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Yolanda Bell: Stop Hospitals From Utilizing Guardianships to Override Patient Rights Elder and Guardian Abuse is happening across the country. The disabled and elderly are being medically kidnapped, their estates pillaged, their bodies injured and bruised in nursing homes; and are forcibly and illegally isolated from loved ones. It is an egregious abomination! "A population that does not take care of the elderly and of children and the young has no future because it abuses both its memory's and its promise 1 1 Comment Count
Michael Langan: (Concluded) Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump : Performance Audit of Physician Health Services, Inc. Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS) is a corrupt organization with no oversight, regulation, or transparency. The organization is part of the FSPHP and is colluding with "PHP-preferred" assessment and treatment centers to commit fraud (False diagnoses, falsified testing) and Quest Diagnostics and USDTL to manipulate drug and alcohol tests. PHS sends "forensic" samples as "clinical" to bypass chain of custody and fraud.

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