Richmond Shreve: Peace Conference At Pennswood Village

The purpose of the conference is to inspire and catalyze efforts by older adults to initiate and lead peace initiatives.

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M. Wizard: Mystic Wizard's Identity Finally Revealed on "Public Voice Salon"??? The "Public Voice Salon" is a roundtable discussion being aired on public access TV, both in Hudson County, NJ on Cablevision, and in Manhattan on Time Warner Cable TV, every Thursday at 8-9 PM in Hudson County and 5-6 PM in Manhattan. 2 2 Comment Count
Cyril Mychalejko: Bucks County Green Living Festival The Bucks County Green Living Festival will bring together families, students, businesses, non-profit organizations, and educators who are interested in sharing ideas and information about making our lives, our communities, and the planet – a healthier, sustainable and more joyous place.
Kevin Gosztola: Pack the Courtroom Get your friends and neighbors in Chicago to attend Monday's court date – let's pack the courtroom! The battle over this motion is the whole case. It could determine whether a 6th anniversary protest of Iraq and Afghanistan occurs or not, and so I can't stress enough the importance of having a large crowd show up at the next one or two court dates. The next court date will be 2 PM, Monday, February 9th. 1 1 Comment Count

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