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Suzana Megles: Animal Laws 3 3 Comment Count
Without words, Global warming
G.E. Nordell: Civilization Is Imploding 11 11 Comment Count
Gestation Crate
Suzana Megles: Gestation Crate Cruelty 1 1 Comment Count
cows are sacred to millions of Hindus
Ashish Shukla: Why cows matter in India 7 7 Comment Count
Suzana Megles: Meat and the Environment 7 7 Comment Count
Suzana Megles: Do You Still Drink Milk? 12 12 Comment Count
Fakeer Ishavardas: Is there any Supernatural Power? 5 5 Comment Count
Mother dog Feeding pups
Suzana Megles: Puppy Mill Mothers 6 6 Comment Count
Are We Rising or Setting?
Marcello Rollando: Obama Out -- What's Next? 3 3 Comment Count
Suzana Megles: Thank You Nicholas Kristof 1 1 Comment Count

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