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Revolution Newspaper: Three Key Points on the Imperialist--and Fascist--Logic of the Trump Tax Bill by Raymond Lotta. The new tax law is NOT principally a handout, motivated by corporate greed--although greedy hands are seeking to maximize and game its benefits, which are utterly skewed to the wealthy. This tax bill is a conscious and strategic move to deal with economic contradictions and imperialist great-power needs.
Martin Luther
Carmine Gorga, Ph.D.: A Cascade of Errors (1517-2017) The reformation separated actions from morality; a deep fault line into which much regress fell. 14 14 Comment Count
National Guard - 4
John F Scanlon: Something Wicked This Way Comes - War and Economic Crises Much comes together to indicate we we are approaching both war and economic crises. I submit we can stop the next war with the truth of our war history.
Elias Davidsson: The deadly mechanism of economic sanctions: Euphemisms and obfuscation Economic sanctions imposed by the Western Alliance against Iran, Syria and Russia requires a critical examination of this tool. It is used to cripple the economies of these countries, i.e. the livelihood of their populations. To that extent it applies the principle political gain through civilian gain, such measures resemble the concept of terrorism. The article focusses on the means used by policy-makers to obfuscate the tru 2 2 Comment Count
Seymour Patterson: The Economy has been Doing Well In the past eight year, the U.S. economy has been growing and the stock market rising. Restricting immigration could raise wages; but a fence costly. The wall will cost billions. Tax cuts can stimulate the economy. Repealing the ACA isn't the way to pay for it. Decreasing regulations might increase business hiring. But repealing Dodd-Frank might cause another great recession. 2 2 Comment Count
I've had enough trickle down economics
Brian Cooney: Deja voodoo: an undead GOP economic theory is choking us Stripping funds from health care and the EPA, withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, sweeping de-regulation of production and finance, and large tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy are all symptoms of a fact-free dogma known as supply-side economics (aka "trickle-down"). Republicans want to throw even more wealth at an investor class that has stopped investing in production and job creation. 3 3 Comment Count
Farid Khavari: Running an economy without "social and recurring costs" requires the implementation of the Concept of Zero Cost Economic The solution to the rising "social costs" and "recurring costs" of all kinds is the implementation of the Concept of Zero Cost Economics that focuses on freezing, reducing, and even eliminating these two groups of costs. Because prosperous people enjoying economic security is the best guarantee for businesses to a lasting prosperity!
No True Social Justice Without Economic Justice A listener calls in to discuss integrating social and
Jordan Soreff: Framing the Debate: Economic Injustice Where are the roots of economic dissatisfaction? Should we be studying income distribution, concentrating our reforms around hitting appropriate Gini Coefficient levels? The author tries to find a formidable ground to frame the current economic debate 2 2 Comment Count
RTS Index graph
Dale Ruff: Wall St. soars as Economy tanks: how Trump will respond to economic collapse I argue that a rising stock market and a sinking economy spells out economic collapse and discuss how Trump is likely to react and how progressives must be prepared to take advantage of this coming crisis. 4 4 Comment Count
Robert Weiner: The Federal Reserve's missed mandate: jobs The Fed seems to forget the "maximum employment" piece of its mandate, instead deciding to focus all of its energy on interest rates to assure big business profits. The unemployment rate is down but the bar is set at complacency. If the Fed remembers its mandate of maximum employment, it can help the country see unemployment rates it hasn't seen since the 1960s. 2 2 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: American Firms and Leaders have Bet the Farm on War--but we need more political economic research to model the truth Stiglitz wrote nearly a decade ago that 3-5 trillion dollars was the cost of the Iraq invasion and occupation. I think the numbers are more like 20 Trillion for the period since the Cold War ended or even since 2001, when George W. Bush took office. We need more research and social studies to focus on this in schools and colleges NOW. 6 6 Comment Count
Patrick Osio: The role of economic disparity as the cause in border crossings Two ingredients are the cause of immigration -- the push and the pull. The push is the need to migrate or immigrate and the pull is the place where the immigrant believes the need will be satisfied. Typically economic is the need and the US represents the place. 12 12 Comment Count
Chrysler Pacifica:  Imported from Detroit?
Joel Joseph: Chrysler is Not an American Car Company Any More We bailed out Chrysler, but they are bailing on America and moving car production offshore. 2 2 Comment Count
Capitalism--as American as Coca-Cola
Jerry Lobdill: Question Received Wisdom; Learn What We Don't Know, And Let the Chips Fall Where They May Can you stomach received wisdom? I can't. This article is about what is wrong with the world's economy and recommends authors who know the answer and two of their books that can help us to learn what Wall Street doesn't want us to know. We can't propose changes in our system if we don't know what we don't know. The truth has been known for 5000 years. It's time we were told. 13 13 Comment Count
Rick Staggenborg, MD: The real reason single payer is inevitable Democrats who have no understanding of health care economics but who accept how legislation is made in a corrupt Congress have done a grave disservice in supporting Obamacare and dismissing single payer as unrealistic. The reality is that Obamacare never had a chance, because insurance-based health care is not only an inherently unfair system, but an economically unsustainable model for health care delivery. 29 29 Comment Count
The Comovement of Investment and GDP
Seymour Patterson: Inversion, Investment and Economic Performance Notion that US corporate tax rates are too high and thus discourage investment and economic growth. But many big US companies pay zero taxes. Proposals to lower the tax rate would change nothing--zero taxes trumps any positive tax rate. Fact, investment and income are positively correlated. Hence, more investment will be forthcoming when income growth. 2 2 Comment Count
Farid Khavari: Why an intelligent economic plan is needed to jump-start the economy toward prosperity and economic security? To jump-start an economy an intelligent economic plan is needed. 1 1 Comment Count
Hillary and Timothy Geithner
Jerry Lobdill: When the next crash comes do you want Hillary in charge? This article exposes the perpetrators of the 2008 crash. The source for this information is Michael Hudson's book, "Killing the Host". The case for a repeat of the QE solution if Hillary is POTUS in 2017 is made. Who will you vote for? 40 40 Comment Count
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: The success of effective economic system How can you teach a farmer or factory worker to perform simple tasks efficiently if he/she cannot read or write? Thus, we have to develop the educational system, and to teach children how to read, mathematics, science, engineering, and programming may achieve material wealth, because technologies depend on education.
Greek Parliament, Athens
Jacques Couvas: Born on a 6th of July! First anniversary of the Greek referendum on the Euro, 5 July 2015. Democracy worked in theory, but not in practice. 2 2 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: To Oman from Kansas: Humble Solution for one Petroleum Overly Dependent Economy Oman went from one of the most underdeveloped nations in the 1970s to one of the more developed Arab nations in a period of about 30 years. It did so by over-relying on petroleum industry--as did all the other countries in the GCC. With the recent glut in the oil market, all petroleum countries are scrambling to create a sustainable economy. The problem is these lands have focused on austerity. (This part 1 of a series) 4 4 Comment Count
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Financing economic programs can secure the development. Accounting and financing economic programs among people can secure the development. We cannot forget like development and economy are replete with value.
Women's Rights
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Crimes Against Women And Economy Crimes Against Women And Economy If women empowerment program would be an economic enterprise, we must know that since women cannot survive nicely without the economy and opportunities. 1 1 Comment Count
The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy
William T. Hathaway: Understanding Money and the Economy A simple, helpful guide to understanding the crucial topic of economics.
We Live in an Age of Consequences
Marcello Rollando: I toll for Thee, Who Toil for Life on Earth, in Purple & Acid Rain Consider kicking off the dusty ideas of angry old men and facing our wacked world's woes, revitalized with the spirit of our feminine side 6 6 Comment Count
The .Time-Kill. Club
Edward Campbell: Laissez-faire? Free or Fair Markets? - The New World Economy - Part 6 Futurists predit a vastly different world well within the present lifetimes of most and a world with a very different market economy, one that could collapse for lack of consumers willing and able to buy. Solving this will require a guaranteed income or result in the collapse of the current economy to the detriment of all. 2 2 Comment Count
Matthew Lykken: Shared Economic Growth: Tax Reform That Would Actually Work A tax reform proposal that would increase the market power of American workers while helping the middle class and reducing the deficit. 14 14 Comment Count
Hanoi Hillary Rides Wall Street Tank
Allan Wayne: Hillary, the Hanoi Jane of Wall Street Hanoi Hillary, Crown Jewel of Wall Street, is firmly in bed with the enemy, Goldman Sachs, traitor to the American People. 2 2 Comment Count
Federal Government Giving Bankers Get Out of Jail Free Card
Joseph Clifford: Letting Banks Fail and Putting Bankers in Jail? Iceland Did, but You Were Not Told This article compares the way the US government handled the bank collapse, and contrasts it with the way the bank failure was handled in Iceland. They, unlike us, refused to bail out banks and prosecuted bankers for negligence. 4 4 Comment Count
David Haggith: Epocalypse Soon: The Great Economic Collapse is Happening I use the term "epocalypse" to name the last days of the global economy as we know it -- a global economic collapse of biblical proportion. It is economic, epochal, an apocalypse that will change the world and a collapse " all in one word that sounds the right size for what I'm talking about. Call it the "Great Collapse" or the "Epocalypse." Whatever you call it, it's about to change the world. 1 1 Comment Count

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