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#1 10/18/2020 It's Poll Time Again (Carl Milsted Jr.) Important political poll: express whom you really want for President.
#2 10/16/2020 How to Resist the Supreme Super Spreader's Rallies (Robert Cogan) On impeding Trump's reckless campaigning in Super Spreader rallies.
#3 9/27/2020 My Friend, a New OEN Author, Passed Away Yesterday (Meryl Ann Butler) My childhood friend, David Summergrad, passed away suddenly of a heart attack, yesterday. A new contributor to OEN, he was 67.12 12 Comment Count
#4 9/22/2020 An incredibly appropriate composition for our time (Jerry Lobdill) I just had to share this. It deeply affected me.
#5 9/18/2020 I try to refute the advice to double vote (Marta Steele) Some thoughts on Trump's advice to the public to double vote.
#6 9/3/2020 Poem recommendation (Robert Cogan) Recommendation of reading for the times.
#7 9/3/2020 How much any bill is worth? (Mohammad Ala) What is the value of money? Who gets it? Who collects it?
#8 8/25/2020 Fix Schools before Return of Children (Robert Cogan) In the interregnum before the next election, can we citizens perhaps get some benefit for our children's schools? Blockbuster stimuli are basically fraudulent appearances of benevolence. They are designed and supervised in such a way that the money will percolate up rather than trickle down. Could we the people rip off some of it from Yappy Dog Trump and the caca Congress before it disappears into white business?
#9 8/25/2020 The Art of the Steal (Clifford Johnson) Trump's tremendous takeaways!
#10 8/20/2020 This Year's DNC: What's Missing? (Marta Steele) Some preliminary reactions to DNC 2020: Where's Bernie? Erased by the GOP?6 6 Comment Count
#11 8/15/2020 No aliases should be allowed (Mohammad Ala) No aliases should be allowed. No posts or comments should be allowed until members comply with the majority who are using their real names and profile(s).
#12 8/15/2020 The Dating Game (Private Citizen) Preserve, Protect, and Defend daytime television commercial ad revenue
#13 8/8/2020 Blogging During Endless Banking Wars (Private Citizen) DONALD J. TRUMP's reputation and power (rent-to-own)
#14 8/7/2020 Sell Cigarettes, not Munitions (Private Citizen) Arms Sales: Congressional Review Process Updated July 17, 2020
#15 8/7/2020 Firing Mister You'reFired (Private Citizen) Inspector Generals are independent, in theory. Trump is a public servant, in theory. He promised to #MAGA. His grade: incomplete. His fate: not great.
#16 8/4/2020 A New Kodak Moment! (Private Citizen) Enroll in the Trump School of Shouting FIRE!
#17 8/4/2020 Asylum for Sale! (Private Citizen) A fat man with small hands gets bored being the World's Most Informed Man, and tries to LEGISLATE away human rights.
#18 7/31/2020 title: POTUS MAXIMUS (Private Citizen) reality versus reputations
#19 7/28/2020 The Corporation of Jesus, LLP (Private Citizen) POTUS MAXIMUS to-do list, MMXX
#20 7/24/2020 Preventive Politics (Private Citizen) Truth unites. Trump divides. Who's conquering who?
#21 7/24/2020 JAMA review article of covid-19 and treatments (Andy Silver) Current medical knowledge of covid-19 and treatments.
#22 7/22/2020 Every Anniversary of 9/11 (Lance Ciepiela) Building 7 gets itself demolished at 5:20 PM, having been destroyed in 6.5 seconds by an office fire that had already been extinguished by the time the Tower comes down.2 2 Comment Count
#23 7/14/2020 Time Share America (Private Citizen) The Planet of the Trumps
#24 7/12/2020 Critical Thinkers or Censors? (Private Citizen) Dreaming of a more perfect union
#25 7/12/2020 Monetary Madness (Private Citizen) Hiring a better POTUS for Peace
#26 7/6/2020 OEN Server was down yesterday (Rob Kall) Yesterday, the OpEdNews server was down for at least six hours, from about 6 AM EST until noon.
#27 7/5/2020 What More Can We Do? (Marta Steele) Beyond excellent guidelines offered in a number of landmark volumes published this year to fight back against a Putin-type electoral victory this year, WHAT MORE CAN WE DO? Up against unconstitutionality and violation of human rights in the course of the upcoming presidential election, some may say that a miracle is needed. We must work toward nothing short of that.4 4 Comment Count
#28 7/2/2020 God Bless your packets (Private Citizen) Ping the Patron Saint of Al Gore's Internet. Pray now, pay later.
#29 6/29/2020 A Comment on Sunday's OEN Zoom Meeting (Meredith Ramsay) Today I watched last night's Zoom meeting and thought it was one of the best so far. The conversation about who would be Biden's best choice for VIPOTUS was what interested me most and what motivates me to put in my two cents worth here.1 1 Comment Count
#30 6/29/2020 Gulag-19 (Private Citizen) mandates everywhere, but no womandates.

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