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Opponents of "Corporate Personhood" Eye U.S. Constitution here is a growing national movement to establish a 28th amendment to the constitution of the United States to address the issue of unlimited corporate spending in elections, although the groups working on the issue diverge on what exactly the amendment should say. One national coalition called Move to Amend (MTA) is led by David Cobb. A Green Party candidate for president in 2006, Cobb has been touring the country calling f... 1 1 Comment Count
Paul Kinzelman: History shows that Republican/Tea Party Solutions Do Not Work Reply to a Tea Party Person claiming that history shows that austerity programs are the way to go. 17 17 Comment Count

Burl Hall: From Corporation to Cooperation: Beyond Greed, Destruction of the Environment and Enslavement of the People This article describes alternative business models to corporations by focusing primarily on cooperatives. 4 4 Comment Count

Burl Hall: Today's Choice For Humanity: Corpocracy or Democracy Psychologist Gary Brumbach argues that we are living in a corpocracy and not a democracy. This corpocracy is the "devil's marriage" between corporations and the government. He suggests a new "Chamber of Democracy" to help people reclaim thier power. 9 9 Comment Count

Cory Clark: Occupy D.C. Shuts Down K Street: Showing Corporate Lobbyist they can't hide from people power Part 1 of Day 1 Of Occupy D.C.'S first birthday: Occupy D.C. Spends the Day shutting down K Street lobby firms, with brief take overs of various targeted lobbies, blocked intersections, picket lines, and protests.
NRA Sought Donations in Days After Colorado Shootings Three days after a gunman calling himself the Joker from the Batman series shot dead 12 people in a suburban Denver movie theater, the National Rifle Association sent out a letter asking for money. "The future of your Second Amendment rights will be at stake," the letter said. "And nothing less than the future of our country and our freedom will be at stake." The letter dated July 23, which was sent to NRA supporters includin... 1 1 Comment Count
Citizens Unite against Citizens United
Gustav Wynn: Supreme Corruption: Mega-Expansion of Citizens United We know the Montana challenge to Citizens United was struck down, but most don't know how this broadened the ruling to unleash corporate cash into state and local races. NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman assembled a posse of AGs to prove the original ruling was baseless, but the Court refused to budge. The battle against a corrupt Supreme Court and profit-hungry media continues as 2012 elections approach. 2 2 Comment Count
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Bank Lobbyists Coordinated "Tea Party" Challenge To Senator Lugar To Punish Him For Voting Against Wall Street After years of bipartisan policymaking, veteran lawmaker Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) is expected to go down in defeat in his primary election today. With the likely defeat of Lugar, political observers are sure to start speculating over the meaning of the election. Is it a rebound for the Tea Party? Is bipartisanship dead? Was Richard Mourdock, Lugar's opponent, unpatriotic for deceitfully smearing Lugar for working with Obam...
Danny Schechter: Political Iceberg Ahead: Will It Sink Our Democracy? There is a political Iceberg ahead that could sink our democracy, warns News Dissector Danny Schechter 4 4 Comment Count
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Whatever Happened To ALEC's PR Campaign? Ten days ago, the embattled American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate front group better known as ALEC, launched a campaign to improve its public image in the wake of public outcry about its roll in drafting Stand Your Ground laws. The plan was to get conservative bloggers writing nice things about ALEC, an uptick of positive Tweets and Pinterest pins supporting the organization, and the launch of a new website, ISt... 1 1 Comment Count
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Dan Froomkin: Corporate Campaign Contributions Show Some Industries Giving Up Appearance Of Bipartisanship So far in the 2012 election cycle, that ratio has shot up to over 7 to 1, according to CRP data, tallying nearly $17 million in donations from oil and gas interests to Republicans, compared to just over $2 million to Democrats. An often-cited example of how loyal modern Republican elected officials are to the oil industry has been a consistent, nearly unanimous refusal to reduce the massive federal tax subsidies for an industr...
Journalists Begins To Take Notice Of Unregistered Lobbying Phenomenon As we've noted, one of the biggest problems in Washington is the level of secrecy in lobbying. Pundits, consultants, fundraisers, and other political professional make back room deals without ever registering as lobbyists, so the public is constantly left in the dark about who is really shaping our government. President Obama's call to ban registered lobbyists from his administration, while steeped in good intentions, made the...

Koch Brothers sue Cato Institute, president The billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch filed a lawsuit Wednesday for control of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington. The lawsuit exposes a power struggle for one of Washington's premiere policy centers, which has been funded by millions in contributions from the Koch brothers' foundations since its founding in 1974.
Rob Kall: Is The USA The Only Nation in the World With Corporate Personhood? There are no nations in the world with a constitution that gives corporations the right of personhood. 8 8 Comment Count
Harvey Wasserman: Court to Vermont: "Drop Dead" In practical terms,this could mean that any corporation can bust any public trust on even the flimsiest pretext.Let the corporate lawyers find some pale excuse and the company can skirt its contractual obligations. In the hands of the supremely corporatist Roberts Court, this case could join Citizens United in a devastating one-two punch for the unrestrained power of the private corporation.It would also put the reactor beyond 7 7 Comment Count
Survey: Illegal Corporate Campaign Contributions Up 400% In 2009, just 1 percent of respondents to National Business Ethics Survey -- a large industry study funded by major corporations like Walmart -- said they had witnessed illegal corporate political donations. This year, that number quadrupled to 4 percent. Management-level employees at large, publicly traded companies were most likely to see the illegal activity, with seven percent of senior managers saying they had witnessed i...
MapLight Launches "Company" Pages To Track Corporate Influence In US Politics 'Company pages' provide new portals into MapLight's data and research, allowing citizens and journalists to view with ease the web of influence in U.S. Congress and the California and Wisconsin Legislatures. Our Company pages profile top contributing companies and organizations, ranking them according to total contributions they've made, bill positions they've taken, and bills on which they've gotten their way. For example, t...
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Must See: This Video is Absurd as 'Corporate Personhood' ALL IN GOOD FUN. What will it take to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United? Perhaps a viral video! Here is "It's Viral," with The Nation's own Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jim Hightower and more. Exec produced by the We the People Campaign. Think it'll work? And while you're thinking, repost! For more on citizens' opposition to Citizen's United, read the full post at TheNation.com.
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Will Potter: FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists if this type of legislation is not overturned, it will set a precedent for corporations to use this model against Occupy Wall Street and anyone else who threaten business as usual. 8 8 Comment Count

Rob Kall: Interview Transcript: Thom Hartmann on Corporate Personhood and How the Supreme Court Justices Have Become Kings Corporate personhood is one of the biggest issues for Occupy Wall Street. Thom Hartmann, who wrote THE book on it, discusses it and related issues as they relate to Occupy Wall street, Citizens United and the current state of affairs. 4 4 Comment Count
Don Smith: Occupy Denver Elects a Leader In response to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's insistence that Occupy Denver choose leadership to deal with City and State officials, and drawing inspiration from the notion that corporations are people, Occupy Denver's General Assembly has elected a leader: Shelby, a three year old Border Collie. "Shelby is closer to a person than any corporation: She can bleed, she can breed, and she can show emotion. Either Shelby is a pers 3 3 Comment Count

Rob Kall: Right Sees Setbacks On Multiple Fronts-- OH Collective Bargaining, MS Personhood, AZ Immigration Architect Across the US the right failed to advance it's regressive agenda. 11 11 Comment Count
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Missoula Voters Say Corporations Are Not People, Demand Constitutional Amendment Corporations aren't people, an overwhelming 75 percent of Missoula voters said Tuesday, and they don't want corporations treated like people either. "I'm over the moon about it," said Councilwoman Cynthia Wolken, who brought the referendum to the Missoula City Council to place on the ballot. The measure - similar to others across the country - calls on the U.S. Congress and state leaders to amend the U.S. Constitution to... 2 2 Comment Count
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Tax Obscenity - 30 Major Corps Paid No Income Taxes In Last 3 Years, While Making $163 Billion A new report about companies' finances won't just enrage you -- it'll make you run to the nearest protest... "Most Americans can rightfully complain, "I pay more federal income taxes than General Electric, Boeing, DuPont, Wells Fargo, Verizon, etc., etc., all put together.' That's an unacceptable situation." 1 1 Comment Count
Boulder, Colorado Occupies The Ballot Box And Calls For End To "Corporate Personhood" Last night Boulder became the second city in the nation to pass a ballot measure calling for an amendment to the US Constitution that would state that corporations are not people and the legal status of money as free speech. At midnight, with 93% of the ballots counted, the measure was handily winning with 74% of voters in support. 1 1 Comment Count
Just Three Corporate Front Groups Spent 13 Times As Much As The Entire Labor Movement To Buy Judicial Elections After the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate money in American elections,the decision’s defenders claimed this wasn’t such a big deal because unions could also take advantage of the decision.A new report by three leading voting rights and judicial independence groups gives the lie to this claim.Just three corporate interest groups -The Ohio Chamber of Commerce,the Busine...
99 Percenter Rebukes Corporate Fronts Like FreedomWorks, But Welcomes Regular Tea Party People This week, the 99 Percent Movement arrived in Sacramento as crowds gathered in Cesar Chavez Park. Dubbed OccupySacramento, the rally swelled to several hundred in a scene reminiscent of recent events from as far as Orlando, Boston, and Wichita. ThinkProgress spoke to several participants at the OccupySacramento rally. Mark Bradley, a local resident holding a sign condemning the Koch brothers and former Republican Majority L...

Thom Hartmann: The Battle to Save Democracy Opednews is, with author and publisher permission, reprinting Thom Hartmann's essential to read book, Unequal Protection, which explores the history, development and implications of corporate personhood. Thanks to Thom and publisher, Berrett-Koehler. This is the book's Introduction 4 4 Comment Count
Homeland Security shuts down Scores of Web sites without court order, some for links to file sharing sites apparently DHS can shut down websites because of copyright violations, or even if commenters provide links to file sharing sites. 14 14 Comment Count
Campaign Cash: Citizens United Becomes Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card for Corporate Criminals With literally no limits on the amount of money they can spend to influence elections,corporations and secret billionaires are going to be tipping the democratic scales wherever they smell profit.That means it will be much,much harder for politicians of any ideological stripe to solve society’s problems.This money will keep things the way they are—not toward creating jobs,improving education,expanding access to health care

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