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House Speaker Paul Ryan
Robert B. Reich: No, Paul, It Wasn't Because of "Growing Pains" Apparently Ryan doesn't grasp that he put forward a terrible bill to begin with. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, it would have resulted in 24 million Americans losing health coverage over the next decade, hardly make a dent in the federal debt, and transfer over $600 billion to the wealthiest members of American society.
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Bill McKibben: Citizens Must Hold Government Accountable on Climate One way of dealing with those unpleasant climate truths is to stop paying attention. A spokesman for the White House said last week that the federal government was no longer going to "waste money" on climate research. Money to maintain even existing climate satellites is disappearing. NASA has been told to stop worrying about our home planet and focus on Mars.
Lebanese politician who plasters his picture around Lebanon next to Musa Sadr's for political purposes.  It is widely be
Franklin P. Lamb: Lebanese politicians accused of hiding the truth about Musa Sadr's fate The Musa Sadr Trilogy, part 3 of 3. For part 2 see "Who Ordered the killing of Imam Musa Sadr and Why?" For part 1 see "When, Where, and How Imam Musa Sadr was Assassinated".
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Dennis Bernstein: Surveillance State Goes After Trump Democrats are so eager to take down President Trump that they are joining forces with the Surveillance State to trample the privacy rights of people close to Trump, ex-FBI agent Coleen Rowley tells Dennis J Bernstein.
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Robert Parry: How US Flooded the World with Psyops The mainstream U.S. media obsesses over Russian "propaganda" yet the U.S. government created a "psyops" bureaucracy three decades ago to flood the world with dubious information, reports Robert Parry.
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Paul Craig Roberts: "Our Western Values" No Longer Exist How much evidence is required before it is clear that Western Civilization is empty of integrity, judgment, reason, morality, empathy, compassion, self-awareness, truth, empty of everything that Western Civilization once respected? All that is left of the West is insouciance and unrestrained evil.
Daniel Geery: The "Deep State" Controls Us and Works Hard to Destroy the Earth What is "the deep state"? For example, "deep" in what? Or "state" meaning what, another star on the U.S. flag? If I were to put the concept into a sentence, I might say, "The 'deep state' refers to those players fleeing in the shadows, who in reality control our puppet politicians.
No repeal for 'Obamacare', a defeat for Trump - Tulsa World: U.S. ...
Jill Jackson: Republicare Crocodile tears for the defeat of the Affordable Care Act replacement?
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Marc Ash: The Vindication of President Barack Obama The Republican retreat on the repeal of Obamacare was a vote of no-confidence on the party's leader. Trump's rise to power has given the GOP the power of its fondest dreams, and the baggage of its worst nightmares. What turned back the Republican plot to overthrow the Affordable Care Act was white voters in red districts coming out in historic numbers to say, "Do not take my Obamacare coverage away." 1 1 Comment Count
Bob Burnett: Trump's Huge Failure After promising to "repeal and replace Obamacare on day one [of his presidency]", Donald Trump suffered an ignominious rejection on day 64. 1 1 Comment Count
House Pulls Obamacare Repeal, Paul Ryan & Nancy Pelosi Comment On Healthcare Bill Withdrawal | TIME In
Rob Kall: Did the Democrats or the left help block the GOP's killing of Obamacare? Oh, sure, the most of the Democrats in the House could have been relied upon to vote against repeal of Obamacare. That was a given. But as soon as it became clear that Paul Ryan couldn't pull off bringing in a winning vote to Obamacare, Democratic groups and progressive groups started claiming responsibility for keeping it from happening. 19 19 Comment Count
Arshad M Khan: Politics and Why It Is Difficult to Wrest Power from the Elite Discusses the hearings of the judiciary and intelligence committees this week, demonstrating how the questions cater to a prescribed agenda masking inconvenient facts. Their behavior tied to campaign contributions which negate the importance of their constituents. 1 1 Comment Count
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Ron Nilson: Ryancare Revealed (Cartoon) Cartoon commentary on the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. Whatever the stated intended goal, one thing should be clear - it's not to provide adequate health care for all Americans. It's sole purpose is to further enrich corporate coffers. After all, the free market cures all ills. 1 1 Comment Count
The Alamo at Night
Bohdan Yuri: Dear Democrats Time for a change of tactics""..Time to save this country! 3 3 Comment Count
WALL STREET SHUFFLE - the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy
Jim Hightower: Funny, There Are No Workers on the White House Jobs Panel Trump-the-candidate fulminated against such moneyed elites, calling them "responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class." But now, in a spectacular flip-flop, he's brought these robbers directly inside his presidency, asking them to be architects of his economic strategy. Worse, he's doing this in the name of helping workers. 1 1 Comment Count
How long will life survive on planet Earth?
Paul Craig Roberts: The Day Earth Was Murdered As environmentally damaging as a pipeline can be, it is nothing compared to nuclear war. In the opposition to Trump, emotion has prevailed over reason and hate has prevailed over judgment. The consequences for life on earth will be dire. We are all victims of the real victimizers -- the US military/security complex and a carbon-based life style.
Devin Nunes
David Corn: Nunes (Kind of) Confesses He Went Off Half-Cocked Asked repeatedly about the information that was the basis for his charge that Trump and his associates were inappropriately "unmasked" in classified intelligence reports based on legally authorized top-secret surveillance of foreign targets, Nunes said he did not have that material in hand. He says he ran to the mics and the White House before thoroughly reviewing all the documents. 1 1 Comment Count
Democracy Now: Attorney for "Frozen Trucker": Neil Gorsuch May Have Been Most Hostile Judge I've Ever Encountered As confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch wrap up and Senate Democrats vow to filibuster his nomination, we look at Gorsuch's ruling in a case known as the "frozen trucker." 3 3 Comment Count
Report: Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
Bill McKibben: No Keystone XL live strategy session Every new pipeline, frack well and coal port is being fought and fought hard. You've heard of some of these fights, like the Dakota Access pipeline, but there are now hundreds of them across the world. Keystone jump-started a whole new phase of the movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
Make America Think Again
Leslie Johnson: What Trump can do to "Make America Great Again" War and Peace. The state of our nation funding the military will only lead us down the road to destruction. Peace, on the other hand, would not be good just for us, but for the world... provided we give up our insane quest for money and power. 8 8 Comment Count
There are concerns that the political turmoil will further embolden North Korea's Kim Jong Un
Pepe Escobar: North Korea: The really serious options on the table Team Trump -- just like the previous US administration of Barack Obama -- assumes that Pyongyang, under pressure, must relinquish its nuclear-weapons program before the negotiations start. Wishful thinking, as anyone who has been to North Korea knows. North Korea is for all practical purposes a nuclear power. 3 3 Comment Count
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.
Carol Wolman, MD: Trump vs the People: A Psychiatrist's Analysis Trump is a megalomaniac, aiming for dictatorship. The article analyzes how he got where he is, and suggests what to do now. 33 33 Comment Count
.The Second Coming. (1920)  -  W. B. Yeats Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot
Tom Huckin: Yeats Was a Prophet William Butler Yeats's immortal 1919 poem, "The Second Coming," is an uncanny depiction of what's happening in our country today. 1 1 Comment Count
Black Panther demonstration
Marvin Lim: A Call to Arms Empathy This op-ed argues how the polarized debate in America on guns is a microcosm of why empathy with some conservatives, as well as other groups thought to be key to the 2016 Presidential election, is as important as ever for achieving meaningful change. Arguing that opinions on guns are far from monolithic - whether among white Americans steeped in gun culture, or black Americans, many of whom see guns as part of resistance.
London Terrorist Attack
John Wight: London and the Dreary Ritual of Terrorist Attacks The idea that you can set fire to countries in the Middle East, collapse their societies and traumatize entire populations, sowing carnage on a biblical scale, and not expect any reaction in the form of blowback, is utterly insane. 6 6 Comment Count
Khunjrab Pass on Silk Road at  Sino- Pakistan border crossing
James Duglous Crickton: With No Love from Khunjerab Pass". Sino-Pak relations don't appear to be in pink of health. Everyone crossing Khunjerab Pass is viewed as a potential smuggler of guns or drugs. Southern Xinjiang on the border has earned the official tag of terror plagued with the integration of Uyghur militants into Af-Pak based global networks. Drugs from Pakistan are flooding China all the way from border tows to the most populous Guangzhou city, about 120 km from Hong Kong.
FBI Director James Comey Full Opening Statement (C-SPAN) FBI Director James Comey Opening Statement:
William Boardman: Russians Hit Democracy Already Damaged FBI Director Comey let loose the mechanical rabbit of Russian interference and now all the political greyhounds are chasing it around a circular track is if it were a real quarry worth catching. That gives them all deniability for ignoring the bigger, fatter elephants in the room that actually need to be addressed. 2 2 Comment Count
David Swanson: The Middle East for Dummies The first point I'd like to touch on is the idea that the Middle East is a culturally violent place that can be made less violent by bombing it. The first problem with this is that bombing places makes them more violent, not less. Nobody is shocked or awed into nonviolence, not 14 years ago and not for the past century. The second problem is ...t 5 5 Comment Count
United Nations
Lawrence Davidson: Moral Failure at the United Nations The moral failure at the U.N., represented by the withdrawal of the ESCWA report, is the result of Secretary General Guterres's decision to acquiesce in a denial of reality -- the reality of Israel's practice of Apartheid. Reality in Palestine is what the Americans and Israelis say it is because politicians and international leaders literally can't afford to challenge their corrupted views. 1 1 Comment Count
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James Wall: Israel's Apartheid Elephant Is Still in the Room The American people are discovering the hard way, what it means for its president to live in a self-enclosed understanding of reality. President Trump is a man who clings to what he thinks is true in spite of overwhelming evidence that it is not true. Like the current leaders of Israel, he surrounds himself with loyalists who support him in his views of reality.

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