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The Oval Office
Kevin Tully: The Monkey in the Room With a Knife ...some people see the monkey, some don't, some think he's cute, he scares the crap out of others. Metaphors can be effective things, if you get my drift.
If I Ruled The World - Tony Bennett feat. Celine Dion Title: If I Ruled The World Artist: Tony Bennett
Leslie Johnson: The Last Nail in the Coffin...or Utopia War vs. Peace and Happiness. For citizens of probably every country, I would guess that living in peace, and having a job, would be their first choices....yet, all live under their governments and have little say in their politics. I believe governments know what their people want but even in our for, of and by the people government, their needs and desires fall on deaf ears. 2 2 Comment Count
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Mike Rivage-Seul: France's Yellow Vests: Their Program Should Be Our Program The issues and demands of the Yellow Vests suggest proven reforms that are clearly feasible, since they've worked in the past. The economic and political restructurings implicit in their working-class demands could save our planet and create the other world that all progressives sense is possible. Consciously or unconsciously, the Yellow vests propose a program worthy of support by us all. 17 17 Comment Count
Cultura come fatto sociale
Gary Lindorff: Finding Myself in Time: Facing the Music, a memoir by Gary Lindorff, first installment This is the first installment of a memoir by Gary Lindorff that will appear bi-weekly. The book itself is due to be published in February. 7 7 Comment Count
Daniel Geery: We Are In Unprecedented Territory, On the Threshold of Complete Extinction In addition to the title appearing on this link, I add that the video, about an hour long, has been the most helpful piece I've read about getting myself intelligently focused on what "hopeful" truly means for us personally these days. I consider Sam to be a truly global spokesman for the most important event that humans have ever faced. 16 16 Comment Count
Philip Kraske: Will the Shutdown Go 60 Days? Nobody's backing down and nobody's going to back down, and nobody's thinking about backing down. Here's advice to Democrats: back down.
Replace Insecure
Eric Dietrich-Berryman: Marriage Comes by Destiny A ride-by look at marriage over the millennia, wives and husbands but mostly wives. 1 1 Comment Count
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Josh Mitteldorf: Daily Inspiration — Embodied Animal I might have been embodied animal. Instead, I wear my brain outside my skin And touch the world through thought, unlike my kin Who know th'immediacy of Gaia's pull. From brain I'm loathe to separate, it can Provide me understanding and control. My thinking is conflated with my soul Because 'tis mind, not joy, that makes me Man. How much I've sacrificed for this conceit! So long as I am "better", I can be
Native American Dancers 8
Marta Steele: This Land Is Their Land, and They're Coming Back for It (prose poem) A prose-poem prophecy about the controversy at the border blocking Indigenous Americans from lands that belong more to them than to white Europeans. 3 3 Comment Count
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Mike Rivage-Seul: Report from France: "Yellow Vest" Revolutionary Unity and Its Lesson for Americans France's "Yellow Vests" suggest that it's possible for both left and right extremes of our own political spectrum to cooperate even on divisive issues like abortion, gun control, immigration, violence and terrorism. 17 17 Comment Count
Will the Federal Reserve Fall in 2019? - G. Edward Griffin Author and Educator, G. Edward Griffin join
Will the Federal Reserve Fall in 2019? "Most people think that the government regulates the Federal Reserve, but in reality it's the other way around - the Federal Reserve regulates the government" - G. Edward Griffin @ 12:23 minutes.The United States has admitted to having over 20T Dollars in debt, but there is over 120T in unfunded liabilities that rarely ever get reported. To me, that's not a successful economic policy and a harbinger for economic collapse.Ho... 1 1 Comment Count
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Ethan Indigo Smith: The Tai Chi Pill What is the Placebo Effect and how to instigate it with Tai Chi practices and principles.
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Eric Dietrich-Berryman: Altars Upon Earth: A Passion for Individualism and the Transience of Military Memorials Honoring fallen soldiers with a memorial is relatively modern. Up to about the end of the 19th century soldiers were buried where they had died. A grateful nation did not long remember. Indeed, there was a time when their bones were repurposed for fertilizer. 1 1 Comment Count
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Josh Mitteldorf: Daily Inspiration — A Mosh Pit for Carnegie Hall a birthday tribute to Alfred Brendel, 88 years old today. Brendel is a public intellectual, a poet (in English, his third language, or perhaps his fourth), a painter, and one of the great pianists of the 20th Century. Listen to his Cambridge lecture on humor in music. 2 2 Comment Count
Philip Kraske: Nancy Pelosi is Off the Table If the re-election of Nancy Pelosi is a sign of where the Democrats are headed, the Establishment is leading America to another 1968.
Caitlin Johnstone: Everything that's Wrong with Mainstream Feminism The problem that true feminism seeks to address is not that there aren't enough women at the top of the corporate ladder, or that Americans refused to elect a woman to do the bombing, exploiting and oppressing in 2016. The problem has always been that we're trying to value women with a value system created by a few very powerful men. By leaving in place the value system created by patriarchy (i.e. capitalism), we are now valui 5 5 Comment Count
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Josh Mitteldorf: Daily Inspiration — Space Music Images from the Hubble space telescope and music by Eric Whitacre, born this day in 1970.
The United States is First in War, But Trailing in Crucial Aspects of Modern Civilization Maintaining the U.S. status as “No. 1” in war and war preparations comes at a very high price.That price is not only paid in dollars—plus massive death and suffering in warfare―but in the impoverishment of other key sectors of American life.  After all, this lavish outlay on the military now constitutes about two-thirds of the U.S. government’s discretionary spending. &nb... 5 5 Comment Count
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John Davis: Burn Lands Even in the burn lands, the beauty of the hills, valleys, canyons and distant mountains remains. Bathed in the soft glow of early morning and evening light, it is transfixing. Scoured by cold north-easterly Santa Ana winds (in other seasons, the fire wind) the atmosphere is preternaturally clear, the landscape stunningly chromatic. 1 1 Comment Count
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Ethan Indigo Smith: The Metaphysics of Monotheism A conscious, open-minded exploration of the relationships between, and the effects of, monotheism and money. 3 3 Comment Count
Sunrise in Pieniny, Poland 02
Gary Lindorff: Black butterfly -- New Year, new world Another tipping point. Another chance to listen to the prophetic voice of common sense. Will it be just a new year or a new world? We choose. 5 5 Comment Count
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Josh Mitteldorf: Open thread -- Add your blessing to ours... May all our fears dissolve into wonder. May we embrace present reality in full celebration. May we greet surprise with curiosity, and act from a flexible resilience, a confident generosity. - JJM 1 1 Comment Count
Vietnam War 1968 - Operation Jeb Stuart III, south of Quang Tri
Eric Dietrich-Berryman: When a War got its Stride Kennedy's Vietnam started with rumors of an overseas deployment. The base library set us straight about the name switch. Indo-China was better known. A few years later the world knew it as a major war in Southeast Asia. Not in 1962. 70 70 Comment Count
Big brother watching you.
Leave no dark corner :China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. A vast network of 200 million CCTV cameras across China ensures there’s no dark corner in which to hide. Social credit is like a personal scorecard for each of China’s 1.4 billion citizens, which will unite Big Brother and big data to coerce more than a billion people. In one pilot program already in place, each citizen has been assigned a score out of 800. Big data from more traditional sources like governme... 3 3 Comment Count
African women farmers
Josh Mitteldorf: Daily Inspiration — Where would we be without them? Are there really people without resentment, without hate? People who never go cross-grained to the universe? Who recognize evil, and resist evil, and yet are utterly unaffected by it?
Mathe Zeichengert - Zirkel vor weiem Hintergrund
Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe "Polarization. Conspiracy theories. Attacks on the free press. Recent events in the US follow a pattern Europeans know all too well; the argument about who gets to rule is never over, particularly in an era when people have rejected aristocracy, and no longer believe that leadership is inherited at birth. Some of us, have settled on the idea that various forms of democratic and economic competition are the fairest alt... 2 2 Comment Count
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Josh Mitteldorf: Daily Inspiration — Sisyphus Translates Written language distorts the immediacy of our sensory existence. Different written languages distort it in different ways. Perhaps, if we cannot abandon language utterly, a poor substitute is to immerse ourselves in several different languages, perhaps to sample the breadth of what civilization has substituted for direct experience.
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Meryl Ann Butler: Berthe Morisot: Feminist Impressionist Extraordinaire Berthe Morisot (1841--1895) was the only female in the avante-garde Impressionist show of 1874. Art history had not been fair to this artist whose work not only rivals, but in most cases surpasses, the skills of other Impressionists, including Degas and Renoir. 17 17 Comment Count
Sophia Iliadi: Met Emmanuel to America, Abp Demetrios on leave? Would be good for European Orthodox but will not happen Even if the Phanar had a plan to quietly reshuffle the Primates, something must have gone wrong and all their cards were mixed up
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Josh Mitteldorf: Daily Inspiration — The Best Thing I”ve Ever Done surreptitiously and somewhat disingenously to avoid it. It led nevertheless to opening my heart in a way that had not been previously available to me, and it also grew into the most powerful benefit I have ever been able to bestow on the world at large. As I slowly came to realize these things, the story helped to plant within me a sense that I am being cared for, that the lot I am handed is better than I deserve, and that m 4 4 Comment Count

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