it." 13 13 Comment Count
Christopher Rice: With the current economy and possible meltdown of our government, I have a question: Thank you for your time. I will use your responses for an article I am writing.
Shalom Hamou: Date of the Market Crash? "In one of the greatest investment markets in the world, namely, New York, the influence of speculation (in the above sense) is enormous. Even outside the field of finance, Americans are apt to be unduly interested in discovering what average opinion believes average opinion to be; and this national weakness finds its nemesis in the stock market." 2 2 Comment Count
Don Smith: Should progressives demand Obama's resignation? President Obama has continued many of the conservative policies of his predecessor in office. Should progressives demand his resignation? 19 19 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Global Tax System--Needed or Not Germany's finance minister, Peer Steinbrueck, "has called for a global tax to be imposed on financial transactions in a bid to end" that which his administration is calling "binge-drinking" in the financial markets."The cost of the crisis should not be borne alone by small taxpayers," Steinbrueck has stated in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. Does the world need a global tax soon, i.e. in this next decade? 12 12 Comment Count
Joni Greever: Has the economy affected your lifestyle? How the economy has changed your lives, if at all. 2 2 Comment Count
Reasonableperson: Responses to the Financial Crisis - Have They Been Equitable? Have the responses to the financial crisis Been equitable for all Americans, or have they favored the financial industry and a small wealthy elite? 1 1 Comment Count
Shalom P. Hamou: Getting out of the Great Depression Do You Think it Is Necessary to Deal With the Problem of Exploding Income/Wealth Disparity to Get Out of This Economic Crisis? 6 6 Comment Count
Rady Ananda: The Great Swine Flu or the Great Flu Swindle? How serious should we take mainstream media's hysteria about 0.00000189 of Mexico's total population contracting swine flu? Are we being duped into dangerous vaccinations or martial law? Are we under attack by misanthropes? And why can't MSM get their facts straight? 71 71 Comment Count
Steven Thompson: STOP- NWO... Bailouts... Monsanto... Support National Referendum! Several U.S. States Empower 'The People' With The Initiative And Referendum Process. Should Americans Have The Ability To Overturn Federal Laws Or Policy Via National Referendum? 14 14 Comment Count
Mystic Wizard: How Bad Will the Economic Crisis Get? How Bad Will the Economic Crisis Get? 15 15 Comment Count
Rob Kall: Will the Economic Crisis Lead to Riots in the USA? Will there be riots in the US? 46 46 Comment Count
Rob Kall: Is It Time to Decriminalize Marijuana? should weed be decriminalized or legalized? 27 27 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Is it time to implement a hoarding tax for financial institutions? Is it time to implement a hoarding tax for financial institutions? Last week it was announced that banks who have received federal funds recently have been handing over moneys to stockholders and company higher ups--even as layoffs have occurred. Doesn't the US really need such moneys to be retargeted to help the economy. 12 12 Comment Count
Constance Lavender: What to do with CEOs and Execs who have received bailout bonuses? Some of the kinder remedies I can think of for greed. 18 18 Comment Count
Kevin Gosztola: Bail Out the Big Three Automakers? The Senate and the House will be deliberating and deciding whether or not to bail out the Big Three auto makers this week (Chrysler, Ford, GM). Here's what you should know when deciding whether or not to support a bailout. This is what you may not hear from network news or cable news. 36 36 Comment Count
Lance Ciepiela: CAN Obama Reverse The Economic Slide? The ruinous Bush fiscal and monetary policies have brought the American economy to near collapse. Can Obama reverse the slide? 9 9 Comment Count
Chris Rice: Bail~Outs Were Wrong: How Do We Regain Control of Congress You have ignored the hundreds of thousands of American people who have been calling, faxing and emailing you opposing this bailout at least 100 to 1. You have ignored the almost two hundred economists from around the country that have contacted you and who have no conflict of interest and told you this bill will outright fail. My congressman's web site had a pole showing that 97.3% of his constituents were opposed. 11 11 Comment Count
Steph Fauxco: First Bail Out Bill VS New Bail Out Bill? VOTE!!! Should Congress have voted in the less pork Bail out bill of last week vs. the one they have to TODAY? 17 17 Comment Count
Peter Dearman: Do something, but ditch the Paulson Plan Should Congress promise to do something major, but ditch the Paulson Plan and start listening to other informed voices? 4 4 Comment Count
Constance Lavender: Bailout: Post-Bush Speech to Nation Post-Bush Speech Bailout Gauge 11 11 Comment Count
Kevin Gosztola: How can America recover from the financial crisis? Three prominent politicians (two of them presidential candidates) have plans for how to respond to the bailout. Neither suggest that they would support the Bush administration's or Paulson's proposal, which is being advanced in the halls of Congress right now (despite the fact that many details about the proposal are unknown). 13 13 Comment Count
MedicalWhistleblower: Should Medical Whistleblowers Be Protected? Should Medical Whistleblowers Be Protected? 5 5 Comment Count
Rob Kall: Screwed or Saved Bailout-wise? will dems pass or fix the bailout, or will Republicans do it? Or will a bipartisan congress screw the taxpayers. 38 38 Comment Count
Constance Lavender: Given the economic illness of the United States, What do you prefer to do? Tell the World What Your Future Plans Are Going To Be.... 21 21 Comment Count
Constance Lavender: Do you support the government's bail out of Wall Street? Do you support the government's bail out of Wall Street? 14 14 Comment Count
Constance Lavender: How much faith do you have in the American financial system? Given these extraordinary developments in the American financial system, how much faith do you retain? 11 11 Comment Count
Darren Wolfe: Who Do You Believe? The question is, do you believe the government's figures that show growth and no recession or the private economist's figure's that show contraction and recession? 14 14 Comment Count
PeterJ: What Do You Believe Is The Number One Problem Plaguing Our Nation? The economy "experts" think that they have the answers,the wannabe "generals" tell us how to run a war,immigration crowd wants to build a fence and shoot Mexicans. Now,there are a growing number of people who recognize the "Establishment",the industrial-military complex of the ruling class elite as the vampire sucking our country dry. How do you believe we should begin rebuilding this nation? From outside in or inside out? 69 69 Comment Count

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