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Mohammad Ala: Time to appreciate OpEdNews Members NOW. The time to honor valuable members is now. Other than financial support, we should honor the valuable members for their time, great ideas and knowledge. 13 13 Comment Count
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Health care single payer system My advice on "health care reform" to all politicians (republicans and democrats) 3 3 Comment Count
Review, From FlickrPhotos
Kevin Tully: The Wisdom of Green Frog Skins How are the fires in the Brazilian Amazon, AOC, the demise of the electric trolley system in Los Angeles, Trump and green frog skins related?
Meredith Ramsay: Guns and Razors This poem is based on one of my earliest memories and is thus literally true. Only the quotes are inexact because my vocabulary was quite limited at the time these events occurred.
General Ershad in mufti, From InText
Iftekhar Sayeed: The Passing of General Ershad General H M Ershad, former president of Bangladesh, has passed away. He will be fondly remembered for a rational, non-ideological and happy administration.
It seems to be all about the 'political capital and favor' of the president, From InText
Lance Ciepiela: All About The Political Capital and Favor of the President Obviously, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prefers investigating rather than impeaching President Donald Trump - on her say so "alone" impeachment hearings would begin in the House. 10 10 Comment Count
Antifa, From FlickrPhotos
Robert Cogan: Antifa A brief introduction to Antifa to counter the bad image of it given by Fox.
Robert Cogan: Why a Long Wall rather than a Short Ditch (or Dry Canal?) I raise a question I've never seen mentioned about alternatives to Trump's Mexico Wall. I watch a lot of news and read a lot, but have never seen this group of alternative(s) mentioned. Perhaps someone can explain that. 1 1 Comment Count
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Rob Kall: Happy Birthday Me: Twelve Years Without a Day Off, Without a Vacation It's twelve years since my last no work vacation. Twelve years since I went a single day without working-- to keep OpEdNews going. 20 20 Comment Count
One Dollar Bill, From FlickrPhotos
Thomas Knapp: Election 2020: How One Measly Dollar Could Make a Difference I've only donated to one 2020 presidential campaign -- Mike Gravel's. Here's why. 1 1 Comment Count
Raechel Gwyn: Doug Ford isn't missing the point In shuffling his cabinet, Doug Ford is pretending to acknowledge the polls. 2 2 Comment Count
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Rob Kall: Another OEN Financial Crisis... and a hopeful vision for our future The reality is that ad revenues have crashed. They used to pay a lot of our bills. We don't have them anymore. So we need to see funds coming in from readers. 4 4 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Have you felt blacklisted or blackballed on Social Media recently? Is this abuse on the rise?are things getting better?e Russian trolls first began arguing with me on several of my blogs, including this one and my OpEdNews site. This was around 2014 when observant investigative reporters first noted them playing with progressives and conservatives trolling and picking fights with readers and authors.
Alternet blocked, From InText
Jerry Lobdill: Alternet won'y open Notice of blocking of
Shad Williams: MMT - Yes, No, Maybe So...NO... MMT perpetuates the capitalists game. We cannot behave as them, besides who is going to continue buy US treasuries even if we decide to print for MMT instead of the murdering lying thieving bastards already printing the money? We need something real not sleight of hand. 2 2 Comment Count
Rob Kall: The Bottom-up Revolution: talk about book My book, The Bottom-up Revolution, is being officially released on May 22. This Sunday, May 5, I'll be giving a talk at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church, in Doylestown, PA, talking about The Bottom-up Revolution. Please come. it is open, and free.
Kevin Anthony Stoda: THE DCCC again fails to focus on the most wasteful part of America's budget--over-expanded military In a coincidence, the day after I received a monthly DCCC-which again disappointed me, I ran into my Democratic congresswoman and raised my concerns. Over-spending on defense and military over expansion costing our infrastructural development trillions annually. 1 1 Comment Count
Crisis, From FlickrPhotos
Rob Kall: OpEdNews is facing a serious crisis TODAY This is very, very serious 14 14 Comment Count
Harold Novikoff: The Mueller Report: A Political Fantasy The continual stream of outrageous actions since his presidency contradicts the supposed innocence in the Mueller affair. Rather, it raises new suspicions of a more far-reaching plot. 2 2 Comment Count
Shad Williams: What can happen to "objective" journalists and publishers It is as though the alternative "press" is intimidated by the arrest of Julian Assange and seem unable to avoid characterizing the negative unsupported aspects of wronged individuals such as Madura and Assange. The affliction seems contagious. Why half-ass defend one's self against a brutish murderous tyrant bully with both hands tied behind one's back? 13 13 Comment Count
Paul Cohen: The Human Factor in Voting This is a correction to an error in an earlier article. The error is not so significant, but it points up the importance of the fact that elections involve humans and that human reactions are important to the success or failure of a voting system. 3 3 Comment Count
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Improving higher income, capitalism or socialism? I am focusing on this article about the importance of the specific requirements for higher incomes.
Steven Mitchell: Uncertain a poem
Raechel Gwyn: Not "Really" Hannibal Lecter Robert Maudsley has been referred to as (a) real-life "Hannibal Lecter", but he has not consumed anyone and there are other Hannibal Lecters that fit the "role" better. 1 1 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Argument for Impeachment Now An argument for impeachment NOW, before an army of Trump trolls, Putin Trolls, armed Randos like the Pizzagate guy, the unarmed bomb sender, Syroc, Nazi's, etc., set up to intimidate us at the polls for 2020. 5 5 Comment Count
Dave Janes: Cohen Hearing: A Search for Truth? This is about the free press and about our representation .
Robert Cogan: Alarm, Forewarning
Muhammad Irfan: World War III Alike Conflicts Here are some perspectives that the scholars have maintained regarding the cold War as the World War III.
CJ Fearnley: Design Science Symposium: OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Deadline: March 31 The Design Science symposia explore the field of Design Science and provide an interactive meeting of makers, thinkers, practitioners and educators. We strive to keep the work of R. Buckminster Fuller current, relevant, and applied. Fuller's design approach as "comprehensive anticipatory design science" combines an emphasis on individual initiative and integrity with whole systems thinking, scientific rigor and faithful relian...
Robert Cogan: Dialectic of Modern Monetary Theory and Austerity Republican national debt propaganda is the basis of their threats to cut New Deal and Great Society programs as well as inadequate proposals to deal with climate change. This dialectic gives voters interviewing candidates who say "We can't afford that" refuting answers.

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