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Khunjrab Pass on Silk Road at  Sino- Pakistan border crossing
James Duglous Crickton: With No Love from Khunjerab Pass".
Don't shoot!
Shad Williams: Damn. WTF? Fooled Again. 45 45 Comment Count
My Lai Memorial Site - Vietnam - Diorama of Massacre
Craig K. Comstock: Remembering My Lai's Lessons 1 1 Comment Count
Russia Using Inflatable Military Decoys to Trick Enemies Russia has reportedly been using inflatable m
Gary Busch: Russia's Blunt Weapon 3 3 Comment Count
John Spritzler: Abolish Class Inequality 3 3 Comment Count
BP and Other Oil Spills - 4700592764_2da6e4101e_q.jpg
Shad Williams: Boy, Do I have Issues. 17 17 Comment Count
Image created from image crediting
Marcello Rollando: Not Just Trump 1 1 Comment Count
Mark Taliano: Amnesty Fake News 18 18 Comment Count

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