Rafe Pilgrim: Suicide, Infanticide, or Profitlust? Yet again more troops to the Middle East in a war we've been losing for fifteen years
Roger Copple: Compassion and Socialism Are What the World Needs Compassion is the common element found in all the major world religions. Karl Marx, however, was right when he said "religion is the opiate of the people" because religious people today are often not equally concerned about the economic suffering, social injustice, and political oppression that are pervasive throughout the world. New Age religions focus too much on self development, and traditional religions focus too much...
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M. Wizard: Google Books: "How to Know God" This may be the first book of eastern philosophy I ever read- and is still one of the best. I was surprised to see it available free in it's entirety at Google Books.
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Kevin Tully: Get Off Your Ass and Get On The Right Side of History! "And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him and he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying..." Thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount, Nikos Kazantzakis and Thomas Merton.
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Kevin Tully: Hallelujah, Sunday With Football and Saint Bernadette Got invited to a Superbowl Party. I'm not really a big fan of Superbowl Parties. However, after listening to Leonard Cohen I think I'll go.
Replace Insecure http://wp.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/femmevangelical/files/2012/12/Image-of-God.jpg
M. Wizard: God Didn't Need Anyone to Create Him It's interesting how often I hear from people that one of the main problems they have with the idea of a Creator creating the universe, is this: Didn't someone then have to create the Creator? These folks seem to assume the obvious logic expressed herein must necessarily invalidate any possibility of a Primal Cause. 6 6 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Finding Meccas in America--A Book Review by Joseph Preville Muchahit Bilici, in his book, looks at how Muslims have been adapting to life in 9/11 America.
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: The Separation of Atheism and State Our public schools have been teaching Atheism, and the Atheists want to keep it that way, using the pretext of "separation of church and state". What about separating Atheism and the state? How many students first come to class with a belief in a Deity, then after science class indoctrination, come away with changed beliefs? Ever heard of the "Lemon Test"? Why isn't it being applied? 33 33 Comment Count
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: Teaching Atheism In Oklahoma Schools Certain groups say that they don't want "religion" taught in science classes. However, the religion of Atheism is being taught, because the theory of evolution has a monopoly in the curriculum. The school system is not supposed to decide for the student whether or not there is a Creator.

Thorsten Pattberg: Iran: The Intellectual Property Rights of Culture Translation is a tool to communicate ideas from one language group to another. That said, translation must also have its limits when it comes to names, titles, and concepts that, often as a matter of common-sense, mutual respect, or simple ownership, should not be or cannot be easily translated. Words like Allah, Imam, or Ayatollah for example. 2 2 Comment Count
M. Wizard: Google Books: "Jesus Lived in India" Written by a German scholar. Quite interesting... 1 1 Comment Count

Thorsten Pattberg: Karl Schlecht Sponsors World Ethics Institute Beijing Karl Schlecht, German businessman and benefactor, brings World Ethics to China
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: Islamophobic hate crime in New York City The seven-million strong American Muslim community was shocked Saturday (December 29, 2012) at the horrendous murder of Sunando Sen, who was pushed by a women to his death on the tracks of a New York subway station because she thought he was Muslim.
Gentry L Rowsey: No Picture Necessary: An UnChristmas Story, 2012, by Arthur Silber "Yes, sir. We've been tracking them for the last week. They've been traveling through an area controlled by that terrorist group we're watching. Every night, they've stayed at the homes of people who are family relations or friends to someone we suspect of being a terrorist. All of them are involved with those protests about taxes, the land appropriation policy, and the forced labor program. As you know, sir, some of those pro... 2 2 Comment Count
Cumhur Ozkaya: "Quran is not against homosexual relations' Gay imam from South Africa Muhsin Hendricks: "My researches appearance Quran is not against the homosexual relations."
Suzana Megles: HSUS Brings Christmas Joy It is always so good to read about the successes of organizations which work for the welfare of people or animals. HSUS is such an organization 2 2 Comment Count
William Finnerty: Christmas Eve 2012 Email Message to the Vatican "Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away."
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: An Appeal To the Orleans School District For nineteen years, the literal truth of Genesis has been reconciled with scientific reality, specifically that which has been discovered to be true. However, the conclusions of science of that data are that which have been in error. The correct reading of Genesis 1:1 is "4.6 billion years ago, God created this universe, starting with the planet Earth".

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Christmas 2012 at the Office in the Land of Frankincense What are you doing this Christmas Eve? I'm trying to get home if an Oracle or King Herod doesn't stop me.
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Kevin Tully: A Story About Christmas Thinking about current events and the Christmas Eve of 1914 when German, Canadian and English soldiers met in no-man's land, shared cigars, beer, and confections, played soccer - celebrating Christmas. The following day they returned to the trenches and continued killing one another. This story is for my daughter, Margaret, who I am missing this Christmas.
Herman Cummings: *The Truth of Genesis: Michelle, Contact Me, Because Dr. Pat Robertson Refuses To Help You And Others!! When people need help, you don't "drag your feet and fall asleep". Hundreds of people are dying in ignorance of the truth every day. If Dr. Robertson (or his regime) did not understand or believe what they had been given, they at least should have had the decency to give me the benefit of any doubt, and allow me to explain before jumping to any conclusions.
Herman Cummings: *The Truth of Genesis: How Much Evil Does It Take To Wake Mankind Up? The time to think of God is before calamity occurs, not just afterwards, when pretending to seek absolution and resolution. Just trying to limit the tools used to kill, thinking that will keep people out of harm's way, is actually STUPID!! It's not the tools, it's the evil ideology in the hearts of mankind, planted by the Entity of Evil. 2 2 Comment Count
Dan Mage: The Abyss Diary #2 The purpose of this diary is not to call attention to my personal problems, except to the extent that they are typical of these times. What happens to a 53 year old male American, with a felony record, multiple psychiatric labels, and a chronic, potentially fatal physical illness now, and in the near future?
Burl Hall: Maiden's Choice: A Personal Experience with Hallucinagenics and Waking Up In our modern day, there are not a lot of ways a young man or woman can be initiated into adulthood. Ancient cultures were much more mindful of initiation of their children. There were various ways of initiation in ancient cultures, including vision quests. But in today's world, initiation is controlled by the school system, which prepares one for work. It's about control. In my personal life, I followed these paths while a... 4 4 Comment Count
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Kevin Tully: On Guns: What Are We? A thought about gun violence.
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Kevin Tully: Muesebach, Commanches and What Might Have Been or Fredericksberg Could Have Been the World The Commanches ruled Commancheria ruthlessly astride Spanish ponies. We here in Texas don't speak Spanish because of them. The German immigrant, John Muesebach (El Sol Colorado)signed a treaty with the Penateka Numunu that was never broken. If kindness and mutual respect had prevailed, children may have run the streets of Fredericksberg calling to each other in Numunu and German. The medicinal use of agarita would not be lo...
Suzana Megles: Is Farm Animal Gifting at Christmas a Good Idea? I think a Christmas gift should never cause pain. In the opinion of people of compassion - gifting farm animals is not a kind, loving gift. Maybe, after reading this post, you will agree too. 2 2 Comment Count
Cumhur Ozkaya: The Turkey Television Association Punishes "The Simpsons' Turkey people discuss religion of Homer Simpsons.
Herman Cummings: The Truth of Genesis: An Appeal to Pat Robertson & The 700 Club In response to a lady's inquiry, Pat Robertson of the 700 Club admitted that the Earth is more than just 6,000 years old. But he couldn't go far enough to completely answer her question, or to resolve her dilemma.
Suzana Megles: The Lowest of the Low Sadly, we as humans ought to hang our heads in shame for some of the many cruel acts we are guilty of. Here is but one such incidence showing one man's lack of mercy and kindness. 5 5 Comment Count

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