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Dani Finger's painting R.I.N.O.
Cory Clark: Art as Protest: Challenging the New Norms of the New American Century Her playful use of imagery, complex use of dimension within each painting, ruefully enigmatic references to highlight various political and social issues of our day come together as a where's Waldo of political discourse. 1 1 Comment Count
Islam Empire of Faith PBS Documentary
Ron Madden: PBS Documentary: "Islam, the Empire of Faith" This should really be required viewing for everyone in the western hemisphere. I just happened to take it out of my local library. Despite some prior knowledge of the basic origins of Islam, it was with Part II that I got my first glimpse of a truly alternative history of the entire world. 8 8 Comment Count
spiral tribe
Ethan Indigo Smith: The Matrix of Master and Slave Lord Acton's Rule, Hegel's Master and Slave and The Matrix of 4 of Politics 3 3 Comment Count
Arnold Schwarzenegger
At 70, Arnold Just Wants to Have Fun! Welcome to the strange and wondrous political afterlife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a rural Austrian kid who parlayed his success as perhaps the greatest bodybuilder of all time into a lucrative career as Hollywood’s top action hero, then parlayed that into becoming the improbable Republican governor of California for two terms.Now, six years after leaving Sacramento, he’s still reinventing himself—a... 3 3 Comment Count
Definitionally Challenged
Prakash Kona: On being Definitionally Challenged People who tend to use language without telling us what parameters they associate with the words they use, I have decided to call them "definitionally challenged"... to these abusers of language I have only one thing to say: read Rumi, Shakespeare and Wittgenstein. 10 10 Comment Count
Endzeit LARP
A Golden Age for Dystopian Fiction This spring’s blighted crop of dystopian novels is pessimistic about technology, about the economy, about politics, and about the planet, making it a more abundant harvest of unhappiness than most other heydays of downheartedness. The Internet did not stitch us all together. Economic growth has led to widening economic inequality and a looming environmental crisis. Democracy appears to be yielding to authoritarianism. &... 3 3 Comment Count
Replace Insecure https://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/upload/954/images/master%20slave.jpg
Ethan Indigo Smith: The Spiritual Golden Rule A description of The Spiritual Golden Rule and a beginning understanding of the metaphysics of monotheism. 10 10 Comment Count
Matthew Vernon Whalan: Part 1: War on Kids: Psychology of Politics of Future Destruction This an introduction to a series on contemporary youth resistance in the United States. The series will focus on youth actions, groups, theories, tactics, and figures, mostly in the Northeast region of the United States, engaged in the resistance and struggle for a more equal, open, and sustainable future, on specific social and political issues that have passed, are ongoing, upcoming, and usually all three.
Marianne Williamson We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually,
Roger Copple: Marianne Williamson on Donald Trump and Sister Giant Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich were speakers at Sister Giant. One quote of Marianne in the interview: "Martin Luther King said the desegregation of the American South is the political externalization of the goal of the Civil Rights movement, but the ultimate goal is the establishment of the beloved community. So, we have to do the internal changes that you [Christine] were saying and the external changes."
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Ethan Indigo Smith: Happy 1984 Day! George Orwell's 1984 began on a bright cod day in April, April 4th to be specific. His reasoning for this date was specific, 4. Happy 1984 Day! 15 15 Comment Count
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Eric Walberg: Book Review: "The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State" Wood's book is worth reading, giving the reader a window into the people behind ISIS. None of them are monsters, but all of them a challenge to both Muslims and non-Muslims to better understand Islam and Islamic history. 11 11 Comment Count
Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin, a pair of pioneers
Bob Gaydos: Breslin and Berry, two originals: RIP Jimmy Breslin could write like hell. Chuck Berry could play the hell out of the guitar. A president straight out of hell. And Shaq thinks the Earth is flat. Oh well.
Rich Buckley: Evolving Healing Modalities Strangely, our hospitals seem to have greater influence on our evolving spirituality than do our churches. 2 2 Comment Count
Big Trumper
Ethan Indigo Smith: Lesson's From George Orwell's 1984 Reading between the lines we find any political, psychological and spiritual lessons in 1984. Emmanuel Goldstein to you. 6 6 Comment Count
Sylvain Lamoureux: You Don't Need a Leader -- Lead Yourself Does a great mind born today have a chance to fulfill its "intended destiny" (being smarter than the average bear) or are the chances greater that it will be forced to comply and forget that thought, objective thought, can identify problems and begin discussions to invoke solutions that could propel the advancement of humanity?
Yoav Litvin: Time to Diss Obey- The Failure of Identity Politics and the Need for Radical Art I examine the inauguration protest campaign "We the people" by the artist Shephard Fairey (aka Obey) in collaboration with the Amplifier Foundation. I claim that it is an example/expression of divisive establishment identity politics, which have failed the American people. In our present situation, radical art that challenges the corrupt system itself, not its symptoms, is absolutely necessary. 4 4 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Growing Moral Relativism among American Evangelicals is Worrying the Rest of the Planet For decades, for American Evangelical Christians there was "no more a severe charge than the judgement that one has abandoned the gospel." said Wes Markofski in his New Monasticism and the Transformation of Evangelicalism. Now, the overwhelming majority of Christian Evangelicals are proudly using Post Modern Relativism to make their voting decisions. The greater world looks on in horror. 9 9 Comment Count
Dan Shapiro: A Conversation between Mitch and Paul The Republican Party, as we have known it, may be over. It has three separate constituencies who don't agree with each other. 2 2 Comment Count
Laurie Endicott Thomas: Should Psychiatrists Render Opinions on Political Candidates' Mental Fitness? American psychiatrists are not supposed to offer psychiatric diagnoses of public figures whom they have not formally evaluated. Fortunately, we voters do not need the psychiatrists' help in judging whether a public figure has a personality disorder. 4 4 Comment Count
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Shawn Hamilton: Early man's inquisitive nature... Part of the series "Primitive Man" by Maj. Ralph E. Hamilton (1918-1999) 9 9 Comment Count
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Shawn Hamilton: Despite the crude manners and brutish appearance of the Earth People... Another in the series "Primitive Man" by Maj. Ralph E. Hamilton (1918-1999) 13 13 Comment Count
The sweet stencjh of success. The Corps flower in New York.
Bob Gaydos: Hillary takes Philly, the sweet smell of death, and so it went Hillary conquers Philly. Debbie does e-mails. Bernie cries. Donald pats his daughter's rump. An art gallery closes in Pine Bush. A flower stunk up The Bronx. The week that was. 3 3 Comment Count
Sand launching 'How I Stopped Being a Jew'
Eric Walberg: Renouncing Jewishness: Shlomo Sand and Gilad Atzmon Israel as a Jewish state is an anachronism, an embarrassment in the postmodern age. A reminder of the horrors of Nazism, but not as the Zionist crafters of the "holocaust industry", or "holocaust religion", would have it. 8 8 Comment Count
Charlie Rose David Shankbone 2010 NYC
Ron Madden: Charlie Rose's Astonishing New Web Site I've had a love/hate relationship with the "Charlie Rose" show for decades now. I think he represents what is the best, and what's most lacking in TV journalism. 9 9 Comment Count
Bob Gaydos: And so it went, from Trump to Ailes. Trump, Ailes, Murdoch, Russian dopers and Pokemon. What a week!
Official Poster: Where to Invade Next?
Joe Giambrone: Where to Invade Next? My Review Democratic Socialism is investigated by Michael Moore in his latest documentary. 11 11 Comment Count
Ethan Indigo Smith: The Political Bottom Line: Only Spirituality Can Overcome the Oligarchy Politics is the highest function of the lowest form of being. The solution to political exploitation of individuals. 7 7 Comment Count
The Empathy of Beasts
Kevin Tully: The Empathetic Neanderthal Empathy is what makes us special. Empathy distinguishes us from most of the animal kingdom. However, and unfortunately, empathy is becoming a rapidly atrophying appendage of our collective American consciousness. I have tried to write about what is going on politically with the Republicans lately but it is so stupid, ugly, shameful, disgusting and inevitable that I failed. I have decided instead to simply write a little...
Greenback President
Allan Wayne: Hillary, Greenback President Just a poem regarding Hillary; however, Researchers at Harvard University and University of Utah found that participants who were merely exposed to the concept of money were more likely to lie, steal, and demonstrate unethical intentions, decisions, and behavior than participants in a control condition. 2 2 Comment Count
Yonaguni, Japan
Shawn Hamilton: Kasskara: Sunken Land of Hopi Ancestors/The Taotooma City This series relates a history of the Hopi as conveyed through Oswald "White Bear" Fredericks. He told his story to Joseph Blumrich, from which Blumrich wrote, Kasskara: Und die Sieben Welten, a book which is not available in English. White Bear told the same story to others, of course, in the oral tradition, including my high school history teacher, Henry Denny, who was close to White Bear and his wife, Naomi. 2 2 Comment Count

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