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Raechel Gwyn: Not "Really" Hannibal Lecter Robert Maudsley has been referred to as (a) real-life "Hannibal Lecter", but he has not consumed anyone and there are other Hannibal Lecters that fit the "role" better. 1 1 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Argument for Impeachment Now An argument for impeachment NOW, before an army of Trump trolls, Putin Trolls, armed Randos like the Pizzagate guy, the unarmed bomb sender, Syroc, Nazi's, etc., set up to intimidate us at the polls for 2020. 5 5 Comment Count
Dave Janes: Cohen Hearing: A Search for Truth? This is about the free press and about our representation .
Robert Cogan: Alarm, Forewarning
Muhammad Irfan: World War III Alike Conflicts Here are some perspectives that the scholars have maintained regarding the cold War as the World War III.
CJ Fearnley: Design Science Symposium: OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Deadline: March 31 The Design Science symposia explore the field of Design Science and provide an interactive meeting of makers, thinkers, practitioners and educators. We strive to keep the work of R. Buckminster Fuller current, relevant, and applied. Fuller's design approach as "comprehensive anticipatory design science" combines an emphasis on individual initiative and integrity with whole systems thinking, scientific rigor and faithful relian...
Robert Cogan: Dialectic of Modern Monetary Theory and Austerity Republican national debt propaganda is the basis of their threats to cut New Deal and Great Society programs as well as inadequate proposals to deal with climate change. This dialectic gives voters interviewing candidates who say "We can't afford that" refuting answers.
Mrs. Fuxit: #Make Agriculture. Grow Anywhere! Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III missed the mark. The drug war was a bad idea.
Cowardly Lion, From FlickrPhotos
Kevin Tully: Blake and the Sheetrock Philosopher: The Parable of the Monster The room last night at the State of the Union reeked of courage, rang with the gleeful cheers of USA! USA! -- pride in our elected officials simply oozed from the television set... 1 1 Comment Count
Muhammad Irfan: Hazardous World War III WW 3 would outperform both earlier world wars in both the dimension of its across the global scope and of its in general ruinous impact, undermining global stability and even existence on the planet.
Leslie Johnson: Trump Doesn't he watches Fox News....geez... A photo collection of the already in place Border Wall between the US and Mexico. 2 2 Comment Count
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Egberto Willies: Outlaw ability to become Billionaire & Roy Cohen on GOP Racist Facebook Post We discuss why it is impossible for anyone to become a billionaire fairly. Jewish Texan Roy Cohen tackles Texas GOP's racist Facebook post.
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Egberto Willies: Billionaires running for president are not self-made. They are parasites. Why are so many billionaires interested in the Presidency? They want to protect their loot. Tamara Shealey talks women running for President. 2 2 Comment Count
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Egberto Willies: Progressives can only succeed if they move left in spite of the Establishment Progressives were the drivers of the Blue Wave. We cannot cede the left rail to the Centrists but bend the whole damn track to the left.
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Egberto Willies: The media attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is clearly directed for a reason The media attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is clearly directed for a reason 1 1 Comment Count
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Egberto Willies: We have a national emergency. Its name is Donald Trump, a clear and present danger. While Politics Done Right discusses Donald Trump, we never center on him. Today, we will center on him for it is important to understand his pathology and destructiveness.
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Egberto Willies: Democrats need Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: What the hell Venezuela? Once again America is engaging in a country loaded with oil. It is clear the Venezuelans are just the pawns.
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Egberto Willies: Community Activist Dr. Dona Murphey talks the issues. Ocasio-Cortez, I've got your back. We are at an impasse in our country. We are at a tipping point between autocracy and true egalitarian democracy. Many believe the fight is between Trump and Democrats or Progressives.
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Egberto Willies: Independent Progressive media must take the mic from Trump and talk a new economy Do you remember there were days during both the Obama and Bush administration when the name of the President went virtually unuttered?
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Egberto Willies: Activism works: Neil Aquino played a part in the bluing of Texas One of the goals of Politics Done Right in 2019 is to feature many hardworking activists who are responsible for the Progressive victories throughout the country. I am fortunate to be in the largest county in the country where the Progressive activism and engagement made a huge difference.
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Egberto Willies: Special guest John Pavlovitz discusses Trump & Evangelicals - Trump's going nowhere folks Pastor John Pavlovitz talks to us about Evangelicals' attachment to Donald Trump. Afterward, we talk about the media's Trump hyperventilation to nowhere.
Egberto Willies: We can only move forward by removing the chains from our minds. Democratic Socialism is good. Americans have been indoctrinated into believing that anything with the word socialism is bad. They've allowed shallow and misleading narratives to color their perceptions. It is time to abandon the slave ship folks.
Egberto Willies: The designing of an educational system to create unchained slaves of corporations The coercion of our economic system is hard to escape. Its infiltration into our educational system is the scariest of them all. It is subtle as it creates corporate slaves. 1 1 Comment Count
Egberto Willies: Look in the mirror. We are guilty of America's school crisis. Teachers are the victims of ever greedy corporations. Until we realize that we are responsible for the American School Crisis, nothing will change. We have allowed billionaires and corporations to use our most precious resources as commodities, raw material.
Egberto Willies: Martin Gurri: The Revolt of the Public followed by The Rich Screwing us all Martin Gurri, author of The Revolt of the Public, will discuss more than the revolt of the public.
Usa Us Flag Truth Spray ? Free image on Pixabay960 -- 688 - 195k - png, From GoogleImages
Susan Lee Schwartz: S.O.U? It is Closed by YOU! I can see it in my head. I can see it in my head the massive turnout as he once imagined attended his inauguration. BUT this time, tens of thousands of people chanting:"S.O.U. CLOSED by YOU!" I can see it in my head, our people, authentic people not paid to cheer at a rally -- Americans, all holding signs saying: S.O.U. CLOSED by YOU! *Note: You have my permission to use my words: "S.O.U. CLOSED by YOU!" for the signs
Robert Cogan: Democrats: Woman Up! ; Media "Greyout" Trump! How to disrupt tyrant Trump
La Banca siempre gana, From FlickrPhotos
Kevin Tully: The Man With a Million Mirrors Donald J. Trump is the perfect, pure distillation of a Capitalist. He knows no right or wrong. He is the immaculate mercenary, soul saturated materialistic daemon.
Mike Bundrant: Walked Right Into that Punch! Even the most obvious fact can be distorted.
We succeed when we all work together, From ImagesAttr
Rob Kall: Will You Give OpEdNews a Hand With Your Words? I will be sending out an email or two to past OEN donors. I'd like your help to remind them why it's a good idea to support OpEdnews. A few supporters have submitted comments that will help. I'd like a few more. 10 10 Comment Count

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