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Robert Cogan: Save AHCA subsidies and get tax cuts with $300 bill. Greenbacks A simple proposal to plug a hole in the tax cut proposal while saving subsidies. This one to go to some Repubs and groups like Bipartisan Problem solvers coalition and Responsible Wealth
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Rob Kall: Tight Financial Spot Today. Special Membership Deal We need to raise about $500 today. It's not a big number, compared to what most progressive sites aim to raise in a month. It's about 12% of what we need to raise in a month. But we really need to do it today. So we're offering a gift of books for anyone who purchases or extends a premium membership. 12 12 Comment Count
Arshad M Khan: Trump's Performance in the Year since His Election An assessment of Trump's performance in the year since his election covering domestic and foreign policy.
Jerry Lobdill: Can an economy based on the gold standard be self-sustaining? This diary answers the question of sustainability of a gold standard economy. 8 8 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Toward A More Generous America Utilitarianism is used to argue that troll scorning, insults greatest sin is that they make people unhappy and that creation of greenbacks to fund employment in infrastructure and renewal (as in inner cities and rural meth towns) could contribute to a more generous and happier society.Refuse to let DonaldTramp make you unhappy!
Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan - Born Under a Bad Sign
Ron Madden: Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan - Born Under a Bad Sign YouTube Video of Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan performing "Born Under a Bad Sign" 2 2 Comment Count
Burl Hall: Burl's Dance Back to OEN. This Diary is simply my desire to link back to the authors on Oped. Hopefully, I will be able to produce articles that speak to ecological, economic, and personal health and well-being. 3 3 Comment Count
bloody shirt
Robert Cogan: Of Bloody Shirts and Litmus Tests Post - Democrats should consider publicizing litmus tests for candidates without public passage of which we swear we will not vote for the candidate, no matter what ogre(s) are put up as opponents.
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Rev. Dan Vojir: And on a Trump-less Note ... NOT writing about Donald Trump is an arduous task, but someone has to do it. With me, it's instead writing about the award my project received tonight and my "Quest for Community."

Robert Cogan: An Ample America Social Democracy is introduced while attacking the fundamental confusion of capitalist economics between not having enough money personally and not having enough of the money commons for government to do its job.

Robert Cogan: The Media Wall of Distraction Characterizing the Media, especially infotainment, as a severe obstacle to even consciousness of and discussion of progressive ideas. Adaptation of ideas from Tim Wu's book The Attention Merchants.
Fernando Macias: When Fema Tells The American Victims of Hurricanes "We don't Have Money" U.S. Approves $15 Billion Possible THAAD Sale to Saudi Arabia The U.S. State Department has approved the possible sale of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, missile defense system to Saudi Arabia for an ...
Distress signal.
Jerry Lobdill: How do I fly the flag today? 8 8 Comment Count
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Rob Kall: Hamstrung-- literally They used to cut slaves hamstrings to keep them from running away. 19 19 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Patriotic Millionaires Seeking to break through the wall of "news" crap, 1 part signal, 999 parts noise, I sent a cut down version of Kucinich's greenback bill to these organizations and "liberal" billionaires. 1 1 Comment Count
Carl Petersen: On Deaf Ears: My Public Comment to the LAUSD Board The country's second largest school district rewards failure by approving yet another charter renewal for a school that cannot show positive results.
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Robert Cogan: Push the Door Open for Greenback Hurricane Relief! The dominant economic story remains Republicans' "National Debt Terrorism." "It must be paid!" This has caused extreme federal follies: Debt Ceiling! Budget control! Austerity! Cut Every Entitlement! SO make the Stonewall (i.e., the Hill, Congress) aware of it's power to avoid all its self - imposed constipators! 3 3 Comment Count
Fernwood [Mississippi?] .Colored. School, circa 1946
Robert Cogan: The Transmutation of Slavery: From Persecution to "Free Market" Exclusion Charlottesville was a teaching - learning opportunity. Many whites still don't get what all the statuary fuss is about. So it's an opportunity in some public prints, to teach a little.
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Robert Cogan: Monsoon, Soon! Once again, a probably necessary use for GREENBACKS, United States Notes, that the STONEWALL of America the Transgressional branch of the government, will never bring up. Drown my beloved country! 1 1 Comment Count
Arshad M Khan: Hocus Potus Trump muses ... about climate change, scientists, his unique hair, the real 'cause' of climate change ...
Robert Cogan: Is there a Nazi in your [college] class? Argument about the differences between Nazi's and Antifa. Any reader is free to use any words from this w/o attribution, hopefully similar writers to college papers can find them to be discussion starters. 1 1 Comment Count
Jerry Lobdill: Wall Streeters are murderers Suicide rates soared 30% from 1984 to 2014. Who's responsible? Wall Street and their co-conspirators. 2 2 Comment Count
Donald Trump & Joe Arpaio
J. Edward Tremlett: Birthers of a Feather, Hanging the Law Together Of course 45 pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but why? The answer lies in their weird relationship with Lady Justice. Good thing she's blind, or she'd probably be sick. 1 1 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Start a Groundswell! Urging the creation of a widespread pressure campaign spotlighting local conservatives and Republican committees, such as county - wide parties to disown Trump's policies. 1 1 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Charlotteville Disorder - Made for TeeVee What happened at Charlottesville and why... Maybe
J. Edward Tremlett: When Tolerance Kills "So much for the tolerant left," say the apologists for hate and fear. At what point do we abandon tolerance in favor of self-preservation? Or did IT abandon US..?
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Veterans need better service I have a family friend who lives in Cape May County, New Jersey. He is a veteran and now he is a social worker, helping other veterans in the area. Every week he gives a ride to them so that they can shop and visit the doctor, etc. This may not be much, but it is a simple act of kindness and an act that makes a difference in one's life.
Robert Cogan: Rap Battle Spontaneous doggerel about Trump - Kim
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J. Edward Tremlett: The 200 Days of the Donald "because there is no war as we know it, only annihilation"

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