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Jon Gold: Not All "Truthers" Are Equal Not all of us jumped on the "conspiracy" bandwagon. 3 3 Comment Count
Kevin Tully: A Thought About Global Warming and Painting I once made a painting that started as something and became something else...The painting became a thought about the warming of the planet. It is a western kid's unwitting imitation of a Tibetan mandala or the spirit of one.
Gurmeet Singh: Fiscal Cliff Astrology and President Barack Obama Second Term Predictions Fiscal Cliff Astrology and Predictions on President Barack Obama second Term bu Gurmeet Singh

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Christmas 2012 at the Office in the Land of Frankincense What are you doing this Christmas Eve? I'm trying to get home if an Oracle or King Herod doesn't stop me.
Burl Hall: Maiden's Choice: A Personal Experience with Hallucinagenics and Waking Up In our modern day, there are not a lot of ways a young man or woman can be initiated into adulthood. Ancient cultures were much more mindful of initiation of their children. There were various ways of initiation in ancient cultures, including vision quests. But in today's world, initiation is controlled by the school system, which prepares one for work. It's about control. In my personal life, I followed these paths while a... 4 4 Comment Count
Daniel Geery: Chemtrail Nonsense? Those purporting sinister behavior behind chemtrails have much to explain, near as I can tell. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, which we have yet to see. 40 40 Comment Count
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: Evolution Can't Explain the Paranormal! Both Atheism and the evolution theory are in denial of the reality of the paranormal. The Supernatural created this physical realm which we exist in, and will bring into judgement all of mankind. Denial of the reality of our origins, will not thwart the reality of the final disposition of our universe..., God's final creation.
Cumhur Ozkaya: Comparison of the Alien and the Prometheus I watched the Alien again after the Prometheus.
Cumhur Ozkaya: The Babycall- May 2 person's hallucinations can complete each others? This movie has a wonderful story on our delusions.
Michael Morrissey: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Conspiracy Theorist Contemplating the unquestionable.
Cumhur Ozkaya: Only one brightness sequence in 'The Woman in Black' The war between alive and dead people.

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Sadism Of San Francisco's MUNI: Making People Miserable For Decades, And Loving Every Second Of It! READER: You can stick this in your "and-I-thought-my-own-transit-system-was-bad" file. MUNI: You can just stick it.
Cumhur Ozkaya: Little vampires: "Don't be afraid of the dark" Director Troy Nixey, Screenplay Guillermo del Toro. Guy Pearce , Katie Holmes, Bailee Madison, players. 1 1 Comment Count

Rev. Dan Vojir: Life Begins After Thanksgiving It just does.
Cumhur Ozkaya: "Turkey-Israel can demolish Esad'-"There are some strange events in Iran' Old Turkey Ambassador of Israel and Foreign Undersecretary Alon Liel: "Turkey government can demolish Besar Esad with Israel help."
William Smith, Jr.: *The Anti-Pledge Pledge Against Abuse And Corruption In Politics Are you for free from intimidation secret ballot elections anywhere they might exist in our Democracy? and want to do away with a major weapon against them-- The Pledge to the outside special interest groups that upends you as a voter and turns politicians from their oath of office!
Cumhur Ozkaya: Lars Von Trier and 'Melancholia' Why is Lars Von Trier, director and writer of "Melancholia', discussed so much?
Cumhur Ozkaya: 'Midnight in Paris' and new Woody Allen Director Woody Allen kept up with the times.
. .: Commonwealth of Knowledge a court ordered competency examination
Pitching a no-win war
. .: freedom from Christian "Democracy" A new kingdom will come on Earth, as it is in heaven. God loves life in all forms.
Gregory Paul: Can Science Be Used to Investigate the Existence and Nature of the Gods? Religious supernaturalism, like other forms of paranormalism, is subject to investigation by scientific methodologies. 1 1 Comment Count
Cumhur Ozkaya: Identity Card of Prophet Mohammad is ready This is not a story, this is real.
M. Wizard: National Press Club News Conference on UFOs A large number of high ranking officials, including air traffic controllers, secret operations officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists (with top secret clearance), and individuals who have had access to very sensitive documents; Lieutenants, Commanders in the U.S. Air Force, astronauts, etc... All went before the National Press Club to discuss their experiences regarding UFOs.
Cumhur Ozkaya: On "Never Let Me Go' film Do clones mean much more hurt?
Whiffs Of Bliss: Law of Attraction in Action - Superstore Cartoon GoAnimate Law of Attraction Comic, Cartoon, Film

M. Wizard: Sathya Sai Baba - "Sarva Velala" (and a few miracles) I realize that the "miracles" will inevitably seem, to perhaps most people, as bad magic tricks. But, even for those who have not actually seen objects emerge from His open palm, or objects far larger than His hand appearing, literally, from thin air (ad infinitum), I think they'd have to admit that performing these few captured here, in front of many people, some only inches away from Him, shows an awful lot of chutzpah... 1 1 Comment Count

Donn Marten: Alex Jones: Conspiracy Crank or Captain America? In the alternative media there are few figures more contradictory or controversial than radio host/filmmaker Alex Jones. Jones' attacks on what he defines as the New World Order and the "global Stasi Borg state" have made him into a cult figure to many but there are many interesting contradictions in his message despite it's heart on the sleeve style of patriotism. 19 19 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: What does the New Dawn bring in Post-Earthquake Japan? The community of Karakuwa, Japan has a junior high school that is currently humming with activity in the wake of the massive earthquake off of the northeast coast of Honshu earlier in the month. Will the Spirit of Brotherhood and Sisterhood reign in a new age. Let's Pray.

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