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Fundacion Pachamama is
Latin Ameran Economic Growth: Alba Countries vs the Neo-Liberal Old Guard        This is interesting, if slanted toward a Socialist rather than Capitalist approach to running a National economy. But then, shouldn't the economy of any Country benefit All its Citizens rather than the Oligarchs at the top? I particularly found the optimism concerning both Cuba and Venezuela notable. Which could be because I read today that Cuba had welcomed a 2nd shipload of aid from Vene... 1 1 Comment Count
TPP - The Next Free Trade Mistake
As TTP's Economic case Crumbles, National Security & Preserve Credibility (Saving Face) becomes the Fallback Rationale! Like the other trade deals since NAFTA, the TPP is device for multinational corporations to drive down the wages of American workers. Don’t be fooled by the effort to paste over that ugly economic reality with a happy-face sticker labeled “national security.” Whenever the economic case crumbles, “national security” becomes the fallback rationale. The TPP promoters’ last-ditch claim i... 4 4 Comment Count
Farid Khavari: What really resolves economic problems? What really resolves economic problems effectively is the understanding and creation of an optimal interaction of all involved economic factors with those of environmental, technological, raw materials, energy and agricultural for related economic woes.
Currency Mixture
James Halloway: Political unease around cashless economy, war on cash may turn sour As the public opinion carries on being uninterested in the slow depletion of cash in its everyday transactions, various studies are shedding more and more light on the potentially catastrophic consequences it could yield on our economies and democracies. Clearly, this topic deserves far more attention than it is getting. 9 9 Comment Count
The Media has a microphone and a responsibility.
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Media could effect economic development. Even if development were possible between the social sectors, will it be acceptable to other general public and of course, I almost forgot, the media ?
While the people are starving, the government introduced a new coin
Bart Klein Ikink: Negative interest rates: the economic singularity Negative interest rates are nothing to be afraid of. They could bring an era of stable economic growth and prosperity. 71 71 Comment Count
Fariborz Ghadar: It's Time for the IMF to Recognize the Importance of the Yuan recognizing the Yuan's importance would greatly increase the IMF's legitimacy as a body truly representative of the whole international economy rather than the interests of just the U.S. and its closest political and economic allies. The piece is written by Dr. Fariborz Ghadar and Cameron Stevens.
Kids' portraits
Moses Seenarine: Aylan and Parenting During Climate Change Sacrifices that parents make to reduce their ecological footprint like limiting air travel and leisure trips are as important to their children's future as extra-curricula activities and savings for college. 1 1 Comment Count
Hillary Clinton Says Bankruptcy not Bailout for Puerto Rico Is this supposed to be "progressive"? Not a word about ravaging of island's economy by "mainland" colonial interests, neither about typical Latin-American style massacres committed over the past century by the US in PR. A bailout is against Banksters' will anyway, but the core of racism of all the Washington and Wall Street's crowds is to present the victims as "incapable" of handling their own fate, but not to let them go eit... 1 1 Comment Count
Harvard: Harvard
Harvard gets biggest gift ever: $400M from Wall Street alum Harvard has received its biggest gift in school history -- a $400 million donation from Wall Street hedge fund billionaire John Paulson -- the university said Wednesday. The endowment from Paulson will support the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which has led technology breakthroughs and is planning to expand, the university said. Paulson says it promises to become "the next major center of innovation." Offic... 9 9 Comment Count
Mario Hakulinen: Financial Terrorism - The global threat Secrecy has been the catalyst feeding Financial Terrorism. The Offshore and Lux leaks was a shock to many politician demanding to end bank secrecy rules. 1 1 Comment Count
The People's Budget
The People's Budget: Progressive Proposal Aims to Un-Rig Failed Economic System Offering a sustainable alternative to regressive federal budget proposals put forth this week by the Republican majorities on Capitol Hill, the Congressional Progressive Caucus on Wednesday released The People's Budget: A Raise for America, which aims to "level the playing field" for low- and middle-income Americans.
Eric Holder
DOJ May Go After Individual Bankers For Role In Financial Crisis U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that he has given U.S. Attorneys a 90-day deadline to evaluate whether they can bring cases against any individuals for their role in the 2008 financial crisis. Federal prosecutors who previously brought charges against institutions for inappropriately marketing residential mortgage-backed securities will investigate individual employees for potential criminal or civil charg...
Opportunity Nation and Measure of America Report: Less Economic Opportunity & Failure to Measure Political Opportunity This article and related report attributes the decline in economic opportunity to the bruising 2008 recession and the alarming economic trends that preceded it, but they don't identify the root cause that set those alarming economic trends in motion nor do they provide any measurement of political opportunity. The root cause omitted is the August 1971 Powell Memo, that was spearheaded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and embra...
Replace Insecure uploaded/Statistics-that-Spin-Foreign-Goo-02014_06_10_15_33_21-0.jpg
Government Cover-up of the Cannibalization of the U.S. Economy in the Making This article discusses a proposal "that factoryless goods producers (FGPs) be classified" as manufacturers, which will dramatically alter the way government keeps statistics on domestic industries. If adopted, starting in 2017 this will enable future U.S. administrations to cover up the cannibalization of our economy. This cannibalization has been going on for at least 4 decades as a result of the unresponsiveness of U.S. adm... 1 1 Comment Count
Carl Mullan: Cryptor Trust, Inc. Offering Global Bitcoin Investment through Cryptor Latam Inc. For less than twenty dollars' worth of bitcoin anyone can be part of the current surge in global bitcoin growth.
Replace Insecure uploaded/rip-michael-ruppert-suicide-meme-02014_04_16_02_45_46-0.png
Crossing Over the Rubicon: R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert Sunday, April 13, after finishing what would be his last, The Lifeboat Hour, radio show, whistle-blower, activist, author, American hero, Michael C. Ruppert, allegedly shot himself, taking his own life. Unfortunately, Michael’s death is neither rumor nor Internet hoax. Wesley Miller, Michael’s attorney and business partner at Collapse Net, told me he confirmed Michael’s death.. 14 14 Comment Count
Peter Palms
(Release): At hearing with Federal Reserve Nominees, to End Too Big To Fail Policies At today's hearing of the Senate Banking Committee, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), chairman of the Senate Banking Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, urged Dr. Stanley Fischer, Jerome Powell, and Lael Brainard, nominees for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, to pursue fiscal policies that support Main Street by ending "Too Big To Fail" policies that hold hardworking Americans ...

The European Investment Bank Grants Tunisia $690 Million Loans The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted Tunisia 500 million euro in loans. The loan is to help support the country's democratic transition in 2014, EIB Vice President Philippe de Fontaine told Reuters. Tunisia Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa said on Monday that Tunisia's external borrowing needs this year would be nearly double previous budget estimates at around $8 billion. Jomaa said this was mainly because of ri...
Peter Palms
Don't challenge J.P. Morgan's settlement with the government A nonprofit called Better Markets announced last Monday that it is suing the Justice Department for settling its case against J.P. Morgan in secret. The DoJ accepted the equivalent of five months of profit from the United States’ largest bank for negligence thath contributed to the 2008 mortgage crisis. “The Wall Street bailouts were bad enough, but now taxpayers are being forced to accept a secretive backroom deal that...
Bernake hangs out with governors and works on Ukraine loan package More gifts of U.S. taxpayers' money as Quantitative Easing to Ukraine, which will never be repaid, just so that banks can earn money, which doesn't exist, on these loans. The dollar used as monopoly paper. Legalized counterfeiting by the Fed made legal by Congress and ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court even though the Constitution states it is unconstitutional. Please spare me the platitudes and the deceit. There ar...
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Eric Zuesse: Economic Opportunity Is Lowest In the Former Slave States It used to be the slaves, but now it's the poor. Class-Rigidity Is Extreme In the Republican Bible-Belt Heartland, The First Geographic Study of Class-Rigidity in the U.S. Finds. 20 20 Comment Count
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Longer-term improvements in the economy Any improvement in the education and development activities must help improve the economy (in terms of investment, tourism, and even simple daily economic activity).

Sam Scully: Random Apartment Inspections (my story so far) 'random' apartment inspections (apparently) occurring nationwide. My story so far 38 38 Comment Count
Come Carpentier De Gourdon: THE ASTANA GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORUM - A Review The 6th Astana Forum in Kazakhstan from the 22nd to the 24th of May 2013 was held together with the World Anti-Crisis Conference (WACC) under the auspices of UN. A number of Nobel Prize Laureates and statesmen gathered to thrash out strategies to move out of the enduring economic crisis. One of the most original initiatives was the plan for a Transeurasian Development Corridor (RAZVITIE)as a catalyst for a new economic model.

Igor Alexeev: South Stream Shapes European Energy Security, Nabucco Falls Behind South Stream is an ambitious endeavor of Russia's energy giant Gazprom to get direct access to the EU energy market. Editor's note: While some fact in this piece are difficult to verify, the lack of reliable information from that part of the world provides an aspect of leeway here. 2 2 Comment Count

Peter Kellow: The Unspoken Truth about Cyprus In all the many words, spoken and written, concerning the Cyprus banking crisis there is one key concept that never comes up. A large part of the Cypriot economy is based on its being an important tax haven. Now tax havens are dodgy. They indulge in secretive practices and siphon off billions of tax revenues rightfully due to other countries. 5 5 Comment Count

Igor Alexeev: Eurocrats have ruined Cyprus's economy: who's next? Political tensions between the government of Cyprus and the EU "Troika" are getting stronger. What could be the possible results of this short-sighted EU measure, inspired by the worst examples of communist seizures? 2 2 Comment Count
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Higher Wages Will End Recession Professor Heiner Flassbeck, a German economist, says that governmenst must pass laws to facilitate a general rise in wages. Wages, he argues, must be pegged to productivity to maintain a healthy economy. Austerity measures drive down wages which is good for individual business but bad for the overall business economy. How can government promote higher real wages? By promoting and facilitating union organizing.

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