Hamma Mirwaisi: Who are the Jews? To be in charge of the US Government Jewish leaders are the descendant of Abraham and Abraham is the descendant of Lord Krishna. The rest of Hebrew Jewish people are the members of Judaism religion.
Rafe Pilgrim: Pride Goeth Before a Fall Do plastic patriotism, ignorance, or simply not-caring prevent betterment of our lives?
Alicia Dorsey: Women's Walk for Peace Women are marching September 24th, 2016 in Pittsburgh Pa. to raise awareness about violence in various forms.
Carl Petersen: - Redacted - The Los Angeles Unified School District's Office of the General Counsel once again gives the Bronx salute to California's Public Records Act.
Carl Petersen: Looking For Solutions, Not To Be Placated Making exceptions to a rule that violates the Ed Code does not fix the problem for the other stakeholders of a charter school. 1 1 Comment Count
Katie Singer: A Movement to Reduce In the last several months, people have told me:
Gary Corseri: There Oughta Be a Law Against.... There oughta be a law against.... I'll start things off, hoping for readers' additional input. 18 18 Comment Count
Dwayne Hunn: *JFK's Green Berets of Camelot needed more than ever Part of greatness stems from inspiring others to do what needs to be done even when it is uncomfortable for the doers. Kennedy had the ability at home and abroad to move people to do the right thing. How much closer to the peace, enlightenment, and the beauty of the envisioned Camelot would America and the world have moved had the three lettered musketeers -- JFK, RFK, MLK -- lived through the decades that we have seen?
Rene Diedrich: Hey, Apple, Help Us With LAUSD Ipad Give Away Can you clarify some issues for me so I can continue my project and present the most accurate information to help readers understand the advantages and challenges for this technology in schools?

Bill Wetzel: Jody Thompson: Solidarity Day: Interprofessional Education in Motion On Thursday, February 14, 2013, the UA College of Medicine's Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) will gather for the 3rd Annual Solidarity Day for Humanism in Medicine. 2 2 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Fossil Fuel Divestment and Your 401-K Its time to call those in charge of our 401-K and other mutual funds and ask them to set up a policy of divestment from fossil fuel depended industries.

Thorsten Pattberg: Germany - Land of Poets and Plagiarists? Minister of Education Cheated for Doctorate BERLIN - Annette Schavan, Germany's Federal Minister of Education and Research, cheated for her doctoral degree. The University of Düsseldorf revoked her PhD degree.
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Are we ready for Change? Most people change much more than they expect every single decade of their life--scientists say This is a clever experiment that explores (1) a prevalent delusion that we change (mentally, emotionally, routine-wise) a lot less as we age. It also indicates that (2) regardless as to whether one is 68 years old or one is 18 the same illusion appears to be incorrect, i.e. about our ability to evaluate possible future changes in our lives, attitudes, and lifestyles.
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Notes on the Fascist Black Hole Rising from America Naomi Wolf explains that in the past: "I saw the symptoms but [until recently] not the cause." Now she claims in this recent piece that "the prime movers at work" are obvious. Namely that "[t]he US executive now has a network of secret laws, secret budgets, secret kill lists, and a well-funded, globally deployed army of secret teams of assassins. That is precisely the driving force working behind what we can see. Is fascism ...
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Finding Meccas in America--A Book Review by Joseph Preville Muchahit Bilici, in his book, looks at how Muslims have been adapting to life in 9/11 America.

Thorsten Pattberg: Western Translations Distort China's Reality (Interview on Stop Imperialism) NEW YORK/TOKYO -- Eric Draitser sits down with Dr. Thorsten Pattberg to discuss academia, language and imperialism. Dr. Pattberg examines the ways in which academic imperialism is used to shape dominant discourse.
Replace Insecure http://images.ted.com/images/ted/205062_254x191.jpg
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Are you (and your students) smarter than a chimpanzee? Geography must be retaught from top-to-bottom in terms that Hans Rosling indirectly demonstrates. This is important to recognize as this is exciting stuff for students. Use our data and facts and excite the students and faculties in your schools. 2 2 Comment Count
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: The Separation of Atheism and State Our public schools have been teaching Atheism, and the Atheists want to keep it that way, using the pretext of "separation of church and state". What about separating Atheism and the state? How many students first come to class with a belief in a Deity, then after science class indoctrination, come away with changed beliefs? Ever heard of the "Lemon Test"? Why isn't it being applied? 33 33 Comment Count
Martin Hill: Catholic Schools in Iowa working with Dept. of Homeland Security Catholic Archdiocese works with government agency which constantly demonizes Christians, pro-lifers and tradional conservatives. WIll DHS grope children in Catholic schools like they are proven to do at the airports? Abominable.

Thorsten Pattberg: Pattberg: Language Imperialism in China (Interview) In Europe we have arrived at a critical time in world history when the mentioning of a single Chinese concept like shengren by its true name is regarded as culture treason. 2 2 Comment Count
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: Teaching Atheism In Oklahoma Schools Certain groups say that they don't want "religion" taught in science classes. However, the religion of Atheism is being taught, because the theory of evolution has a monopoly in the curriculum. The school system is not supposed to decide for the student whether or not there is a Creator.

Burl Hall: Educating Teachers and Parents for Sustainable Child Development Tonight's guest on Envision This ! will be Ewa Bialek who is a master life coach, author and researcher. She currently operates the Insititute of Psychosynthesis, which is operating in Poland.

Thorsten Pattberg: Iran: The Intellectual Property Rights of Culture Translation is a tool to communicate ideas from one language group to another. That said, translation must also have its limits when it comes to names, titles, and concepts that, often as a matter of common-sense, mutual respect, or simple ownership, should not be or cannot be easily translated. Words like Allah, Imam, or Ayatollah for example. 2 2 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Will other states join trend in divsesting from gun companies? The California State Teachers' Retirement System has voted to divest from firearms, like the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle. Will your state or retirement fund follow suit?
Herman Cummings: Found: A Cure For A Cold,The Flu, And Maybe HIV It was thought that no cure for the common cold was possible, but a cure has been found.

Thorsten Pattberg: Tu Weiming - Harvard Professor China's Personality of the Year Harvard Professor Tu Weiming becomes director of World Ethics Institute Beijing, takes China's Personality of the Year award for disseminating Chinese Culture.

Steven G. Erickson: The Meteor Defense Shield? Leaving the public in the dark is what important people do. 1 1 Comment Count

Steven G. Erickson: What are millions of radio listeners hearing? What is the correct information? 1 1 Comment Count
Katherine Moore: Only Guns Allowed In Schools This is a short article that describes how I feel about guns in schools.
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: Antarctica Holds Confirmation Of The Genesis Text What is the truth of Genesis? In ignorance, Creationism and Theology read the seven days serially, as if they were contained in one linear week. That is wrong. Moses himself did not understand what God was showing him. Only after knowledge of geologic history is obtained, are the visions of Moses understood.

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