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#1 9/29/2020 Babbling in 'Tongues' (James A. Haught)
#2 9/29/2020 Army of Citizen Auditors Keeping Eyes on Nov. 3 Election (Steve Schneider)
#3 9/29/2020 Armenia, Azerbaijan clash over Nagorno-Karabakh for a second day (Abdus-Sattar Ghazali)
#4 9/29/2020 The People Will Establish a Green New Deal (Glen Ford)
#5 9/29/2020 The War on Populism: The Final Act (CJ Hopkins)
#6 9/29/2020 Questioning Canada's "One China" policy is not progressive (Yves Engler)
#7 9/28/2020 A Massive People's Movement Can Prevent Trump Stealing the Election (Paul Jay
#8 9/28/2020 To Democratic Voters - Up Your Demands To Trump Voters - See How He Didn't Deliver for You (Ralph Nader) 1 1 Comment Count
#9 9/28/2020 Big Swing State Hurdle: Returning Your Absentee Ballot (Steven Rosenfeld)
#10 9/28/2020 From a Justice for Gender Equality to a "Justice" for Gender Oppression (Marjorie Cohn) 1 1 Comment Count
#11 9/28/2020 The Coming Civil War Over Trump's Ego (Robert Reich)
#12 9/28/2020 Gaza portends to what the ruling class will do to prevent the poor from rising up (Rainer Shea)
#13 9/28/2020 Putin's vaccine is an instrument to control the public (Brain Marchand) 6 6 Comment Count
#14 9/28/2020 Beyond Belief: Simple Truths for Both the Non-Simple and Simple Alike (Marcello Rollando) 1 1 Comment Count
#15 9/28/2020 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson (Children's Health Defense) 5 5 Comment Count
#16 9/28/2020 Without a Super Spreader Event 102 Years Ago Today, WWII Might Not Have Happened (David Swanson)
#17 9/28/2020 Fighting flares between Armenia and Azerbaijan over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh (Abdus-Sattar Ghazali)
#18 9/27/2020 The Surrendered Land: US Institutions Won't Fight for Democracy (Chris Floyd)
#19 9/27/2020 When Men Legally Controlled Women (Jill Richardson)
#20 9/27/2020 Let's Talk About Racism and Health (Margaret Flowers)
#21 9/27/2020 Fidel Castro's 1960 Speech to the UN Did More for Anti-Colonial Struggle Than the UN's Hyperbole (RAMONA WADI)
#22 9/27/2020 Cruelty, Human Decency and Politics (Meryl Ann Butler) 9 9 Comment Count
#23 9/27/2020 Justice Under Siege: Enter The Supreme Disaster (Werner Lange) 15 15 Comment Count
#24 9/27/2020 Trump and Biden's Debates will be Good Theater but Not Much More (Earl Ofari Hutchinson) 3 3 Comment Count
#25 9/27/2020 Trolls and the 3 Possibilities concerning Russia's Covid Vaccine (Kevin Anthony Stoda) 3 3 Comment Count
#26 9/27/2020 From Intellectual Powerhouse to Playing Second Fiddle (Arshad M Khan)
#27 9/27/2020 Julian Assange US Extradition: Show Trial of Journalism at the Old Bailey (John Hawkins) 1 1 Comment Count
#28 9/27/2020 Accept that capitalism can't save us from the climate crisis, and work to tear down the system (Rainer Shea)
#29 9/27/2020 Why Does the FCC Allow Sinclair Broadcasting to Violate Station Ownership Rules in Baltimore? (Sue Wilson) 1 1 Comment Count
#30 9/27/2020 Cheating Women in Science (James A. Haught) 1 1 Comment Count

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