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Steven G. Erickson: Is the FBI killing citizens for foreign powers- Banks & Corps Are you willing to aid and abet foreign powers in their financial collapse coup? Is it okay with you that you have no representation for your taxation? Do you think officials who are paid with tax dollars should spy on, harm, and kill citizens for foreign powers? 1 1 Comment Count

Steven G. Erickson: Naked Corporate Aggression Can the average American do simple math? If so, can the international corporate pirate and bankster armed occupation of America be explained? Do we owe international organized crime money? Are we paying taxes to international organized criminals? 8 8 Comment Count

Burl Hall: The Devil's Marriage: Break Up the Corpocracy or Loose Democracy in the Lurch ENVISION THIS!...an America where instead of a corpocracy with its social and economic injustice and wars there is a democracy with social and economic justice for all and peace at last.

Rob Kall: Labor Day Open Thread; Comment on Unions, Work, Labor, Capitalism, Outsourcing, Transnationals, Corporate Personhood The US worker has never been so marginalized, devalued, diminished or stabbed in the back. One party idolizes the myth of "job creators" and the other parasitizes unions without giving back to them. We need a constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood, which includes eliminating the idea of money as speech that Citizen's United inflicted upon us, like a chancre on democracy. 15 15 Comment Count

Steven G. Erickson: Will Solar Flares take out power grids and communications causing Corporate First Strike? Will international corporations and banks initiate a first strike against world populations if they have advanced warning all their high tech war toys may become useless after an every 10,000 year event, major solar storm? 2 2 Comment Count
Larry Kachimba: The Problem With Citizens United Is Not Corporate Personhood Corporate personhood is an antiquated legal concept tied to the 14th Amendment, not the First Amendment, and therefore is entirely irrelevant to the Supreme Court's decisions mandating a corrupt money-driven electoral system.
Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Mitt Romney's Illogical Defense of Corporate Personhood The fact that corporations are made up of persons, does not mean that they are themselves, persons. 1 1 Comment Count
Laura Stein: The Missing Argument The strongest and most important argument against direct participation of corporations in election campaigns was never raised by the plaintiff and friends of the court opposed to such participation.
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Steven G. Erickson: Progressive Theodore Roosevelt vs. Corporate America The History Channel has some interesting shows on great subjects. I am currently watching one on Teddy Roosevelt's fight against the tyranny of corporate America. Replace "Corporate America" with "International Banksters" and you'll see how this fight is now worldwide.
M. Wizard: Has Corporate Greed Destroyed Us, or Our Own Love of Technology? In 1968 Marshall McLuhan said here that "Technology is demolishing the Oriental world and Western world." This was long, long before George Bush or any of the present horrors. Marshall seems to be saying it is actually traceable to the invention of the electronic circuit board in 1844...

Steven G. Erickson: Corporate Hubris 9-11 and Paul Craig Roberts Radio host Alex Jones talks to Paul Craig Roberts.
Rob Kall: My First try at a Video Blog-- What's the real Number one nation? One of the reasons I got my new iPhone4 was it can do videos and post them to youtube.

Steven G. Erickson: Corporate Organized Crime and Obama's Death Squads America is being bankrupted by secret wars, shadow armies, and US Death Squads deployed worldwide. Corporate organized crime figures with their spy goon friends can take over a country's resources and industries running foreign bankster schemes. Drugs are smuggled by the government and its contractors to also help fund the abuse. Journalists are targets for false imprisonment, torture, beatings, and murder. This the true face ... 3 3 Comment Count
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Steven G. Erickson: American Corporate Death, Native American Prophecy? 60 Million Native Americans at the time of Columbus, to 800,000 after. Will violating some very basic rules to live by, be the eventual end to the "Corporate Nations", countries within countries, countries without borders? 5 5 Comment Count
Jane Schiff: COREXIT9500A'S CONFIDENTIALITY AND CORPORATE PEDIGREE Nalco,Exxon Chemical Company,Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P.,1994 Nalco,Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux,Aquazur, Calgon Corporation,"the new Nalco," 1999 Ondeo Nalco,Suez,Ondeo Services, Ondeo Degremont,Ondeo Industrial Services,Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P. (NEEC),Exxon Mobil stock 2001 USFilter,Ondeo Nalco,Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L. P.,Goldman Sachs Capital Partners 2003 Nalco,Mobotec,Nalco Mobotec 2007...
Timothy Bickford: Corporate Speach A letter to the editor concerning Corporate Personhood.
Arthur M. Howard-(Scotoni): *What Is A Person? Corporations are described as persons in the Constitution and yet the term person has never been defined. This is a call for a constitutional amendment which defines the term person.
FAITHCARR: Europe, Help Us Please! L'Europe, Aider Etats-Unis s'il vous plaît ! L'Europa, Aiuta gli Stati Uniti per favore! Europa, Hilft Usa Bitte! Europa, pomóc nam Proszę! -Europa, Ayuda EEUU por favor!
DC Rapier: *Obama: a Product of Corporate Marketing Many will be abhorred by what award-winning investigative journalist, John Pilger, has to say about President Obama. Many will ignore Pilger's thesis altogether but will pounce on his cited examples as proof positive that Dubya was right all along but that Obama is still a socialist. Or a fascist. Or Kenyan. Or not really the president cuz it say so in the Bible.
Margaret Bassett: Health, a Job, and no Hassle This healthcare debate can take one off into byways and deadends. As I sit here trying to be sagacious, I realize everyone is in the same place as I. So go tell that to the PR people, the politicians with a feel-good prescription! 6 6 Comment Count
Rob Kall: Response to a Libertarian Comment on Government A reader sent me this quotation: "Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys." -P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian 4 4 Comment Count
Cosmic: *HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA As July 4th, 2007 arrives Americans must ask themselves if this patriotic anniversary is still true to its original intent.
Constance Lavender: US Supreme Court Rules for Corporations over public interest; against free speech The US Supreme Court is showing it's new corporate logo, and it's against the public interest and free speech. 2 2 Comment Count

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