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Arshad M Khan: Shaping the Contours of a New World This piece looks at the new alliances formed and forming in the world of today. Is the U.S. an active player in this new free-for-all. If not, should it be?
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: Turkey's Strategic Depth doctrine revisited Turkish foreign policy under Erdogan has been associated with the name of Ahmet Davuto?lu, once his chief foreign policy advisor. In his book "Strategic Depth," published in 2001, Davuto?lu elaborates on his strategic vision about Turkey. He argues that Turkey possesses "strategic depth" due to its history and geographic position and lists Turkey among a small group of countries which he calls "central powers".
Lynched, From Uploaded
Rohn Kenyatta: Lynching Donald Trump (Redux) The white-wing is coming out in droves stating that Donald Trump is being "lynched." Maybe, maybe not but one thing is certain and that is that white privilege exists. Who (or what) else could be "lynched" and live to talk about it?
Terminator1984movieposter., From WikimediaPhotos
Thomas Knapp: How I Learned to Relax and Love the AI-pocalypse The genie is out of the bottle, folks. AI is a thing. It's going to remain a thing. It's going to keep getting better and faster at doing all sorts of stuff that, once upon a time, only humans can do. If the US government tries to "regulate" it, its advancement won't stop.
Joel Joseph: Merger Between PGA and LIV Golf Must be Stopped Proposed merger of PGA and LIV golf is anti-competitive and anti-American.
Donald Trump, From CreativeCommonsPhoto
Mark Lansvin: A second-term Trump would be a nightmare There are so many reasons why Trump serving as president again would destroy America as we know it.
David Swanson: Austrian Censorship of Peace Conference Is An Outrage Forty-eight hours before a global peace conference in Vienna, Austria, was to begin, the venue host abruptly cancelled. Peace, it seems, cannot be discussed, especially peace in Ukraine.
Peter Barus: "Russiagate" wasn't even about electoral politics There is no way any problem-solving organization can solve the problem of proliferating problem-solving organizations. We're back to what we came in with: our own sensibilities, our tendency to project our own traumas on others, our automatic snap-judgments, our ulterior motives, our hidden agendas. All the mechanisms we evolved for mere survival in a world full of large predators, that got us this far. 3 3 Comment Count
Ben Byrne: Why is Open AI asking to be regulated? Discusses Open AI's eagerness to be regulated by the United States government
Viktors Domburs: Latvian Parliament vs. Latvian people On June 3, the R?ga Pride Week events culminated in what was estimated as the biggest pride march in Latvia so far. LGBTQ+ groups celebrated with a bang the election of first openly gay to the post of the President. The Saeima, Latvia's parliament, elected Edgars Rink"vi?s to be the next President. He will be inaugurated July 8 for a four-year term. Edgars Rink"vi?s publicly came out as gay in November 2014
Arshad M Khan: Global Warming: Can Human Nature be Changed? Article looks at some recent catastrophic events and the impact of a thinning upper atmosphere on global warming. It seems there are certainly ways we can each of us help.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: The Juneteenth Drama It has long been an inside joke for someone to say that Juneteenth was a testament to ignorance. The ignorance was that slaves in Texas were supposedly too dumb, ignorant, or uninformed, or all three, to realize that two-plus years had passed since they were freed.
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Carl Petersen: Community College Board To Consider Lease To Charter School To give its approval the Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) would have to ignore allegations of "illegal fiscal practices," sexual abuse, and mismanagement by the North Valley Military Institute (NVMI) charter school.
Is Ukraine's counteroffensive finally underway? .  FRANCE 24 English With Russia claiming to have repelled a major Ukrainian attack in Donetsk, and with other fighting reported along the frontline, ..., From YouTubeVideos
Dave Lefcourt: It appears the long awaited Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun It appears the long awaited Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces in the country has begun. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense "owing to air strikes & artillery fire the Ukrainian forces incurred significant losses." The Ukrainian General Staff provided no comment only there'd been 29 combat clashes in the Donetsk & Lugansk regions in the last 24 hours. They accused Russia of spreading false information. 1 1 Comment Count
Dinner talk with Donald? No words., From YouTubeVideos
Bob Gaydos: My dinner with Donald, part two Ultimately, I decided there could be no dinner talk with Donald Trump because from what I've seen, he doesn't have conversations. He talks at you. He makes pronouncements. 2 2 Comment Count
Rainbow flag and blue skies., From WikimediaPhotos
Thomas Knapp: In Praise of Caring Less and Being Better Treating everything as an outrage leaves us perpetually outraged at neighbors we should instead consider having over for dinner, (real) beer, and maybe a swim.
confuse, From CreativeCommonsPhoto
Paul Cohen: Balanced Condorcet Voting Can Condorcet voting be balanced? There is a way, but it seems confusing and probably not worth applying in real elections. But observations about ranked voting and about Condorcet voting are also found in the article 1 1 Comment Count
Meijer, From FlickrPhotos
Thomas Knapp: Earned Income versus Student Debt: When the Shoe Is On The Other Claw ... That "claw back" expression seems to be Elizabeth Warren's word version of a Swiss Army [TM] knife. Sometimes it's positive, sometimes it's negative, and coming from Warren it seems to mostly just be used to make falsehoods sound true.
Caligula, From Uploaded
Rohn Kenyatta: The United States (aka Rome): Oderint Dum Metuant and The Gift of Fear As a nation that operates on fear, profits from fear and is the epitome of fear faces a world where it is no longer feared how might it survive...or will it? 2 2 Comment Count
Photo by Stephen Harlan on Unsplash, From Uploaded
Carl Petersen: School District Tries to Silence the Voices of SpEd Parents The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) forces the removal of a presentation of the proposed "Improving Special Education Within the LAUSD" resolution from the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) agenda.
Peter Barus: Machines Will Never Become Sentient And Destroy Us (That Won't Be Necessary) The promise of the digital age has been abandoned and forgotten as a few trillionaires fasten the last blast doors keeping out ever-growing waves of homeless, starving, diseased, former middle-class professionals; those whose neighbors have not yet been replaced by machines. But they'll be along soon. 20 20 Comment Count
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., From Uploaded
John F. Miglio: RFK Jr. Can Win the Presidency If... Can RFK Jr. win over the DNC and the mainstream news media in his quest for the presidency? 24 24 Comment Count
From Uploaded
Bob Johnson: Piercing the Vail of Fear-based Religions The "revealed" religions all use fear to win and to keep converts. Belief in witches is a good example of this. The best way to counter the fear-based religions is with God-given innate reason. 5 5 Comment Count
Ron DeSantis & Kari Lake: What a Team!, From FlickrPhotos
Steven Jonas: The First Inaugural Address of President Ron DeSantis This column predicts that (A), as previously noted, Trump will get indicted at the Fed. level and will flee the country. B) DeSantis will get the Republican nomination. C) DeSantis will win. The column then offers a draft text for an inaugural address that DeSantis would deliver on Dec. 25, 2024. That text is drawn from the first version (1996) of my book "The 15% Solution: How the Repub. Relig. Right Took Control, 1981-2022.
Iranian government daily hanging, From Uploaded
Abbas Sadeghian, Ph.D.: What should we do with Iranian government? Iranian government lost the battle over women's head scarfs. However, the problem with hanging innocent goes on and on, with no end in sight. People are being hanged for none sense like insulting the religion. After 44 years of Islamic rule, people just do not want the damn thing anymore. 3 3 Comment Count
Photo by Orkun Azap on Unsplash, From Uploaded
Carl Petersen: Will The LAUSD Board Restore Promise To The District? As stakeholders decry the loss of Primary Promise, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board retreats into a closed session to evaluate Superintendent Carvalho's performance.
Robert Weiner: There is middle ground on police reform. Scott, Booker must finish the job. If Scott has any chance of leapfrogging Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis or even fellow South Carolinian Nikki Haley in his bid to win the Republican nomination, he needs to differentiate himself from the pack. A bipartisan police reform bill is one way to do it.
Mermaid, From PixabayPhotos
Thom Hartmann: The GOP's Evil Plans for the Little Mermaid & Fascism Have Surfaced The crisis for any Republican who wants to run against Trump is that they'll have to run to the right of fascism. But what occupies that space? Pure, raw, genocidal dictatorship that ends America... 3 3 Comment Count
Steven Sahiounie: Will Riad Salameh be arrested in Lebanon? This article talks about the president of the Lebanese Central Bank, Riad Salameh, and the arrest warrant.
Stephen Bronner: Trump Victorious? This article speaks of Trump and his possibilities with respect to winning the nomination and the presidency in 2024.

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