Tazeen Hasan: I am being harassed online and hacked by FaceBook Internal Staff! This article is about my own traumatic experience of being bullied, harassed and hacked by Facebook internal staff. I need OpEdnews Community advice on the issue and suspicious events that are still unfolding. 2 2 Comment Count
James Goetz: The 14th Amendment and Marriage Equality What does the 14th Amendment imply about marriage equality? The US Supreme Court finally agreed to analyze the implications of the 14th Amendment and same-sex marriage
Bruce Mulkey: My Personal Journey from Bigotry to Equality I grew up in a small town in Tennessee during the so-called "good old days," when men were men, women knew their place, blacks were second-class citizens, the poor were "lazy white trash" and the existence of homosexuals was not even acknowledged. The cultural paradigm of the time was powerful, so I internalized those beliefs and looked down on those whom I considered "less" than me.
Pope Benedict
Kevin Tully: Benedict Is Taking Off The Shoes Of The Fisherman I guess one can be God's infallible anointed until one decides that one is not. As an infallible being, any major decision one makes is beyond reproach or question. However, as an ex-Pope one becomes flawed and tainted by original sin again.

J. Edward Tremlett: Boy Scouts, Bans, and Boycotts. Can we really, in good conscience, throw an otherwise-exemplary organization down the hole of shame because its leaders' heads are still stuck in the 1950's? I say no, but let me tell you why... 2 2 Comment Count
Herman Cummings: Found: A Cure For A Cold,The Flu, And Maybe HIV It was thought that no cure for the common cold was possible, but a cure has been found.
Cumhur Ozkaya: "Quran is not against homosexual relations' Gay imam from South Africa Muhsin Hendricks: "My researches appearance Quran is not against the homosexual relations."
Mike Kimball: LGBT Group Plotting Mass Shooting! Is this a Left issue? 1 1 Comment Count
Cumhur Ozkaya: Travesty police officer has been caught Turkish travesty police officer has been caught and he has been arrested.
Cumhur Ozkaya: "The Beginners' movie-deficient S. Freud Where was gay father while Oliver grows?
Milton Lee Norris: Christianity Is Not a Jewelry Store This article is about Christianity and Christians real vs. so-called Christians. It speaks of Christianity as not being a jewelry store where people get to pick and chose whom they should love. It speaks of the rock b/w Christianity and God's love. It points out how Gays and the LGBT people aren't the real dilemma of the Christian Church but plainly how being evil and hateful are the real issues. 2 2 Comment Count
honey bee closeup
Kevin Tully: Seen A Gay Or Pro-Choice Bee Lately? Honey Bees, the pollinators of most of our nuts, fruits and vegatables, are in serious decline and politicians are talking about homosexuals, abortion, Christianity and Hippies.

Bear Kosik: Tragically Hip The genesis of the author's first published work 35 years ago as a teenager.
Cumhur Ozkaya: "There are homosexuality and infidelity, we don't want' Muslim Brothers Spokesman Mahmud Gazlan: "We develop our model in Egypt'
Dean Hartwell: Did God Ask to Be Trusted? Recently, the House re-affirmed the slogan "In God We Trust" as our national motto. But who is God? The book he supposedly wrote, the Bible, contains so many contradictions that we should wonder why we are told we trust him.
David Smith: The Dilemma faced by a middle-aged, gay, progressive, retired man who is faced with moving from California to Texas I need assistance with this decision: The Dilemma faced by a middle-aged, gay, progressive, retired man who is faced with moving from California back home to Rick Perry's Texas. 1 1 Comment Count

Cactus Pat: Gay Barbarian Horde Glitters Bachmann Anti-gay Clinic(Video) Horde of gay barbarians descended upon Michele and Marcus Bachmann's "pray away the gay" clinic
Steve Klingaman: Marcus Bachmann Prays the Gay Away Michele Bachmann is co-owner of a psychological clinic that offer some strange medicine.
Cumhur Ozkaya: The Brokeback Mountain and two gay cowboys This film is a keening for western and cowboy life.

GLloyd Rowsey: Taking the Gender Fight Worldwide "I am a woman, a Socialist, divorced and agnostic," the new defense minister told the generals of her Roman Catholic country. "But we will work together very well." Michelle Bachalet, who in 2002 became Chile's first female defense minister and four years later the country's first female president, has never shied from challenging the status quo. Now the first head of U.N. Women, the three-month-old U.N. agency for gender equ... 3 3 Comment Count
Robert Lee: Florida To Improve Public Education Today!!! Florida To Improve Public Education Today!!!
Roland Michel Tremblay: Official! The Police no longer need a warrant! It took me two years to finally send this article. I was afraid, afraid of the police and other authorities. It is now official, the Police no longer need a warrant to enter your home and look through your things, hoping to find something to incriminate you.
S. Paul Forrest: On Gay Marriage Family is more than a collective of people, it is the union of souls.
Mic Hunter: Veterans Return From Middle East After Being Sexually Assaulted By Their Comrades The author warns that the sexual abuse that is perpetrated on American troops, both female and male, is being ignored.
Leon Thompson: *Military Equality Goes Astray -- Primary Reasons Why DADT Should Be Repealed No one, including our Government, should tell any citizen in these United States how to live their lives or who they should go to bed with. 3 3 Comment Count
Carmen Lira Interviewing Fidel Yesterday in Mexico,
GLloyd Rowsey: Fidel takes blame for persection of gays after 1959 El Commandante in an interview in Mexico said today that he was ultimately responsible for the persecution suffered by homosexuals in Cuba after the revolution in 1959. 1 1 Comment Count
Eric Malone: Judge Vaughn Walker--Should He STAY or Should He Go Back In The Closet? Judge Vaughn Walker is ruling on whether the unconstitutional Proposition 8 in California should be allowed to deny gay people the right to marry...at least until it reaches the Roberts-Scalito Supreme Court. 2 2 Comment Count
Native American: *4 U.S.C. 4... Pledge, manner of delivery PUT THAT BUD LIGHT DOWN AND SALUTE Federal laws may apply to home viewers too. 1 1 Comment Count

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