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#1 10/19/2017 MSNBC, Racism and Misogyny Aren't RW "Identity Politics!" (Amy Fried, Ph.D.) 2 2 Comment Count
#2 10/19/2017 Actually, No, Bob Corker and John McCain Are Doing Nothing to Hold Trump Accountable (John Nichols) 1 1 Comment Count
#3 10/18/2017 Blaming Russia for the Internet "Sewer" (Robert Parry)
#4 10/18/2017 Kirkuk redux was a bloodless offensive. Here's why (Pepe Escobar)
#5 10/18/2017 How to Profit from the Coming Trump Apocalypse (Richard Eskow)
#6 10/18/2017 Weinstein as Symptom: Notes From Hollywood (John Wight)
#7 10/18/2017 Trump's Tax Plan: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (John T. Harvey)
#8 10/18/2017 OxyMoron (Kathy Malloy)
#9 10/18/2017 Iran Doesn't Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does? (Fair News) 1 1 Comment Count
#10 10/18/2017 What About the Los Angeles Times' Conflict of Interest? (Carl Petersen)
#11 10/18/2017 Turkey And Jabhat al-Nusra Are the Best Friends Again (Sophie Mangal)
#12 10/18/2017 What is the difference between President Donald Trump and Theodore Roosevelt? (Hamma Mirwaisi)
#13 10/18/2017 Organized Chaos and Confusion as Political Control (Edward Curtin) 4 4 Comment Count
#14 10/18/2017 Federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump's 3rd Muslim travel ban (Abdus-Sattar Ghazali)
#15 10/18/2017 New UN Report as Rohingya Horror Continues and Aung San Suu Kyi Fails to Act (Arshad M Khan) 2 2 Comment Count
#16 10/18/2017 Lebanon's economy is in crisis. Granting Palestinians the right to work will help fix it (Franklin P. Lamb)
#17 10/17/2017 The Real Reason behind Trump's Angry Diplomacy in North Korea (Ramzy Baroud) 1 1 Comment Count
#18 10/17/2017 This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls: The Experiment in Freedom Is Failing (John Whitehead) 1 1 Comment Count
#19 10/17/2017 As a Team Owner, I Demand the Green Bay Packers Hire Colin Kaepernick (Harvey Wasserman) 5 5 Comment Count
#20 10/17/2017 The America I Knew Has Almost Disappeared (Thom Hartmann) 10 10 Comment Count
#21 10/17/2017 King Salman thwarted US sanctions regime (Tariq AlShammari)
#22 10/17/2017 2 or 3 Things I Know About Capitalism (with apologies to Jean-Luc Godard) (Phil Rockstroh) 5 5 Comment Count
#23 10/17/2017 The Las Vegas Killer's Motive: Sometimes the answer is.... (Bohdan Yuri) 18 18 Comment Count
#24 10/17/2017 More Carcinogenic Lies from the FDA about Aspartame as Neurotoxin, Carcinogen, and Cause of Birth Defects (Dr. Betty Martini)
#25 10/17/2017 Tomgram: Engelhardt, Nixon's Children (Tom Engelhardt) 1 1 Comment Count
#26 10/17/2017 A State For The Kurds? (Lawrence Davidson)
#27 10/17/2017 The Standoff Continues: GHCHS Doubles Down on Non-Compliance (Carl Petersen)
#28 10/17/2017 MSM Fake News Monitor: Express on Akhlaq accused (Ashish Shukla) 1 1 Comment Count
#29 10/17/2017 Double Jeopardy: How Paul Kraus Survived the Holocaust and Mesothelioma (Joel Joseph)
#30 10/17/2017 Are we too apathetic to survive? (David Weiner) 5 5 Comment Count

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